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FROM the experiences of modern and other In the KANSAS MEDICAL JOURNAL, Stewofficers of State prisons throughout the coun-art relates two cases of gall-stone colic, in try, it seems that professional criminals have which he gave prompt relief by injecting half not the disposition nor the ability to reform a drachm of chloroform into the gall-bladder. their conduct. Therefore they ought to be - Times and Register. regarded as moral imbeciles with hereditary

To preserve your instruments from rusting, traits or acquired physical or mental disease

a writer says, immerse them in a solution of which in them have become organic and trans- carbonate of potash for a few minutes, and missible. Cannot society protect itself from

they will not rust for years; not even when the professional?

exposed to a damp atmosphere. The Times and Register of New York and

The saliva in sickness, especially in long Philadelphia comes loaded every week with a continued debilitating fevers, is very much savory dish. The number for March 22, is weakened. Cooking increases the digestibiliequally succulent. We have read as yet but ty of starchy food. Starchy food should be the editorials, annotations and the medical cooked a long time for an invalid. digest of this number, and say truly if there was no more we would be more than satisfied

The next session of the Northern Kansas with it. It is one of the best medical journals Medical Society will be held at Seneca on May published.

8. The program will be a report of a case

from the personal practice of each member. The Republican Valley District Medical

The annual election of officers occurs at this Society is coming to the front. The last

meeting meeting held April 30, was well attended and

ASSOCIATE editor of the JOURNAL, stockthe papers and discussions were all good. The visiting brethren, Drs. Cullimore, Wall, Munn holder and director, Dr. W. D. Bidwell of McClintock and Minney, were treated royally? Leavenworth, favored us with his presence and

advice at the stockholders meeting in March, SUICIDES are most frequent at the middle

as will be seen by referring to the notes of period of life.

The nervous energy the meeting hausted in the accumulation of wealth or

DURING the progress of the Hyderabad exsocial attainments which too often result in disappointment. Happiness is the result of periments

, female monkeys were fitted with

apparatus to resemble the feminine corset, and perfect physical and mental health.

chloroform administered. Two died promptDR. L. Y. GRUBB has returned from his ly, and the others were saved with difficulty.winter home at San Diego, Cal. We hope the Hospital Gazette. doctor will be able to remain with us. He

SCHULTZ says it is far better to use two has associated with him in practice Dr. M. fingers for a vaginal examination than one. Cazier formerly of Burlingame, Kas.

The middle finger is longer than the index, The city of Truro, in Cornwall, England, and in addition there are two sensitive surwith a population of 11,000, has only three faces, the relative position of which can be doctors. O! happy people. We have in mind varied and more can be determined than with a western city or two which would be glad to supply the aching void.

DR. J. H. BRIERLY of Glasco, reports three OPHTHALMIA NEONATORUM.-Swan M. cases of diphtheria in which he used bi-chlorBurnett, M. D. (New York Medical Times) ide of mercury. gr. "20 every hour for three says that statistics show that at least thirty days and sprayed the throat with sulpho-calper cent. of the blindness in Europe is trace- cine, with excellent results. All of these cases able to this cause.

presented grave symptoms. CAWTINE says that where olive oil is used PUMPING the liver or massage in the treatfor food, gall-stones are infrequent.

ment of gall-stones, is advocated and has been The death rate from pneumonia in the successfully carried out in a case, related by aged ranges from 60 to 75 per cent.

a physician in the Virginia Medical Monthly.

is ex


The Kansas Medical Society. noblest work man can engage in. But when

we come back to Kansas again and re-visit This society will hold its annual session in her medical societies, and come in contact Salina, May 13 and 14, 1890. In looking over with her physicians in their every-day work, the transactions of the various State societies and see what they are doing and the success we are pleased to note that the Kansas Medi- attending their efforts, and the display of cal Society stands well up toward the head of judgment in deciding vital questions and the the class. The sessions of 1888 and 1889, en. methods and ingenious home-made devices to rolled a larger membership than in any other meet surgical emergencies, in the number of two years of its history-except the Atchison good, all round men found in every hamlet meeting in 1879. The inducements to attend and cross roads as well as large towns in the that meeting we do not care to mention. State, our pride is well founded and our en

We have been over the State during the past thusiasm for the Kansas doctor increases few months and the indications are that the daily. Salina meeting will be well attended. The pros

Those who attend the State Medical Sociepect is that the attendance will be larger than ty meeting at Salina, May 13 and 14, 1890, will that of 1889.

