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duces the treatment of pneumonia to a very present by Drs. Miller and Blair of Crawford simple basis, as follows: Fresh air, milk, and county, and by your correspondent. injections per rectum of antipyrin, anticipating the diurnal exacerbation of fever—"this and nothing more." Croupus, catarrhal or bron

Tenth International Medical Congress. cho, all are treated the same. Antipyrin per

In accordance with the decision of the Ninth rectum avoids the nausea consequent upon Congress at Washington, the Tenth Interthe stomach administration, thus nutrition is national Medical Congress will be held at Beruninterrupted.

lin from the 4th to the 9th of August, 1890. Prof. Holt emphasizes the principle that

By the delegates of the German Medical the germicide treatment of diphtheria is irra. Faculties and the Chief Medical Societies of tional, and productive of harm, in that the the German Empire, the undersigned have streptococcus diphtheria are found to live in been appointed members of the general coma one per cent. solution of carbolic acid. The hope, therefore, of giving medicines with the of organization has also been appointed for

mittee of organization. A special committee view of destroying the germs of the disease by each of the different sections, to arrange the rendering the blood antiseptic is not to be scientific problems to be discussed at the thought of, and any measures based thereon meetings of the respective sections. An Inmust be futile., Local treatment is liable to be overdone. Should be restricted to meas- will also be held by this congress.

ternational Medical and Scientific Exhibition ures serving the purpose of merely keeping

We have the honor to inform you of the parts clean, and for applying solutions to nose above decisions, and at the same time cordialor pharynx. A syringe, with an attachment ly to invite your attendance at the Congress. of an inch of soft rubber tubing to tip, is

We should esteem it a favor if you would preferable to all other devices. Nourishment kindly extend this invition to your friends in and stimulants, with fresh air and repose, Medical Circles, as way may offer. gives the little patients better chances of re- We beg to accompany our invitation by a covery than forcible swabbing of the throat at copy of the statutes and programme, as also

by a list of the intended sections and their short intervals.

special committees of organization. The disinfecting of apartments after the dis

DR. RUDOLF VIRCHOW, Pres. ease has disappeared, is not accomplished by

DR. LEYDEN, Vice-Pres. burning of sulphur, except everything be

DR. LASSAR, Secretary General.

Dr. Von BERGMANN, moist. The germs are not floating in the at

DR. WALDEYER. mosphere, but attached to woodwork, &c.,

All communications must be directed to about the room. All should be scrubbed with

the General Secretary, Berlin NW., Karli to 1000 hot sublimate solution ; fabrics im

strasse 19. mersed for twenty-four hours in the same. Prof. Wyeth, the genial professor of surgery

THE HYPODERMIC NEEDLE.—One firm in in the Pollycinic, is operating with his accustomed skill and exactness, making forcible Portland, Me., has made and sold 25,000 hypoillustrations and practical applications as he dermic needles within the past six years. As moves along

there are many more of these manufactories,

it indicates that there is a demand for these Clinical material, both at the Polyclinic and other hospitals is abundant. The practical needles far exceeding any possible legitimate

It is evident teaching, the earnestness and zeal which char- use to which they can be put. acterizes the work in each department, com- that their sale will have to be governed by law bines to make the Polyclinic a strictly first- in the not distant future.--Quarterly Review. class institution for post graduate instruction, matriculates being afforded the advantages of

WHAT', under the laws of Kansas, is the difvisiting the other great hospitals of the city ference between lawyers and doctors? The

Kansas is represented in the class at lawyer gets his fee if he wins his case, the

doctor if he loses it. When the lawyer wins

How to Cure Insomnia. his case he may file a lien upon the judgment for his fees, if he loses it he must trust to the A very simple method of inducing sleep in honor of his client. If the doctor loses his cases of persistent insomnia, and one that has patient his fee is a prefered claim, if he cures succeeded where many drugs have failed, i him only the few who have, in their own name, simply to administer a moderate amount of more than the law exempts, are compelled to liquid food, before the patient goes to bed. pay his bill.

This diverts the blood from the brain to the

abnormal organs, and takes away the cerebral Anatomical.

excitement that precludes sleep.


