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applied to the skin continuously for days with- Four cases of erysipelas. These obout causing the slightest dermatitis, and al- tained relief from the burning pain, but the though it has no anesthetic or antiseptic prop- disease otherwise ran its usual course. erties, it has a wonderful effect in controlling 3. Six cases of erysipelatous inflammation the pain and shortening the duration of erythe- of the skin. Each of these got very prompt mas and erysipelatous inflammation of the relief from the pain and a complete cure folskin.

lowed in a few hours. Given internally, Unna, Schmidt, Schwenin- 4. Twenty cases of “ dermatitis venenata," ger, Nussbaum and others find it "increases of all degrees of severity, and in all stages of the appetite; raises the working power of the the disease. A 25 per cent. watery solution digestive organs; regulates (without increas- of icthyol applied every two hours made it ing) the action of the bowels, and heals old possible to discharge every case convalescent gastro-intestinal catarrhs." Its most satisfac- in twenty-four hours with but two exceptions, tory internal use, however, is in rheumatism, when thirty-six hours were required to effect neuralgia, sciatica, muscular and joint pains, a cure. lumbago and general myalgia. In such cases My experience with the drug, therefore, Lorenze considers it of unsurpassed excellen- leads me to conclude: cy, and Nussbaum, Schweninger, Gadde, Elli- That it alone is not curative in erysipeott and others have obtained good results and las, but that it is an excellent local application, praise it highly.

giving more relief than most remedies applied Thomas J. Hays has given it internally, and externally. by inhalation through a Genois respirator,

2. That in all local erythemas its effect is " for profuse expectoration in chronic bron- wonderful; in ivy poison it is as nearly a spechitis, bronchorrhæa, pulmonary consump

cific as quinine is in the malarial fevers and it tion, secreting cavities, etc.," and believes it stands alone as a remedy of unsurpassed or to be “ a positive addition to the therapeutics unequalled value in such cases. of pulmonary diseases."

3. That it merits great confidence and deAs an external application it has been used mands further trial in cases of acute sycosis. by Nussbaum, Kopp, Schmidt, Martin and

In all cases where it is used externally, after others in erysipelas erysipeloic conditions of one or two applications, the parts should be the skin, and in burns of the first and second thoroughly washed in warm or hot water to degree, with good results in all, and with get rid of the dried residue of the former ap"magical” results in some cases. Schmidt is plications, permitting the fresh application to especially earnest in his plea for its use in come in direct contact with the diseased surburns, claiming that its prompt application

face. will prevent blistering in all cases. The writer's use of the drug has been lim

Japan a Highly Syphilized Nation. ited to the external application of a watery solution of varying strength, never exceeding

Dr. A. S. Ashmead, in an interesting article 25 per cent, in

in the N. Y. Medical Record, July 2, says of it, Two cases of acute sycosis. In each of that the maximum of the population have had these cases a 25 per cent. solution applied ev- syphilis or escape it because of ancestral proery hour entirely relieved the intense pain in tective inheritance, through multiple inoculatwelve hours; and its continued use, at longer tions in preceding generations. The disease intervals, cured each case in about one week. is generally of a mild type compared with In one case the disease had been in progress that of Europe and America. about four weeks and had been aggravated by stimulating applications. The relief afforded A MAN the other day was complaining to this patient seemed almost miraculous, con- his butcher that the piece of meat sent him sidering that the drug used had no anesthetic was so tough that his mother could not even properties.

chew the gravy.-Kansas Medical Catalogue.


An Insidious Cause of Disease.

weeks, was changed for calcarea phos. The

night sweats, at first, disappeared; appetite The above is the title of the leading article returned; food well digested; side pains disin the Homæpathic Envoy for August, in which appeared; and soon a marked change was obthe writer says: “There is, perhaps, no more

served in the appearance of the sputa, no fruitful source of chronic, and apparently

longer purulent; night cough less, with rehopeless disease than the so-called 'cure' of

turn of sleep. skin diseases by external means."

