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IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The said parties to these presents have here unto set their hands and seals, the day and year first above written.

(Signatures.) (Seals.) Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of

An agreement for the sale of lands should always state the covenants, whether of general or special warranty, which it is intended that the contemplated conveyance shall contain. We give below some of the more common provisions which may be inserted in an agreement for the purchase of land.



1. Covenant that the vendor, before the purchase is completed, shall not commit wasle, or grant any new leases.

And also that the said (the seller) shall not nor will, in the mean time, cut down any timber or trees, or commit any waste or spoil whatsoever, in or upon the premises, or any part thereof, nor shall or will grant any new leases of the premises, or any part thereof, without the privity or consent of the said (the buyer), or his heirs or assigns.

2. Another covenant, for the payment of the purchase-money.

And the said (the buyer) doth hereby covenant and agree to and with the said (the seller), his heirs, executors, and administrators, that upon sealing and executing such conveyance and assurance of the said unto him and them as aforesaid, according to the true intent of these presents, he the said

his heirs, executors, or administrators, shall and will pay, or cause to be paid, unto the said

his heirs, executors, or administrators, the said sum of

in full for the purchase of the said premises.

Or there may be an agreement to retain part of the purchase-money to pay off an incumbrance, as follows :And it is agreed between the said parties that the said

shall or may retain out of the said purchase-money the sum of

for the purpose of paying off the sum of

secured by a mortgage on the said premises, given by the said to

bearing date when the said sum shall become due by virtue of the said mortgage.

3. This agreement may be inserted.
And it is agreed, that if the counsel of the said

shall not approve of the title of the said

to the said premises, this agreement shall be void.

4. This proviso may be inserted.

Provided always, and it is hereby mutually covenanted and agreed, by and between the parties to these presents, for themselves and their respective heirs, in manner as follows, viz.: That in case the counsel of the said (the buyer) shall not approve of the title of him the said (the seller), to the said

or in case (the buyer), on his view thereof (he not having ever viewed the same), will not proceed in the purchase thereof, and shall and do, within one month next after the date hereof, give notice, in writing, to the said: (or to of ), that he will not purchase the said

then and in either of the cases these presents shall be absolutely void; and that then he the said (the seller), his heirs, executors, or administrators, shall and will, within six months now next ensuing, well and truly repay or cause to be repaid unto the said (the buyer), his heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns, the said sum of so by him now paid as aforesaid, together with legal interest for the same, from henceforth to be computed until payment thereof.

5. A provision in articles of purchase, in case of the delay or default of either party.

that if by reason of any delay, neglect, or default, by or on the part of the said (the purchaser), or his heirs, or his or their counsel or agents, the said conveyances of the said estates and premises shall not be ready and tendered to the said (the vendor), or his heirs, to be executed, on or before the said

day of

then and in such case the said


shall and will pay and allow to the said


interest for the said sum of at the rate of to be computed from the

day of until the said (the principal sum) shall be paid as aforesaid; but if, by reason of any delay, neglect, or default, by or on the part of the said

or any claiming under him, such conveyances as aforesaid shall not be executed on or before the said

day of

then and in such case no such interest as aforesaid shall be paid or allowed during the time of such delay of the said

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6. An agreement that if a good title, foc., cannot be made on, &-c., the premises shall stand as security for the money paid down, 8c.

It is hereby further reed and declared by and between all the said parties to these presents, and particularly the said (the vendors) do hereby agree and declare, that in case they cannot make out a good title to, and execute and perfect such conveyances and assurances of, the premises as aforesaid, on or before the

day of

now next ensuing, then the said

and every part thereof, shall remain and be a security to the said (the purchaser), for securing to him, his

the repayment of the said sum of

now by him paid as aforesaid, at or upon the said

now next ensuing, together with interest for the same after the rate of

from henceforth in the mean time and until payment thereof, which interest in such case they the said (the purchasers) do hereby for themselves, severally and respectively, and for their several and respective heirs,

promise and agree to pay accordingly, and then, also, in such case all such rents,

as he the said (the purchaser) shall have received, by or out of the premises as aforesaid, shall be deemed and allowed by him in part of payment of tho same (the principal purchase-money), and interest.

day of

7. That if the other parties do not perform their covenants, the purchaser shall not be obliged to perform his.

And it is mutually agreed and declared to be the true intent and meaning of these presents, that if it shall happen that any of them the said their heirs,

shall neglect to perform his or their parts of the covenants and agreements herein contained, that then, and in any such case, the said

his heirs, executors, and administrators, or any of them, shall not be hereby obliged to perform his and their covenants herein contained, or any of them, but shall, if he shall think fit, be absolutely discharged from the same.




day of

day of

or his

ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT, Made this between


The said
agrees to sell the said

all that with the appurtenances, for the sum of

and will, on or before the

next, on the receipt of the said sum of at the charges of the said

execute a proper conveyance thereof, with a covenant of general warranty and against incumbrances, to the said

and his heirs and assigns. And the said

agrees, that, on the execution of such cunveyance, he will pay the said sum of

to the said assigns.