see a large number of these physicians and it The railroads named in this number of the will amply repay us all to attend. JOURNAL will give reduced rates, one and one third fare for the round trip. Hotel rates will

Disagreeing Doctors. be reduced as seen in the reports of the committee of arrangements, page 479. There will The St. Louis College of Physicians and be some visiting physicians from other States, Surgeons is having trouble. Seven of the in fact a cordial invitation is extended to them. professors have resigned. It appears that In former years Kansas depended in a meas- when elected they were not aware of the folure on her sister States for help, and we will lowing amendment which accompanied the ever remember the favor extended by our notice of their election in due time after the neighbors, and will be pleased to have them college year opened: "The appointment of with us at our meetings.

all members of the faculty shall be made anWe have no doubt that the older physicians, nually at the meeting of the board of trustees. now non-residents of the State, and who have The Dean, with the concurrence of the execulabored for the upbuilding of the medical pro- tive committee, shall nominate for approval fession in Kansas, are as proud as we are of by the board all those who are to compose the the profession in Kansas to-day. We have faculty for the ensuing year." itinerated from Wichita to Concordia, and The executive committee of the college is from Seneca to Columbus, for the past five composed of Dr. Louis Bauer, Dean; Drs. years and have attended city, county and dis- Joseph L. Bauer and Algernon S. Barnes. trict medical societies in these and various Some of St. Louis' best men were of the other towns and cities in the State. We have faculty and while their course is commended, been a member of the State society since '81, we are sorry for the necessity of such action. and attended the last five meetings without receiving a tardy mark. We have been a For removing powder stains on the facemember of the American Medical Association R. Ammon. biniodid. aquæ destillatæ aazj. since '86 and attended each meeting, having M. Sig. Apply to stains. This will make the honor to be placed on the nominating them turn red, then if painted with dilute hycommittee each year. We have met the repre- drochloric acid, they will disappear. sentative physicians of America in such council assembled and have obtained what Kansas The late Sir William Gull, the famous court asked for every time, and we are proud of physician, it is said left a fortune of $1,750,000. having had the opportunity of seeing such a Thirty years ago he was an unknown hospital grand body of men, who are engaged in the physician, and penniless.

American Medical Association. the Secretaries are, by special resolution, re

quested to send him, annually, a corrected list The Forty-first Annual Session will be held of the membership of their respective Sociein Nashville, Tenn., on Tuesday, Wednesday, ties. Thursday and Friday, May 20, 21, 22 and 23, For railroad rates see daily papers. commencing on Tuesday, at 11 a. m.

AMENDMENTS TO THE BY-LAWS. "The delegates shall receive their appoint- Offered by Dr. A. L. Gihon, United States ment from permanently organized State Med- Navy: ical Societies, and such county and district That the first day of the meeting of this medical societies as arc recognized by repre- Association shall be on the first Wednesday sentation in their respective State societies, and of May or June respectively, instead of Tuesfrom the Medical Department of the Army day. and Navy, and the Marine-Hospital Service of By Dr. X. C. Scott, Ohio : the United States.

That the Committee on State Medicine bę “Each State, County and District Medical abolished, inasmuch as the Section on State Society entitled to representation, shall have Medicine occupies the entire ground. the privilege of sending to the Association

ADDRESSES. one delegate for every ten of its regular resi- On General Medicine, by Dr. N. S. Davis, dent members, and one for every additional Chicago, Ill. fraction of more than half that number; Pro- On General Surgery, by Dr. Samuel Logan, vided, however, that the number of delegates New Orleans, La. for any particular State, county, city or town On State Medicine, by Dr. Alfred L. Carroll, shall not exceed the ratio of one in ten of the New York, N. Y. resident physicians who may have signed the Committee on Arrangements : Dr. Wm. T. Code of Ethics of the Association."

Briggs, Nashville, Tenn. Members by Application.-Members by ap

WILLIAM B. ATKINSON, plication shall consist of such members of the

Permanent Secretary. State, County and District Medical Societies

SECTIONS. entitled to representation in this Association “The Chairman of each Section shall preas shall make application in writing to the pare an address on the recent advancements Treasurer, and accompany said application in the branches belonging to his Section, inwith a certificate of good standing, signed by cluding suggestions in regard to improvethe President and Secretary of the Society of ments in methods of work, and present the which they are members, and the amount of same to the Section over which he presides on the annual membership fee, five dollars. the first day of its annual meeting. The They shall have their names upon the roll, reading of such address not to occupy more and have all the rights and privileges accorded than forty minutes."--By-Laws. to permanent members, and shall retain their Practice of Medicine, Materia Medica and membership upon the same terms.