J. C. M'c.

In making a dissection during the past

Intestinal Obstruction. month of an adult female, I found the following peculiarities: Eight ribs on the left side

Nothnagel says: “ I may briefly state in ore were joined to the sternum, the brachial artery sentence all the treatment I can recommend in each arm bifurcated one inch before the as an hospital consultant: Absolute abst:point where it is crossed by the lower border nence from food; induce the peristaltic action of the pectoralis major muscle, the lingual from below; still it from above; and above all, artery was given off from the facial; there was avoid purgative medicines Further, I know -110 orbital artery, but at the point where it of nothing to add for the guidance of others." should have been given off the artery divided into the anterior and posterior temporals; the The following letter was received by a phydiagastric muscle was superficial to the stylo- sician from a man he knew, practicing medihyoid. There an intercosto-humeral cine, and desiring counsel : dear Dock, I plexus instead of an intercosto-humeral nerve, have a pashunt whos physical sines show's two turbinated bones only were found on the that the wind pipe has ulcerated off and his right side. In the same subject Dr. Minney lungs hav drop down into his stumick I have trephined the mastoid and found the cells given hym everry thin without efeckt her were reached at a depth of not more than one father is welthy honable and influenshal as lie line, while the internal plate was as thin as a is member of assembly and god nos I don't sheet of writing paper.

want to loos hym what shall I do ans by re

turn male. Yours frat."- Medical Gazette. SUBSTITUTE FOR IODOFORM.-Dr. Benjamin has found the following to answer the

THE DISINFECTION OF INTESTINAL DISsame purpose as iodoform when used as a CHARGES.-In the intestinal evacuations of surgical dressing:

typhus, dysenteric, and cholera patients, Prof. R. Zinci oxidi

zij. .

Uffelmann instituted a considerable number Hydrarg Chlor Corros

gr.j. M. of experiments with various substances, with Subject the oxide of zinc to a temperature the following results: of about 200° F. for a few hours before mix

1. Equal parts of sulphuric acid and water. ing, then mix when cool and place in an air- Destruction of all germs after six hours. tight box until ready to use it. This is

2. Sulphuric acid i part, to 2 parts of water. thoroughly antiseptic and does not possess the Destruction of all germs after six hours. disagreeable odor of iodoform.- Times and

3. Hydrochloric acid and water, equal volRegister.

Destruction of all germs after twelve

hours. The Supreme Court of Georgia has decided 4. Hydrochloric acid 1, to water 2. Almost that the proprietor of a patent medicine is certain destruction of all germs after 12, and liable for damages for injury done to any per- certain destruction after 14 hours. son who takes the medicine according to 5. Carbolic acid. After one hour, numerous direction.-Times and Register.

colonies continued to develop, as also indi


vidual typhus colonies; after 24 hours, greatly of their attacks by the treatment of the ocular isolated, and no typhus, colonies.

muscles. Dr. Stevens has since then obtained 6. Creolin in 12.6 per cent. emulsion. After some confident and aggressive followers, and, 24 hours, individual colonies continued to de- consequently, considerable attention has been velop, but none of typhus or of cholera bacilli. attracted to his method. The committee ap

7. Potash lye with water, equal parts. After pointed to test the validity of Dr. Stevens' acting for an hour, individual colonies con- statements worked in co-operation with the tinued to grow; none after six hours.

doctor and having found a suitable case of 8. Caustic lime, 0.1 gramme, and fæces. idiopathic epilepsy or chronic chorea, had the After one hour, and even after 24 hours, num- patient examined separately by two of its erous colonies continued to grow, also several neurological members and a full history taken. of the typhus bacillus; none of the cholera The patient was then sent to Dr. Stevens and bacillus.

examined by that gentleman. If acceptable, Caustic lime, 0.2 gramme, and fæces. Indi- further eye examinations were made again by vidual colonies continued to grow after 24 one of the ophthalmologists of the commishours--none, however, containing the typhus sion. Each patient, therefore, went through or the cholera bacillus.

four separate examinations before treatment Milk of lime, 120 per cent., 12'2 parts to 1 was begun. Records were then kept of opepart of fæces. Destroyed the Eberth bacillus rations performed, and of the progress of the within 2 hours.

case. Twenty-eight patients were thus exam9. Non acid sublimate solution, 2 per 1,000. ined and put under treatment, but, for various After acting for a quarter of an hour, a toler- reasons, four were withdrawn. Fourteen, ably large number of colonies continued to however, were treated continuously for over grow; isolated colonies with the typhus, but four months, and, in some instances, over two not the cholera bacillus. After one-half hour, years. Nine of these cases were of epilepsy ; fewer than after one-fourth hour. After 24 five of chronic chorea. Three of the cases hours, very few or no colonies, and none with of epilepsy and three of chorea were improved. the typhus or cholera bacillus.

