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A Column of Little Things.

The November No. of the JOURNAL con

tained an article by R. E. McVey, of Topeka, COCAINE is recommended in the vomiting read before the E. K. D. M. Society, at Leavof pregnancy

enworth, in which from purely physiological

reasons, he advocated the use of albuminous DR. H. T. McLAUGHLIN has located at 529 foods in the dietetic treatment of Bright's disKansas avenue.

Dr. McNary, of the Soldiers' Home, The eucalyptus tree is said to be a prevent-confirmed the plan of treatment by experience ive of musquitoes.

in some reported cases:

"Prof. Schreiber, of Königsberg, experiSOMVAL is a new soporific. The dose is from 20 to 30 grains.

mented on eight people suffering from kidney

disease, to whom he gave along with their DR. C. M. Murz has hung out his shingle ordinary diet six to ten eggs daily. Before at 606 W. Sixth street.

the beginning of the experiment they had been THE separation of the placenta is favored by under observation from four to eight days, on tying the cord.-H. St. C. Grav, M. D., in the usual diet, until the fluctuations in the Practice.

amount of the albumen in the twenty-four DR. PHILLIPS, of Salina, was a Capitol vis- hours had been determined; the estimations itor last week. He is President of the Central being likewise made for several days after the Kausas District Medical Society.

eggs were discontinued. In four of the cases

the eggs were administered boiled; in the UNCONTROLLABLE vomiting of pregnancy, others raw. In the former group the patients when all other means have failed, may be received six eggs daily and in none of them overe me by dilatation of the cervical canal during the period of administration of the niby the finger.

trogenous food could any fluctuation or inFREQUENT examinations during labor, es- crease in the amount of albumen be deterpecially during the first stage, after the pres-mined. In the second group, six to ten raw entation has been diagnosed as normal, is eggs daily, not only did not show an increase deprecated by all accoucheurs.

in the excretion of albumen, but actually led CHLORALAMIDE is the name of the latest to a considerable diminution. Similar results new hypnotic. It is a combination of chloral have also recently been recorded from Leyand formanide, and is given in doses of 15 to with those of Oertel, who has stated that the

den's wards. These observations also agree 60 grains.-N. Y. Med. Record.

addition of a great quantity of albuminous Dr. G. A. COGGERSHALL, formerly of Ells-food may affect albuminuria favorably."Iled.

Record. worth, Kansas, has removed to Washington,

The above agrees with the ideas expressed D. C. We are sorry to part with the doctor, as he was in the front rank.

to us by Dr. McVey for a long time, in the

treatment of Bright's disease, and contained DEATH FR::M SULPHONAL.-Dr. R. R. Petitt, in his paper to which reference has been of Dayton, Ohio, reports in the Medical News made. More particularly was this noted from a death from the administration of two 15 gr. the teaching as we believed being opposed to doses of sulphonal, given one and a quarter such diet. His reasoning we could not overhours a part, to a woman aged 28, who was throw, but thought the weight of authority suffering from melancholia.

against him, and rested content. We are glad ABORTION OF Acute Coryza.-According to note from time to time, brethren in our to Dr. Bishop, of Chicago, a tablet containing midst who are capable of leading in advanced 1 grain of morphine and ho gr. of atropia, thoughts in medicine.

J. E. M. divided into four equal parts, and are given every hour until the effects of the atropia is DR. DAVID PRINCE, of Jacksonville, I11., one induced, will break up or abort almost any of the best known surgeons in the West, died attack of acute coryza.

at his home of pneumonia, December 19, 1889.

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INFANTILE convulsions, or spasms, may be

arrested in one minute by the application of Enclosed find two dollars subscription for one or two dry cups on the back, from the the KANSAS MEDICAL JOURNAL. I am much seventh cervical to the first dorsal vertebra. pleased with it and consider it a credit to the This secures a remission for other medication. profession in Kansas.

- Daniel's Texas Medical Journal. "Yours fraternally, "J. A. WHITING, M. D., A CASE of antifebrin poisoning is reported

“Milford, Kan." by Dr. Robert Haley, of Brookfield, Mo., in The above is a specimen of the kind words the Weekly Medical Review. The amount of and substantial tokens of esteem in which the antifebrin taken was 48 grains a day for about JOURNAL is held.

three days. A fatal result was averted evid

ently by prompt treatment. CURETTING FOR DYSMENORRHEA.—The operation may be performed upon the bed, The following communication from the without assistance and without narcosis. After Health Monitor, of Denver, Colorado, has been thorough washing out of the vagina, the uterus received: is drawn down by a bullet forceps, and the EDITOR KANSAS MEDICAL JOURNAL:—The uterine cavity is gradually curetted by a long- Health Monitor would be pleased to exchange handled sharp spoon.

