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[From a MS. belonging to Thomas Jefferson, late Pre

sident of the United States, and purchased by him from the executor of Richard Bland, deceased.]


Alexander 23d June 1710,) till 27th September 1722, and

Spotswood: then Hugh Drysdale, esq. was Lieut. Governor. Hugh Drysdale died the 22d July 1726, and Colo. Hugh Dryga

dale. Jennings being suspended, Colo. Robert Carter took upon himself the administration of the government, as president of the council.

[Here the MS. list of Governors ends..] Robert Carter continued president of the council, Robert Car. till some time between the 17th of August and 13th of ter.

William October 1727, when William Gooch was appointed

Gooch. Governor;—the last patents signed by Robert Carter, as president, being dated on the 17th of August 1727, and the first signed by William Gooch, as governor, being dated the 13th of October 1727.



General Assembly,

Ales. Spots. wood, Esq. Governor.


The Capitol, the twenty-fifth day of October, in the

9th year of the reign of our sovereign lady Anne, by
the grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ire-
land, Queen, defender of the faith, &c. Anno Domini,
1710; and thence continued by several prorogations,
to the seventh day of November, Anno Domini, 1711.


(From MS.}

An Act for appointing Rangers.


derly and lawless persons, of the Indian nations, Preamble. have successively for many years last past, resided in and frequented the frontiers of this colony, and after the most horrid and notorious crimes by them committed, takeing the advantage of the large wast and uninhabited gronnds and woods, escape and avoid the hand of justice: For prevention whereof, and for the safeguard and secureing the said frontiers and the inhabitants thereof, from all injury, violence, spoyle and rapine of the said Indians.

Be it enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and Governor to by the authority of the same, That from and after appoint lieuthe passing of this act, the lieutenant governor, or tenants of the commander in chief of this colony and dominion, rangers. for the time being, is impowered and desired, with the advice of the council, to constitute and appoint such persons as he shall think fitt, to be lientenants or commanders of the rangers for the said frontiers; each of which lieutenants, so constituted and appointed, shall choose out and list eleven able bodyed men, with horses and accoutrements, arms and ammunition, residing ab

B-Vol. 4.

near as conveniently as may be, to that frontier station for which he shall be lieutenant of the rangers, to serve

under him as their commander. But if such lieutenant To be provi.

cannot find a sufficient number of able bodyed men, furded with ele. nisbed and provided according to the directions of this ven men. act, to serve voluntarily under him, then and in such

case it shall and may be lawfull for the commander in chief of the militia in the same county, and he is hereby impowered and required, upon the application of such lieutenant, to order and impress out of the militia of that county, so many able bodyed men, furnished as aforesaid, residing next to that frontier station, as shall make up the number of eleven. And such lieutenant and lieutenants, and the men under his and their respective commands, shall observe, perform and keep such orders and directions in their saverall rangings and marchings as such lieutenant and lieutenants shall, from time to time, receive from the lieutenant-governor or the commander in chief of this colony and domi

nion, for the time being. Indians, how And be it further enacted, That if any lieutenant of to be dealt the rangers, or any the men under his command, shall with.

in their marching and ranging meet with or see any Indian or Indians whatsoever, such lieutenant and such men shall endeavour by all possible means to apprehend and seize such Indian and Indians. And if upon examination of such Indian or Indians, he or they see cause, shall seize such Indian and Indians and convey him and them before one of her Majesty's justices of the peace, which justice shall if he see cause upon further examination commit such Indian and Indians to the custody of the sheriff of his county, to be by him conveyed to the lieutenant-governor or the commander in chief of this dominion, for the time being, for further examination; and the said justice shall then also certifye the cause of such Indian or Indians' committ

ment. Indians tak- And be it further enacted, That if any Indian or Inen, belong; dians so taken shall upon examination or tryal be found ing to a tribe

to belong to any of the nations in warr with this governat war, to be transported ment, such Indian and Indians shall be transported and and sold. sold, and the benefitt of such sale shall intirely belong

to that party of rangers by which he or they were apprehended. And if any Indian or Indians which shall be mett with or seen by such lieutenant or his men,

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