"Improvement began in less than one week The following case is then given by way of from taking the first dose of calcarea, and illustration, and the writer "bespeaks a care continued steadily from that time. For weeks ful reading:"

and months infrequent doses of calcarea were "In the winter of 1885, I was called to give administered, followed by placebos. Vear some relief' to a girl of ten years in the last the close of the following summer I was called stages of consumption. I found poor Minnie to the office door by the bell. Standing there B. in a most deplorable condition, emaciated was a beautisul young miss, with fiorid cheeks to the lowest degree, constant racking cough, and full form, with a smiling countenance, expectoration free, of purulent sputa, stitch-waiting to be recognized. “Do you not know ing pains in lower lobe of left lung, clavicles your little patient?' was the laughing query very prominent, by the sinking of upper lobes from my consumptive girl, doomed to have of both lungs; exhausting night sweats, hav- been laid to rest beneath the snou's of a New ing but little sleep from the constant cough England winter!" and expectoration; no appetite, the small A homepath may not see anything wonderamount of food taken but partially digested; ful in the cure of “a most deplorable" case of bowels inclined to diarrhæa. Diagnosis of tuberculosis pulmonalis, with Hahnemanic tuberculosis pulmonalis was too evident to be dynamizations of chalk and sulphur, which in mistaken; corroborated by physical explora- simplicity far excels Bergeon's rectal injection of the chest.

tions of gas, with improvement after a few “Of course I could give the mother no ra- days' treatment, provided he gets “interested" rational ground of hope, nor remove her fears and strikes the scent of psoriasis or scabies, that before the melting of the snows her though the fungi or acari have long been daughter would be laid to rest. After leaving dead. If a faithful disciple of Hahnemann, such palliating remedies as were suggested, why should he need the information," in and whilst wrapping up to meet the wintry babyhood she had been afflicted with a humor, winds for my return, it occurred to me to ask and so get “interested.” Hahnemann, in his the mother if her daughter had in babyhood Orgrnon. (page 183) says he spent twelve years been afflicted with a humor? The answer was in tracing the origin of an “incredibly large instant. 'A humor, sir; why, when a babe, number of diseases to their source," viz., itch. her head was one running sore!" Laying To use his own language, “this hydra-headed aside my coat and reseating myself I asked:monster of disease does, after the completion 'Yes; and how about the case?' A doctor of the internal infection of the whole organifrom Biddeford (allopathic) attended her for a ism, announce by a peculiar cutaneous eruplong while; he kept her head smeared with tion, sometimes consisting of only a few resointments, and after months of external treat- icles, accompanied by intolerable voluptuous ment cured her and she has had no return of tickling, itching, (and a peculiar odor), the humor since. Of course I am interested now. monstrous internal chronic miasm-the psora, At once I laid aside the paliatives just pre- the only real fundamental cause and producer pared and left instead powders of calcarea of all the other numerous, I may say, innumcarb. 6 x trit. This remedy, after a few days, erable forms of disease, which under the name was changed for sulphur, 12x; one powder of nervous debility, hysteria, hypochondriasis, each morning for a week; after which I re- mania, melancholia, imbecility, madness, epiturned to calcarea carb. This, after a few lepsy, and convulsions of all sorts; of şoften


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ing of the bones (rachitis), scoliosis and cyph- guilt, lust, passion, disease, lunacy, folly, idiosis, caries, cancer, fungus, hæmatodes, ma- ocy.” (Mr. Everst's sermon, p. 39.) lignant organic growths, gout, hemorrhoids, From the article above quoted, where it is jaundice, cyanosis, dropsy, amenorrhea, hem- claimed phthisis pulmonalis is cured by calcaorrhage from the stomach, nose, lungs, blad- rea carb. 6 x trit., changed after a few days for der and womb, of asthma and ulceration of sulphur 12 x, one powder each morning for a the lungs, of impotence and barrenness, of week with a return to calcarea c., and in a few megrim, deafness, cataract, amaurosis, urinary weeks changed to calcarea phos., we may incalculus, paralysis, defects of the senses and fer that all the dreadful conditions and diseaspains of thousands of kinds, &c., figure in es above enumerated are amenable to the same systematic works on pathology as peculiar in- treatment. If these vagaries of unbalanced dependent diseases."

minds were true, we should forthwith substitute Not to be outdone by his master, Mr. Everst churches and Sabbath schools, and boards of makes a still more comprehensive and exten- health, asylums and penitentiaries, and all the sive list of the fearful consequents of this

various means used to uplift man intellectualdreadful disease. The proofs of Hahnemann's ly and morally, to preserve health and prolong doctrine are from his own experience. “The life, would yield the palm to sulphur and calc.

