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Kansas Medical Journal.would be reported for the sake of State pride,

.25 Cents.


7:23 Kansas Avenue.

Assistants :

Associate Editors :

would be reported for the sake of State pride, the State would get the credit for it and the

profession be benefited when otherwise it PUBLISHED MONTHLY.

would be lost.

Medicine knows no State lines but medical SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, INCLUDING POSTAGE: men are human beings and the socialistic Per Annum, in advance. Single Copies......

$2.00 plan or throwing in their might in a general Subscription may begin at any time. The safest mode way does not bring out work from the mass of remitttance is by bank check or postal money order of physicians. To elevate the profession each drawn to the order of the undersigned. When neither is accessible, remittances may be made at the risk of the pub- To do the best work and to bring out all

man in it must work for the common good. lishers, by forwarding in REGISTERED LETTER. Kansas Medical Journal,

that is in a man he must be directly interested

in the work. The best citizen is loyal to his Editor-in-Chief:

home, to his State, to his nation. This is a J. E. MINNEY, A. M., M. D., Topeka, Kas.

business principle also. He does not love his W.L SCHENK, M. D., Osage City, Kas.

State less but his home niore. His nation SV, STEWART, M, D., Topeka Kansas.

less but his State more. The metropolitan W. D. BIDWELL, M, D., Leavenworth.

journal less but his State journal more. The W. A. PHILLIPS, M. D., Salina. physician who is interested in his home socieW.F. SAWHILL, M. D., Concordia. T. W. PEERS, M. D., Topeka.

ty, works for it and is a prime factor in its

success. A number of such physicians in a TOPEKA, KANSAS, NOVEMBER, 1890.

community or city have a successful medical

society. These same workers are found in The State Medical Society of Arkansas the State and National Associations. They has established a Medical journal. This is a try, and do first build up home. They enlist nove in the right direction. The medical as many in the work as they can. Suggesprofession should not depend upon manu- tions looking to the advancement of the profacturers for its periodical literature.

fession are put into execution, the good ones A monthly medical journal can be published are retained and the failures discarded. for one year for about three times the cost of

If a district society could afford to publish getting the transactions published in bound its own transactions in a neat monthly journal volume and it will contain three or four times it would be a means of development above as much other original matter from the physi- price to it. The profession would see the cians during the year. Coming monthly, the ability in that society, and soon it would prove work of the Society will benefit others than its fitness to be a leader or a follower of the members of the society. Three or four times medical profession. It is work, systematic the membership of the society will be reached work, done and reported which attracts the and informed of the work being done in the attention of medical men and sets them to State. Seeing what their neighbors are doing thinking and establishes a healthy rivalry, will stimulate them to action.

especially if the work is done near home. A bound volume of transactions is placed on the shelf and it is seldom read or referred The next meeting of the South Kansas too, but the physician who will refer to it will District Medical Society, will be held in Peahave the journal in which the transactions body November 19, 1890. A good attendance are published bound and it serves the same is expected. Among others Dr. S. S. Hall of purpose. He has read it all or looked over it Augusta, will read a paper on Procidentia carefully, and several of his own articles ap- Uteri” with report of a

Dr. W. C. pear in it, which lends interest to it for him. Nolder of Newton, a paper on “Morphineism." The pages of the journal are open to any The program could not be arranged in time physician in the State at any time to write a for this issue of the JOURNAL, but the South paper or report a case. Often cases of interest Kansas will do herself credit.

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Reprints Received.

with stone; excluding these-since it might be

objected that the cure resulted rather from the "The use of Rhus Toxicodendron.” By calculus extraction then from the prostatic John Aulde, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.

operation-there remained 41 cases of uncom"On the Treatment of Eczema in Elderly plicated prostate operations; of these 32 (four People.” L. Duncan Bulkley, A. M., M. D., fifths) recovered the power of urination, in New York.

nine this ability was not recovered.
"Vaginal Tamponage made Available as a
Continuous Support.” Chas. C. Fredigke, M.

Three Double Births.
D., Chicago, Ill.
Arsenite of Copper-The Results of Col-

The wife of John Bean of Valley Falls, lective Investigation.” By John Aulde, M.D., aged 65 years, gave birth to twins on Monday Philadelphia, Pa.

evening. Her daughter, Mrs. Stratton, who "The Nature of Eye Strain and its Relation her husband with twins the same evening.

lives in a neighboring township, presented to Headache and Other Nervous Disorders.” Mrs. Stratton's daughter Eva was married a F. C. Hotz, M. D., Chicago, Ill.

year ago and lives in Arrington. The friends "Diagnosis and Operative Treatment of of Mrs. Stratton and her mother were not yet Gunshot Wounds of the Stomach and Intes through congratulating them over the intertines.” N. Senn, M. D., Ph. D., Milwaukee, esting natal coincidence in their families when Wis.

