American Dialect Research

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Dennis Richard Preston, John G. Fought
J. Benjamins, 1993 - 460 halaman
Containing all new material and published for the American Dialect Society's centennial celebration (1889-1989), this volume bings together in one place, as no previously published work has, current approaches to the general problems of language distribution and variation. The several chapters offer accounts of how questions are formulated and how data are collected, stored, and intepreted in the various research traditions of dialectology and sociolinguistics, particularly as they have been carried out by researchers associated with the American Dialect Society. More specifically, this book takes trips to the scholar's laboratory. How is this work done? What pitfalls in fieldwork, processing, and interpretation have been encountered and how have they been overcome? What techniques have been used to get at the facts and underlying explanations of language variety? What does recent work suggest about the most rewarding areas and methods for future investigation?

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Dennis R Preston
W Nelson Francis
Lee Pederson
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