Then the cavity is with the KANSAS MEDICAL JOURNAL. If all washed out with Bozeman-Fritzch's catheter, your numbers are as good as the one I saw, it when an injection of ferrum chloridum is is one of the best journals published. made.

The curetting must be performed Very respectfully, &c., thoroughly and systematically. The patient

C. E. BRYANT. must remain in bed a week after the operation, with water-compresses or ice-bags upon the

DR. G. W. EARLE in the Br. Gyn. Journal, abdomen. Contra-indications—para and peri- in summing up the treatment of eclampsia metritis; incomplete knowledge of antiseptics during labor says:

labor says: “With the present ligh by the operator.-Arch. Gynæcology.

on the subject, it appears to me that for con

vulsions at full term the hot bath, anæsthetics, The publisher not having room in the De- and a termination of labor as rapidly as could cember number of the Journal, for all matter be done without injury to the soft parts, is the furnished by the editors, took out the proceed treatment for to-day. ings of the South Kansas Medical Society, Notes from Kansas City, Notes on Rheuma- AGAIN. - The Times and Register of Philatism, &c., without our knowledge, and hence delphia, in its weekly list of important and references and omissions which refer to noth- practical articles, gives the KANSAS MEDICAL ing, and seemingly careless omissions are ac- JOURNAL credit for two such articles in Occounted for. Hereafter unison of thought tober, viz.: "Tertiary Syphilis and Treatwill prevail in making up the subject matter ment-Dr. McVey; “Uterine Hyperplasia" — of the JOURNAL.

Dr. McCandless.

The N. Y. Medical 'Times says: “The oil A CHICAGO professor has found in that city of bay is used by the butchers of Switzerland that the hair on the mons veneris of sterile to keep their shops free from Aies. After a women is straight. He does not advise curlcoat of oil has been applied to the walls none ing the hair as a cure for sterility.--Arch. venture to appear. It also prevents gilt frames, Gynæcology. chandeliers, &c., from becoming soiled by the

In the vomiting of pregnancy, Prof. Sharp We are anxious for the fly season to come recommends small and repeated doses of dilute again to prove the correctness of the above. hydrocyanic acid.



world without end-vsky-reports from a severe headache, and diagnosing her two curious cases of criminal abortion caused case to be similar to Mrs. F-'s she took by the internal use of gunpowder, in the dose one of the powders which had been ordered, of a small sized wine glass full. The fætus one every four hours, for Mrs. F- 's headwas expelled in a few hours after the injec- ache. The powders were antipyrin, fifteen tion of a single dose."

grains in each. Within five minutes she beA case of criminal abortion came under the gan to sneeze violently and a free watery diswriter's observation in which a tablespoonful charge came from the nose. The throat each of gunpowder and iron filings (the seemed to swell and close up and the patient woman's husband was a blacksmith,) was tak- had fears of suffocation and impending death. en with equal effect. A two months fætus was Emesis was promptly secured by mustard and expelled within four hours from the time of hot water, and half an hour later the only ingestion. The woman recovered in the usual symptom remaining was hoarseness. time without any complications, contrary to Mrs. S. is of a nervous disposition and had our prognosis.

J. E. M.

been very much worried during the day, which

doubtless augmented her sufferings. Dr. W. D. BIDWELL, A. M., M. D., of Leavenworth, and one of the associate editors spent sensation in the throat, but this is the most

Some patients experience a sharp pricking a few days with the mast-fed editor of the

severe case of the kind that has come under JOURNAL. The Doctor made himself useful as

my observation.

W. D. B. well as ornamental, assisting Dr. Alexander and myself in trephining the mastoid. Come again, Doctor, and do likewise.

Since the elixir discovery, the faculty of

the Kansas City Medical College has been GYNAIA," A New DISEASE.-A Dr. Stein- stimulated to greater exertion.

Drs. Todd, erkopf, who may be some relation to Dr. Halley and Beattie have all committed matriHolzerkopf, or perhaps Dr. Dammkopf, has mony. This is as it should be. The JOURdiscovered a new disease which he calls “gyn

gyn- NAL extends congratulation. The world aia," and which he defines as the simulated would be more nearly evened up if one or two existence of feminine moral qualities in the more of the faculty would do likewise. person of a man."--N. Y. Med. Record.

