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may be prepared to Defend the same. Given under my hand and the seal of the Colony the 2d day of November 1711 In the Tenth year of her Maj'ties Reign.


Virginia sc:

By her Majities. Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief of this. Dominion.

Seal of the

A PROCLAMATION restraining Seating on out

Lands dureing this time of Danger. Proclama- WHEREAS notwithstanding my Proclamation Is. tion prohibi- sued the 8th day of December 1710 whereby all perting the seat.

sons were prohibited to Enter for or take up any ing on the lands in con

Land between Nottoway and Maherine Rivers within troversy be. Ten Miles of the Mouths of the said Rivers or on the tween Vir. south side of Maherine River within the bounds in ginia and

controversie between this Government and Caroliņa North Caro. lina, beyond Yet diverse persons have seated and continue to seat the Notto sundry Tracts of Land within the said bounds in conway and Me-tempt of the orders of the Government and thereby herin rivers. created migunderstandings with the Indians in those

parts as well as Exposed themselves to the Insults of fforeign Indians by seating so remote from the other Inhabitants and puting themselves out of the protection of the Rangers appointed for the Defence of the ffrontiers For preventing of w'ch dangers and Inconveniencys I have with the Advice of her Maj'ties Council thought fitt to Issue this proclamation in her Maj'ties name prohibiting and forbidding all persons in any of the Countys herein after named to take

up or Seat any Land beyond the bounds hereafter specifyed viz't. In the county of Nansemond beyond the Nottoway River and in the countys of Isle of Wight Surry and Prince George beyond the Maherine River And í Doe require all persons allready seated on any Lands beyond the said Limits or within Three Miles of any Town of the Tributary Indians forth with to re

tire and withdraw themselves and their stocks on pain
of being prosecuted for the same And for the better
Effecting thereof, and bringing to punishment such
persons as shali obstinately persist in their Ilegall
Encroachments on her Majesties Lands I Doe require
the Sheriffs of the Respective County's aforesaid to
take all such persons into Custody untill they Give
Bond with Good Security for their Appearance before
me in Council on the 4th day of the next General Court
to Answer their contempt and that the said Sherifs
return the Bail Bonds taken of such persons to the
Council Office And I Doe further require the Sur-
veyors of the said Countys to observe this proclama-
tion and to receive no Entrys for Land out of the lim-
its aforementioned untill further order And I Doe
appoint this Proclamation to be pablished at all Church-
es and Chappells within the said Countys on the first
Sunday after the Receipt thereof and thereafter to be
Published and affixed at the court houses of the said
Countys Given under my hand and the Seal of the
Colony at Wmsburgh this Twenty Eighth day of Jan-
uary 1711 In the Tenth Year of her Majesties Reign.

God save the Queen.


Virginia sc:
TO ALL TO WHOM these presents shall come I Alex.

Form of free.
ander Spotswood her Majesties Lieut. Governor and doms for
Commander in Cheif of the Colony and Dominion of ships.
Virginia Doe Certifye and make known that Skinner
Wallop of the County of Accomack came before me and

* These freedoms, as they were then called, were obtained, in or. der that the owners of vessels might be entitled to the privileges of Virginia owners, which were very early granted, and of which there is frequent mention in our ancient laws. For these privileges, See Vol. 1. p. 402, 480, 537 Vol. II. pa. 134, 272. Vol. III. pa. 347, 348, 352, 494 For the the Secretary of the colony, for a frcodom for a ship, see ante pa. 408, ot this volume.

on Solemne Oath Declared that the Sloop Jangoteage
of Accomack whereof the said Skinner Wallop is at
present Master being square steru'd of the Burthen of
Eleven Tun or thereabouts was Built in the said coun-
ty of Arcomack in the year Seventeen Hundred and
Eleven and that Charles Taylor and the said Skinner
Wallop is at present the Sole Owners thereof and that
no fforreigner Directly nor Indirectly nor any person
liveing out of this Colony hath any share part or In-
terest therein And at the request of the said Skinner
Wallop I Doe further Certifye that the said Vessell is
Entituled to all the Rights Privileges and Exemptions
Granted by Law to all Shipps and Vessells Solely own-
ed by the Inhabitants of Virginia of which I Doe here.
by require and Command all Officers and others whom
it may Concern within this Colony to take notice and
conform themselves accordingly. Given under my
hand and the seal of the Colony at Williamsburgh this
Nineteenth day of April In the Eleventh Year of the
Reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne by the Grace of
God of Great Brittain ffrance and Ireland Queen De-
fender of the ffaith &c. Annoq; Dom. 1712.

