The Yukon Territory: The Narrative of W.H. Dall, Leader of the Expeditions to Alaska in 1866-1868 : the Narrative of an Exploration Made in 1887 in the Yukon District by George M. Dawson : Extracts from the Report of an Exploration Made in 1896-1897, by Wm. Ogilvie

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Halaman 233 - I recognized the place immediately, and by referring to my vocabularies managed to make out that he had supposed this was our destination, and that he knew nothing about the Kusilvak. This was a great disappointment to me, as I had hoped to obtain large numbers of the eggs and skins of the Emperor goose. However, there was nothing to be done but to make the best of it.
Halaman 406 - Cassiar gold fields in British Columbia; so the presumption is that we have in our territory, along the easterly water-shed of the Yukon, a gold-bearing belt of indefinite width and upwards of 300 miles long, exclusive of the British Columbia part of it. On the westerly side of the Yukon prospecting has been done on a creek a short distance above Selkirk, with a fair amount of success, and on a large creek some 30 or 40 miles below Selkirk fair prospects have been found.
Halaman 404 - Cormack asserts with reason that had he had proper facilities it could have been done in two days, besides having several hundred dollars more gold which was lost in the tailings through defective apparatus.
Halaman 113 - Hopefield, which would decrease tho pressure now exerted against the Memphis Front. The revetment to consist of brush mattress work, covered with stone, extending from the bed of the river to the top of the bank. This work was begun in December, 1882, and up to November 1...
Halaman 402 - This new find will necessitate an upward step on the Yukon, and help the Stewart River region. News has just arrived from Bonanza Creek that three men worked out $75 in four hours the other day, and a $12 nugget has been found, which assures the character of the ground, namely, coarse gold and plenty of it, as three times this can be done with sluice boxes.
Halaman 197 - Another thing, the country of the Na-tsik-koo-chin is called Nah-t'singh to this day, and it is the identical country which the Nat-singh occupied. The Na-tsik-koo-chin inhabit the high ridge of land between the Yukon and the Arctic Sea.
Halaman 100 - The mosquitoes were like smoke in the air. Through constant and enforced observation, I came to distinguish four kinds, — a large gray one, and another with white leg-joints, a very small dust-colored one which held its proboscis horizontally in advance, and another small one which carried its probe in the orthodox manner. All were distinguished from the civilized species by the reckless daring of their attack.
Halaman 199 - ... •'The wind blows over the Yukon. My husband hunts the deer on the Koyukun mountains. Ahmi, Ahmi, sleep, little one. " There is no wood for the fire. The stone axe is broken, my husband carries the other. Where is the...
Halaman 264 - Stikine, about sixty-five miles, measured from their sea- eoa^tb*lt' border inland at right angles to the main direction of the mountains. It is somewhat less in the latitude of the Chilkoot Pass, but may be assumed to occupy a border of the mainland about fifty miles in width along the whole of this part of the coast. Broadly viewed, however, the coast archipelago in reality represents a partly submerged margin of the Coast Ranges, and granitic rocks are largely represented in it also. The examination...
Halaman 387 - Ton-dac creek above Fort Reliance. It does not appear to be extensive, but there are several small veins in the vicinity, and it may be that a commercially valuable deposit may be found ; about 25 miles further down I found a small vein which indicates that this copper deposit is extensive. I found a small seam of rather poor asbestos a short distance from Fort Cudahy, and as there is quite an extensive area of serpentine around here, asbestos may yet be fonnd of commercial value.

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