“Dr.” DIAMOND Dick, one of the most sucTHE JOURNAL is under obligations to the cessful Western peripatetic, cash-in-advance Western Dental Journal, of Kansas City, Mo., cure-all medicine venders has rented a large for the use of the cuts contained in Dr. Mc- hall in Kansas City and will give the M. D.'s Guire's article on pages 297, 298 and 299 of of that burg a lesson in transferring money this number.

from the pockets of the dear people to his own.

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CORRECTION.-In Dr. Harris' article in the

THE Topeka Academy of Medicine and November number, on "Changes in Fevers," Surgery meets in Lincoln post hall the first page 274, in 2d column, eighteenth line from Tuesday evening of each month. Visiting the top, convincing should read commencing.

physicians cordially invited to attend. DR. L. Y. GRUBB of Topeka, will spend the winter in Los Angeles. We hope that the

LEAVENWORTH has a colored physician to Italian climate of the Pacific coast will more, whom most of the practice among the colored than meet the doctor's expectations.

people is turned over.

PROF. S. S. Tods of Kansas City, and Miss One of the best gargles in acute sore throat Frances Williams of Lucas county, Iowa, is hot claret wine. It is agreeable as well as were married on the evening of November 9. astringent.

A sure

THERAPEUTIC NOTES. A better prescription is, R, opü, ipecac., āā.

grs. j, brom. potass. gr. x., m. s. d. at bed-time, CORYZA-KARA, THE HEAD, AND ZEO, I LIVE. preceded by a saline cathartic and a hot pedi

In the treatment of coryza a great variety luvium. Many physicians give at bed-time of remedies have been used and recommended, quinine and Dover's powder, äā. grs. x. more than a careful study of its etiology and In domestic practice a good substitute is pathology approves.

found in a bowl of hot bone-set (eupatorium The causes of coryza are numerous. Among perfoliatum) tea, fluid ext. gelsiminum gtta. xv. the most common are a partial application of at bed-time often acts like a charm. cold to the body, or to the feet, the hands, the Ten grains of antifebrine, or seven of antihead, &c., especially when there is the feeble piryne, are in fashion now. cardiac action following exhaustion. The ball- More complicated formula, one often used is room furnishes many victims, especially among R. Potass. nitras.

3j. the ladies, who, after the exhaustion of the

Aqua pur.

fZij. dance expose their half-clad bodies to the cold. Dissolve and add listerine-Lamberts, f.zj.m. In its day the skating-rink furnished its share Sig. Use with an atomizer three times a among those who took its vigorous indoor ex- day.

cure for nose cold and nasal ercise and then went out into the cold, or sat catarrh.-Phil. lled. Bulletin. in a draft to cool off. Paper-soled shoes are a R Roasted coffee,

50 parts. prolific cause of coryza. A sudden change


2 parts. from an extreme cold to a warm atmosphere


50 parts. causes the disease in much the same way that Triturate together into a fine powder and it produces chilblains. Specific poisons, as of use as a snuff.- Post Graduate Journal. rubeola, irritants; irritants, as tobacco, acrid R Carbolic acid, alcohol, āā. 10 parts. vapors and powders; epidemic influences, Listerine,

20 parts. climatic changes, idiosyncracy, &c., all tend M. Fill a 2 oz. wide-mouthed bottle 13 full; to produce local irritation and hyperæmia of introduce sufficient absorbent cotton to absorb the nasal membrane, which manifests itself by the whole; keep corked and ready for use by obstructed nasal respiration, fullness, heat and inhalation.-K. C. Med. Record. pain, with such reflexes as sneezing, headache, R Ammoniæ chlord.

zij. &c., speedily followed by a watery mucoid Ext. glycirrhiza (liquid), ziij. discharge.

Syr. prun. virg.

zij. The pathological expression is amenable to Syr. ipecac.

