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Fourth--The use of the vaginal tampon in ing present, was unanimously elected to honcertain uterine disorders of position and for orary membership on motion of Dr. Dewees. compression and support in certain effects Dr. Steadman read a paper on a case of obfollowing pelvic inflammations. Answer, in stetrics viz., "Right Occipito-Posterior Prethe correction of versions or flexions, special sentation.” After being discussed by Drs. care must be observed in packing the vagina, Adams, Dewees, W. S. Harvey and Daugherty, that the pressure or support shall be equal in it was referred to the committee on publicaall directions.

tion. Motion by Dr. Guibor that the discussion Dr. G. A. Wall of Topeka, gave the society of papers be deferred till the evening session, a volunteer paper on "Some Nervous Pheand that we hear read all papers first, and dis- nomena Depending on Faulty Action of the cuss them later, as time allowed. Receiving Ocular Muscles and their Treatment," and a second and carried.

illustrated it by original drawings and phoroA child thirteen months old was brought in meter. After discussion by Dr. Magee, it was and a committee appointed for examination. referred to the committee on publication. Reported that it was a case of tabes mesenter- Dr. Guibor requested Dr. Dewees to read ica.

his essay again, inasmuch as Dr. Adams was Dr. Murphy read a paper on “Cholera In- not present in the afternoon, but had expressed fantum,” and it was referred to the committee a desire to hear it, as he is interested in that on publication.

special work. Dr. Dewees willingly respondA communication was read by Dr. Dewees ed and Dr. Adams discussed it at length in a from Dr. R. J. Dunglison of Philadelphia, very interesting manner, as did also Dr. GuiPa., urging our members to become members bor and Dr. McClintock. of the American Medical Association, and Motion by Dr. Dewees that the KANSAS the communication was filed with the secre- MEDICAL JOURNAL be made the official organ tary.

of this society was carried. The secretary read a telegram from Dr. The executive committee then made its reDaniel Morton, of St. Joseph, Mo., expressing port as follows: Drs. C. H. Guibor, F. B. the regret in not being able to attend our Browne, J. T. Ketcherseil, J. A. Whiting, Ed meeting

D. Hazlett and J. C. McClintock, to read The society then took a recess, and was papers on subjects of their own desiring. given a ride by the local physicians to Fort Subject for general discussion is malarial Riley, to view the beauty and grandeur of this affection, opened by Dr. Daugherty. government post. We are proud, as Kansans Dr. Guibor in behalf of the visiting memof such a post, so pleasantly and beautifully bers tendered a vote of thanks to the Junction located. The evening was cool, the carriages City members for their courtesy and hospitalexcellent, and as we rode admiring the sights, ity: it seemed to us an oasis in the pathway of life.

After a few humorous anecdotes the society When we reached the city again a supper was

F. B. BROWNE, adjourned.

Secretary. awaiting us, and right royally were we banquetted, and we want to say right here that

"Am pleased to report concerning Ponca the Junction City physicians know how to Compound that its value is not confined to the entertain their visiting brethren.

pelvic diseases, which you properly mention,

but it is a superior nervine tonic, excelled for EVENING SESSION.

exhausted brain workers and very valuable The selection of place of next meeting came for the sexual organs of the male as well as up, and on motion of Dr. W. S. Harvey, a the female, as a general restorative. At the committee of three were appointed to corres- same time its influence upon all the abdomipond and select a place and report to secretary. nal viscera including the liver is very benefiDrs. W. S. Harvey, Murphy and L. R. King cial. The more it is used, the more it will be were appointed committee.

appreciated.” J. R. BUCHANAN, M. D., Dr. C. W. Adams of Kansas City, Mo., be

No. 6 James St., Boston, Mass.

Kansas Medical Journal. avocation, revealed the fact that minute quan


723 Kansas Avenue.

avocation, revealed the fact that minute quantities of albumen were still present.

He speaks of its use in stomach affections, PUBLISHED MONTHLY.

the principal symptoms being eructations and

vomiting. In cholera infantum the stomach SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, INCLUDING POSTAGE:

may often be quieted by interdicting everyPer Annum, in advance. Single Copies.........

