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Newton, William Degrove, William Baker, Thomas Demilt, William A. Hardenbrook, Isaac Tirboss, Henry Rogers, John Dominick, and Joseph Webb; that Daniel Hitchcock ment for first shall be the first president, that Thomas Tom shall be the Vice Presi. first vice-president, that Frederick Devoe, Jacob Sherred, tees, James Stewart, John Striker, James Tylee, Benjamin Secretary Strong, Thomas Brown, Stephen Smith, and Christopher tor. Halstead shall be the first trustees ; that Nicholas Van Antwerp shall be the first treasurer, and James Parsons, jr., the first secretary, and Martin Morrison the first collector; to hold their respective offices and places until others are appointed in their stead, agreeable to the provisions of this act.

That the said trustees shall class themselves in three classes; number one shall go out of office the first year, number two the second year, and number three the third year; that the said trustees shall manage the affairs, and dispose of the funds of the corporation according to the by- President, laws, rules, and regulations of the said corporation, from time Representato time made and established by the said representatives.

That the trustees shall choose a president, who shall have a right to convene them when he thinks proper, at least once a year; that the treasurer shall give security to the trustees for the faithful performance of his trust; and shall, at every annual meeting of the representatives, render them an account of the state of the funds.

That the representatives shall, at their meetings, have a right to inquire into, and control the application of their funds, and to displace any of the trustees and officers, if guilty of malconduct, and elect others in their stead. That a majority of the said representatives, and also of the said trustees, shall respectively be a quorum to do business ;

Duties of the Trustees,


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in any of the

Vacancies that in case of a vacancy in the office of representative, such un ce mod vacancy shall be filled up by the company from which he is

deputed, for the remainder of the year, by a special election, to be held for that purpose ; and that in case of a vacancy in the office of president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, collector, or any of the trustees, such vacancies shall be filled up by the representatives, for the remainder of the year, by a special election, to be held for that purpose.

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be a quorum for business.

Two-thi:ds And be it further enacted, That two-thirds of a quorum of sentatives w the said representatives shall have full power to make and

prescribe such by-laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations as to them, from time to time, shall appear needful and proper, touching the management and disposition of their funds, for the purposes aforesaid, and touching the meetings of the said corporation, both special and ordinary, except the second Monday in December, in every year, which is hereby declared to be their annual meeting, and touching the duties and conduct of their officers and trustees, and touching all such other matters as appertain to the business, ends, and

purposes for which the said corporation is by this act instiWith pro tuted, and for no other purpose whatsoever; provided that

such by-laws, rules, ordinances, or regulations be not repugnant to the Constitution or the laws of the United States, or of this State.




tion on any

the corpora

In case of And be it further enacted, That in case any election shall holding elec- not be made on any day, when, pursuant to this act, it ought certain day, to have been made, the said corporation shall not, on that tion not to be account, be deemed to be dissolved; but that it shall and

may be lawful, on any other day, to hold and make such election, in such manner as shall have been regulated by the by-laws and ordinances of the said corporation.

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And be it further enacted, That the funds of the said corpo- Funds, how ration which shall arise from chimney fines, certificates, and plied. donations, and from such other objects as may have been heretofore or may be hereafter agreed on by the respective fire companies, shall be appropriated to the relief of such indigent or disabled firemen, or their families, as may be interested therein, and who may, in the opinion of a majority of the trustees, be worthy of assistance; but if they shall amount to a greater sum than the trustees may think necessary to apply to the said purposes, then the said representatives shall have power to apply such surplus to the purpose of extinguishing fires, under such limitations and restrictions as they may, with the sanction of the Corporation of the City of New York, deem proper.

tion, &c.

And be it further enacted, That this act is hereby declared. Declarato be a public act; and that the same shall be construed, in all courts and places, benignly and favorably, for every beneficial purpose hereby intended.


AN ACT to reduce several Laws, relating particularly to the

City of New York, into one Act.

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to be erected

to be of brick and stone.

Buildings 1. $ 59. And be it further enacted, That all dwellingwithin cer. houses, store-houses, and other buildings which from and

ick after the passing of this act, shall be built or erected within

the city of New York (that is to say), within that part of the said city to the northward of the point of the Battery, and a line beginning upon the East River, opposite Montgomery street; thence through Montgomery street to Cherry street; thence down Cherry street to Roosevelt street; thence through Roosevelt to Chatham street; thence down Chatham street to Chambers street; and thence through Chambers street to Broadway; thence up Broadway to Canal street ; thence commencing again at Chambers street, and running to Hudson's river, including, also, the lots of ground on the northerly and easterly sides of the said streets, through which the above-mentioned lineruns, and including, also, the

lots of ground fronting on both sides of Broadway, between With party Chambers street and Canal street, shall be made and con

structed of stone or brick, with party or fire walls, rising at with biver of least six inches above the roof, and shall be covered, except


the flat roof thereof, with tile or slate, or other safe mate- slateria e repit rials, against fire; and not with board and shingles.

Provided such flat do not exceed two-fifths part of such Proviso. roof; and that there be erected around the same flat, a substantial balcony or balustrade ; provided also, that the said or Further provisions and regulations shall not extend or apply to any building whatsoever that shall be erected or built upon any lands, tenements, or hereditaments, whereon there was any building on the first day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve, within the limits aforesaid ; and northward and eastward of a line beginning upon the East river, in a direct line from the corner of Montgomery and Cherry streets: thence down Cherry street to Pearl street; thence down Pearl street to Beekman street; thence through Beekman street to Chatham row; thence down Chatham row, and across Broadway to Partition street; thence through Partition street, across Greenwich, Washington, and West streets, to Hudson's river, except such buildings as may be built or erected on any lot or lots of ground on the northwardly or eastwardly sides of the said streets, through which the line aforesaid runs, by any lessee or lessees, or other person or persons, possessed of a leasehold estate, or interest of and in such said lands, tenements, or hereditaments, for any term of years, whereof not more than two years were, on the first day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve, unexpired, under or by virtue of any lease or other contract, actually subsisting and in force on the last mentioned day, and wherein there shall not be contained any clause or provision for any allowance or payment to the lessee or lessees, their executors, administrators, or assigns, or any of them, at or before, or after the end or expiration of the said term, for or in respect of any

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