And it is further agreed, that the conveyance shall be prepared by and at the expense of the said

to the approbation of the respective counsel of the said


and that all taxes and outgoings in respect of the premises in the mean time shall be paid by the said And it is agreed, that the said

shall receive the rents and profits of the premises, from

next, to his proper And it is agreed, that if the said conveyance shall not be executed, and the purchase-money paid on or before the

day of then the said

shall pay interest for the same from the same day, unto tho said after the rate of

per cent per annum. IN WITNESS WHEREOF,

(Signatures.) (Seals.






has been this day declared the highest bidder and purchaser of (describe the real estate), at the sum of and that he has paid into my hands the sum of


a deposit, and in part payment of the purchase-money; and I hereby agree that the vendor shall in all respects fulfil the conditions of sale.' Witness my hand,

(Signatures.) (Seals.)




I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE, That I have this day purchased by public auction all that (describe the estate) for the sum of

and have paid into the hands of

the sum of

as a deposit and in part payment of the said purchase-money; and I hereby agree to pay the remaining sum of unto (the vendor), at

on or before the

and in all other respects, on my part, to fulfil the annexed conditions of sale. Witness my hand, this

day of

(Signatures.) (Seals.)

day of



WHEREAS (the lessor) hath, by his deed indented, dated demised unto the said (the lessee) all that

to have and to hold to him the said

his (reciting the lease), as by the said deed indented more fully appears. Now the said

for and in consideration of

dollars, doth hereby for himself (his heirs, fc.), covenant, that he the said

before the

day of shall and will, at the costs and charges of (the assignee), his (heirs, &c.), by deed indented, assure, assign, and grant over to the said

his (heirs, fc.), the said (the premises), and all his estate, right, title, and demand therein: To have and to hold to the said (the assignee), his (heirs, &c.), during the residue of the said term of years then to come, of, in, and to the same, by virtue of the said recited indenture, and under the rents, covenants, and agreements therein specified.

(Signatures.) (Seals.)




ARTICLE. OF AGREEMENT, Between (the buyer), of the one part, and the articles to be made), of the same quality of materials and goodness as, and in all other respects according to, a pattern agreed between the said parties, and deliver the same to the said

of the other part. The said (the manufacturer), for the consideration hereinafter mentioned, doth covenant that he will, at his own charge, make for the said (describe

1 It would be well to have the conditions of sale annexed, and refer to them by sayin hereunto annered.

at within

months from the date hereof. And the said in consideration thereof, doth covenant to pay to the said

at the rate of


months from the delivery of the said as aforesaid. And it is agreed, that if any of the said shall not be made agreeable to the said pattern, and for that reason shall be rejected by the said

he the said

shall take back such as shall so be refused, and deliver the said

the like quantity of the goodness and make, according to the pattern aforesaid. IN WITNESS

(Signatures.) (Seals.)



ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT, Between the trader), of

and (the book-keeper), of

The said

agrees that he will, during the term of

years from the date hereof, dwell with the said

and faithfully keep the books of accounts of the said and diligently serve the said

in such other business as the said

shall direct, and shall therein perform the reasonable directions of the said

without disclosing the same, or any of his correspondence, or the secrets of his employment or business, to any person whatsoever; and shall not correspond with any person corresponding with the said

nor use any traffic or dealing for himself, or any other person, without the consent of the said

in writing. And the said

further covenants, that he will, during the said term, keep true and perfect accounts for the said

and will not embezzle, waste, or destroy any of the goods, moneys, or effects of the said

or any of his correspondents ; and also that he the said

will, from time to time, during the said term, upon request, make and give unto the said


a just and perfect account in writing of all money which he the said

shall receive and pay out, and of all goods and commodities which he shall, at any time during the said term, receive in or deliver out upon the account of the said

or any of his correspondents, or by the order of the said And also that he the said

his to the said


all such sums of money as shall be due upon the foot of every such account. And also that he the said

will not deliver forth upon credit any of the goods, merchandise, or moneys of the said

or any of his correspondents, to any person or persons whatsoever, without the express consent of the said

And the said (the trader), for himself (and his heirs, 8c.), covenants that he will pay to the said (the book-keeper), in consideration of the said ser

will pay

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