Virginia Laws for the Suppression of Vice, Comp. by the Virginia Committee on Training Camp Activities, Richmind, Virginia, 1917

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D. Bottom, superintendent public printing, 1917 - 14 halaman

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Halaman 12 - In case the summons cannot be served, or the party served fails to obey the same, and in any case when it shall be made to appear to the court that such summons will be ineffectual, a warrant may issue on the order of the court, either against the parent or guardian or the person having custody of the child or with whom the child may be or against the child itself. On the return of the summons or other process, or as soon thereafter as may be, the court shall proceed to hear ami dispose of the case...
Halaman 11 - Upon the filing of the petition a summons shall issue requiring the person having custody or control, of the child, or with whom the child may be...
Halaman 5 - In case of the violation of any injunction granted under the provisions of this act, the court, or in vacation, a judge thereof, may summarily try and punish the offender.
Halaman 6 - The release of the property under the provisions of this section shall not release it from any judgment, lien, penalty or liability to which it may be subject by law.
Halaman 14 - ... justice, judge or court, which must be recited therein, and shall be upon such terms and conditions as shall be prescribed in the order. If any person shall attempt or offer to make any settlement or compromise of any such proceeding, except as above provided, or shall demand, or receive, or offer to receive, directly or indirectly, any money or other thing of value as a consideration for not commencing or prosecuting any proceeding for the cancellation of a liquor tax certificate, he shall be...
Halaman 6 - ... cause a warrant to issue, under which the defendant shall be arrested. The trial may be had upon affidavits, or either party may demand the production and oral examination of the witnesses.
Halaman 5 - Whoever shall erect, establish, continue, maintain, use, own or lease any building, erection or place used for the purpose of lewdness, assignation or prostitution is guilty of a nuisance, and the building, erection or place, or the ground itself, in or upon which such lewdness, assignation or prostitution is conducted, permitted or carried on, continued or exists, and the furniture, fixtures, musical instruments, and contents are also declared a nuisance, and shall be enjoined and abated as hereinafter...
Halaman 12 - ... imprisonment, and for each subsequent offense by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
Halaman 8 - Every man who, by force, intimidation, threats, persuasion, promises, or any other means, places or leaves, or procures any other person or persons to place or leave, his wife in a house of prostitution or connives at or consents to, or permits, the...
Halaman 9 - delinquent child" shall include any child under the age of sixteen (16) years who violates any law of this state or any city or village ordinance, or who is incorrigible, or who knowingly associates with thieves, vicious or immoral persons, or who is growing up in idleness or crime, or who knowingly visits or enters a house of...

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