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officio, connected with such county society, during its delinquency, be entitled to a seat.



The Society shall hold an annual meeting.



Funds for defraying the expenses of the annual meetings, and current expenses of the Society, shall be raised by an assessment on the county societies, in proportion to the number of delegates to which said societies may be entitled. The annual income of this Society, other than from real estate, however, shall not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars.



The Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association, and the regulations contained in Article V. of this Constitution, shall be the rules for the government and discipline of the members of this Society, and of the respective county societies connected with it.



The State shall be divided into Thirteen Censorial Districts.



Every proposal for altering or amending this Constitution shall be made in writing; and, if such alteration or amendment receive the unanimous vote of the members present, it shall be adopted; but, if objections be made, the alteration or amendment shall lie over until the next annual meeting, when it may be adopted by a majority of two-thirds of the voters present.




SECT. 1. The President shall preside at the meetings, preserve order, perform such other duties as custom and parliamentary usage may require, and shall open the annual session with an address. He shall not be eligible two terms in succession.

SECT. 2. The Vice-Presidents, when called upon, shall assist the President in the performance of his duties, and, during his absence, or at his request, one of them, in the order of their seniority, shall officiate in his place.

SECT. 3. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the corre. spondence, and perform such other duties as usually appertain to that office.

SECT. 4. The Recording Secretaries shall keep correct minutes of the proceedings of the Society. They shall, in all cases, notify the chairmen of committees of their appointments, and request them to answer in writing whether or not they accept. They shall also give due notice of the annual meetings. The Permanent Secretary shall take charge of the minute books and other documents of the Society immediately after the close of each session, and keep them during the intervals; he shall also have charge of all other papers belonging to the Society, other than those appertaining to the Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary.

SECT. 5. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to the Society, and disburse them as directed, preserving vouchers for the

He shall annually present a statement of the finances of the Society, which shall be referred to a committee of three delegates, to be audited. He shall give security for the faithful performance of his duties, whenever the Society shall judge it requisite.

SECT. 6. It shall be the duty of the Censors of each district to examine the laws and regulations of the county societies; and, if they find nothing in the said laws and regulations contrary to the letter or spirit of those of this Society, the Censors shall indorse



on them the word “approved,” with their signatures and the date of such approval, and transmit one copy to the Corresponding Secretary of this Society, and another to the Secretary of the County Society.

SECT. 7. It shall also be their duty, in case of appeal from the decision of a county society by a member who may conceive bimself aggrieved thereby, to examine into the merits of the case, and to give their decision thereon. They shall report their decisions through the Corresponding Secretary, annually.

Sect. 8. All questions affecting the Code of Ethics in any county society may be referred to the Censors of the district for decision,

SECT. 9. In any case brought before the Board of Censors, the decision of a majority of the Censors met at the same time and place shall be necessary for the proper adjudication of the case.

Sect. 10. When an appeal is taken from the decision of the Board of Censors of any district, or a case arises in which any member of the Board of Censors may be in any way interested, the whole matter may be referred for settlement to the Board of Censors of an adjoining district, which may be selected by a majority of the Board of the district interested.



The time and place of the meeting shall be determined by the Nominating Committee for each year.



Sect. 1. A Committee of Arrangements and Credentials of five members shall be appointed annually, a majority of whom, at least, shall be taken, if possible, from the county in which the next meeting of the Society is to be held; which Committee shall make the necessary arrangements for the annual meeting, and report their proceedings in writing to the Society.

SECT. 2. The Committee of Publication shall consist of seven members, of which the Recording, the Permanent, and the Corresponding Secretaries, and the Treasurer, for the time being, shall form part, the remainder to be selected from the body of the Society. It shall be the duty of the Committee of Publication to prepare from the reports of the County Societies a statistical State Report, which shall present in brief and together all the points of

interest contained in said reports; but to exercise discretionary power to publish or not any or all of the papers referred to it, excepting only those recommended by the Standing Committee.

SECT. 3. The Committee of Publication shall issue the Transactions in parts, to be paged continuously; and, when as many are issued as will form a volume of about 500 pages, shall append an index and title to the last part.

SECT. 4. The Committee of Nomination shall designate the chairman of the Committee of Publication, who shall be a resident of the place at which the Transactions are to be published.

Sect. 5. A Standing Committee of three members shall be appointed annually, who shall examine all such papers as may be referred to them by county societies during the interim of the sessions of this Society, recommend such as they may deem worthy for publication in the Transactions, and select one or more to be read and discussed by the Society; provided, that the papers to be read and discussed shall not exceed in length three pages of foolscap.



Sect. 1. The first Censorial District shall comprise the counties of Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester.

Sect. 2. The second, the counties of Bucks, Northampton, Lehigh, Carbon, Monroe, and Pike.

Sect. 3. The third, of Montgomery, Berks, and Schuylkill.

Sect. 4. The fourth, of Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Perry, and Snyder.

SECT. 5. The fifth, of Cumberland, York, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton.

SECT. 6. The sixth, of Juniata, Mimin, Huntingdon, Blair, Cambria, Bedford, and Somerset.

Sect. 7. The seventh, of Fayette, Westmoreland, Indiana, and Armstrong

Sect. 8. The eighth, of Allegheny, Washington, and Greene.

SECT. 9. The ninth, of Butler, Beaver, Lawrence, Mercer, Ve. nango, and Clarion.

Sect. 10. The tenth, of Erie, Crawford, Warren, Jefferson, Forest, Elk, McKean, Potter, and Cameron.

Sect. 11. The eleventh, of Clearfield, Centre, Clinton, Tioga, Lycoming, Northumberland, and Union.

Sect. 12. The twelfth, of Montour, Columbia, Luzerne, and Sulli



SECT. 13. The thirteenth, of Bradford, Wyoming, Susquehanna, and Wayne.

SECT. 14. Each county society shall be entitled to one member of the Board of Censors of the district.



Sect. 1. As soon as a county society is organized, the Secretary thereof shall transmit to the Censors of the district two copies of its rules and regulations, with the names of the officers and members; and, as soon as one of the said copies is returned with the approval of the said Censors, or a majority of them, the Society shall be authorized to elect one delegate to this Society for every five of its members, and one additional delegate for every fractional part over one-half, and one delegate where the society does not consist of five members.

SECT. 2. The county societies shall report annually to this Society a list of their officers and members, any new rules which they may adopt, and such other matters as they may deem interesting.

SECT. 3. Each county society shall have full authority to adopt such measures as it may deem most efficient for mutual improvement, for exciting a spirit of emulation, for facilitating the dissemination of useful information, for promoting friendly intercourse among its members, and for the advancement of medical science.

Sect. 4. Each report from a county society which exceeds three pages of foolscap shall be accompanied by a brief abstract, which latter only shall be read before this Society.

Sect. 5. Each county society shall append to its annual report brief notices of such of its members as may have died during the year.

SECT. 6. The secretaries of the county societies, at least two weeks before each annual session of this Society, shall forward certified lists of their respective delegates to the Permanent Secretary, who shall therefrom prepare a list of all the delegates to be handed to the Committee on Credentials.

SECT. 7. County societies shall encourage the preparation of brief papers by their members, communicating the results of their observations and experiments in medicine and surgery, and particularly in regard to new remedies, and the new application of old remedies, or notes of rare and interesting cases; and refer such of these papers as they may deem meritorious to the Standing Committee of this Society for examination, discussion, or publication as the latter may direct

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