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a light diet may be ordered for a few days, meatus being slit up if too small to admit it and a teaspoonful of compound tincture of Phimosis and redundant prepuce always indigentian, with fifteen drops of dilute phos- cate circumcision. phoric acid given in water after each meal. In some cases it becomes necessary to apThe bowels must be kept loose by appropri- ply nitrate of silver to the deep urethra to ate means I prefer cascara cordial at bed-overcome the chronic inflammation. This time, or a pill of aloes, nux vomica and bel- may be accomplished with an Ultzmann's ladonna.

syringe and solutions of silver in increasing After the complications have been attended strengths (sometimes as much as Ag NO, 3ss to, direct curative measures are to be insti- ad H20 zi) or by means of a Lallemand's tuted. For one week five drops of the tinc-porte-coustique with the solid stick. Such apture of nux vomica may be given in half a plications should not be made more often than glass of water before each meal, then a pill twice weekly sometimes only three or four are containing two grains of quinine and gr. o of needed. They must be applied to the prosarnica may be substituted, particularly if the tatic urethra, it being essential to reach the tongue is foul and moist, and there be a want mouths of the ejaculatory ducts where the inof appetite and energy. These two prescrip- flammatory trouble resides. If there be other tions may then be alternated each week. points of great tenderness they must also be Upon tincture of the sesquichloride of iron, touched. however, we pin our faith so far as internal

In conclusion, I beg to quote from an article medication is concerned; the initial dose is by myself in the September, 1890, number of twenty minims (measured in a minim glass, the Kansas City Medical Index: never dropped) ordered to be taken in water

“Galvanism is o much service if impotence one hour after meals. This dose is increased has already resulted-in fact, in impotence it to forty minims the second week, and to sixty is second only to the sound. The Faradic minims the third week. Some patients re- current does much good when the mind of the quire even larger doses than this, one hun- patient is greatly disturbed. The negative dred minims often causing no discomfort electrode is to be placed over the lumbar verwhen continued for weeks. If coldness at tebræ, the positive to the sound already in the the stomach, or an uncomfortable sensation urethra; the current is then turned on and arise after taking the iron, a tablespoonful of slowly increased to the point of toleration. good whisky added to each dose will over- Five minutes suffices for each séance. come the difficulty. The laxative pill at bed- may be used each time the sound is introtime must be continued if the iron cause con- duced during the first four weeks of treatstipation.

ment; and then discontinued. This treatment must be kept up from eight "Certain general rules should be insisted to twelve weeks in all cases; in those par- upon. The patient must sleep upon a hard ticularly severe it must be continued for many bed with light cover. He must eat a plain months.

but nutritious diet-meat of great importance. Associated with it local measures must be A light supper only must be ordered. No employed if indicated. When there is great liquors, save beer, should be allowed. Exertenderness of the deep urethra, or when there cise to fatigue must daily be taken, but the is a stricture of large calibre near the meatus, patient should never become over-fatigued. a steel sound must be used every other day Walking and athletics are the best forms of for weeks. At first a small size should be exercise. The subject must go into society passed-one that will produce little pain-and and keep the mind pleasantly occupied. Above left but a minute. At the next sitting it is all, total sexual rest must be enforced unless left a little longer; at the third still longer, the desire becomes unbearable. and so on, until at last it remains about ten “Sometimes there is atrophy of the prosminutes. The size is also gradually increased tate; rarely enlargement, except after forty. until a No. 18, American scale is reached, the But prostatic gleet, or prostatorrhea is quite


common when there has been an abnorm ternation with a solution of eserine, in glauirritation of the genitals. One or two drops comatous conditions of children, when eserine of thick mucus may be discharged while at does not agree with the patient.-L'Union stool or at the close of urination. This is not Medicale. semen and of this the patient must be assured. The trouble yields to the general treatment. PIETY A LA HERODE.-A milkman in Bid

As for the popular idea that semen is dis- deford has suffered a prosecution for selling charged, finds its way back into the bladder milk on Sunday. In connection with such and is then expelled with the urine-'gradual senseless Pharisaical Sabbath observance as wasting' as it is called--I do not believe such this movement favors, we plead for the babies, a thing is possible. I certainly have never and recommend the reading of Luke vi. as seen an instance.

