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physiology expressed in one of the aphorisms

Phthisis. handed down by Hippocrates, “Sanguinis moderater nervorum."

Read before the Leavenworth Medical Society The blood is the great pabulum of the

March 31, 1890. nervous system. If the blood can be kept at a high physiological state, the functions of the by W. D. BIDWELL, M. D., LEAVENWORTH, KAS. nervous system will correspondingly approach the normal.

When the existence of the bacillus tubercuInvestigators seem to establish the fact that

losis was demonstrated by Koch, enthusiasts in the pregnant state, the red corpuscles of believed that this scourge which causes more the blood are much reduced below the physio- deaths than all other diseases combined would logical arrangement. Hence the many morbid

soon be a thing of the past. All that remained manifestations of the nervous system often are to be done was to administer to each patient the result of an anæmic condition, rather than some germicide that would prove fatal to Mr. a plethoric, as has been sometimes supposed. Bacillus, and the work was done. Consequently the administration of an iron

But as time went on and it became evident tonic would perhaps be more judicious than

that patients would succumb to the germicides the lance.

before the bacilli were rendered uncomfortable, The dietary and sanitary means should be the enthusiasts became less hopeful, although carefully looked after. The secretions and sulphuretted hydrogen, oxygen, balsamic vaexcretions must receive prompt and continued

pors and the air of different localities were still attention. The urine should be frequently ex. experimented with, giving more or less satisamined and the indications met. Lacing, faction. Heretofore the influences of heredity tight clothing, and such as is sometimes sup had been insisted upon as the most efficient ported upon the hips, should be prohibited. cause in producing the disease although the Clothing should be such as will protect well possibility of infection had been suggested by from colds and coughs. The nipples and

a few writers. But the demonstration that breasts should in due time receive attention,

many cases of the disease have arisen from inwith appropriate applications to elongate the fection has roused a new interest in methods nipples if needed, and prepare for lactation.

of prevention rather than in methods of curAll contagious diseases should be carefully ing phthisis. avoided.

The disease is most frequently communicatA pendulous abdomen should be supported ed by the bacilli from dried sputum and from by an abdominal supporter.

the milk and meat of diseased cattle, with, Careful protection from mental anxiety and perhaps, a few cases communicated directly worry. Moderate exercise in the



from one person to another where they when weather is pleasant. As a rule, traveling are living and sleeping together constantby railway or roughly going vehicles should

ly. Consumptive parentage entails the inbe prohibited.

heritance of an enfeebled constitution and And last, but not least, a word of encourage these children are more susceptible than those ment is often needed and appropriate to re- of healthy parentage to infection. Their store confidence, bring cheer, dispel despond greatest danger, however, lies in the fact that ency and gloom, and frighten away the horrid they may be infected by the milk they nurse specters foreshadowed by the startling stories from their mothers or by particles of dried and suggestions with which the patient is sputum containing bacilli which may be floatoften favored at the frequent visits of mother ing in the air. gossip.

Dr. Bush has stated as the result of a num

ber of investigations that from five to twentyThe convention for the revision of the five per cent. of all dairy cows are tuberculous. United States pharmacopeia, will be held in This fact is startling and at first sight appears the city of Washington, May 7, at noon. almost incredible, but the reason is not far to seek. In the immense herds of cattle in the lies and the repeated reinfection of the patient. Argentine Republic tuberculosis is unknown. All expectoration should be received in spitIt is also rare among the beef cattle of our toons or spit cups containing a disinfecting Western S'ates. Why then should the well solution, preferably carbolic acid with five fed dairy cattle be so affected? It is a well per cent. of tartaric or hydrochloric acid.

. known fact that to get cows that will give When flies are present the spit cup should be large quantities of rich milk the practice of covered. Spit cups and spittoons should be inbreeding is resorted to, and the higher grade emptied and cleansed frequently with boiling the cow the more closely inbred is she. But water and potash soap. The contents should this inbreeding is at the expense of hardihood be emptied into the water closet or buried in and this class of cows isolated and inbred for ground which will not be turned up soon, generations are more delicate and predisposed never thrown out near inhabited places where to tuberculosis than the hardy cattle of the animals may get them. If it is necessary to plains which secrete milk less in quantity and wash clothes soiled with the sputum, they in cream, and as a rule only for a short time should be boiled as soon as possible and before after calving. Dr. Bush claims further, that drying. Such things, however, are better tuberculosis prevails in any community in burned. The floors, woodwork and furniture exact proportion to the perfection and distri- of rooms in which consumptive patients stay bution of the dairy cow.

