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With References to subsequent enactments of the Legislature, and decisions of the

Court of Conference and the Supreme Court, a Table of the Cases reported, mars
ginal Abstracts, and a new Index.

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In presenting the Public with a new edition of the first volume of Haywood's (North-Carolina) Reports, the subscriber trusts that his efforts will be received with indulgeuce.

As that very valuable book was out of print, a bare republication of it must have been an acceptable present to the profession. But the subscriber has ventured to annex References in each case to such Legislative enactments or Judicial decisions as have been subsequently made upon the points adjudged, or the doctrines embraced, in the Reports. He has also prepared a Table of the Cases reported in the volume-affixed to each case that required it a marginal pote or abstract of the points adjudged-and to the whole, has added a new Index. The subscriber is fully aware, that the Work might have been executed in a much better manner by one of greater skill in the profession, and of more ample sources of research. A limited Library has forbidden a reference to many of the English Authorities and to all the American Books of Reports. It is hoped and believed, however, that all the decisions of our own Courts have been consulted and properly referred to The same remark is applicable to our Statutory provisions. But whatever may be the defects in the attempted improvements of the present edition, it is matter of consolation that it

preserves the full value of the original work.

WILL, H. BATTLE. Franklin County, June, 1832.

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