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Marion -- Sims * College # of * Medicine,


CLOSES IN MARCH. Instruction specially practical. New and spacious Building. Modern in all appointments. Ample clinical

and laboratory facilities. Hospital and dispensary privileges free. Special terms to sons and brothers of physicians, and sons of the clergy; also to third course students and graduates of other Colleges wishing to take a degree in this

institution. Announcement sent on application. Lecture tickets, including matriculation..

.$50 00 Matriculation paid but once.

500 Dissection........

10 00 Final Examination..

25 00 Y. H. BOND, M. D., Dean, Grand and Page Avenues

424 and 426 Jackson street. E. G. KINLEY.

T. F. LANNAN Established, 1881.


We aim to keep in stock the leading styles of

Carriages, Phætons, Buggies

, &c.


Our goods are all manufactured right here at home, and guaranteed.

.:0: It will be to the interest of any one needing goods in our line to Call and Examine Stock and Get Prices.

Correspondence solicited. Special orders and repairing promptly attended to. KINLEY - & LANNAN


Atresia Hymenatis et Vaginas. By Charles W. Adams,

M. D., Kansas City.

307 Dislocated Spleen...


Acute Articular Rheumatism, an unusual treatment of 331 Does the Practice of Medicine Pay? By J. H. Brierly,

A New Law


M. D., Glasco, Kas..


A Happy New Year...

322 Damage of syphilis.....


A Column of Little Things.

321 Done Likewise.


325 Death of Dr. Lobatut.


A Correction...

326 Disagreeing Doctors

Antipyrin, alarming results from a single dose of. 320 Doctor's Earnings--The.

A Case of Poisoning trom Cigaretie Smoking.
781 Diphtheria: By B. W Ha, ris, M. D..

779 Disagreeing Doctors....

A Lecture, By W. L. Schenck, M. D. of Topeka. 762 Doctor Remembered-A

Academy of Medicine and Surgery,

318 Disease of Women-Surgical. By S. Murdock, M. D.,
Alimentation in Adynajnic-Conditions. By H. 0.

Oneida Kas.....


Beeson, M. D., Birmingham, Mo...

315 Delivery of a Retained Placenta.


Antiseptic Surgery. By W. A. Jordan, M. D., Wichita... 318 Digitalis-Indications for the Use of. By William B.

Academy of Medicine and Surgery

333 Dewees, M. D., Salina, kas..


Antifebrin in Tonsillitis...

351 Epidemic Catarrh..

An Eye Wash

362 Effects of our Late War on Soldiers.

Antipyrin and Chloral--Incompatibility of.

366 Epilepsy, Chorea and the Eye Muscles..


370 Erysipelas, By L, D. Jacobs, A. M., M. D.

Abdominal Section- Abstract of a paper on.

By M. B. Ergot in Obstetric Practice. By E. B. Shaw, M. D. Kan-

Ward, M. D., Topeka.


sas City, Mo.

Acetanilid' und Antisebrin.

150 Errors in Refraction. By Grant Cullimore, M. D., At-



chison, Kas..


American Medical Association..

177 Ether as an Anesthetic. By J. M. Richmond, M. D., St.

About our Journal.


Joseph, Mo..


173 | Empyema, its Cause, Treatment and Recovery. By W.

Academy of Medicine and Surgery.

455 W. Cave, M. D., Vatville, Kas.

Aural Sequele. By Grant Cullimore, M. D., Atchisob.. 307 Excerpts from Foreign Literature,

556, 617


520 Eye Strain by the General Practitioner--The recogni.

A Lame Law

521 tion of. By Edward Jackson, M. D., Philadelphia.. 668

Ah, Fie!

323 Eastern Kn8s District Medical Society.......352, 553, 606, 744

American Medical Association

523 Forensic Relations of the Puerperal State. By 'Harriet

A Case....


C. B. Alexander, M. D., Chicago, ni...

A Case. By A. B. Freeman, M.D., Wellington, Kas. 544 Fumigate Tuberculous Houses.


Fracture of the Base of Skull....

Address on Medicine.

561 Foreign Body in the Throat......


American Medical College.