Mrs. Stratton received a leiter from her sonFirst—"The Prevention of the Short Leg in-law that her daughter had given birth toof Hip Disease." Second—"The After Treat- twins herself on Monday evening. The three ment of Hip Disease. , By A. B. Judson, M. double births occurred within ten minutes of D., New York. “The Pendent Limb in the each other. Treatment of Joint Diseases of the Lower Extremity.” By A. B. Judson, M. D., New

Sad, Indeed. York.

In a paper presented to the Mississippi Val- Dr. Robert Bartholow, one of the world's ley Medical Association at Louisville, Dr. Wm. greatest therapeutists, the secular press says T. Belfield of Chicago collects 133 case of has two marked delusions. He imagines he operations upon the hypertrophied prostate is under the surveilance of the police and the including eight of his own, as follows:

other the alienation of his wife's affections. Forty-one perineal incision, mortality 9 per On every other topic he appears to be rational. cent.

The trustees will declare his chair vacant on Eighty-eight by supra-pubic cystotomy, Monday, October 7. mortality 16 per cent.

Among the candidates spoken of as Dr. Four by combined perineal and supra-pubic Bartholow's successor, are Dr. S. Solis Cohen, incision, none fatal,

Dr. James C. Wilson, Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. In 56 of these cases the essential facts be- T. J. Mays, and Dr. Samuel Potter, of San fore and after operation are furnished; they Francisco. had been the subjects of cystitis and dependent upon the catheter for periods varying DR. W. K. HARRIS of Mulvane, Kas., from one to ten years. In all the cystitis was for dyspeptic vertigo: cured ; in 38 (two-thirds) voluntary urination Acidi nitrici

gtt 1 x. was restored and continued during the time Acidi muriatici

gtt. c. of observation, six months to two and one- Aqueæ camphoræ f 3 viij. half years; in eighteen this function was not M. Sig. Shake. Take one tablespoonful recovered.

in one-half cup of water thirty minutes before Fifteen of these 56 cases were complicated each meal.


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Bee Sting for Rheumatiam.

coming on it was alleged, as the result of a

railroad accident. Her suit for damages was J. T. Shepherd of Osage City, Kas., says, pending against the railroad company when he had been troubled with articular rheuma- an operation was deemed necessary. The tism since he came out of the army, until surgeon was somewhat surprised on opening

The about four years ago when he began to keep to discover a dead fætus at full term. bees. For the past two years he has been en- railroad disclaims all responsibility for the tirely free from the disease. He attributes tumor.--Medical Record. the cure to the poison of the bee. He gets stung almost every day and sometimes fifteen The thirteenth semi-annual session of the to twenty times a day. The pain and swell. Northern Kansas Medical Society will be held ing following the sting is not great but in in Seneca on Thursday, November 13. Among about an hour afterwards it causes an intoler- other things, the programme provides for the able itching of the whole limb.

presentation of the following subjects: "Dis(What is the poison of the bee?-ED.)

ease of Dorsal and Lumbar Vertebræ, with

special reference to treatment of Psoas AbTHIRTEENTH semi-annual session of the scess," Jacob Geiger, M. D., St. Joseph, Mo.; Northern Kansas Medical Society, will be held |“Modern Surgery," A. J. Best, M. D., Cenat the rooms of the Commercial Club, Seneca, tralia; "The Prevention of Shortening in Kansas, Thursday, November 13, 1890. Fracture of the Femnr," S. Murdock, M. D., PROGRAMME.

Oneida; “Vaso-Motor Coryza," Geo. C. Irwin, "President's Address."

M. D., Sabetha; “Glaucoma, as seen by the R. Hawkins, M. D., Marysville. General Practitioner," Grant Cullimore, M.D., "Puerperal Convulsions."

Atchison; “Standard Therapeutics,” N. M. A. Brawley, M. D., Frankfort. Hayes, M. D., Seneca; “Puerperal Convul“Modern Surgery."

sions,” M. A. Brawley, M. D., Frankfort. A. J. Rest, M. D., Centralia.

