Some of the Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Converse, Jr: Of Thompson Parish, Killingly, Conn.; Major James Convers, of Woburn, Mass.; Hon. Heman Allen, M. C., of Milton and Burlington, Vermont; Captain Jonathan Bixby, Sr. of Killingly, Conn, Volume 2

Sampul Depan
Charles Allen Converse
E. Putnam, 1905

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Halaman 709 - Whetstone, that edgify'd th' obtusest mind ; Loadstone, that' drew the iron heart unkind ; A pond'rous stone, that would the bottom sound Of Scripture depths, and bring out Arcan's found; A stone for kingly David's use so fit, As would not fail Goliah's front to hit...
Halaman 687 - The spring following, no tidings of these friends arrived with the ships from England; NewHaven's heart began to fail her; this put the godly people on much prayer, both public and private, that the Lord would (if it was His pleasure) let them hear what he had done with their dear friends, and prepare them with a suitable submission to His holy will.
Halaman 686 - REVEREND AND DEAR SIR : In compliance with your desires, I now give you the relation of that APPARITION of a SHIP IN THE AIR, which I have received from the most credible judicious, and curious surviving observers of it "In the year 1647, besides much other lading, a far more rich treasure of passengers, (five or six of which were persons of chief note and worth in...
Halaman 686 - Mr. Davenport, besides many other friends, with many fears, as well as prayers and tears, they set sail. Mr. Davenport in prayer with an observable emphasis used these words, Lord, if it be thy pleasure to bury these our friends in the bottom of the sea, they are thine; save them...
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Halaman 687 - The admiring spectators could distinguish the several colours of each part, the principal rigging, and such proportions, as caused not only the generality of persons to say, 'This was the mould of their ship, and thus was her tragick end,
Halaman 694 - I'll not leave out. Samuel Allen like a hero fout, And though he was so brave and bold, His face no more shall we behold. Eleazer Hawks was killed outright, Before he had time to fight, — Before he did the Indians see, Was shot and killed immediately. Oliver Amsden he was slain, Which caused his friends much grief and pain. Simeon Amsden they found dead Not many rods distant from his head.
Halaman 687 - Many were drawn to behold this great work of God ; yea, the very children cried out, There's a brave ship! At length, crouding up as far as there is usually water sufficient for such a vessel, and so near some of the spectators as that they imagined a man might hurl a stone on board her, her...
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