Laws of the State of New-York: Vol. III-VI. Containing All the Acts Passed from the Revision of 1801, to the End of the [34th and 35th Sessions] ... of the Legislature, 1804-12, Volume 3

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Charles R. and George Webster, 1804

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Halaman 221 - Place for holding the Courts of Common Pleas and General Sessions of the Peace, in and for the County of Onondaga.
Halaman 352 - In addition to such punishment, and as a cumulative penalty, such person, firm, association, joint stock company, or corporation so offending, shall forfeit, for each offense, the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, to be recovered in any court of competent jurisdiction.
Halaman 268 - Cochechton turnpike road;" and they are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be a body corporate and politic, in fact and in name...
Halaman 542 - The time appointed for the election shall be such two hours between the hours of ten in the forenoon and three in the afternoon as may be appointed by the returning officer, and the returning officer shall attend during those two hours and for one hour after.
Halaman 592 - ... a body corporate and politic, in fact and in name, by the name of "The Society of the Lying-in Hospital of the City of New York...
Halaman 549 - That, in case it should at any time happen that an election of directors should not be made upon any day when pursuant to this act it ought to have been made, the said corporation shall not, for that cause be deemed to be dissolved ; but it shall be lawful on any other day to hold and make an election of directors in such manner as shall have been regulated by the laws and ordinances of the said corporation...
Halaman 393 - River ; thence, across said river, to the hemlock tree aforesaid, the first mentioned bounds, — be and hereby is erected into a town by the name of...
Halaman 249 - Grover, and others, their associates, successors and assigns, shall be, and are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be a body politic and corporate, in fact and in name, by the name of ' 'The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company...
Halaman 593 - Province, such vacancy or vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the year, in which they may happen, by a person or persons to be nominated by a majority of the Directors.
Halaman 395 - Cataraquy; thence along the middle of said river into Lake Ontario; through the middle of said lake until it strikes the communication by water between that lake and Lake Erie; thence along the middle of said communication into Lake Erie...

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