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THE Postbumous Sermons, immediately pre:
ceding the Six Sermons on Public Occasions in
this volume, were first printed in the year 1806,
by direction of Dr. Paley, who, in a codicil to
bis will, says, “If my life had been spared, it was
my intention to have printed at Sunderland a
volume of Sermons about 500 copies; and I
had proceeded so far in the design as to have
transcribed several Sermons for that purpose,
which are in a parcel by themselves. There is
also a parcel from which I intended to transcribe
others; but the whole is in an unfinished state,
the arrangement is not settled, and there are ma-
ny things which may be omitted, and others
which may be altered or consolidated." He
then directs, that after such selection and dispo.
sition shall have been made, respecting the man:
uscripts, they should be printed at the expense
of his executors, and distributed in his neigh-
bourhood in the manner following: firstly, to
those who frequented church; secondly, in far.
mers' families in the country; and lastly, te
those who had a person in their family
could read, and was likely to read them

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and an Armouth, and distributed in the **** *wording to the directions of the

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***WW ha intention ; and accordingly, in * Alanse public edition made its appear

de which time the volume has gone sa mga preral large impressions.


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