25 Cents. thing else and using a few drops of fresh iceSubscription may begin at any time. The safest mode

cold buttermilk at intervals, ranging in length of remitttance is by bank check or postal money order according to the severity of the case. drawn to the order of the undersigned. When neither is accessible, remittances may be made at the risk of the pub

We have used buttermilk in our practice lishers, by forwarding in REGISTERED LETTER.

since the fall of 1881, as a therapeutic agent, Kansas Medical Journal, food or drink we hardly know which. When

an acid was craved by the patient and lemons Editor-in-Chief:

were not on hand, fresh cool buttermilk was J. E. MINNEY, A. M., M. D., Topeka, Kas. Assistants :

ordered with the instruction to begin with a W. I SCHENCK, M. D., Osage City, Kas.

tablespoonful, in case of an adult, every hour S. G, STEWART, M, D., Topeka Kansas. Associate Editors :

and gradually increase the quantity to a gill W. D. BIDWELL, M, D., Leavenworth.

W. A. Puillips, M. D., Salina. every two or three hours, unless some untoW.F. SAW HILL, M. D., Concordia.

ward symptoms developed, such as nausea, T. W. PEERS, M. D., Topeka. colicky pains, diarrhæa, &c. In the autumn

of '81, we had a typhoid fever patient who TOPEKA, KANSAS, AUGUST, 1890. could retain neither food nor medicine. (Ty

pho-malarial?) It was the second week of his Some Therapeutic Uses of Buttermilk. sickness, there was rather severe bowel com

plication with hemorrhage, irritable stomach This is the title of a paper by Stanley M. and he was in a semi-comatose condition. Ward, M. D., of Scranton, Pa., in the June When aroused he would call for buttermilk. number of the Therapeutic Gazette. He re- It was the twelfth day of his sickness and lates a case of Bright's Disease reported by Dr. death seemed inevitable unless something Henry D. White, in which no alleviation was could be done to quiet the irritable stomach, brought about by the ordinary remedies. The nourish the patient and satisfy the craving patient finally by her own solicitation, was (and as we thought abnormal,) appetite. Sweet given buttermilk, the use of which was follow- milk, pure, and prepared in various ways, toed by the happiest results.

gether with various foods, and slops, (beef tea, Another case is related in which on several &c.,) had been tried and were repulsive to the occasions the urine under heat and acid was patient before and after taking-disagreed almost solid in the test tube. The ordinary with him. In our extremity we directed that drugs failed to give any relief. The patient a tablespoonful of buttermilk be given every began taking buttermilk, two quarts a day. fifteen minutes until we called again in an hour Its effect being markedly favorable, the quan- At the expiration of that time no unfavorable tity was increased, and from this time the symptoms having developed the quantity of chief reliance was put on this agent and the milk was quadrupled and given every halfpatient finally used from six to eight gallons hour until another call was made in four a week.

hours. At this visit the patient was much reDiminution in the quantity of urine passed, freshed, rested better and there was less of the constipation and headache followed invariably low muttering delerium. During the afterif the supply of buttermilk became exhausted; part of the night the nurse on watch went and, finally, an examination of the urine, 'to sleep and the buttermilk in the quart cup, made one year and nine months after the first was left in reach of the patient and he took observation, the patient during a great part of advantage of the occasion and drank what rethis time having been engaged in his usual mained, fully one pint at once with good re


sults. The amount was gradually increased ide of Mercury, shaved and at daylight the and the fifth day after he began the use of the patient was given chloroform and ether equal buttermilk he drank one gallon, and continued parts. Assisted by the physicians named I ento drink a gallon à day for the next ten days. larged the wound by making an obtuse angle While he gained but little if any weight, he toward the pubic symphysis and the ensiform was much better every other way. Owing to cartilage, thus avoiding the epigastric and cirthe excessive work put upon the kidneys and cumflex arteries, and found the ball had gone lack of nourishment in the buttermilk a few slightly downward and to the right, striking the tablespoonfuls of cream was added on the fifth ascending colon and imbedding itself in the inday with a view of decreasing the quantity of ternal iliacus, opposite the lower lumbar vertefluid and increasing its nutritive value. bra. There were four wounds in the colon.

Four tablespoonfuls of cream mixed with The first was a cut, half an inch in length one quart of buttermilk and the milk given through its muscular coat, an inch and a half as before, produced nausea and anorexia. The below an opening through the bowel, an inch cream was withheld and the buttermilk by the below, another, and half an inch farther down next day was relished and agreed with the and nearly opposite the ileo-cæcal valve a patient. After a number of days one, and then fourth, all in the central line of the colon. two tablespoonfuls of cream were added to Smoothed their edges and closed them with the buttermilk and it was tolerated, finally continued sutures. Sponged the cavity, the one-half pint a day was given and the quanti hemorrhage being inconsiderable, and washed ty of buttermilk was reduced to one half gallon it out with a warm 1-3000 solution of bia day. He relied upon this fluid food for about chloride, wiped it dry, closed the external six weeks until complete recovery, although wound with three deep and several superhe was tempted with and given food of various ficial stitches, dusted well with iodoform kinds, he retained a relish for buttermilk. put on a few long adhesive straps to give