should be wiped with a damp cloth, not dustIn this connection I cannot forbear referring ed in the usual way. The patients clothing to an item in the Times and Register which should be kept by itself and thoroughly boiled reads: “In a sanitarium for consumptives, to at the washing. be erected at Reinickendorf, near Berlin, the The patient should be made to understand ground floors are to accommodate a number that in neglecting these measures, he is imperof milch cows, the exhalations from which will iling his friends, and at the same time very be conducted to the upper apartments, occu- much diminishing his own chances of recovpied by the patients." Two objections can be ery by reinfecting himself with the inhalation raised to this arrangement; first, if this class of his own dried and pulverized sputum. In of cows is particularly predisposed to tuber- case of death from this disease the apartment, culosis, unless great care is taken in the selec- clothing, etc., should be disinfected just as tion some of the animals kept there may be sub- after death from any other infectious disease. jects of the disease and their exhalations would Intimate association with persons sick with tend to reinfect the patients. On the other consumption is to be discouraged as much as hand great care would have to be taken to possible, especially when one has an abrasion avoid infecting the animals from patient's or wound of the skin or mucous membrane. secretions and thus endangering those who All animals to be slaughtered for food or used the milk or flesh of these animals here-whose milk is to be used, should be carefully after.

inspected, and in all doubtful cases meat and Some authorities claim that vaccine matter milk should both be exposed to prolonged from a tuberculous animal will communi- high temperature. Tuberculous mothers cate tuberculosis, and in some establishments should, under no consideration, nurse their the animal is killed before any points prepar- babies. Whatever has a tendency to undered from it are sold, and if any evidences of dis- nine the general health increases the susceptiease are found by post mortem these points are bility to the infection and diminishes the powdestroyed. Prophylaxis therefore consists not er of recovery from incipient tuberculosis. in limiting offspring, but in protecting them Out-door life, residence in elevated localities, after birth, as from other infectious diseases. where the air is not only pure, but rarified, The greatest danger is from sputa which be- the occupancy of sunlit and well ventilated comes more dangerous as they dry, when par- rooms, the avoidance of localities where the ticles laden with bacilli may be carried in the air is contaminated by the presence of others air or clothing to the undoing of whole fami- as in crowded schools or factories, and all measures which promote the general health Who has not felt, as he has seen the victim of and appetite are prophylactic, as they are also, whooping cough struggling in its convulsive to a certain extent curative of tuberculosis. paroxysms, with its face purple, its eyes blood

shot and its hands thrown wildly about in Just at present one method of preventing in- agony, the poverty of his art and his science fection is receiving much attention in the for any relief it could bring to his patient. medical journals, viz.: The establishment of hospitals for the treatment of consumptives exclusively. This is a step in the right Railroad Rates to the State Medical Society. direction and deserves every encouragement, both as means of preventing the spread Physicians please read the following letter of the disease and of furthering the recovery and note the requirements of the railroads, as of those already sick. The available and de- their instructions must be complied with to sirable sites for such institutions are not con- secure reduced rates. fined to Colorado and Florida, although for

J. E. MINNEY, Secretary. certain cases these States offer peculiar advan

KANSAS City, Mo., March 8, 1890. tages, but the Alleghany, Catskill and White J. E. MINNEY, 723 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kas. mountains, the Berkshire hills, the pine forests Dear Sir:-In regard to your application of North Carolina and of Michigan, with for reduction in fare in favor of persons atother localities too numerous to mention pos held in Salina, Kansas, on May 13-15, I have

tending the Kansas Medical Society, to be sess attractions and advantages for the estab- pleasure in advising you that the rate of a lishment of hospitals and sanitaria that sooner fare and one-third for the round trip, upon or later will be a blessing and a boon to all the certificate plan, from Kansas points have mankind. While we may not personally have been agreed upon by the railways mentioned

below. Certificates to be signed by yourself. a part in the development of these larger

Reduction will not apply unless there are measures of relief, each individual can con- at least 100 people in attendance by rail from tribute his mite by seeing that the simple pre- outside points. cautions, that have been described, are carried

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad,

Burlington & Missouri River Railroad, out.

