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If its rapid growth be a favorable omen, we list of the members present; a list promised predict for the society a prosperous future. us by the secretary pro tem, by an oversight

Dr. J. H. Emmert, of Atlantic, Iowa, presi- has failed to reach us. dent, the successor of Dr. Donald McRae, of Council Bluffs, the father of the society. In the absence of the secretary, Dr. James Carter

Academy of Medicine and Surgery. of Grand Island, Nebraska, who was detained by serious sickness in his family, Dr. Jacob At the hall of the Topeka Academy of MedGeiger, of St. Joseph, was chosen secretary icine and Surgery April 1, 1890, the academy pro tem.

met in regular session. The sessions were held in the court rooms The members present were Drs. Minney, of the county. Three sessions were held on Wall, McGuire, Lindsay, Green, Stewart, Thursday and one on Friday. Some able pa-Jones, McClintock, W. E. McVey, Alexander, pers were read and well discussed, among Plummer, Ward, Munn, Rodgers, Teft, Donwhich were the following: “Suprapubic Lith-aldson, Longshore and Lewis. Visitors, Drs. otomy," Dr. Lewis Schooler, of Des Moines, Cooper and Bradley, Mrs. Anna Henshaw and Iowa; “Ether as an Anæsthetic," by Dr. J. Mr. Gilbert, medical students, and Revs. Ray M. Richmond of St. Joseph, (see paper and and Smith. discussion in this number of the JOURNAL) ; By a unanimous vote the rules were sus“Sexual Neurasthenia, with especial reference pended and Rev. Ray read the following comto Rational Treatment,” by Dr. Bransford munication from the ministerial union: Lewis of St. Louis, editor of the Weekly

At a meeting of the Ministeral Union of Medical Review; “Chronic Catarrh of the Topeka, March 17, 1880, the following paper Cervix Uteri and Cervical Canal,” by Dr. H. was adopted, and the Rev. Messrs. Ray, C. Crowell of Kansas City, Mo..“ Trachoma," Blakesley and Smith were appointed a comby Dr. Barton Pitts, of St. Joseph, Mo.; mittee to present it before the medical societies "Uses and Contraindications of Cocaine in of this vicinity: Ophthalmic Practice" by Dr. Gifford of WHEREAS, At funerals in this city officiatOmaha.

ing ministers, bearers and male relatives and

friends are accustomed to show their sympaThursday night we were royally banquetted thy and respect by uncovered heads while by the St. Joseph physicians. The guests passing between the house or church and the numbered about one hundred, comprising carriages, and while standing about the grave some of the leading physicians of the West. during the interment services; and Toasts were responded to by President Em

WHEREAS, Christ is “ Lord of the body al

so;' and our bodies being his, should not be mert, Drs. McClintock of Topeka, Donald Mc

exposed to injury without sufficient reason ; Crae of Council Bluffs, Crowell and Tyree of and self-injury is not a Christian but a pagan Kansas City, Schooler of Des Moines, Brands mode of showing sorrow, sympathy or respect: ford Lewis of St. Louis, until the “ wee sma' and as we protest against Hindoo widows exhours beyan' the twa'l” began to dawn, when hibiting sorrow by offering themselves in we rolled off to our couches to sleep.

suttee on the burning pyres of their deceased

husbands, so we should protest against cusNine o'clock next morning we were given a toms, however ancient or universal, which beautiful drive over the city to see the sights. may produce needless disease or suffering; Dr. A. L. Fulton, of Kansas City, Mo.,


editor of the Kansas City Medical Record, was medical societies of this vicinity to express

Resolved, That we respectfully request the present.

officially their views as to the safety or danger We came away fully convinced that the hos- of the custom of exposing the uncovered head pitality of Missouri is no longer a proverbial in unfavorable weather at funeral services, myth but a substantial reality.

that this ministerial union may have authoriThe convention adjourned to meet in Coun- deciding whether to approve or protest against

tative scientific knowledge to guide it in cil Bluffs in September.

the custom mentioned; and We are sorry we are unable to publish a full Resolved, That a committee of three be ap

pointed to present this paper before the medi- ed at intervals through the uterus until the cal societies of this vicinity.

present. The patient came under the care of A true copy.

Dr. McClintock in October, 1888, and up to Attest:


January 1, 1890, had five or six attacks of In order to give the matter the considera- peritonitis. After much time and constant tion which its importance deserves, a com- observations the doctor diagnosed suppuration mittee of three, consisting of Drs. Minney, of the fallopian tubes and advised an operaStewart and Jones, were appointed to report tion, which was at last consented to, and peras soon as convenient. To show their appre

formed in the usual way, due precaution as to ciation of the movement the society voted antisepsis being observed. He was assisted unanimously that "the sentiment expressed in the operation by Drs. Lindsay and Stewart in the communication be endorsed as the of Topeka, and Dr. Crowell of Kansas City. sentiments of the society."

