A Select Collection of Modern Poems

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R. Urie and Company: For J. Gilmour, 1744 - 144 halaman

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ſhould be unequal Happineſs is not made to conſiſt in theſe
happineſs among mankind is kept even by providence by
THE HE whole univerſe one ſyſtem of ſociety VER 7 c Nothing is made wholly for itſelf nor yet wholly
The error of imputing to virtue what are only the calami
Of the nature and state of Man with reſpect
Of the NATURE and state of MAN with reſpect
Of F Man in the abſtract That we can judge only with regard to our own ſyſtem being ignorant of
Reaſon or inſtinct operate alſo to ſociety in all animals 109

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