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway, Whether the theory of infection is conceded

Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis Railroad to be proven or not, the precautions are so Missouri Pacific Railway, simple and easily followed that they should St. Joseph & Grand Island Railroad, be adopted in every case where tuberculosis

Union Pacific Railway. is known to exist. It is better to be blamed full fare in going to the meeting, and secures

On the certificate plan, the passenger pays for being over cautious than for being negli- a certificate (or receipt) therefor from the gent.

ticket agent, by request, at the time of pur

chase, and this certificate (or receipt), when PHENACETIN IN WHOOPING Cough.—The countersigned by the proper official at the New York Medical Times says that if there is meeting, becomes authority for sale of a reany remedy which will control a disease in a turn ticket over the same road, between same few days which if left to run its natural course, points, at one-third fare, thus making one fare

and a third for the round trip. Where the would last an average, of ten weeks, it may be

ourney is made over more than one line, it is safely said that in one disease science has ac- frequently necessary for the passenger to purcomplished something. In a typical case of chase separate local ticket and procure certifiwhooping cough in a child eight months old, cate thereof for each of the lines in this terriwhich had passed through its catarrhal stage meeting, as many of these lines do not honor

tory over which he travels in going to the and was well on in the second, or convulsive the certificates of any other line. Passengers stage, the paroxysms coming on every hour should therefore ascertain from the ticket of a violent character, the action of the drug agent what portion of their journey can be was almost magical. Under the influence of covered by the certificate procurable of him, a grain and a half doses every three hours the and purchase tickets and secure certificates paroxysms in three or four days were reduced filled in accordingly. to half a dozen light ones during twenty-four

Yours truly, hours, and in a week had entirely disappeared.

W. W. FINLEY, Chairman.

Kansas Medical Journal.

.25 Cents.


723 Kansas Avenue.

that it requires greater care and knowledge in carrying out its technique than the former

method (antisepsis). If the surgeon could be PUBLISHED MONTHLY.

sure that everything used in the operation and

about it was aseptic, he could be almost cerSUBSCRIPTION PRICE, INCLUDING POSTAGE: tain as to the results. But until the surgeon Per Annum, in advance..

..$2.00 has acquired that perfection, it is better to Single Copies....... Subscription may begin at any time. The safest mode

cling to the cleansing obtained by the use of of remitttance is by bank check or postal money order antiseptics. drawn to the order of the undersigned. When neither is

There are a few exceptions spoken of at accessible, remittances may be made at the risk of the publishers, by forwarding in REGISTERED LETTER.

present regarding antiseptics worth considKansas Medical Journal,


A wound that is aseptic cannot be made Editor-in-Chief:

more so by the use of an antiseptic. J. E. MINNEY, M. D., Topeka, Kas.

Aseptic serous surfaces are said to be intolAssistants : W. L SCHENCK, M. D., Osage City, Kas.

erant to antiseptic agents, such as carbolic S. G, STEWART, M, D., Topeka Kansas.

acid, and especially the bi-chloride.

The use of antiseptic washes in the abdomiTOPEKA, KANSAS, MAY, 1890.

nal cavity, where a septic condition does not

obtain, is clearly contra-indicated. Asepsis versus Antisepsis.

While every precaution should be taken to

render the part to be operated upon aseptic, The periods of progress have been those by the use of germicides, as well as the hands marked by controversy and inquiry, especially of the operator and assistants, and every thing the latter. This is true in all ages of the to be used, when the abdominal cavity is world and in all the professions.

opened and a septic condition is present; in Inquiry and controversy resulted in freeing

the case, for example, of an uncomplicated religion of its demoniacal phase.

The same

ovarian cyst, the best results we believe are active spirit has resulted in the betterment of obtained by withholding the antiseptic wash our laws. Medicine is no exception to the from the cavity and using distilled boiled rule. Antisepsis marked the beginning of an water, or water pure as can be obtained, epoch in medicine. This period stands out boiled and used as hot as can be endured. in bold relief from that of every other period.

The antiseptic dressing should be used as a By it results have been attained bordering on

precautionary measure. In an amputation the marvelous. . Resections of joints and am- where the wound is aseptic the same condition putations have been made and the wounds

is present, and aside from the preparatory done up, hermetically sealed with antiseptic cleansing the dressing should contain the andressings and let alone for some days, a few tiseptic, and the germicide should be kept weeks at most without disturbing them, and from the exposed aseptic tissue. when finally examined healing had taken

It is reported of Tait and a few others that place without a drop of pus. These results they do not use germicides, and that their are proof positive of the good resulting from success is equally as great as those who do. the method.