None were entirely and completely cured, al10. Solution of sublimate, acidulated with though two of the cases of chorea seem to hydrochloric acid, 2.1000. Many less colonies have become practically well. None of the developed than after addition of the un-acidu- cases of epilepsy were cured or even strikinglated solution. After one-quarter hour, only ly improved, though as to this latter point isolated colonies observed; none of the typhus there seems to be some difference of opinion. or cholera bacillus, and after 24 hours, as a The commission, in their conclusions, state rule, none at all.

that they cannot recommend a treatment of II. Boiling water. Even when 8 parts of ocular muscles in cases of epilepsy and chorea boiling water were added to i part of fæces, it as the sole therapeutic measure, or as a curadid not always disinfect.Deustche Medizinal tive measure: This conclusion does not deny Zeitung, Sept. 5, 1889.

to oculo-muscular treatment all value, but it

is evident, from a perusal of the discussion, EPILEPSY, CHOREA AND THE EYE-MUSCLES. that the members do not attach very much -- The commission appointed by the New importance to it. Although the extravagance York Neurological Society to investigate the of Dr. Stevens' claim is thus shown, it was relation of the insufficiency of the ocular certainly a most courageous act on his part to muscles to chorea and epilepsy, made its re- put his method to so exacting a test, and arport in November last, and after an animated gues an honest conviction on his part in the discussion, which was continued at the De- truth of his own views. The exact imporcember meeting, the report was adopted.

tance of functional eye disturbances in the In a paper by Dr. George T. Stevens, pub- ogeny of disease, time will determine defilished a few years ago, it was asserted that nitely.-N. Y. Medical Record, December 21, about 50 per cent. of epileptics were relieved 1889.

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THE NECESSITY FOR A HIGHER STANDARD for this the Committee of Revision of the OF ACCURACY FOR Toxic AND NARCOTIC Pharmacopoeia for 1890 should prescribe the DRUGS.-Show us a physician or pharmacist process. To do this intelligently, they should who has not been many times puzzled by the avail themselves of the work that has already variable action of toxic drugs, indicating lack been done in this direction; and this brings of uniformity in preparation, and such an one us naturally to a discussion of this work. will be found to have had no practice in either art. While the question of standardizing Marfan, who observed fourteen deaths from

AN EPIDEMIC of Phthisis is reported by preparations of toxic drugs is now a new one, and has been the dream of every progressive among twenty-two employes in an office durpharmacist and physician, practically it would ing five years. The cases are traced to one seem difficult to determine just what standard employe' who, at forty years, died of phthisis, of strength to adopt.

after twenty-four years' employment. He According to the Pharmacopoeia, one cubic coughed and expectorated a great deal for centimetre of a fluid extract represents one

three years. The office occupied by these men gramme of the drug employed in making it. only admitted 10 cubic meters air for each inIt is apparent that such a preparation, al- floor was uneven, full of crevices and cracks,

dividual; ventilation and light were bad. The though made from the best qualities of drug the market affords, will not be of invariable and was not kept clean. All employes spat strength. In the purchase of this crude drug, upon the floor. The author has no doubt that the quality must be largely judged by physi- tuber bacilli were present in the dust arising cal indications, which are often very deceptive. from sweeping done in the presence of the emAn estimation of the active medicinal ingredi- ployes. He was prevented from demonstratents is the only true criterion by which to ing this fact, because the place had been judge the quality of a drug; and this is sub- thoroughly swept when he called. The preject, even in carefully selected drugs, to a wide comes,) and unhygienic dwellings, doubtless

disposing element of poverty (the small invariation. Fluid extracts must, of course, played an important role.- W. Med. Presse. share in this variability. It is this defect which is to be remedied.

TREATMENT OF INGROWING TOENAIL.That a pound of crude drug of good quality, Dr. Hofmann, of Erlangen, recommends a properly manipulated, should produce a pound simple and painless method of treating this of Auids extract, seems a good basis for opera

complaint. After the part is thoroughly tions; but when the variability of crude drugs, cleansed and disinfected by sublimate soluand the consequent variability of fluid extracts tions, a few drops of liq. ferr. perchl. are dropproduced therefrom, is known, one cannot but ped on the effected spot. The edge of the * look forward to the advent of the new Pharma- nail is then gently raised. It is then dried. copæia with the hope that some uniform and This is then repeated on the second and third more reliable method of standardizing fluids day. If suppuration takes place, the hardened extracts, upon some safer and surer founda- scabs are to be removed by forceps, and the tion, by which a preparation must be produced ferr. perch. again applied. The nail soon bethat can be used with more confidence in its comes soft and brittle so that it can be easily definite therapeutic value, may be adopted. cular.