561 Forceps-The-A Death Trap...


Acetanilid and Antipyrìn. By H. Redding, M. D., Fo mation of Urethral Stricture. By F. B. Browne,


603 M. D., of Salina, Kas.


American Academy of Medicine. By W. D. Bidwell, Gynta, A new Disease..

M, D., Leaven worth.

610 Gunpowder for Criminal Abortion.

Acute Obstruction of the Bowels. By M. A. Brawley, Gastric Ulcer, with Fibroid Induration of Pylorous or

M. D., Frankfort, Kas...

612 Cancer. By Chas. M. Mutz, M. D., Topeka..


A Case of Trephining for Epilepsy and Imbicility. By Gall Stones.


J. C. McClintock, M. D., Topeka...

643 Gunshot Wound of the Intestinés.


Abdominal Section-An...

652 Glandular and Connective tissue-Hypertrophy of the

American Rhinological Association.

652 Lateral Walls of the Pharynx. By Hal Foster, M.

An Insidious Cause of Disease.


D., Kansas City, Mo.....


American Climatological Association

694 Genito-Urinary, System of the Male Neuroses- The of.. 688

Asthma By E. S. Mckee, M. D., Cincinnati, O.

731 Golden Belt District Medical Society.

.608, 742

Blood Pressure in the Brain.

780 How Much Should a City Pay its lealth Officers.

Burns and Scalds. By W. W. Lucas, M. D., Hutchison.. 312 How to Cure Insomnia....

Book Reviews.

.401 373 783 Hydrasticine.......

Bacillus of Tetanus-The.

410 | How to Elevate the Profession.
Bile in Urine, Test for ....

150 II w to do Aseptic Surgery in (omtry Practice. By
Bill to Ally Hliteracy in Medicine.

F. M. Daily, M. D., Scotisville, Kas.

Blindness from Babies' Sore Eyes..

14 Hydroencephalocele--Congenital Tumors of the Brain.

Beware of Dog (arts...

691 By 1). R. Pelion, M. D., of Topeka, Kansas,


Bee Sting for Rheumatism.

738 | Herniotomy.


Chronic Ovarius Versus Cystitic Ovaries. By H. C. How Patevi Medicine is Marked.

Crowell, M. D., Kansas City..

299 Intestinal Obstruction. By L. Reynolds, M. D., Hor-
Chronic Cervical Endometritis. By J. W. McCracken,

ton, Kas......

M. D., Sterling, Kas....
302 Influenza...

...358, 126

Clinical Notes and Gossip from Kansas City Medical Is this True of Topeka...

College. By R. S. Magee, M. D., Topeka...

329 Intestinal Obstruction,

Curetting for Dysmenorrhoea.

32.5 Internationai Medical Annual.
Coryza-Karu, the Head, and Zeo, I live..

3:27 Intestinal Obstruction --Report of a Case. By J. B. ('uir-

Chloral lor Dandruff..

351 tis, M. D. Lindsburg, ks.


Congenital and Zonular Cataract. By Grant Cullimore, Infant Feeding. By Deborah K. Longshore, M. L.,

M. D. Atchison..

771 Topeka........


Chamber Pot....

363 | Interesting


Castration of Criminals..

391 Inducing Respiration.
Curse of our Schools-The..

399 Intra Pelvic inflammation. By M. B. Ward, M. D., To-
Clinical Notes and Gossips from Kansas City Med.

peka, kas.....



408 Icthyol and its Uses.

Cod Liver Oil for Children..

430 Idiopathic Phlebitis–Three Cases of. By D. F. Rodgers,

Crime, Its Physiology and Pathogenesis--and how can

M. D., Topeka, kas.


Medical Men Aid in its Prevention. By R. E. Me- Intestinal Invagination. By W. L. Schenck, M. D.,

Vey, M. D., Topeka.


Topeka, Kas.

Chronic Ovaritis. By H. F. Hornaday, M. D..

510 Insanity as a Symptom of “Bright's Disease." By Alice

Consumptive Tendencies.

Bennett, M. D., of Norristown, Pa.

681, 726 773

Chloroform Vindicated..

Italy's Good Beginning..


Central Branch Medical Association,

569 Jack o'the Lantern..


618 Jottings. By Dr. Draper, Osage..

Codeine, in Disease of Women..

