Historical Reports on Defense Production, Masalah 21-25

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Halaman 258 - For purposes of this section, the term "emergency facility" means any facility, land, building, machinery, or equipment, or any part thereof, the construction, reconstruction, erection, installation, or acquisition of which was completed after December 31, 1949, and with respect to which a certificate under subsection (e) has been made.
Halaman 95 - Is to establish the organization necessary to carry out the functions assigned to the Secretary of Commerce by Executive Order 10161, 'Delegating Certain Functions of the President Under the Defense Production Act [see note under this section!,' and Is Issued pursuant to the authority vested In the Secretary by such order and by Reorganization Plan No.
Halaman 18 - ... for business and various segments thereof in the normal channel of distribution of such material, a fair share of the available civilian supply based, so far as practicable, on the share received by such business under normal conditions during a representative period preceding June 24...
Halaman 101 - Office of Industry and Commerce who are transferred by the terms of this order to the National Production Authority and who remain with that organization and perform satisfactory service shall be entitled to reemployment rights in an appropriate position of at least the same grade held on the effective date of this order, when the transferred functions are returned to that Office. Other permanent employees of the Department who are transferred individually to the National Production Authority shall...
Halaman 258 - ... been made is no longer required in the interest of national defense. (c) "Certifying Authority" means the Director of the Office of Emergency Planning.
Halaman 136 - Administration as a unit which is either dilapidated or does not have all of the following plumbing facilities: Flush toilet and bath inside the structure for the unit's exclusive use
Halaman 18 - ... available, so far as practicable, for business and various segments thereof in the normal channel of distribution of such material, a fair share of the available civilian supply...
Halaman 99 - AUTHORITY TO THE MARITIME SUBSIDY BOARD .01 The Maritime Subsidy Board is authorized to perform the functions and exercise the powers and authorities vested in the Secretary of Commerce as follows : 1. All functions heretofore vested in the Federal Maritime Board pursuant to Section 105(1) (except the last proviso thereto), Section 105(2), and, insofar as applicable to these functions, Section 105(3) of Reorganization Plans No. 21 of 1950, as the same have been transferred to the...

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