Physiology-Dr. J. Musser, Chairman, PhilaThe following Resolution was adopted at the delphia, Pa.; Dr. H. McColl, Secretary, LaSession of 1888 :

That in future, each delegate or permanent Obstetrics and Diseases of Women-Dr. W. member shall, when he registers, also record W. Potter, Chairman, Buffalo, N. Y.; Dr. J. the name of the Section, if any, in which he Hoffman, Secretary, Philadelphia, Pa. will cast his vote for Section officers.

Surgery and Anatomy-Dr. B. A. Watson, Secretaries of Medical Societies, as above Chairman, Jersey City, N. J.; Dr. J. B. Deaver, designated, are earnestly requested to forward, Secretary, Philadelphia, Pa. at once, lists of their delegates.

State Medicine—Dr. J. B. Hamilton, ChairAlso, that the Permanent Secretary may be man, Washington, D. C.; Dr. F. S. Bascum, enabled to erase from the roll the names of Secretary, Salt Lake City, Utah. those who have forfeited their membership, Ophthamology-Dr. S. C. Ayres, Chairman

peer, Mich.

Cincinnati, Ohio; Dr. E. J. Gardner, Secreta- ment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the April ry, Chicago, Ill.

number of The Brooklyn Medical Journal : Laryngology and Otology-Dr. J. O. Roe, First-Comparative pathology and the Chairman, New York ; Dr. F. H. Potter, Sec- natural history of pulmonary tuberculosis in retary, New York.

man indicate that the most favorable temperaDiseases of Children-Dr. Isaac N. Love, ture for the intra-pulmonary development of Chairman, St. Louis, Mo.; Dr. E. F. Brush, its bacillus is much higher than 99.5° F. Secretary, New York.

Second-Tubercular bacilli, in a favorable Oral and Dental Surgery-Dr. J. L. Wil- soil within an animal organism, are not attenliams, Chairman, Boston, Mass.; Dr. E. s. uated nor their development arrested by Talbot, Secretary, Chicago, I11.

temperatures which are inimical to them in Medical Jurisprudence-Dr. T. B. Evans, artificial or non-vitalized culture-media, but Chairman, Baltimore, Md.; Dr. T. D). Crothers, even rendered more virulent and more rapidly Secretary, Hartford, Ct.

productive. Dermatology and Syphilography- Dr. — Third-Temperatures demanded for effec

Chairman, ; Dr. W. T. Corlett, tive disinfection or discontinuous sterilization Secretary, Cleveland, Ohio.

by dry heat are impracticable and injurious to A member desiring to read a paper before a

the animal organism. Section should forward the paper, or its title

Fourth-It would appear that Dr. Weigert is and length (not to exceed twenty minutes in mistaken in supposing that the residual air is reading), to the Chairman of the appropriate heated much above 113° F.; and that, in fact, Section at least one month before the meeting. there is but very slight, if any, elevation of -By-Laws.

the intra-pulmonary temperature. Recent

advices from Germany inform us that accurate We are proud of the Topeka Academy of measurement of the actual elevation of the Medicine and Surgery. It meets the first lung temperature is but 1° F. Tuesday in every month. The membership

Fifth-If it were possible to produce and is about thirty. Twenty-two members were maintain, even for a short time, an intrapresent at the last meeting. The attendance pulmonary temperature approaching 1130, is gradually increasing. The reports at the there would be produced, independent of the last meeting, one by Dr. McClintock on a re- effect upon the lung-tissue, grave degenerative cent case of ovariotomy, and one by Dr. Wall changes in the blood and entire cellular eleon Stephen's operation on the eye were up to ments of the body. the times-clear, concise, pointed, interesting

Sixth-At temperatures far short of those and instructive. The physicians of the city claimed, there would be produced an auto-inrealize the importance of a good society, fection and accumulation of excrementitious and are doing good work. A great deal products, by diminished respiratory capacity, depends on the officers of a society. This directly deleterious to the organism at large, society has been particularly fortunate this and indirectly embarrassing to those nutritive year in its selection. The officers should com- activities upon whose integrity all hope of mand the respect of the profession as men and permanent benefit to the consumptive must as physicians. To Drs. Munn the president rest. and Rodgers the secretary, in a great measure

Seventh-The factor productive of the benedo we attribute the success of the society so fit arising from the Weigert method is the far in 1890. Dr. D. C. Jones was one of the dryness, rather than the heat, of the inspired founders of this society, and he was evidently air; and this desiccating action cannot be obhighly gratified at the last meeting to see his tained except the temperature of the inspired labors bearing such fruit.

air be as low at the upper as in the deeper parts of the lung. Of further benefit are pulmonary

gymnastics, the psychological effect, and posFOLLOWING we give the conclusions of Dr. sibly in cases a favorable action upon the Wales L. Cary, on the Weigert Hot Air Treat- bacteria in the larger bronchi.

