Noah's Other Son: Bridging the Gap Between the Bible and the Qur'an

Sampul Depan
Bloomsbury Academic, 15 Apr 2007 - 244 halaman

"Respectful and moderate in tone...a sober-minded and refreshing approach to religion. Readers will acquire a mature and tolerant perspective on religion and gain an understanding of the similarities among these three influential faiths."--Library Journal

In his compelling book, pastor Brian Brown engages in conciliatory dialogue with Christians, Jews, and Muslims in an attempt to recover the beauty and value of Islam for the West. Noah's Other Son helps Jews and Christians understand the role that several biblical figures from their own traditions play in Islam. Do Christians know, for example, that Jesus in the Qur'an was speaking about Muhammad when he promised to send an Advocate or Comforter? Who would have imagined that Noah had a rebellious son who refused to get on the ark and drowned?

There has never been a greater potential for misunderstanding between the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths, as the treacherous situation in which the world now finds itself. Brian Brown examines scriptural characters as a way of seeing Islam in its pure light, without the distortions of history or individual failings. Noah's Other Son provides an excellent starting point for Christian-Jewish-Muslim dialogue.

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Brian Arthur Brown is a minister of the United Church of Canada.

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