But alas! it only taint is, as Scripture has hinted, and investiga

occurs to the faithful tion has within these few years shown, the pa

disciples of Hahnemann, after prescribing rent of all these chronic tendencies, these ca

and while "wrapping up to meet the wintry chexias, these scrofulas, these atrophias, this winds,” to inquire whether the patient “ had sterility, this atony, this gout, this rheumatism, in babyhood been afflicted with a humor.” this phthisis, this hereditary insanity, with all its hydra heads and multiform shapes and

The New York Polyclinic. shades, dark passions, furious lusts, stubborn obstinacies, scowling tempers, suicidal manias,

The catalogue of the New York Polyclinic gloomy revenges, gnawing jealousies, fretful

shows an attendance for the session of 1889-90 ness, ill humor; in short, all the various aberrations of mind, and reluctance to bear pa faculty have resolved to exclude all but gradu

The following extract shows that the tiently the burdens which the Lord lays on ates of regular medical colleges from matricuman. The chronic taint in the constitution

lating at this school. increases the chronic proneness to sin which Adam left us. This combination of the two, medical colleges, or who, having attended one

“ Practitioners, who are graduates of regular aided often by stimuli, and almost always by large doses of violent, inappropriate medicines and have a legal permit to practice, will be

or more courses of lectures at such college, antecedently given, (medicines which a child

admitted." may put into the constitution but which ten men can not get out again,) which festers in A pupil in one of our public schools comyour jails, rots in your hulks, seethes in your plied recently in the following manner, with a lanes and alleys and bubbles up in crime, request to write a composition on the subject madness and eccentricity all over your land. of a physiological lecture to which the school This it is which makes your atheist on the one had just listened: “The human body is made hand, your bigot on the other. This it is up of the head, the thorax and the abdomen. which feeds the flame of folly everywhere The head contains the brains when there is over the earth, placed Simon on his pillar, any. The thorax contains the heart and lungs. sent the world on crusades, lights the gutter. The abdomen contains the bowels of which Nay, (Why travel eastward?) which here in there are five: a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes w our land gave disciples to Johanna Southcote, and y.”-S. M. Journal. creates Mormons, peoples Agapemore, begets holy jackets and bleeding pictures-and con

TWENTY-EIGHT per cent. of all births in founds God's reasonable heritage with crime, Paris are (reported) illegitimate.

of 422.


A SuccessFUL New DRUG.-An efficient Report of a Case of Misplaced (Credulity) emollient and sedative is one of the chief indiConfidence.

cations in the treatment of the urinary tract.

Among the remedies employed for this purI was called Monday morning, 2:30 a. m., to pose, Pichi (Fabiana Imbricata), has, through see Mrs. Blank. Her husband told me she long clinical testing, won an enviable place. was having cramps. I found her propped up The demand for this drug and the difficulties and gasping for breath, limbs cold, lips purple, of, obtaining proper supplies has led to the cyanosis well marked, pupils contracted ; appearance in the market of much pichi of inwanted the lamps lighted, complained she ferior and therapeutically useless quality. could not see ; features drawn and shrunk. Parke, Davis & Co. state that they employ a Collapse seemed to be eminent. She would special agent in the habitat of this drug to have a chill every five or ten minutes, chill collect supplies, and guarantee its quality. ushered in with gaping ; her teeth would chat. They will also on request supply samples to ter and her whole body would shake and shiv- those physicians who desire to clinically test er; pulse weak and slow, but did not intermit. it in their practice. I gave her a mixture of chloroform, Hoffman's anodyne and spirits of ammonia armot

REST IN THE TREATMENT OF TETANUS.ic, to warm her up and relieve the internal

We are told by Chamber's Journal that Prof congestion, also had her inhale nitrate of amyl. Under my ministrations the collapse eral cases of tetanus, by absolute rest for the

Renzi, of Naples, has treated successfully serwas abated and the chills became lighter and

patient. This absolute rest does not mean farther apart, so that at five a. m. I left her

simple release from labor, but includes rest for resting easy. After she had become better I

the several senses as well as for the body. remarked that her symptoms reminded me of

The ears of the patient are closed with wax, a similar case in which I had charged the

the room is darkened, and the floor is heavily symptoms to a ten grain dose of antipyrin.

carpeted. Every fifteen minutes the nurse enShe then told me she had had a headache

ters with a shaded lantern to attend to his Sunday afternoon and had taken three doses

wants, and to administer food such as eggs, of “Preston's Hed Ake," a nostrum that has

milk and other fluids. Nothing solid or rebeen lately introduced and advertised as a cure for headache, and warranted to contain quiring any attempt to masticate is given. no “morphine, chloral, cocaine, antipyrin or lieve pain. It is said this treatment shortens

Sedatives are administered as required to reany other dangerous drug.". The last dose but little, if any, the length of the disease, but being taken at nine p. m.