removed, without pain.-Med. Press and Cir. Individuals and manufacturing houses have, in a measure, recognized the necessity for NOTWITHSTANDING the large number of such a standardization, and have in the past Hypophosphites on the market, it is quite difin various ways endeavored to meet the re-ficult to obtain a uniform and reliable Syrup. quirements of the medical profession in this “ Robinson's is a hig

Robinson's is a highly elegant preparation, respect.

and possesses an advantage over some others, The result has been, that there are already in that it holds the various salts, including standardized preparations on the market, but Iron, Quinine, and Strychnine, etc., in perfect these vary greatly in the strength adopted as solution, and is not liable to the formation the standard. There should be one only, and of fungous growths.

Some Recent Additions to Materia Medica. investigation were so favorable to this remedy

that Parke, Davis & Co. added to their list of Among the new drugs which Messrs. Parke, tablets a 1-100 grain arsenite of copper Davis & Co. announce they can supply, are tablet, which makes a convenient method of the following: Cocillana.-Guarea, (species preparing the solution commended by Dr. undetermined); synonym-Sycocarpus Rusbyi, Aulde. One tablet should be dissolved in Britton; Part employed-the bark; natural three, four to six ounces of water, of which order-Anacardiaceae; habitat-Bolivia. the dose is a teaspoonful. Reprints of Dr,

Properties-Expectorant, tonic, laxative. Auld's article furnished physicians by Parke,

This new remedy possesses a sphere of in- Davis & Co., on request. fluence on the respiratory organs somewhat similar to ipecac, but said to be “superior in BOOK REVIEWS. certain diseases of the air passages, in which the latter is often used.”—Dr. D. D. Stewart in

A COMPEND OF PHYSIOLOGY," by Albert P. Vledical Neces, Aug. 24, 1889.

Brubaker, A. M., M. D., published by P. Besides its excellence as an expectorant,

Blakiston, Son & Co. Price $1. clinical experience has also established the

A well arranged, convenient and reliable fact that it exerts a tonic influence upon the appetite, and that it reduces the night sweats compendium of the fundamental facts of of chronic bronchitis and phthisis. Cocillana physiology. A most desirable addition to the also gives promise of usefulness as a laxative. library of medical students, for saving time

and labor. Dose, 10 to 30 minims (0.6 to 2 c. c.)

Eschscholtzia. -- (Eschscholtzia Californica, “A TREATISE ON MATERIA MEDICA, PHAR. Cham.); synonym-California poppy; part

MACOLOGY, AND THERAPEUTICS," by Juo. employed-the whole plant; natural order

V. Shoemaker, A. M., M, D., professor of papaveraceæ; habitat-California.

materia medica, pharmacology and theraProperties.-“An excellent soporific and

peutics in the Medical Chirurgical college of analgesic, and above all, harmless."

Philadelphia, and member of the American Recent analysis claims to have discovered

medical association, and John Auld, M. D., the presence of a minute quantity of morphine

demonstrator of clinical medicine and phyin the plant. The quantity contained, how

sical diagnosis in the Medical Chirurgical ever, is not sufficient to account for all the

college of Philadelphia, and member of therapeutic effects, and further chemical in

the American Medical Association. vestigation promises to isolate another active

In two volumes. Volume one devoted to principle, which may better explain its action. Pharmacy, general Pharmacology and Thera

The drug is a very useful anodyne in cer peutics and Remedial Agents, not properly tain cases. . The inconveniences attributed classed with drugs. F. A. Davis publisher, to the use of opium, such as stomach disturb- Philadelphia and London. ance, constipation, &c., have not in any case

The thanks of the busy practitioner and been observed in its use. It may, with ad-student are due the authors and publishers advantage, replace opium preparations for

for the work. It presents modern therachildren.

peutics in a

satisfactory to the Fluid extract of the plant.--Dose, 15 to 30 needs of the profession in a brief conminims (1 to 2 c. c.)

cise maner peculiar to the author; complete

and systematic. A detailed review of the ARSENITE OF COPPER TATBPLE I-100 GRAINS. work would be unnecessary, but as it is divid

An article by Dr. J. Aulde on the applica- ed into different parts the subject can be easily tion of arsenite of copper in bowel affections, found. This book should be on the shelf of and especially in the diarrhea of typhoid every general practitioner, who can consult it fever, was published in the July, 1889, Thera- with the confidence that its teachings are wise, peutic Gazette. The results obtained by this conservative and up to the times.

J. W.D.


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