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[The figures in the margin designate the day of the month.]

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1. The General Congress of Mexico assembled, and was opened

by a speech from President Victoria. 2. Forty men and thirty horses killed by an explosion of fire-damp,

at the mines of Logis de Peres, Marotret, France. 5. Large Factory in Lowell, Massachusetts, burnt ; loss $125,000. 6. Vincente Guerrero chosen President, and Anastasio Busta

mente Vice-President of Mexico, by the general Congress. 6. Session of the New Jersey Legislature commenced. 6. Grand Vizier arrives at Schumla and assumes the command of

the Turkish army. Hostilities recommence against the Rus

sians. 9. Discovery and failure of an extensive conspiracy at Lisbon,

Portugal, to overthrow the government of Don Miguel. 9. Frederick von Schlegel, the celebrated German author, died

in Germany. 13. The Buenos-Ayrean privateer Brig Patriot, Captain Almeida,

risen upon by the crew, and carried into Porto Rico and de

livered up to the Spanish authorities. 18. Dispersion of the guerillas and destruction of the Patian faction

in the southern part of Colombia by General Cordova. 22. Four hundred and fifty Indians belonging to the army of the

Provinces under the command of Molina, surprised and cut to pieces by General Lavalle, provisional Governor of Buenos

Ayres. 26. Proclamation of Bolivar to the Insurgents under Obando and

to the Inhabitants of Cauca, Popayan, and Patia, offering par

don to all who should surrender within twenty days. 26. Conspiracy discovered in Manilla, to declare the independence

of the Islands. Several persons arrested and placed in close

confinement. 27. Bill passed the House of Delagates of Virginia, to organize a

Convention for the purpose of revising the Constitution of the

state. 27. Opening of the Session of the French Chambers. The king

in his speech stated that the three great powers of Europe had taken the Morea and the neighbouring islands of Greece

under their protection; that consuls had been appointed with the South American states; and that the finances were in a

flourishing condition. 29. Colonel Timothy Pickering died at Salem, Massachusetts. He

was a distinguished revolutionary officer, and held the post of

Secretary of State during the administration of Washington. 30. Byram Cotton Factory in Connecticut burnt; loss $100,000.


2. York Cathedral, in York, England, partly destroyed by fire. 5. Session of the English Parliament opened. The king in his

speech stated, that diplomatic relations with Portugal were suspended, but that a negotiation for the settlement of existing difficulties was in progress, that the most perfect harmony subsisted between the three great powers of Europe, that the war between Russia and Turkey continued and was deeply regretted, that the finances were in a prosperous condition, and that the difficulties in Ireland and the civil disabilities of the Catholics were worthy of the deliberate consideration of

Parliament. 7. General Harrison, Minister Plenipotentiary from the United

States to Colombia, received and recognised at Bogotá, by the

Minister of State, in the absence of the President Bolivar. 10. Death of Leo XII, Pope of Rome. 11. Electoral Votes for President and Vice-President opened by

the Senate at Washington. Whole number 261. ` Andrew Jackson had 178 for President, and John C. Calhoun 171 for

Vice-President, and both were declared to be elected. 15. Affray at Port Mahon between a party of sailors belonging to

the United States' frigate Java_and a party attached to the

French brig Faune, in which a French Lieutenant was killed, 16. Meza, one of the chiefs opposed to Lavalle's government, shot

in the public Plaza of Buenos Ayres. 17. Large fire at Savannah, Georgia. Forty buildings destroyed.

Loss from 40 to $50,000. 19. The Russian General Kumianoff defeats a Turkish division of

troops with considerable loss. The Turkish garrison of Giurgevo make a sortie with over 3000 men, but are driven back

by the Russians. 20. Very heavy and violent snow storm attended with a strong

northeast gale, throughout the Middle and Northern States. Nantucket Mail Packet Boat lost, and two men frozen to

death. 20. Resolutions passed the Virginia House of Delegates, denying the

power of Congress to pass the late tariff bill, and declaring it to be unconstitutional. 20. Fort Lithada taken from the Turks by the Greeks. It is sit

uated at the entrance of the Maliaque Gulf, and capitulated

after an assault. 21. Field Marshal Count Wittgenstein resigns the command of

the Russian army for the invasion of Turkey, and General

Diebitsch appointed to succeed him. 22. Brig Attentive, Captain Grover of Boston, taken by pirates off

Matanzas, and six persons murdered, being the whole crew

except the second mate, who escaped by secreting himself. 24. Bill for the Suppression of the Catholic Association and others

of the same character, passed the English Parliament; the Catholic Association, however, had previously dissolved itself

in anticipation of this measure. 24. The king of Spain issues a decree constituting the City of Cadiz

a free port. 27. Battle between the Colombian and Peruvian armies at Tarqui,

in the southern part of Colombiat; the former consisting of 5000 and the latter of 8000 men. The Peruvians were defeated with considerable loss. Convention signed for the cessation of hostilities on the field of battle, and mutual differences referred to the arbitration of the United States' government.