The patient recovered from the operation The board of censors reported favorably on without shock and did well for two or three the application for membership of Drs. D. R. weeks, and was able to walk about the room, Pelton and J. B. Hibben. By vote the secre

but about the fourth week developed an intary was instructed to cast a ballot for the flammation of the femoral artery, supposed at above named applicants.

first to be a phlebitis, as she said she had had Charles C. Bradley Medical Department arteritis will probably keep her in bed for

phlebitis following operations before. The University, of Iowa, 1890, F. W. Bailey, Star

some time. The reason the doctor gave for ling Medical College, Columbus, O., 1882, R.

operating so near the probable period of the S. Magee, Kansas City Medical College, 1890, made applications for membership.

menopause was one given by Dr. Gill Wylie,

of New York; that frequently in those cases Dr. J. C. McClintock, reported a case of re- the menopause was delayed and there was moval of the ovaries and appendages, by re- more danger in waiting than in operating.

. quest. The case reported was familiar to the

DISCUSSION, medical world as it had been treated by leading men in foreign countries as well as at

Dr. Ward thought the operation was nicely home. Patient began menstruating at the age done and demanded. of fourteen, and at each menstrual period suf

Dr. Lewis thought the case interesting from fered severe pain before and during the flow, the circuitous route it had taken among emithe pain before menstruating suggesting some

nent men. The question is were these men ovarian disease. At the age of fifteen a severe

mistaken? Might it not have been caused by coxalgia developed lasting two years and the various operations on the cervix? Could which has returned at different periods to the it be that she had salpingitis from the age of present time. She was first treated by Sir

fifteen? James Simpson, afterwards by such men as

Dr. McGuire asked in regard to the two Cruveillier, Bischof, Liebermeister and Veit. operations, Battey's and Tait's. and thought After coming to this country she was treated we should as a matter of patriotism call it by Engleman, who was the first to diag. Battey's. Complimented Dr. McClintock. Renose the ovarian trouble, and recommended ferred to the similarity of the names and was the radical operation which was refused. She sorry he had not the honor of the operation. next appeared in New York and was treated Dr. Jones had not heard of the case before. by Drs. Lusk and Thomas. In Chicago she He thought it of much interest and somewhat was treated by Drs. Jenks and Ludlam. In obscure. His experience is that the disease St. Paul by Dr. Stone. Drs. Engleman, Lud- is more liable to extend from the uterus, than lam and Stone, were the only ones to suggest from the tubes down. ovarian disease. She was treated for various Dr. Green spoke of the present status of the supposed diseases in a varied manner and antiseptic part of the operation. Thinks there finally the cervix was amputated, followed by was an ovaritis in the beginning. cellulitis, since which time pus has discharg- Dr. Lewis spoke of operations of this kind

being done for several years without the use per diem. The patient whose case was reported of antiseptic solutions with the best results. to-night passed from four to six pints of urine

Dr. Jones said the best operators used anti- a day for some time. septic solutions. He was inclined to think Dr. Wall read a paper entitled "Remarks on the time had not come for abandoning them. Steven's Operation,” which see on page 466 in He would use sublimate solutions where he this number of the JOURNAL was going to operate in the abdominal cavity.

DISCUSSION. Dr. Ward said he had not thought of saying Dr. Minney had heard Dr. Stevens report at anything, but when a fire brand like the Cincinnati and at Newport, and thought the above was thrown out, he felt like saying doctor was over sanguine. The commission something. He denies that antiseptic solu- appointed by the New York Neurological sotions, such as carbolic acid and corrosive sub- ciety did not confirm the claim of Dr. Stevens. limate were used by the best operators at the In the majority of cases glasses will accompresent time. Said nothing was used in the plish what Dr. Stevens claims. There are abdominal operations but pure distilled or some cases of nervousness benefitted by an boiled water. Had not the time to give a operation and it is a curative agent when an minute detail of the technique of the opera- equilibrium is secured. tions, but at some future time we should hear Dr. Stewart-I have some faith in it but do from him. Thought the use of water alone not think we should expect too much from it. not an old custom but very recent. In regard We should not expect to cure epilepsy and all to this case he thought the eminent men who other nervous disorders by it. Reported a had treated the lady did make a mistake in case of epilepsy seemingly caused by a defect diagnosis.