it lessens the force of the paroxysms, which From the extended reputation of antipyrin as an antidote for the ails and aches of la gradually cease altogether.- New York Aled

ical Times. grippe, as well as the enthuriastic praise given it in some medical journals by physicians for

Dr. LOXGENECKER's paper on page 597. headache, we may expect in the near future to learn of many cases of poisoning by the of the August number, line 7, from bottom of coal tar synthetic remedies put to the front in page, first column, should read Dr. Bull inpatent medicines as pain relievers. I am sat- stead of Dr. Ball. Page 598, first column, line isfied the above case was one of collapse from 21, should read operative methods. Page 599, antipyrin or antifebrin. The symptoms sim- line 28 should read Kneis & Bailey. Page 598,

first column, line 13, should read excretion; ulate both in some respects.

in second column procedure, should read Mr. One other symptom aside from contracted pupils I forgot to mention, (an opium symp

Cowper. tom,) itching of the nose. I write this to put you on your guard,

OREXIN, named from its supposed properbrother doctors, should you be called to a sim- ties as an appetizer and digestive, has proven ilar case.

to be practically useless.

W. K. H.


THAT influenza and cholera are bound to- DAMAGE OF SYPHILIS.—The tissues of a gether by any relationship, is generally scout- person who has had syphilis are to be regarded by those medical journals which have men- ed as damaged, and so permanently placed at tioned the coincidence between the occurrence a disadvantage for the wear and tear of existof the two diseases. Prof. Zdekauer, a med- ence. They are liable, under slight irritation, ical authority of St. Petersburg, is inclined to to take on an inflammatory condition, which regard the danger as by no means a remote is apt to become chronic. Hence the pres

It has been his lot to see four epidemics ence of palmar psoriasis from the friction of of cholera in the years 1839, 1848, 1866 and an umbrella or walking-stick, and psoriasis of 1884. In each case an epidemic of influenza the tongue from the irritation of tobacco occurred in the year preceding the cholera smoke or carious teeth. Further, this pecuvisitation, and he fears that the cholera germ, liarity of the tissues damaged by syphilis must “after passing the winter on our soil will obviously predispose to chronic inflammatory spread the cholera next spring.” As a safe- affections of the circulatory and nervous sysguard, he advises unusual attention to sani- teins, and so pave the way under suitable contary matters in the Prussian capital, so that ditions for ataxy or impairment of the cereif the cholera does come it will find the city bral circulation.--New York Medical Times. in the best condition for resistence to the disease. Prof. Zdekauer calls attention to the “I am prescribing Tongaline with satisfacfact that cholera flourishes most in countries tory results. For the indefinite aches and like Italy and Spain, where but little attention pains of nervous patients it is superior to any is paid to sanitation; while in England, where other anodyne. For Nervous Headache or the public health is closely looked after, Muscular Rheumatism it is almost a specific. cholera never makes but little headway: - “PARK RITCHIE, M. D. St. Paul, Minn." North Western Lancet.

A Pin was lately removed from the ear of a THE FORCEPS-A Death TRAP.--A cor-woman at the university hospital. She had respondent of the British Medical Journal used it to stop itching, when it slipped into writes as follows:-Last week I attended a her ear and penetrated the drum head.— Times healthy young Primipara, assisting her when

and Register. exhaustion was setting in with the forceps. My hands had been soaked in sublimate solu

The death of Prof. J. Adams Allen, A. M., tion, and the forceps smeared with carbolized M. D., L. L. D., Dean of Rush Medical Colglycerine. The uterus contracted firmly, and lege, is chronicled in the last number of the there was no oozing after delivery. In two Journal of the American Medical Association. days fever, ending fatally, set in. I could not imagine how this patient became infected till I took the wooden handles off my forceps. fit for a patient who suffered from periodical

"I used Ponca Compound with great beneBeneath the wood was a good coating of blood -dry, black and dirty; there was plenty of headaches in connection with uterine disthe same stuff round the screws and in the

“M. S. LUND, M. D., screw holes; this, I think, explained the sep

Roseburgh, Oregon. ticæmia. The traction expresses this poisonous stuff, liquified by soakage, and from the

“Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs," hands of the doctor, notwithstanding the early contains all the letters in the alphabet.sublimate soakage, the patient is poisoned. Southern Medical Record. We have got to the time of day when the handles should be metallic, and of one piece with

The population of the United States, acthe blades, I put my handles in the fire, and when I put the blades in position for the cording to the last census, is about 6,500,000. future will put a towel round the flats to protect my hands. I am, etc.

SHALL consumptives marry?



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