2. Bills passed the House of Representatives at Washington (having previously passed the Senate), authorizing a subscription of

to the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company, and of $600,000 to the Louisville and Portland Canal Compa

ny, in Kentucky. 3. Congress adjourned, sine die. 4. Andrew Jackson inaugurated as President of the United States

at Washington. Senate convened, and John C. Calhoun'

sworn in as Vice-President of the United States. 5. Battle fought between the Turks and Russians, near the river

Natonebi in Asiatic Turkey, in which the former lost 1000

men in killed and wounded, and the latter 200. 6. The United States' Senate confirm the President's nomination

of Martin Van Buren as Secretary of State, and Samuel D.

Ingham as Secretary of the Treasury. 6. Resolutions in favor of the Catholic Emancipation passed the

English House of Commons, by a majority of 188. 6. M. Moreira and four other persons hanged at Lisbon, for an

alleged canspiracy against the government of Don Miguel. 9. Cabinet completed at Washington by the appointment of Joha

H. Eaton as Secretary of War, John Branch, Secretary of the

Navy, and John M'Pherson Berrien, Attorney General. 10. The William and Ann, a British trading vessel, wrecked at the

mouth of Columbia river on the northwest coast of America;


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and the whole crew, consisting of 16 Europeans and 10 Sandwich islanders, murdered by the natives, in the expectation of

obtaining their property. 16. Sally of the Russian garrison of Akhalzik. The Turkish be

sieging army driven off with a considerable loss in stores and 18. Decrees of amnesty for General St. Anna and his adherents,

and for the general expulsion of the Spaniards from the coun

try, passed both Houses of Congress of Mexico. 19. Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation, be

tween the United States and Brazil, ratified at Washington. 20. Sizeboli captured by the Russians, and fortified as a perma

nent position. 21. Duel in London between the Duke of Wellington and the Earl

of Winchelsea. 21. Great earthquake in the provinces of Murcia and Orihuela in

Spain. Upwards of four thousand houses and twenty churches destroyed, and great numbers of the inhabitants killed. A considerable portion of the former province converted into a

barren desert. 22. Protocol agreed on between the plenipotentiaries of Great Brit

ain, France, and Russia; fixing the government, boundaries,

&c., of Greece. 23. Turkish fleet of four ships of the line, two frigates, and three

corvettes with fire ships, &c., sailed from Constantinople ta

wards the Black Sea. 26. Corner-stone of the cotton factory laid in Athens, Georgia. 28. General Rauch of the Lavalle or Buenos Ayres party, defeated

by the Monteneros or party of the provinces. 29. Castle of Rumelia surrendered to the Greek army under Count

Agostino Capo d'Istrias. 30. Catholic emancipation bill passes the English House of Com



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1. General Guerrero inaugurated as President of the Mexican

Republic at Mexico. 2. Extraordinary session of the Cortes of Brazil, convened by the

Emperor, to take into consideration the state of the Treasury and of the Bank of Brazil, represented to be in a deplorable

condition. 3. Great fire in Augusta, Georgia. One hundred and eighty-three

houses destroyed. 3. Proclamation of Bolivar to the Colombians, complaining of the

non-fulfilment by Perú of the convention concluded after the battle of Tarqui; and announcing his intention of re-occupying Guayaquil, and compelling the Peruvians to a peace.

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9. Great inundation of the Vistula, near Dantzic. A great por

tion of that city and fifty villages overflowed. Nearly all of 8 or 10,000 head of cattle, and 4 or 5000 houses destroyed,

and a considerable number of persons perished. 10. Fire in Savannah, Georgia. Fifty buildings destroyed. 11. Unsuccessful attack upon a Russian position near Trato on the

Danube, by the Turks. 12. Capitulation of the city of Guatemala, after a long siege and

some hard fighting, to the army of St. Salvador under General

Morazan. 16. General Lamar embarks at Patia for Guayaquil with 1200

troops and 200 horses for the purpose of recommencing hos

tilities with the Peruvians. 18. Portuguese expedition against Terceira (held by the Constitu

tionalists) sailed from Lisbon. 22. Lepanto surrenders by capitulation to the Greeks. 27 & 28. Severe but undecisive fighting in the vicinity of Buenos

Ayres, between the Federals and Unitarians.


2. Extraordinary hail-storm in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It fell to

an average depth of twelve inches, and destroyed a great amount in gardens, orchards, windows, &c., in some instan

ces killing animals exposed to its fury. 4. Riot in Manchester, England. One large factory burnt, and

two others nearly destroyed. 6. The French Consul General at Buenos Ayres demanded his

passports and left that place, in consequence of alleged insults to his flag and nation. The French Admiral took possession of the Buenos-Ayrean fleet of four brigs and several gun

boats, after a hard action. One of the brigs burnt. 7. The Budget presented to the British Parliament by the Chan

cellor of the Exchequer. The most important fact stated in the speech of the Chancellor, was an anticipated decrease in the revenue of £850,000, arising from a depression of commerce. This depression was, however, considered as temporary, and the future prospects of the country were represented as

encouraging 7. The French Minister of Marine stated, in his Budget presented

to the Chamber of Deputies, that the Navy had been increased

by the addition of seventy-nine vessels within the year. 8. Decree issued by Bolivar, imposing additional duties on im

ports, for the purpose of increasing the revenue to meet the

exigencies of the state. 8. Severe, but indecisive engagement between the Turkish garri

sons of Rudschuk and Giurgevo and the Russian besieging army.

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