There will be special clinics, and the reports "Disease of Dorsal and Lumbar Vertebra, with of interesting cases in practice. A cordial Special Reference to Treatment of invitation is extended to members of the proPsoas Abscess.”

fession to be present. Any information conJacob Geiger, M. D., St. Joseph, Mo. cerning the society and its meetings can be • Standard Therapeutics."

secured by addressing the secretary, M. M. N. Hayes, M. D., Seneca.

Wachter, M. D., Baileyville, Kas.
“Vaso-Motor Coryza."
Geo. C. Irwin, M. D., Sabetha.

Dr. KROGUIS, of Paris, has made some ex"Glaucoma, as seen by the General periments on the puriform urine of ten perPractitioner.”

sons suffering with chronic stricture or catarrh Grant Cullimore, M. D., Atchison. of the bladder and pyelo nephritis. In one of The Prevention of Shortening in Fracture these cases a bacillus was foundwhich when culof the Femur; Demonstrated with tivated, and injected into the tissues a of rabbit the use of Apparatus."

caused death in a few hours, and in no case S. Murdock, M. D., Oneida.

was death delayed longer than two days. "Report of an Interesting Case in Practice.” High fever, extensive gangrene extending

W. F. Richardson, M. D., Havensville. very rapidly and gave off a strong ammoniacal Afternoon session begins promptly at 3

odor, and is called by the author “Liquesa

cieus Septicus.” o'clock. Evening session at 7:30 o'clock.

R. HAWKINS, M. D,, Pres. M. M WACHTER, M. D., Sec’y.

PADDOCK in the Archives says, ergot of rye

is useful in all forms of chronic congestion SUEING THE WRONG PARTY.-A young and vascular dilatation in the eye, particularwoman in Summit County, Ohio, was sup- ly episcleritis and chronic conjunctivitis. It posed to be suffering from an ovarian tumor, should be given in maximum doses.


on "Intubation of the Larynx," discards the

mouth gag and extractor. The accidents KANSAS as usual is ahead on babies-read

liable to occur while attending or introducreport on page 737.

ing the tube will suggest themselves to Dr. J. K. MILLER of Jetmore, Kas., spent larynx. First, to the operator a bitten finger;

those having experience in intubating the a few hours with us last month.

second, the danger of lacerating the tissues of Amongst many of the good reports read the child, should the mouth be shut too soon, those of Dr. Cordier and Dr. Reynolds.

and other disadvantages that are apparent. We The Eastern Kansas District Medical think we will still use the mouth gag and the Society held the best meeting in its history extractor, until something better offers. October 14, 1890.

GONE.--Dr. M. H. Cazier, Professor of The District Medical Societies are doing Physicial Diagnosis and Disease of the Chest, good work now. Read the reports in this and in the Kansas Medical College, in the next number of the JOURNAL.

DEPARTED ALBOCYTE- The new blood corpuscle is from this state and entered the state of matridescribed as spherical, colorless and about one mony at Racine, Wis., Oct. 9, 1890, with one of! third the diameter of the red blood corpuscle. the Badger states fair daughters, Miss Lillian

DR. M. B. WARD has been elected by a unan- Hart. The doctor has made amends in full mous vote at a late meeting at Philadelphia, to by returning to Topeka with his fair help-meet fellowship in the American Association of and will gladly receive friends at 1112 Topeka Obstetricians Gynaecologists.

avenue. The JOURNAL's best wishes are with THE class in attendance at the “Kansas you. Bachelor doctors-go and do likewise. Medical College" is, take it altogether, above A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR THE RIGHT the average in a literary point of view. MAN.-In a town of 3,500 inhabitants, one of

The faculty of the Kansas Medical College the most desirable cities, as a home in the extends a cordial invitation to the profession State-a physician who desires to make a when visiting Topeka to visit the college. change on account of health, will introduce

A i per cent solution of the dried toad poi- the physician by taking him in as a partner son, the secretions of its glands, it is claimed, for six months and withdrawing, leaving at produces complete anæsthesia of the cornea

the expiration of that time. For particulars

adddres, B. A., care KANSAS MEDICAL JOURand conjunctiva, lasting four or five hours.

NAL, Topeka, Kas. STANLEY seems to have great belief in vaccination. He says his Zanzibar followers

The celebrated Larry was called to the escaped variola because they were vaccinnated, court to attend the King's daughter in conand Stanley knows something of smallpox in finement. The king said, ah, you should be Africa.

pleased to attend my daughter in such a case, The saline treatment of peritonitis, is rele- it will make your reputation, will it not? To gating the opium plan to its proper place, viz: which Larry replied, sire, I should not be here the relief of pain ; the day of splinting the as accoucheur were my reputation not already bowels with opium is happily passing away,

established.-Lancet and Clinic. and we seldom hear of it any more.

