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481. Inspectors ineligible as TURBERVILLE, GEORGE
burgesses 481. Act for cutting Certain entailed lands in West-
up tobacco suckers, amended moreland vested in, and other
507. Constables to be sworn lands in Stafford, settled to
508. Form of oath 508. Re- the same uses 307.
ward, when payable 508.- TURNER, THOMAS
Act making compensation for Certain entailed lands vested in
tobacco burnt in Gray's creek 377.
Warehouse 533.

TOMKIES, CHARLES, Of slaves, bow suppressed, and
Certain entailed lands vested in punished 128, 129, 130.


Rate of interest 295. Penalty
Fredericksburg and Falmouth for exceeding 295. Broker-

established 237, 239. Vari age 295. Contracts, &c. for
ous regulations concerning more than logal interest void
234 to 239.

395. Plaintiff shall recover

costs 396. Borrower may ex-
Tobacco, when to be sold 588. hibit a bill in equity 396. In-

terest reduced to five per cent.
See High Treason.

397. Penalty for exceeding

Treasurer appointed 155, 150,

433. Monies arising from du Who deemed such 209. How
ties on liquors and slaves to be apprehended 209. Removal of
paid to 135. Salary 135, 150, 209. When to be committed,
435. Must give bond and se- or hired out 210. W

vages how
curity 135, 150. Vacancy, appropriated 210. Settlement,
how supplied 136, 151, 435. what 219. How poor persone
Burgasses' wages, payable in removed to their own parish
mony 136. Appropriation of 210. If sick, how disposed
monie in hands of, for pre- of 211. Penalty on church-
miums ollax'INF 136. To ac- wardens refusing to receive
count for duties, on oath 148. them 211. Vestry liable for
May borrow money 436.

Treaty with the five nations of Forın of 161.
Indians, made at Albany 103.


Of burgesses 279. How drawn
One defendant acquitted in, to 279. No wages, for absen.
recover costs 357.

tees 278,280. Exception 279.

How to be executed and record. At first called rolling-houses
ed 398.

32. Those already built con.

tinued 33. County courts may
D 4-Vol. 4.

expences 211.

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establish new ones 33. Mode

of acquiring land 33. How For sums under twenty shillings
such houses may be acquired 195.
for the public, where the own- WASHINGTON, JOHN
er refuses to build, &c. 34.-Certain lands,in Westmoreland,
Restriction, in the power of whereof George Weedon is
the county court 34. Owner siezed in fee tail vested in, in
not to keep stock, on the land fee simple 377.
35. Rates of storage 35.- WEIGHTS & MEASURES,
Penalty on owner refusing to To be according to the English
receive tobacco or goods, or standard 406. To be provided
suffering either to be damaged by the counties 406,407. De-
35. Right of appeal to gene-

nominations 407. To be seal-
ral court 36. County courts ed 407. Fees 407. Steelyards
may discontinue those incon- 407.
venient to public landing, and

order others to be built 91.- Court day of, altered 366.
How to acquire the land 91.

No storage, when a ware-Slaves of, vested absolutely in
house is put down 92. Owners husband 283.
to keep fit persons to receive WILLIAMSBURG.
the tobacco 92. Storage for Act preventing swine going at
salt 92. New warehouses es. large in 116. Power of court
tablished 266 to 268.

How of hustings of, as to ordina-
land for, acquired 268.

If ries 139. In prosecutions for
owner refuses to build, court criminal offences 139. Inba-
may 269. When they are dis. bitants not compellable to per-
continued 270. Not to take form militia duty..out of lim.
houses, orchards, cc. 270.- its of 140. Excepted in act
If burnt, tobacco paid for by concerning ordinarie 120.--
the public 270. To burn or Criminal charges ir to be
break any warehouse or store- paid by the countipo of James
house, and stral over the value City tha Yory 447. Jurisdic-
of 20 shillings, felony without tj., of court of hustings of,
clergy 271, 272. New warr-

enlarged 542.
houses 331. Two inspector's

to each 331. Certain ware - College, donation to 74. Du.
houses discontinued, and o- ties appropriated to 148. Re-
thers established 381, Cer- venues of, better secured 439,
tain warehouses rented 382. 430. Duty on tobacco ex-
Roy's and Gibson's disjoined ported to North Carolina 431.
382. Rents of warehouses 382,

On skins and furs431. Whole
38s, Power of county courts duty of 1 penny per gallon,
over 384. Property in, how appropriated, 432. Profes-
acquired 384. New ones esta- sors and students exempt from
blished 479,

levies, 433,


to the witness, 128. Aged, or
Certain entailed lands in Glou- infirm, or going beyond seas,

ccster and Elizabeth City how their depositions may be
docked, and vested in Ilenry taken, 192. Allowance to, in
Willis, 461.

county courts, 193. Summons

for, how to issue, 193. Wit-
See executors of administrators nesses failing to attend, pen-
Jurisdiction of county courts, in alty oni, 193. When they may

probats of wills, and adıninis- be excused, 194. Subpenas
trations, 12. In what county for, how to issue, 196. Ne-
will to be proved, 12. Ad- groes, mulattoes and Indians
ministration with the will an- not to be witnesses, except on
nexed, when to be granted, 13. the trial of a slave, 327. How
Heir at law to be summoned summoned before the govern-
to contest the will, 13. Sav. or and council, as to contro-
ing to infants, and those un- versies concerning entries to
der legal disabilities, 14, Ef- lands, 352. Their allowance,
fect of probate, 15. Conse- and how paid, 358. Indians
quence of a will being produ- may be, in criminal cases
ced after administration 16. against Indians, 405. Allow.
Court may compel the pro- ance to, and how paid, 422.
duction of a will, 16. Probats Allowance to, for attending
and commissions of adminis- the county courts, reduced,
tration to be signed by gover-

nor, 16. Executors and ad-

ministrators to take an oath, Reward for killing wolves, ex.
17. Form of oath of executor, cept by foreign Indians, to be
17. Of an administrator 17. paid by county and repaid by
Bond and security, when to public, 89. County courts to
be taken, 17. Condition of allow and levy rewards, 89.-
bond by executors and admin What proof necessary, 89.-
istrators with the will annex- Certificate to be granted by
ed, 18. Condition of adminis. magistrates, 90.-Ears of
'trator's bond, 19. Bonds to wolves, leads to be cut off 90.
be made payable to justices, Claims, how certified to Gen-
20. Wills to remain among re- eral Assembly, 90. Reward
cords where proved,23. Pow- for killing reduced, 354. The
er of General Court in grant- whole head to be produced,
ing probates, 23. How pro. and oath made, 354. Form of
bats to issue, 24. Lists of pro- oath, 354. Quakers may af-
bats&administrations to be re- firm, 354. Other proof, 354.
turned to secretary's office, 25. Penalty for false oath or affir-

mation, 354. When justic
Punishment of slaves giving may delay giving certificat

false testimony, 127. Charge 355.

When necessary, 187.

Limitation on, 402.

Francis, authorised to convey

certain entailed lands to John
Tayloe, 28.

Town of, wooden climnies not

to be built, or hogs or goats
suffered to run atlarge there-
in, 465. Retailing strong li-
quor's in, prohibited, 543.

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