well as Exodus xx, 8, and the revised statutes. “The discharge during the day of a consid- Milk, and especially city milk, often becomes erable quantity of glairy, tenacious, milky dangerous to infants in less than twenty-four fluid, while at stool, is of frequent occurrence hours, but what think you of the attempt to in people suffering from nocturnal emissions. slaughter the bottle-fed ones by cutting off This is vesicular gleet. This is a catarrhal fresh supplies of milk for forty-eight hours. condition of the seminal vesicles brought on We are glad that the newspapers exonerate by venereal excesses, masturbation or gonor- the public, and state that the pious plaintiff rhea. The mucus is pressed out by the act in this case is a rival milk peddler. The deof defecation-a mere mechanical effect of fendant should turn the tables by entering constipation upon the irritable seminal ves action against him for feeding his cows and icles. · It is almost totally harmless. Sperma pigs of a Sunday, if he does so, for the cows tozoa in a limited number may be found in and pigs will not be endangered so much by the discharge, but it is not spermatorrhea. Sabbath fasting as the babies.-Sanitary InThe condition disappears under the line of spector. treatment just outlined.”

"In all cases of Neuralgic and Rheumatic Tight Collars and Vision.

pains accompanying the colds that predomin

ate in this damp and malarial region, TongaThe influence of tight collars in impe ding line seems to be a specific. I find it a safe, the circulation in the head by pressing on the easy and efficient remedy. jugular veins is well known to military sur


Grand Rapids, Michigan. geons with the troops in India; but the bad effects of such pressure in cooler climates has been demonstrated by the observations of


. Prof. Förster, of Breslau, who states that three

The NEUROSES OF THE GENITO-URINARY hundred cases have come under his notice in

SYSTEM IN THE MALE, WITH STERILITY which the eye sight has been affected by the

AND IMPOTENCE. By Dr. R. Metzmann, disturbance of the circulation caused by wear- Prof. of Genito-Urinary Diseases, Univering collars that were too small. A large num

sity of Vienna. Translated by Gardner W. ber of these cases were probably subjects of

Allen, M. D., Surgeon in Genito-Urinary myopia.-Lancet.

Department Boston University. Published

by F. A. Davis, Philadelphia. Price $1.00. Pilocarpine in Glaucoma.

I have just perused this small book. I find

it to be a very interesting work on the subject. Drs. Saint-Germain and Valude recommend

It is compact and comprehensive. I therethe following:

fore recommend it to the student and general R Pilocarpine......

practitioner of medicine. I accept the nom

.41 grains. Aquæ disillata.

.29 drachms.

enclature of Professor Metzmann very favorM. ft. collyrium.

ably, and commend it to the profession at This collyrium is employed alone, or in al- large.


Kansas Medical Journal.

$2 00 ....25 Cents.

723 Kansas Avenue.

Assista'.ts :


and the treatment advised was the use of antipyrin, &c., in doses sufficient to keep the

fever down to what was considered a safe PUBLISHED MONTHLY.

point. Such advice as this, coming from

sources that are respected, make us weary. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, INCLUDING POSTAGE:

We wish to characterize such advice as it dePer Annum, in advance. Single Copies..........

25 Cents. serves and yet maintain our dignity; and Subscription may begin at any time. The safest mode when we call it “Poppycock,” we do so beof remitttance is by bank check or postal money order cause this word seems to us to express the drawn to the order of the undersigned. When neither is accessible

, remittances may be made at the risk of the pub- worth of such advice. We believe that phylishers, by forwarding in REGISTERED LETTER. Address sicians, capable of studying the natural hisKansas Medical Journal,

tory of fever, and remembering physiological

study, the knowledge of the pathological Editor-in-Chief:

changes that take place, that directly contraJ. E. MINNEY, A. M., M. D., Topeka, Kas.

indicate such crippling meddlesome medicaW. L SCHENK, M. D., Osage City, Kas.

tion, will not use means that have already S. G, STEWART, M, D., Topeka Kansas. Associate Editors :

sealed the fate of many unfortunate fever paW. D. BIDWELL, M, D., Leavenworth.

tients. When a physician prescribes med W. A. PHILLIPS, M. D., Salina. W.F. SAWHILL, M. D., Coocordia.'

icine of so depressing a nature, he should reT. W. PEERS, M, D., Topeka. main with his patient, and watch and pray

that no harm may be done. Do not allow TOPEKA, KANSAS, OCTOBER, 1890. yourselves to be beguiled by antipyretic folly.

