Scientific Proof That (God the Holy) Spirit Exists

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Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 15 Okt 2008 - 284 halaman
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In part A, there are many fascinating ideas about Spiritual Energy. The starting point is that Spiritual Energy is just like physical energy. Its ‚€sevenfold nature‚€™ in the Bible and other Holy Books, occurs in trees, fountains and cubes.The Sevenfold ‚€˜Holy‚€™ Spirit of God exactly occupies the ‚€˜extra seven dimensions of the Universe‚€™ of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN Geneva investigating the latest ‚€string theories‚€ of science.In the second part he gives his own very special translation of some chapters of the Holy Books, fully interpreting them in a stimulating and personal way.In the third part the vast advantages related to the cashless system are explained. Mental illness is tackled head on, and the author proposes a 'CCCCCC' and an abolition of all money!There is light relief at the end - the author's collection of twenty two poems from the 20th Century - before it all went wrong and he stopped writing poetry.

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