AFTER July 1, 1893, the Colorado State Any physician who desires to read a paper Board of Health will accept the diplomas of before the section of Ophthalmology, Otology, no school which does not have an obligatory etc., at the Kansas State Medical Society, three years' course of instruction of five would confer a great favor by notifying the months each in three different years. Dr. T. secretary as soon as possible.

A. Hughes, of Denver, the efficient secretary, G. A. WALL, Secy.

has so notified all medical colleges of the Dr. Guido Bell, of Indianapolis, in a paper country. read before the American Medical Association; Drs. L. A. BUCK, of Peabody; T. H. Hall,

of Alma ; B. F. Morgan, of Riley; W. W. SOCIETY PROCEEDINGS.
Morgan, of Clay Center; A. B. Sellards, of
Scranton; A. D. Smith, of Wamego; and W.

Republican Valley Medical Society.
C. Bower, of Lebanon, were callers at the
JOURNAL office during the last month. They
came to do honor to our Nation's chief, Presi-

The Republican Valley Medical Society, dent Harrison, who visited our city at that convened Thursday, October 2, 1890, at 2 time.

p. m., in Dr. Leterneau's office, Concordia,

Kansas. Dr. J. A. Jeannotte, of Clyde, presiSTANLEY'S recent Emin Expedition was equipped entirely with Fairchild's Digestive dent, in the chair.

Dr. J. H. Brierly, of Glasco, was chosen Ferments in preference to any others, and in the recent attack of gastritis from which Mr. secretary, pro tem.

Members present-Drs. N. Udell, W. F. Stanley suffered, he was entirely sustained upon foods previously digested with Fair Sawhill, J. H. McCasey, A. Leterneau, W. R.

Priest, R. Marcotte of Concordia; J. A. Jeanchild's Extractum Pancreatis.

notte, of Clyde; F. M. Dailey, of Scottsville; DIVIDING the capsicle during the corneal

J. H. Brierly, Glasco; Leslie, of Clyde; G. A. section, in extraction of cataract has been Wall

, of Topeka; Grant Cullimore, of Atchipracticed to some extent, but we believe the

son; McLaughlin, of Clyde. advantages of the method are more than

The following new members were enrolled : counterbalanced by the disadvantages to be Drs. G. M. Lowe, of Randall; W. H. Lee, of encountered.

Glasco; Louis B. Michaud, of Ames. R. S. THAT cancer on the body politicThe Magee, of Topeka, correspondent of KANSAS original package house” which was removed MEDICAL JOURNAL, elected member of the about two months ago, has again made its ap- society by acclamation. pearance. This early recurrence shows its

Committee on credentials — Drs. F. M. malignancy. In our opinion the actual cautery Daily and Marcotte. should be applied.

Dr. Brierly, of Glasco, presented a very inThe last meeting of the Eastern Kansas teresting case, with the following history: District Medical Society, at Topeka, was a Male, aged about 55, white, suffered with convery interesting and profitable session. The stipation. In May prescribed for him. Dissociety is full of life and doing good work un- appeared until in September. In the meander the administration of the worthy president, time he had gone to Emporia, where some one and secretary, Dr. M. B. Ward and Dr. W. D. | recommended Dr. Wilford Hall's hot water inBidwell.

jection as a panacea. He was becoming much The civil, military and naval departments emaciated and suffering from dysentery. After of the Brittish Government are supplied with his return I treated him; thought he showed the Fairchild Digestive products and the a cachexia; still loss of appetite; when lying Fairchild preparations for the predigestion of on his back a large lump showed in the abmilk, etc., are especially preferred in India.

domen; the lump could be rolled from side

to side but not downwards, showing pretty “How often should the baby nurse its

conclusively by exclusion that it was a tumor mother,” is the subject of a desertation by a of the omentum, situated just below the stomrecent author. We have not arrived at the ach. An opportunity was here given for every precise schedule on this point, but we should

one present to examine the case, after which think not quite so often as the mother should the following discussion took place. nurse the baby.- Ileekly Medical Review.

Dr. Daly endorsed the diagnosis of Dr. SUSPENSION in the treatment of Loco- Brierly of its being an omental tumor, and that motor Ataxia is about to be placed on the an operation is justifiable. shelf with the other fashions that have prevail- Dr. Leterneau-Have you made a stomachic ed from time to time, "weighed and found or rectal injection, to see if any extension of wanting.”

the abdomen could be made?


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