S. G. S. SUMMER DRINKS THE MOGULS.-A medical journal of India referring to the ITALY's Good BEGINNING.--The organizaMoguls, who for luxury have no equal in tion of Italy under the new sanitary code is Indian history, thinks their customs as regards already bearing good frui', as shown by the summer drinks might be adopted with advan- following statement of the prevalence of the tage by other şeople. Their drinks consist of principal diseases for the years 1888 and 1889: milk, sweetened waters, or sherbets, prepared


1889. from subacid fruits, such as lemons, tamarinds, Small-pox, 63,632 cases,

39,004 cases. pomegranates, etc., flavored with rose

Measles, 220,953

130,961 Keora essences, date juice, nunierous vegeta- Scarlet fever, 44,419

30,192 ble tisanes, and some infusions of glutinous Diphtheria, 41,742

28,399 seeds flavored with sugar and essential oils. Typhoid fever, 59,526

54,865 These were often cooled with ice collected in

Typhus fever, 2,831

2,206 pits, where it was stored during the winter Puerperal Fev. 9,019, months. The Oriental races it is asserted, suffer from few of the diseases which are common to the copious meat-eating and wine- It is with pride that we notice the developdrinking Europeans. For a hot day, a light ment of the silk industry in our State. The vegetable diet is recommended, with a spare display at the State Fair was creditable and quantity of meat food and an abundance of in every respect equal to the exhibit of States cooling, non-alcoholic drinks.

much older in this production. To Dr. L. A.

Buck and his estimable wife, belongs the credit CONCERNING the treatment of fevers, we of the progress of this institution. The plant still see from month to month in the medical is located at Peabody, Kas. In conversation journals articles advising the use of the coal with the doctor, he told us that Kansas silk in tar antipyretics as the chief reliance. We New York markets brought $1.00 per pound have just read an article on typhoid fever-a more than any other silk in the market. We eprint sent far and wide to the profession, take off our hats to Kansas.



New Journals.

Senn's Hydrogen Gas Test." By A. H. Cordier, M. D., McPherson, Kansas. Read

before Kansas State Medical Society. *THE JOURNAL OF BALNEOLOGY” was received last month, telling us about baths and “What is the Present Medico-legal Status bathing. It is brimful of timely suggestions, of the Abdominal Surgeon?" By William and we gladly exchange.

Warren Potter, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y. THE DIXIE Doctor" comes to us this "Typhoid Fever." By V. W. Gayle, M. D., month in a smiling new dress. Suppose it is Kansas City, Mo., Late Physician to Harlemi intended for a winter garb, as it fits so snug Asylum-Late Surgeon to Navassa Island, and tight.

W. I. "THE POST GRADUATE"- Journal of the “The Pathology and Treatment of IntraN. Y. Post Graduate School-containing its Pelvic Inflammation." By M. B. Ward, M.D., ninth annual commencement, has been re- Professor of Gynecology in the Kansas Medceived.

ical College. “THE HEALTH MONITOR," published in “New Methods of Performing Pylorectomy, Denver, Colorado, is replete with suggestions with Remarks upon Intestinal Anastomotic as to prevention, believing that prevention is Operations." By A. V. L. Brokaw, M. D., St. worth more than a pound of cure. Health is Louis. Illustrated. always a welcome guest, but bad

on the

“Treatment of the Insane as Related to doctor.

Science and General Conditions of Humanity,

Historically Considered." By Orpheus ErReprints Received.

erts, M. D., College Hill, Ohio.

"An Explanation of the Phenomena of ImEnteralgia and Chronic Peritonitis." By munity and Contagion based upon the AcA. Jacobi, M. D., New York.

tion of Physical and Biological laws." By: J.

W. McLaughlin, M. D., Austin, Texas. Manual Treatment in Gynecology.” By

“The Cause, Prevention and Treatment of H. J. Boldt, M. D., New York.

the Summer Diarrhæas of Infants." By C. C. “Salpingo-oöphorectomy and its Results." Green, M. D., Topeka, Kansas, Professor of By H. J. Boldt, M. D., New York.

Physiology in the Kansas Medical College. “Erythroxylon Coca-Its Value as a Me

“Crime-Its Physiology and Pathogen esis dicament." By Marc Laffont, M. D., Paris.

and what Medical Men can do for its Preven-, “The Animal Suture-Its place in Surg- tion." By R. E. McVey, M. D., Topeka, Kas., ery." By Henry O. Marcy, M. D., of Boston. Clinical Professor of the Theory and Practice

"Treatment of Posterior Displacements of of Medicine in Kansas Medical College. the Uterus." By. H. J. Boldt, M. D., New "The Treatment of Torticollis.” By Chas. York.