of vision operated upon by Dr. Ranney with Dr. Stewart spoke of a remark made by Dr. great benefit. It is one of the means to an Dunlap in the early days of abdominal sections end. The main point is in the diagnosis. "that he was afraid of a blood clot being left Dr. Lindsay—The operation is one that has in the abdominal cavity," so he mopped out a bright future. It will do much to clear up the abdomen with pure water. After the the diagnosis now classed as neurasthenia. operation fifteen or twenty days the patient Dr. McGuire has known of six cases operatbegan to decline and died on the twenty-fifth ed upon by Dr. Stevens. Two of the cases day, death being caused as he thought by the received no benefit. Knew of the case reported excessive flow of urine. This, Dunlap thought by Dr. Minney which had been operated upon was an effort of nature to get rid of the serum. by Dr. Stevens with seeming benefit, but it is Spoke of the excessive flow of urine in fifteen difficult to say how much the operation had days in the case reported by Dr. McClintock, to do with present improved condition as she and on examination, the urine was found has learned to take better care of herself and to be diabetic. Diabetes, he thought was the avoids those things that used to bring on her cause of death in Dr. Dunlap's case, and that bad symptoms. patients operated upon frequently die in this Dr. Minney—The object of the operation is way.

to established perfect ocular parallelism or Dr. McClintock in closing said that he did equilibrium. This cannot be secured, and not know the cause of the salpingitis in this hence the practical difficulty. In many of the

The most frequent cause is abortion. cases the operation acts on the mind as a Other causes, use of instruments, intrauterine placebo. applications, passing sound, &c. He is inclin- Dr. Wall said in closing, that most of the ed to favor antiseptics, but would rather keep cases operated upon had already used glasses them out of the abdominal cavity. Cases of and had failed in getting entire relief. Thinks cellulitis are almost always cases of salpingitis. the operation gives relief. Says that it is Spoke of a case where the patient operated up-claimed that Dr. Stevens aims to exact parallelon in the ischio-rectal region passed enormous ism but he has not found that statement in any quantities of diabetic urine, perhaps a gallon of his writings. He thought the report of the commission appointed to investigate the bene- Eastern Kansas District Medical Society. fits of the operation should not be relied upon. It was a put up job. They reported before


The tenth annual meeting of the Eastern the time was up.

Kansas District Medical Society, convened in Dr. W. E. McVey and D. K. Longshore Lincoln Post hall, Tuesday, April 8, at 3 promised papers for the next meeting. Ad- o'clock, p. m., J. P. Lewis, M. D., in the chair. journed. D. F. RODGERS, M, D.,

There were present Drs. J. H. Van Eman, Secretary.

Kansas City, Mo.; W. J. Van Eman, W. D.

Bidwell, J. A. Lane, of Leavenworth; L. L. The Leavenworth Medical Society. Terwilliger, Lansing; I. D. Burdick, Carbon

dale; J. C. McClintock, W. E. McVey, M. R. The Leavenworth Medical Society held Mitchell, S. E. Sheldon, L. H. Munn, Theo. its regular monthly meeting at Dr. Walter's W. Peers, W. S. Lindsay, J. E. Minney, D. F. office, March 31, Dr. Phillips, the president, Rodgers, G. A. Wall, R. E. McVey, J. P. in the chair. Dr. Bidwell read a paper on Lewis, M.B.Ward, J.W. Donaldson, of Topeka. “Phthisis," which is published in this number Drs. J. T. Scott, Holton; T. Reynolds, Horof the JOURNAL. The discussion of the paper ton; W. S.Packard, Burlingame; M. H. Cazier, was very free. Dr. Carpenter inquired what D. R. Pelton, C. C. Green, R. S. Magee, of advantages were to be gained by quartering Topeka, were present and elected to membercows in the same building with consumptives, ship. and was of the opinion that such association The following officers were elected for the was to be avoided for the reasons given in the ensuing year: paper. Dr. McNary stated that phthisis was President-M. B. Ward, Topeka. destroying the Indian tribes very rapidly, yet Vice President-G. A. Wall, Topeka. they were a people who lived largely in open Treasurer-L. L. Terwilliger, Lansing. air. Dr. Walter replied to this that the pres- Secretary-W. D. Bidwell, Leavenworth. ent condition of the Indian is much worse than Dr. J. T. Scott read a paper on the “Recent formerly from an hygienic standpoint. Thirty Advancements in the Treatment of Abdomyears ago the tribes were continually roving inal Surgeries.” The Doctor reported an inand engaged most of the time in active out- teresting case in his practice, to illustrate his door life, now they live for months in one local subject. He demonstrated how difficult it ity, and their provision for the disposal of often is to diagnose the extent of the lesion, camp refuse and excrement being of the most and recommended opening the abdomen under unsatisfactory nature, they are exposed to un- most careful antiseptic precautions where the hygienic influences which debilitate the sys- injury indicates a fatal termination if left to tem and when phthisis exists, to infection and nature. reinfection. Drs. Moates, Neely and Sharp spoke Dr. Burdick opened the discussion. He of the frequency of consumption among colored said surgeons are not entitled to the name unpeople, particularly mulattoes and quadroons, less they can do abdominal surgery successwhile Dr. Phillips was of the opinion that there fully. In gunshot wounds we are justified in were more cases among full blooded negroes. opening the abdomen. Dr. Bidwell described one of the sanitaria for Dr. Sheldon was pleased with the paper, consumptives in Germany, where patients are but thought abdominal surgery still in its inkept in the air and sun-light as much as possi- fancy. The results from interference in peneble, their exercise kept within the limit of trating wounds of the abdomen are not satisfatigue, and are fed frequently, abundantly factory. A more thorough acquaintance with and with the most nourishing food.