The buttermilk craze is on, and while the support, dressed with absorbent cotton satur, physician must not loose his head, it is a safe ated with solution of bi-chloride, one to two rule to utilize agents within the reach of all, thousand, covered with a coating of oakum both as a food and a medicine when they meet and applied a broad roller bandage, having the indications, and never despise the day of left a drainage tube in the lower angle of small things, and the use common of things. abdominal opening. In three-quarters of an

hour we removed him from the table with less Gun-Shot Wound of the Intestines.

shock than when the operation was commenc

ed, the primary shock being partly due to the Was called at 3 a. m. June 23, 1890, to see a

circumstances of the injury. tramp about 32 years of age, sanguine tem

The anæsthetic caused slight emesis. One perament, well developed and in good health, and one-half grains of morphine were given who had been shot two hours before while to prevent restlessness and pain and to splint burglarizing the house of a citizen. Counten- the bowels, conceding that opiates prevent ance anxious, pulse small and frequent, and functional activity and the removal of effete breathing labored. After receiving the wound matter, I think in such cases their advantages he ran a square and a half and fell, saying he out-weigh the objections. Absolute quiet and was “done for.” Found a bullet hole three diet with small quantities of water to allay inches to the right and a little below the umbili- thirst were directed. Our hospital was the cus. Gave him a drink of whisky and a grain town hall and our patient a would-be robber of morphine, and decided upon an exploratory and murderer, who with a pal had fired six incision to ascertain what injury the ball had balls into the bed where a citizen and his wife done and make such repair the case permitted. were sleeping, and the millions came to stare Sent for Drs. Heller, Brown and Artz, who and to talk as may be supposed, not very concurred in the decision. The abdomen sympathetically. At bed time gave morphine was washed with a 1-1000 solution of bi-chlor- and atropia hypodermically.

June 24-Temperature normal, pulse 98. fecal matter discharging freely through it and

Directed an ounce of milk three times a day, into the abdominal cavity. Prostration exdressings kept moist with solution of bi-chlor- treme. ide and morphine as necessary to secure ease July 5 he died at 2 p. m. Post mortem at 6 and rest.

p. m., showed the sutures in the gut had disJune 25—Temperature normal, pulse 100, appeared, and the wounds all open; all parts continued, the directions of the previous day of the peritoneum deeply inflamed with slight The weather being extremely hot, the hottest adhesions uniting the small intestines to each for years at this season of the year, the patient other and to the peritoneal lining of the cavirefused all covering and demanded frequent ty. The ball was lodged in the internal iliacus, sponging with ice water. When his demand two inches below the crest of the ilium, where was not gratified he would ask for a drink, it would have been cared for. take a mouthful and spit it over his body and Though the wound was kept covered with this day after day. Without entering into a absorbent cotton, made aseptic, a “city hall,” daily account of the case the patient did well open to the multitude, for a hospital; a city until the 27th when a sympathetic citizen government that desires the death of the pagave him a glass of beer, which was followed tient, and a total absence of pure surroundby severe vomiting, relieved by rectal feeding ings, are not the conditions that insure sucof two ounces of milk every six hours and an cess after grave operations. occasional dose of chloroform.

We think this case demonstrates, from its On the 28th there being no discharge, re

rapid and perfect union, from the absence of moved drainage tube and found the remainder discharge through the drainage tube, and of of the opening through the abdominal wall fever, dying on the thirteenth day from septic had closed without suppuration, and the indi- contamination, that with proper surroundings cations were that those in the bowel were in four gun-shot wounds in the intestines are not the same condition. The tympanites though incompatible with recovery, and warrants the

conclusions of the best abdominal surgeons, considerable was never excessive. The tem

that in such cases we should know what we perature never above 99° and the pulse had

have and do what we can, and that cleanliness not risen above no per minute. During the night of the 29th the nurse gave him on his

is godliness." own account a bottle of beer. On the 30th

NEW REMEDY FOR PEDICULI PUBIS.— The the vomitirg was persistent and when quieted treatment of pediculi pubis by the usual blue by chloroform there was frequent regurgita- ointment has so many inconveniences with its tion of bile which was spit out without an ef- disagreeable application and its toxic afterfort at vomiting. On the 30th the pulse was effects, that the use of the well-known antiup to 120, with temperature normal. Directed parasitic action of salicylic acid has of late large enemata of castile soap suds, turpentine been much extolled. The formula is : and oil or glycerine every six hours. Small

R. Salicylic acid,

2 to 3 parts. quantities of extract of beef and milk by

Aromatic vinegar,

25 parts. mouth.