618 Japan a Aigbly Syphilized Nation.

Chancre of the Ear...

648 Kansas Medical College--The.

...559, 018, 092

Cocoaine in Gastric Affections. By W.E Shastid, A.M., Knife Wound of the Stomach. By H. H. Sutherland,
M. D., of Wichita, Kansas,

M. D., Liberal, Kas..


Cocoaine and Tobacco Smoke.

Koch's Method.


Corneal Ulcers. By R. S. Magee, M. D., of Topeka, Kas. 714 Koumiss, Kefir and Matzoon





Kansas City Medical College Commencement

435 Reports on the Progr ss of Ophthalmology.

By D. F. Kansas Medical Society 176, 179, 529, 524, 567 Longenecker, M. D., Emporia, Kas

.536, 619 Leavenworth Medical Society.

321 Rhino Pharyngeal Diseases. By W. E. McVey, M. D., Lucky Kansas...

Topeka, kas

600 Lawson Tait on Fibroids of the l'ierus. 32 Report of a l'ase.

616 Little Things.... .838, 171, 127, 560, 614, 650, 69, 7:39, 396 778 Reflexes as Aidsin Diagnosis. Ry Charles Gardiner, M. Leavenworth Medical Society.

D., of Emporia, Kansas,

.630, 663 local Medical Societies in Kansas 61.1 Report of a Case of Misplaced confidence.

660 Labette County Medical Society. 10 Rest in the Treatment of Tetanus.

660 Little Things we have Noticed Lately. 7:55 Resolutions on the Death of Dr. D. J. Holland

695 Malarial Fevers-an Infallible Antidote tor. 328 Radam's Microbe Killer.,

697 Aledical Education... 360 Rupture of the Membranes.

703 Malarial keratitis-R-port of a Case.. 394 Republican Valley Medical Society.

740 Medicine in Syria.... 126 South Kansas Medical Societv.

316 Medical Society of the Missouri Valley.

781 Stricture of the Urethra--Diagnosis and Treatment. By Medical Dictionary--A New.

W. A. Righter, M. D., Topeka..

349 Missonri Valley Medical Society 481, 698 School of Dissection.

361 Morphine for Snake Bite. 617 Some Recent Additions to Materia Medica.

373 Metric System

617 Scarlet Fever-Symptoms and Diagnosis. By Theo. 1 Major Pelvic Troubles. By Joseph Price, M. D.

Peers, M. D., Topeka..

Vorth East kansas Medical Society.
318 Sanitary Instruction in Schools and Colleges.

By W.
North Eastern Kansas Medical Society..

L. Schenck, M. D., Osage City, Kas..

379, 23
Veeded Pension Legislation..
:36:3 Shoe Button in the Nose four years..

13 North Eastern Kansas District Medicai Society 414 Scarlet Ferer, Diphtheria and Croup..

409 Notes on Infant's Food... 525 | Standardizing fluid Preparations,

412 Verrous Diseases Produced by Lightning.

573 Syphilitic Epididymitis. By G. W. Davis, Kansas City 426 Veurasthenia

576 Stevens Operation--Remarks on. By G. A. Wall, M. D., New York Polyclinic...


466 New Journals.. 9990 Symmetrical Education.

480 Neuralgia and its Treatment. R. E. McVey, M.D., of Siockholders Meeting.

482 Topeka, Kas. 7:02 South Kansas District Medical Society

531 Our New York Letter. .368 398 Spinal Concussion ..

532, 69 Obituary... 441 Stories of a ('ountry Doctor,

3 Obstetrics and Gynecology. By E. S. Mekee, M. D.. Senn's Hydrogen Gas Test. By A. H. Cordier, M. D., Cincinnati, Ohio..


McPherson, Kas. Ocular Surgery. By (, A. Wall, M. D., Topeka.

-3 Summer Diarrhea. By C. C. Green, M. D., Topeka. Phenacetin. 329 Some Therapeutic uses of Buttermilk

6 Paraldehyde as a Hypnotic.

351 Summer lleat a cause of Disease in Children Page of Little Things..

359 Sewage Disinfectant-A New Program of State Medical Society so far as Completed... 362 Sweating Feet-A remedy for.

6 Pbiladelphia as a Medical Center. By M. B. Ward, M. Suspension Treatment for Locomoter Ataxia. By 0. C. 1)., Topeka..

MONary, M. D., Soldier's Home, Leavenworth. 625 Psalm of Life-A New. 107 Surgical Treatment of Empyema.