3iij. a variety of treatment, but the first care should

Aqua pura,

3iij. . be to remove the cause. Apply warm cloth- M Sig. D. A teaspoonful every 3 hours. ing to the whole body, especially the feet, and Good medication without medicine will be avoid extreme and sudden changes in temp- found in a dry-bath — free friction with a erature.

coarse towel until the whole body feels like Among the remedial agents we mention polished ivory. cocaine, applied topically in a two to four per Dr. Williams recommends total abstinence cent. solution.

from liquids. For the same purpose Dr. Physic recom- The logic of this treatment is improved by mended the inhalation of the vapor of laud- adding total abstinence from food for a few anum and Hoffman's anodyne, äā., and Des- meals. The stimulating quality as well as champ's snuffing into the nostrils a solution quantity of the circulation will thus be diof extract of opium, one grain to the ounce. minished. This is good treatment in the first

Chloroform, (chlorodyne) poured into the stage of many diseases, as the organism thus hand and inhaled frequently, often give prompt relieved of the ordinary duty of digesting, apand perfect relief.

propriating and eliminating can perform the Dr. Chapman prescribed a full dose of opium extra duty of depurating. at bed-time.

Instead of this course we sometimes find the opposite commended—"stuff a cold”—force a if the case be one of remittent fever. Dr. balance. Very good if it succeeds, if not there Naylor cites a long list of cases cured by gas. will be opportunity to “starve a fever.” Inhaling aqua ammonia acts locally upon the

PHENACETIN. same plan.

Phenacetin is one of the latest antipyretics Where there is predisposition to coryza, a that has come into professional favor; and alcold bath to the neck, chest and back every though it is closely allied in action and in morning, will be found an excellent prophy- chemical composition to its twin sisters anlaxis.

tipyrin and antifebrin, clinical experience AN “INFALLIBLE ANTIDOTE ” FOR MALARI- teaches that it possesses certain peculiarities AL FEVERS.

which places it in the front rank of this class Dr. Charles G. R. Naylor, Civil Surgeon, of of remedies. Like the two latter, it is not Burmah, India, addresses a report to the only useful as a fever reducing agent, but it Deputy Surgeon-General of British Burmah in also displays a remarkable beneficial influence which he asserts that carbonic acid gas is an in diseases of the nervous system. It is indeed infallible antidote to malarial fevers of all very probable that all these substances exert types and durations. Dr. Naylor's report is their therapeutic properties by virtue of their re-published in Edinburgh. It was first made strong affinity for the nervous system; noteight years ago, but is now put forth again in withstanding the fact that this feature was alan enlarged form and with the emphasis and together unobserved when they were first inconfidence drawn from a fuller experience.

troduced to the profession. It is always a Dr. Naylor does not claim originality for his cause for much congratulation, because it is treatment. It was devised or discovered by an indication of normal development, when, Dr. John Parkin, of London, who tested its as in this instance, independent researches, value while visiting the malarial districts of carried on in the different branches of the Italy, Spain, and West Africa.

same science, yield evidence of a reciprocally The rationale of the gas treatment is ex- confirmatory character. Previous to the dispounded by Drs. Parkin and Naylor, but it is covery of the antipyretic action of these coalfar from being satisfactory or scientific and it tar products, there were investigations in proneed not occupy our space.

gress which showed both from an experimental The gas is administered in solution and is and a clinical standpoint, that the essential got in its cheapest form by dissolving bicar- lesion of fever consisted in a disordered state bonate of soda, gr. xxx., in three ounces of of the heat-regulating centres of the nervous cold water, and throwing into the solution system. So long as fever was believed to be tartaric acid, gr. xx., in a powdered state, the due primarily to super-oxidation of the bodily mixture to be stirred rapidly once, and swal- tissues, as was taught by the older pathology, lowed as soon as possible in a state of efferves- the modus operandi of every antipyretic was cence. The patient must be made to lie down more or less enshrouded in a cloud of darkimmediately after, to prevent eructation and ness; but when subsequent observation deescape of the gas, so apt to occur in a sitting monstrated that phenacetin and its allies proposture.

duced antipyresis by reason of their marked The doses of soda and acid must be de- affinity for the nervous system, the neurotic creased to suit the different ages of children, as theory of fever was so much richer on account gr. xxx. of bicarbonate of soda are not soluble of the additional evidence which it received in the small quantity of water suitable for ad from this quarter. ministration in one dose to very young

Whatever its manifestation may be, therechildren.

fore, it is clear that the fundamental action of Sometimes the soda is given first and fol- phenacetin is concentrated on the nervous lowed by the acid.

system, and it is well to bear this feature of its The remedy is best administered just before action in mind while administering it. As an the paroxysm is expected, or in the remission antipyretic it is in many respects superior to

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