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The Village Law of 1897, The General Municipal Law, The Statutory Construction Law, and the Provisions of the Public Health Law, The Labor Law of 1897, The Railroad Law, Town Law, Transportation Corporations Law, and all other General Laws directly affecting Village affairs.

It is a practical work for Village Officers and others interested in the administration of Village affairs. Contains 370 pages bound in sheep. Price, $3.00.

The new law furnishes a complete scheme of government for Villages now subject to either the Act of 1847 or the Act of 1870.

It also applies to Villages having special charters, in so far as it is not inconsistent with such charters.

It supersedes and repeals the General Act of 1870, the Water Act of 1875, the Sewer Act of 1889, and all other general legislation relating to Villages, including the laws relating to Village Police Justices, Fire Departments, Finances, Cemeteries, etc.

It Contains


The full text of the new law.

The text of other laws of the State applying directly to Villages as municipal Corporations.

Copious notes indicating the changes in the existing law affected by the revision.

Tables indicating the disposition of the old law and the source of the


Citations to decisions of the courts which continue in force under the modified statutes.

The Special Report of the Revision Commission relating to Villages.

The NOTES and ANNOTATIONS are VERY FULL and COMPLETE and are much more numerous than in any other work. We invite comparison.

It contains more SUBJECT MATTER and more FORMS than any other work on the subject.

"Like all the works of CUMMING & GILBERT, this book is carefully edited."-Albany Law Journal.

"I will say from the little time that I have had to examine the work that I am very much pleased with it, as it is a far better work than I have had heretofore."


Village Clerk.

By H. NOYES GREENE, author of "The Law of Taxable Transfers." A handy little volume for the busy lawyer's desk, containing in a systematic alphabetical arrangement the times within which each step in the practice of the law is required to be taken. It is a handsome book, bound in cloth with leather back. Price, $1.50.

It embraces the Code of Civil Procedure, The Code of Criminal Procedure, All the Court Rules. The General Assignment Act, the Mechanic's Lien Acts, the Acts relating to Receivers, the New York City Consolidation Act and Other General Laws regulating practice in the different courts of the State.

In reality it is an Index and Digest of the Codes and Laws of Practice. This Book will prove an invaluable aid to the lawyer in his every-day practice.

It is a time-saver. Instead of searching through a large number of sections of the Code or Court Rules in order to refresh the memory, a moment's glance at Greene's Practice Time Table will be sufficient.

It is a convenient and necessary book. Once in use, always kept at the lawyer's right hand for daily reference. Small and compact in size; cheap in price. Examine and you will purchase it.

"I am much pleased with the Practice Time Table, and consider it a valuable acquisition to my office."


Port Jervis, N. Y.

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