Eighty Years' Progress of British North America: Showing the Wonderful Development of Its Natural Resources, Giving, in a Historical Form, the Vast Improvements Made in Agriculture, Commerce, and Trade, Modes of Travel and Transportation, Mining, and Educational Interests, Etc., Etc., with a Large Amount of Statistical Information, from the Best and Latest Authorities

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Halaman 438 - Church by one archbishop, and eight bishops ; and the Presbyterian Church of Canada, in connection with the Church of Scotland, by annual synods, presided over by moderators.
Halaman 273 - ... our Rum doth as little hurt as your Brandy and in the opinion of Christians is much more wholesome : however to keep the Indians temperate and sober is a very, good and Christian performance but to prohibit them all strong liquors...
Halaman 296 - ... and creeks of the said sea-coasts and shores of the United States and of the said islands...
Halaman 417 - No person shall require any pupil in any such school to read or study in or from any religious book, or to join in any exercise of devotion or religion objected to by his or her parents...
Halaman 418 - Scriptures are read daily. such clergymen or his authorized representative may give religious instruction to the pupils of his own church, provided it be not during the regular hours of the school.
Halaman 417 - ... hope, namely, that that Father's kingdom may come ; that he has a duty which — like the sun in our celestial system — stands in the centre of his moral obligations, shedding upon them a hallowing light which they in their turn reflect and absorb — the duty of striving to prove by his life and conversation the sincerity of his prayer that that Father's will may be done upon earth as it is done in heaven.
Halaman 556 - The lakes of New Brunswick are numerous and most beautiful; its surface is undulating — hill and dale — varying up to mountain and valley. It is everywhere, except a few peaks of the highest mountains, covered with a dense forest of -the finest growth.
Halaman 550 - ... poisoned by the alkali formed by the ashes precipitated into the river, now lay dead, or floundering and gasping on the scorched shores and beaches ; and the countless variety of wild fowl and reptiles shared a similar fate.
Halaman 382 - Public School" in each of the eight districts into which Upper Canada was then divided ; and granting 800 per annum, or 100 per school as the annual salary of the teacher in each district — the teacher to be nominated by the trustees, but appointed by the governor.* * In order to give effect to this Act, Lieut-Governor...
Halaman 77 - ... cleared of its forest growth, but abounds with the most luxuriant herbage, and generally possesses a deep, rich soil of vegetable mould. The winter of this region is not more severe than that of Lower Canada. The snow is never very deep, and in the wildest tracts the natural pasture is so abundant that horses and cattle may be left to obtain their own food during the greater part of the winter. This perennial supply of food for cattle might have been predicted from the fact that the North Saskatchewan...

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