Alcohol, (eighty per cent.) 72 parts. July 1-Small doses of calomel were given

The parts are to be rubbed with a piece of and enemata continued, with no results.

flannel wet with tlie mixture. One application July 2-Slight suppuration of wound which is usually sufficient. Sulpho-calcine is also had been kept covered with cotton wet with excellent in this trouble as well as innocent of the bi-chloride solution.

any irritation in its application. July 3-Suppuration marked and walls of the wound rapidly breaking down. Only hope INJECTION FOR GONORRHEA.-A new spethat adhesion may have occurred between the cific for gonorrhea is a one per cent. solution abdominal walls and colon, and an artificial of creosote in decoction of hamamelis comanus. Bowels freely moved.

bined with boric acid. It is claimed that this July 4, all union in wound destroyed and will destroy the gonococci in two hours.

W. L. S.


Summer Heat a Cause of Disease in Infants. mild attacks, that are not thought to be serious

or even worthy of calling the physicians' atWith the heat of summer we have a large tention to are, in the hot weather, the beginincrease of patients of the infant class. Is ning of the more serious intestinal troubles there anything in the high temperature of the and ought not to be neglected. Prevention atmosphere causative of the summer diseases should be our aim and cannot be attained of children? We think there is, but if we while those having the care of infants are igexamine our patients and thoroughly sift the norant.

S. G. S. evidence, we will be forced to the conclusion that the cases where the cause is due to high Dr. F. F. DICKMAN, in the July number of temperature alone, are very few. We have the Catalogue, publishes a paper he read benot space to consider the effects of heat alone fore the Bourbon County (Kans.) Medical Soon the child. Suffice it to say, under the in-ciety, in which he makes some statements fluence of heat there is great relaxation of the founded upon original research and the literavascular system and arrest of glandular action ture on the subject, that are worth careful due to the depressent effect on the vaso-mo- consideration. The subject of his paper was, tors, blood changes take place, the red cor- “ The History of Injuries, and Their Imporpuscles are rapidly destroyed. Blood drawn tance in Surgical Diagnosis, Especially its during an attack of thermic fever shows cre- Bearing in the Differential Diagnosis Between nation of the red corpuscles, and that the the Different Portions of the Body, with a spewhite corpuscles are not present in proper cial consideration of the so-called Concussion proportion. These conditions are present in of the Brain and Spinal Cord, and Compresvarying degrees, owing to the extent of the sion, Studied from an Anatomical and Physiexposure and the strength of the child, but ological Standpoint.” In summing the matter when infants are in health having good care, he

says : good food, good sanitary surroundings, there That concussion of the spinal cord never is but little danger from the summer heat of does nor can take place. this latitude.

The moment actual lesion occurs conBut with the weaklings, the bottle-fed, those cussion is excluded, and I find that all autopfed on adult food, with bad sanitary surround sies on record for supposed concussion have ings, bad care, uncleanliness, etc., these fur- shown actual lesion. nish the vast majority of the victims of sum

3. All symptoms that are as a rule ascribed mer heat.

to concussion are such as interfere with conPhysicians must be teachers, and they usu- duction, or, as in my case, a lesion of the sym. ally perform their duties with credit, but there pathetic system. are a large number of mothers and nurses Dr. Dickman also refers to a paper read by having the care of babies, who do not know B. A. Watson, M. D., at Nashville, in which how to fulfill their responsible position, and the writer relates a number of experiments on must be taught the details. It should not be dogs, and pointed to what Dr. D. had already thought beneath the dignity of the physician done, and finally says: “Having completed to patiently instruct those having the care of our study on the so-called 'concussions of the the little ones, even by practical demonstra- spinal cord,' from an anatomical and experition, how the babe should be clothed, how to mental standpoint, I am thoroughly convinced sterilize the milk, how to clean a bottle used that neither pathological lesions, nor even by baby, and many other little details which, functional disturbances, are ever produced in if neglected, seal the fate of the infant.

this center, in a healthy cord, without the apPhysicians should impress on the mother plication of a very great force. It is foolishly the danger of overfeeding. Warn them not absurd to presume that these morbid condito neglect the slight catarrhal diarrheas. tions can have their origin in a slight jar, These are curable by simply clearing out the wrench, or even the application of a moderate intestinal tract and limiting the food. These concussive force, etc.”



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