Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light Or Shadow

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SAGE, 23 Jul 2008 - 381 halaman

"Comprehensive and a must read."
—Dr. Patricia Mitchell, University of San Francisco

Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow, Third Edition identifies the unique ethical demands of leadership and then equips readers to meet these challenges. This new edition retains the elements of the text that have contributed to its success while broadening its appeal. Written in an informal, accessible style, author Craig E. Johnson takes an interdisciplinary approach to leadership ethics while blending research and theory with practical application. This unique text promotes ethical decision-making and action through skill development, self-assessment, and application exercises

New to the Third Edition

  • Presents Focus on Follower boxes that broaden coverage of the text and introduce concepts students can apply to their role as followers
  • Provides a new reference section at the end of the book that serves as a starting point for further research and exploration
  • Includes a new chapter on ethical influence
  • Expands coverage to reflect the growing interest in leadership ethics, incorporating new topics, theory, and research findings
  • Updates cases retained from previous editions and includes new cases that cover such topics as the tenure of Hewlett Packard's CEO Carly Fiorina and scandals involving stock options and student loans
  • Features new films in the "Leadership Ethics at the Movies" cases

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Intended Audience
Looking at the leader's inner life, including character development and values, this student-friendly book is designed as a core text for undergraduate and graduate courses in Leadership and Ethics in a variety of fields of including business and management, communication, psychology, and education.

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Craig E. Johnson (PhD, University of Denver) is emeritus professor of leadership studies at George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon, where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership, ethics, management and communication. During his time at the university he served as director of the George Fox Doctor of Business Administration program and chair of the Department of Communication Arts. Though retired from full-time teaching, Johnson continues to serve as an adjunct professor. He is the author of Organizational Ethics: A Practical Approach (also published by Sage) and co-author, with Michael Z. Hackman, of Leadership: A Communication Perspective. His research findings, instructional ideas, and book reviews have been published in the Journal of Leadership Studies, the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, the Journal of Leadership Education, Academy of Management Learning and Education, the International Leadership Journal, Communication Quarterly, Communication Reports, and other journals. In 2016 he received the George Fox University outstanding graduate faculty researcher award. Johnson has led and participated in service and educational trips to Honduras, Kenya, Rwanda, New Zealand, China, and Brazil and has held volunteer leadership positions in a variety of religious and nonprofit organizations. In addition to teaching and writing, he enjoys working out, reading, fly-fishing, watching sports, and spending time with family.

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