Kansas Medical Society.

in the State by the Union Pacific, Atchison,

Topeka & Santa Fe, Rock Island and MisREPORT OF THE LOCAL COMMITTEE. souri Pacific railroads, main lines and branches. Pursuant to provision of the State Society For rates of fare for the meeting, see article at its last meeting, the local members of the elsewhere. All day trains arrive in time for State and Central Kansas District Medical So- the evening session on May 13. A more comcieties met Wednesday, March 18, at the office plete schedule can be procured by addressing of Dr. Phillips and perfected organization of


Chairman Com. Rates & Transportation. the Committee of Arrangements for the Annual meeting of the Kansas (State) Medical

THE KANSAS MEDICAL JOURNAL is a Society to be held at Salina May 13, 14 and 15.

Committee on Rates and Transportation, monthly medical of merit, published at TopeDr. Wm. A. Phillips, Chairman.

ka, in our neighboring Western State, by an Halls and Entertainment-Dr. A. E. Collins, editorial committee, consisting of W. L. Chairman.

Schenck, M. D., Osage City, Kas.; J. E. MinPrinting and Supplies—Dr. A. S. M. An- ney, M. D., Topeka, Kas.; S. G. Stewart, M. derson, Chairman.

D., Topeka, Kas. Besides an interesting numReception and Correspondence-Dr. N. D. ber of original papers the editorial department Tobey, Chairman.

contains an editorial on insane asylums, which Finance-Dr. G. W. Newman, Chairman.

indicates that the writer is advancing with the Inquiry or correspondence should be di- advanced men of the age in psychiatric obserrected to chairman of proper committee.

vation and neurological thought.--Alienist and On motion it was decided that an effort Neurologist. should be made to encourage more interest in microscopical research, and to this end it was

The Doctor's EARNINGS.- According to suggested that decided steps should be taken Dr. Jarvis' tables, the average of the lives of

If you begin to interest practical microscopists. It is to physicians is fifty-six years. be hoped that there will be a hearty response.

practice at twenty-four, your active-life prosThose having microscopes that they are will- pect will be thirty-two years, and from a ing to bring, as well as those having interest- thousand to fifteen hundred dollars will repreing specimens to exhibit, will please commu

your average yearly income. Now, were nicate with Dr. J. R. Crawford, Assaria, Saline you (through God's mercy) to practice these Co., Kansas, who will have charge of arrange- and collect (say) eight dollars every day of the

thirty-two years without losing a single day, ments for exhibit.

time, you would receive but $93,440. Deduct HOTEL RATES.

from that amount your expenses for yourself National Hotel, centrally located, all modern and your family, your horses, carriages, books, conveniences, 140 rooms. Rates $2.50 per periodicals, and instruments; your taxes, inday. Special rate for State meeting, $2.00

surance, and a multitude of other items for per day. Ed. Wittman, Prop. Brunswick House, centrally located, 60 then, so far from being rich you would have

the whole thirty-two years (11,680 days), and rooms. Rate $2.00 per day. Special rate, but little, very little, left to support you after $1.50 per day. E. J. Mints, proprietor.

you naturally reach the down-hill of life, or Pacific House, corner 9th and Park streets.

are broken down in health, and faculties de60 rooms. Rate, $2.00 per day. Special rate, teriorated, and in need of a physician your$1.50 per day. G. W. Green, proprietor. Monteur House, opposite Union Pacific de- the discharge of your duty.

self, through worry, anxiety, and fatigue, in pot. 34 rooms. Rate $1.00 per day. Special efforts will be made to provide entertainment

Among the happy callers at the JOURNAL for delegates. A. Jennings, proprietor.

office last month were Dr. R. J. C. Dodds, of RAILROADS AND CONNECTIONS.

Denison, Kas., and Dr. C. C. Seabrook, of Salina can readily be reached from any point Burlingame, Kas.

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