785 Pruritis. By W. L. Schenck, M. D., Topeka, Kas. 418 Suppurative Hepatitis-Wiih leport of Case. By A. Placenta Previa. By D. R.Pelton, M. D,, Topeka. 12:2

B. Peters, M, D., Mankato..

636 Polyposin a Virgin 132 Sarcoma of the Kidney

655 Proprietary Medicine 4333 | Summer Drinks of the Moguls.

689 Physicians and Druggists-The Relation of.

437 Stricture of the Urethra. By A. H. Cordier, M. D., McProgram of State Medical Society

Pherson, Kas.

747 Pasteur Institute in New York 41 Sad'Indeed.

737 Pneumonia. By J. H. McCasey, M. D., Concordia, Ks. 158 sixth District Medical Society

746 Pneumonia. By L. R. White, M. D., Scandia, Kas 161 Tobacco-Its Effect on the Eye Sight. By Flavel B. Preparation for Motherbood. By M. R. Mitchell, M. D.

Tiffany, M. D., Kansas City

336 Topeka....

The Water supply of Leavenworth. By Charles R. CarPhthisis. By W. D. Bidwell, M. D)., Leavenworth. Ks.. -170

penter, M. D.

749 Program of the State Medical Society

12 The Hovors that, Await the Discovery of SurgeryPresident's Address. By C. C. Cireen, M.D., Topeka..


368 Pleuro-pneumonia following La Grippe. 532 Tenth International Medical Congress.

369 President's Address. By I.N. Love, M.D., St. Louis, Mo. 539 The Ilypodermic Needle.

369 Pott's Fracture. By L. J. Lyman, M. D., Manhattan 515 The Necessity for a Higher Standard of Accuracy for Perideorraphy. By X. Gardner, Greenleaf, Kas. 551

Toxic and Narcotic Drugs

372 Puerperal Peritonitis, 01 Treatment of Ingrowing Toenail.

372 Physician's Instinct- The

575 Tact in a Physician. By J. E. Minney, M. D., Topeka.. 414 President's Address. Joseph Haigh, M.])., Granada 028 | Three Year's Course.

563 Powered Jequírity in Certain Affections of the Eye-- Test of Diet..

555 The use of. By W. (heatham, M. D. 671 Two Interesting New Drugs.

619 Painful Menstruation in Virgins. By 1. N. Love.

Treatment of Spermatorrbora. By Emory Lanphear, Patent and Proprietary Medicines..

M. D., of Kansas City, Mo..

685 Quinsy..... 351 Three Doble Births.

737 Quinine in Pregnancy:

776 Topeka Academy of Medicine and Surgery. 391, 447,528, Quinine and Anufebrin

505, 605, 699, 615, 713..

Quinine in Pregnancy.
410 Uniform State Legislation

393 Report of a Case. By '. A. Meliuire, M. D., Topeka, 297 [terine Dysmenorrica. By F. F. Dickman, M. D., Ft. Rascality in Medicine

Scott, Kas..

535 Republican Valley Medical Society. Removal of a large Sarcoma, .

39 Vaginal Tampons, By J. C. McClintock, M. D., Topeka 335 By John A. Wyeth, M. Valedictory Address.

512 1)., New York.. 413 Vesical Catarrh-Treatment of.

574 Reprints Received.

Veratrum Viride in the treatment ot Eclampsia--The Regular Profession-The.

Merits of.

665 Railroad luates to the State Medical Society 110, 172 Wilson County Medical Society

353 Republican Valley District Medical Society 4X4 What Shall my Subject be?.

366 Relation of Formative matter to Disease. By J. F. Warning--A..

391 Foole. M. D., Wichita, Kas. 19:3 Weak Heart and its Treatment.

410 Railway Hygiene. 519 What Shall the Subject be?

480 Report of the Stormont Library Committee.. 570 Where Shall I Graduate.

562 Reprints Received... .690,575, 737 Wichita Medical College.


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