F. Stillman, M. Sc., M. D., Chicago; also by “Uric Acid Diathesis in Affections of the the same author, “A Practical Splint for InEye, Ear, Throat and Nose." By W. Cheat- flammatory Conditions of Joints." Both of ham, M. D.

the above well illustrated.. “Functional Nervous Diseases of Reflex "Case of Corneal Transplantation from the Origin.” By Albert Rufus Baker, M. D., of Rabbit's to the Human Eye." By Wm. F. Cleveland, Ohio.

Smith, M. D., Chicago, Illinois; also, by the "Stricture of the Rectum-Intestinal Ob- same author, "A Singular Case of Injurystruction-Inguinal Colotomy." By Charles Blindness from a Penetrating Wound of Cheek B. Kelsey, M. D. New York.

and Orbit." “The Reconstruction of Deformed Noses by

“Local Treatment of Syphilitic PhenomGrafting a Portion of the Finger.” By James ena." Ry G. Frank Lydston, M. D., of ChiP. Parker, Kansas City, Mo.

cago; also, by the same author, “Remarks on Hypertrophy and Atrophy of Tissue;" also, AN eminent critic pronounces Pelstois "A Lecture on Sexual Perversion, Satyriasis Kreutzer Sonata, the most foolish book ever and Nymphomania;" also, “Apparent Can-printed. He says it has no plot, reads like a cerous Transformation of Syphiloma of the small man's nightmare, and is not even decentTongue-Excision of the Tongue by the Gal- ly improper. The postmaster's expulsion of vano-Cautery."

it from the mails, he considers, the reason of Syphilis of the Eye and its Appendages.” its extended sale. This is pleasing to our By Leartus Connor, A. M., M. D., Detroit, medical mind, for Pelstoi gives us collectively Michigan; also, by the same author, “Total a bad name. There are such doctors as he Deafness from Mumps;" also, “Hot Water in denounces, but, thank fortune, they are but a the Treatment of Diseases of the Eye;" also, small minority. We would recommend pep“ Tobacco Amblyopia ;” also, “Acute Inflam- sin and light suppers to the Count's consideramation of the Middle Ear-Destruction and tion. Reproduction of the Entire Membrana Tympani;" also, "American Medical Journal of BEWARE OF DOG CARTS.-In a certain city the Future, as Indicated by the History of in this State which shall be nameless, three American Medical Journals of the Past.” wives were either thrown from dog carts or

stumbled and fell while getting out of one,

resulting in the delivery of remarkably well COCAINE AND TOBACCO SMOKE.-A patient developed babies in from six to eight months under treatment for chronic naso-pharyngeal after the wedding day. A fourth lady marcatarrh sprayed each nostril with a four per ried five years, attributes nervousness and cent. solution of hydrochlorate of cocaine and congestion of the spine to the rocking motion immediately afterwards went out driving of her husband's cart. Strange to relate many with a friend who was smoking. Accidentally young married ladies still ride in carts and some of the smoke was inhaled and set up an dealers report the trade as brisk, even with intense irritation, copious secretion of mucus, carts not free from horse motion. abundant lachrymation, swelling of the mucous membranes and hoarseness, associated with severe pain in the naso-pharynx, as if the Times and Register," of September 6:

The following clipping appeared in "The whole surface were raw. The pain was

How HOMEOPATHY STRIKES THE BRITON. great that it produced faintness and vomiting Mr. Brudenell Carter's violent letter, in a recent and was not allayed during the whole evening. number of the Lancet, in reference to the acThe following morning all pain had disap- tion of the Ophthalmological society on a peared, but a sub-acute coryza persisted. motion of his reflecting on the relations beCocainizing the nasal mucous membrane

tween a certain surgeon and a homeopathic shrinks the tissues, allowing the external air

practitioner, has not met with the support he, free access to the air passages, hence it is cus

perhaps expected. On the contrary he is tomary to caution patients about exposing roundly “slated” by four different corrrspondthemselves to cold air too soon after treatment;

ents—among them that doughty champion of but in this instance there supervened also the irritation of the tobacco smoke, which may into the merits of the case, and will content

homæopathy, Dr. Dudgeon. We cannot go possibly have formed some irritating chemical

ourselves with echoing the words of our concompound with the cocaine. Whatever the

temporary, that “the day is probably not far cause the moral is obvious and contact with an

remote when persecution, ostracism, or cenirritating vapor should be particularly avoid

sure for difference of opinion in behalf, will ed after using cocaine in this vicinity.

be regarded as not only immoral but absurd. W. D. B.

We believe that the best-and, indeed, the

only-plan of getting rid of the objectionable The latest definition of kleptomania-a features of the legendary homeopathist, taking form of insanity.

would be to absorb and assimilate the sect.


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