Cleanliness, asepsis, is the secret of their sucAntisepsis was baptized with fire, and came

cess. When surgeons in general learn how to the front after having withstood the test in to secure such cleanliness, and practice it, the crucible.

then may antiseptics be done away with. For

one, we are willing to admit such attainment Asepsis has never had outspoken enemies.

we do not possess, and we will have to be It has never been controverted theoretically. classed with the dirty doctors for the present. Practically, according to modern views, it has been neglected. It is all that is required in a ABSOLUTE rest is an important factor in the surgical operation. It should be remembered treatment of tetanus.

p. m.


DR. HUIDEKOPER, a leading veterinary authority in medicine, says that half the con

sumption in the country is due to tuberculous A SCARCITY of doctors is reported in Hayti. cattle. BREWERS yeast is recommended in diphthe

Dr. S. G. STEWAT, one of the editorial comria.

mittee of the JOURNAL, was called to Ohio the PETROLEUM for scabies--annoint the whole first of April, by the serious sickness of his body.

father. PANBOTANO.—The new anti-malarial specif- DR. KLIPPEL of Hutchison, Kas.,after taking ic in place of quinine.

a course on the eye and ear under Dr. Minney. FEMALE practitioners in Russia are forbid- has also taken a course on the same specialty den to attend male adults.

in Chicago. DR. THOMAS F. RUMBOLD, formerly of St. The St. Joseph Herald gives the wrong Louis, is located in San Francisco.

date of the meeting of the Kansas Medical Dr. W. R. WALLACE of New Concord, Ohio, Society. See this number of the JOURNAL has located at No. 721 Kansas avenue.

and the program. The faculty of the Kansas Medical college

DR. C. C. Green, president of our State begun preliminary lectures April 7, 1890, at 8 Medical Society, is the happy father of a

daughter.. Truly his Topeka investment has Dr. M. H.CAZIER, of Burlingame, has located proven a success. at No. 603 Kansas avenue, with Dr. L. Y. Our genial rhinologist, Dr. C. H. Guibor, Grubbs.

moved his family to Topeka from Beloit the Dyers, of Hanover, employs venesection in second week in April, purchasing a residence

at 822 Buchanan street. small quantities, oft repeated in obstinate cases of chlorosis.

Too much reading and too much meditation The latest is a pneumatoscope by means of may produce the effect of a lamp inverted,

of the oil which an exact differential diagnosis of the which is extinguished by the excess

whose office it is to feed it. lungs is possible. THE National association of railway sur

Dr. SHAW of Osage City, Kas., has removed geons meets in Kansas City, Mo., on the first to Kansas City, Mo. The doctor had a splenThursday in May.

did practice in Osage, but well enough does

not satisfy the progressive physician. In many cases of coccygodynia, Parvin

A St. Louis actress recently by mistake claims, the hypodermic injection of warm

took a draught of carbolic acid, which nearly water gives great relief.

caused her death. If it had been in Kansas It is probable that the good results obtain the mistake would have been pardonable.

. ed by lime-water, in gastro-intestinal disorders,

To diagnose with certainty gonorrhea in are due to its antiseptic action.

the female, remember the pus of specific vaginMrs. DONOVAN, of Baltimore, left $100,000 itis is alkaline. Litmus paper will instantly to Johns Hopkins University, and $10,000 to decide.--DR. CHAPMAN in the Medical Era. Washington and Lee University.

The International Medical Congress meets The Faith-curists of Brooklyn have ac- in Berlin, August 4, 1890. The round trip knowledged their mistake, and agreed to con- ocean-passage is first cabin $90 per full ticket sult physicians when ill hereafter.

in inside rooms, and $105 per ticket in outside DRS. J. H. BRIERLY, of Glasco, W. A. Sawhill, of Concordia, and C. F. Leslie, of Clyde,

PATENT MEDICINES.—The much advertised are the pension examiners of Cloud county.

'Cuticura Ointment" consists of a base of We are pleased to note the appointment on petroleum jelly, colored green, perfumed with the editorial staff of the London Ophthalmic oil of bergamot, and containing two per cent. Review, Dr. Edward Jackson, of Philadelphia. I of carbolic acid.


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