methods is necessary in order to reduce the Society adjourned to meet in Dr. Carpen- mortality. ter's office, April 28.

Dr. Terwilliger thought the least interferW. D. BIDWELL, M. D., ence in these cases the better.

Secretary Dr. Munn said the views of Drs. Sheldon and Terwilliger were at variance with modern Dr. McClintock said his experience with surgical science.

Jewish women was contrary to the idea adDr. J. H. Van Eman thought no one should vanced by Dr. Peers. operate on a case of traumatic injury when Dr. Terwilliger reported a case of fractured there is shock. Unless there are indications patella successfully treated by the application of hemorrhage or perforation of the intestine, of a figure-of-eight bandage. The dressing was no operation is required. Does not believe in applied within fifteen minutes after the injury, operating in typhoid fever. Abscess of the and retained seven weeks. abdominal cavity should always be opened. Dr. Munn reported a case of fractured paThinks laparotomy may be justified in cases tella into three pieces, treated by figure-ofof painful menstruation, or convulsions. Op- eight bandage first, later by inclined splint. erate for removal of appendages in cases of There was ligamentous union with separation profuse and persistent hemorrhage from the one-half-inch, but an anchylosed knee-joint. uterus, when all other means have failed. Dr. Rodgers thought Dr. Terwilliger's Peritonitis is another class of cases where ab- method was better. dominal section is justifiable. Can never tell Dr. Sheldon reported a case in his practice, what will be found in small tumors of the pel- in which he had perfect union by the use of vis until you get inside. In cases of intus-sole-leather splints. susception an operation is always demanded. Dr. Peers described a drill with screw and

Dr. T. Reynolds reported an interesting case nut attachment, used by Dr. T. G. Morton of in which abdominal section revealed a mis- Philadelphia, giving good results. taken diagnosis.

Dr. Packard reported a case of fracture of Dr. Green thinks we are more guilty of the same patella the third time, and cured by omission than commission. Nature is a good the use of an elastic ligature made by molesurgeon, but often nature is left to do too skin plaster and elastic straps. much.

Dr. Bidwell described a splint used with Dr. Sheldon said indiscriminate abdominal pins, on which were bound strips of plaster, surgery should be condemned.

one running above the other below the plates. Dr. Scott, in closing the discussion, said he

Dr. Munn reported a case of a man 51 years had seen deaths from wounds of the abdomen old, struck on tibia by kick of horse, causing when operations might have saved life.

fracture of tibia in lower third, and dislocation Dr. Mitchell read a paper on “ Preparation of tibia backwards; asking for treatment. for Motherhood,” which is published in this

Dr. J. H. Van Eman advised Bavarian dress(May,) number of the JOURNAL.

ing. Dr. J. H. Van Eman said it is, after all, the

Dr. Rodgers advised the use of rubber dress"survival of the fittest."

ing and application of cold.

Dr. Lewis introduced the subject of headDr. Bidwell said much blame is attached to

ache in school children. the habits of the more wealthy classes, which he thinks is rather unjust, as they are improv- the most frequent cause.

Dr. Wall thought that errors of refraction ing their manner of dress and way of living in

Dr. Van Eman, (J. H.) agreed with Dr. a very creditable degree. Dr. Burdick thinks the poor classes are

Wall, and thought better hygiene methods

should be inaugurated in our schools. more subject to menstrual troubles.

Dr. Minney thought the construction of the Dr. W. J. Van Eman thinks we are quite

school-house was the cause of many of the mistaken regarding the suffering among the

errors of refraction. savages. They show signs of great suffering, if their dilapidated appearance means any Tuesday in July.

Adjourned to meet in Leavenworth second thing

M. B. WARD, M. D. Dr. Peers thinks one special cause of great

Secretary. suffering in child-birth, is the mixing of the

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