A Freedome for the Sloop
Jangoteage of Accomack.


Seal of the



Alexander Spotswood Her Majestys Licutenant Governor and Commander in Cheif of this Dominion.

Form of Na. turalization.


WHEREAS by one act of Assembly made at the Capitol the 23d day of October 1705* for the better settling and peopling this her Majestys Colony and Dominion It is Enacted that it shall and may be Law full for the Governor or Commander in Cheif of

• Soe Vol. III. pa. 434.

this Dominion for the time being by a publick Instrument or Letters Patents under the broad seal thereof to declare any Aliene or Alienes Forreigner or Fore reigners being already settled or Inhabitants of this Colony or which shall hereafter come to settle plant or Reside therein upon his or their taking the Oaths therein prescribed to be to all intents and purposes fully and compleatiy naturalized, and that all persons having such publick Instrument or Letters patents shall by virtue of this Act have and enjoy to them and their Heirs the same immunitys and Rights of and unto the Laws and priviledges of this Colony and Dominion as fully and amply as any of her Majestys natural born subjects have or enjoy within the same and as if they had been born within any of her Majestys Realms and Dominions provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed to enable or give power or priviledge to any Foreigner to do or execute any matter or thing which by any of the Laws of England concerning the plantations he is disabled to do or execute. And Samuel Damouvel a natural born subject of the ffrench King having settled & Inhabited for several years in the County of Westmoreland in this colony and now made application to me for the benefite of naturalization, and before me taken the Oaths prescribed by Law and subscribed the Test- I do there. fore pursuant to the said authority hereby declare the said Samuel Damouvel to be to all intents and pur. poses fully and completely naturalized and to have and enjoy to him and his heirs the same immunitys and Rights of and unto the Laws and privileges of this Colony and Dominion as fully and amply as any of her Majestys natural born subjects have or enjoy within the same, and as if he had been born within any of her Majestys Realms and Dominions according to the aforesaid act, saving always in such matters and things which by the Laws of England concerning the plantation he is disabled. Given under my hand and the seal of the Colony at Williamsburg the 24th day of April 1712 in the Eleventh year of ler Majes. tys Reign.

A: SPOTSWOOD. Samuel Damouvel's Naturalization.

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By her Majesties Lieut: Governor & Commander

in Chief of this Dominion Proclama. A PROCLAMATION for Enforcing the Act of As. tion, enforc. sembly Entituled, Registers to be kept by the Minising the laws,

ters or Readers and for the more Regular Transfor register mitting accounts of all Births Christenings and Bu

, marriages,

rials. & deaths.

WHEREAS by the 16th act made at a Gen'all Assembly held by prorogation the 23d of March in the year 1661* It is enacted that the Minister or Reader of every parish shall well truly and faithfully Record all Births Burials or Marriages that shall happen within their parishes in a Book to be provided by the Vestry for that purpose on penalty of 500lb. Tobacco to the use of the Parish and that every Master of a ffamily shall give notice to the Minister or Reader of the Day of the Birth Death or Marriage of every person to him or them Related under the penalty of one Hundred pounds of Tobacco. And I being informed of Great negligence both in the churks of the Vestrys and in the masters of ffamilys in the observation of the said act have thought fitt with the advice of her Majesties council to Issue this proclamation in her Majesties name requiring and Commanding the Justices of the Respective Countys to Give in charge to the Grand Jurys to Inquire into the Breach of the said act and to present such Ministers Clerks or Mas. ters of familys as shall be found Guilty of Neglecting their Duty in the premises and also to cause the Respective fines imposed by the said Act to be Duly Le. vyed and for as much as her Majestic hath thought fitt to Direct that for the better Information of the state of this her Majesties Colony and Dominion an account of all Births Christenings and Burials, be from time to time transmitted to her Majesties principal secretary of stute I do bereby require the Clerks of the Vestrys in the Resp. ctive parishes once every half year That is to say In April and October to return to the Council Office an Exact account Di. gested into columns of all persons Borne Christen

*See Vol. 2. pa. 54.

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