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Bank of Maryland $300,000 | Hagarstown Bank $250,000
Bank of Baltimore 1,200,000 Frederick County Bank 500,000
Union Bank of Maryland 3,000,000 Farmers' and Mechanics'
Mechanics' Bank 1,000,000 Bank of Frederick Coun-
Franklin Bank

600,000 ty, has a branch at WestCom'cial & Farmers' Bank1,000,000 minster

500,000 Farmers' & Merch'ts' Bank 500,000 Farmers' Bank of Maryland Marine Bank .

600,000 at Annapolis, has a branch All the above Banks are in Balti at Frederick and Easton 1,000,000 more.

Schools. Provision has been made for the establishment of Primary Schools throughout the State, to be supported by a public tax. The first school under this provision was opened in Baltimore on the 21st of September, 18299, for children under 12 years

It is expected others will soon be established. Four dollars a year are to be paid for each pupil not an orphan.

There are 8 or 10 Academies in the state, which receive annually from $400 to $600 from the State Treasury.

The State has made, and continues to make, liberal grants to the University of Maryland. For the year 1829, the grant was $5000; and for Colleges, Academies, and Schools, $13,000.

of age.



Officers and their Salaries. EXECUTIVE.

Salary. John Owen, Governor

$2000 Elected annually, eligible for three years in succession. JUDICIARY. Supreme Court.—John Hall,

Judge, 2500 Leonard Henderson,

2500 John D. T

2500 Superior Court.—The state is divided into six circuits, in which the Court is held half yearly in the 64 counties ; so that one judge attends ten or eleven counties, which occupies him 80 many weeks. The judges are paid $90 for every Court


they attend. Their names are William Norwood, J. J. Daniel, John R. Donnell, James Martin, Robert Strange, and W. P. Margum.

LEGISLATURE. The pay of the members of both Houses is $3 a day. The Speaker has $4.

Receipts and Expenditures.
From the 18th of December, 1827, to the 1st of November, 1828.

Cash handed over by the Committee of Finance

$85,531 05 Arrears of Taxes

2,053 83 Additional Returns of Taxes

396 44 From the late Public Treasurer

1,646 77 Balances due for sales of Public Land

1,989 38 Tax on Banks, and Dividends

20,726 00 On account of Rent of Public Land

7 00 On account of Interest

38 Amount of the Revenue of 1827

61,883 16

Total of Receipts

Deduct disbursements

$174,234 01

80,390 414

$93,343 598

Balance in the Treasury, 1st of November, 1828

General Assembly
Executive Department
Department of State
Treasury Department
Controller's Department
Executive Council
Adjutant-General's Office
Public Printers
Sheriffs for settling Taxes
Congressional Election of 1827
Repairs of State House
Governor's House
Public Library
Buncombe Turnpike Company
State Bank of North Carolina
Miss Udney M. Blakely
Surveying and selling Cherokee Lands
Expenses for Surveying Land, &c. .
Bogue Banks
Roanoke Navigation Company, last instalment
Romulus M. Saunders, Commissioner

$36,658 23 1,561 98

958 00 1,375 871

942 06 128 00 219 84

900 00 20,799 47 2,200 00 866 90 19 32 86 40 676 00

53 00 1,250 00 3,356 24 977 00

600 00 3,057 91

263 551

726 954 1,000 00

250 00 1,963 68

Total of Expenditures

$ 80,890 411

Taxes received for the Year 1827.

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Showing the particular Items taxed, and the Amount on each. These Taxes are

collected by the Sheriffs, and paid over by them to the Controller. Land Tax . $24,867 49 Pedlar Tax

$ 935 30 Town Property

1,402 86 Artificial Curiosity


507 60 Poll Tax

26,932 21 Natural Curiosity Tax 239 70 Stud Horse Tax 1,484 82 | Billiard Table Tax

470 00 Gate Tax 202 40 Fines

1,200 00 Store Tax

6,271 68 Tavern Tax

2,827 52

Total $67,341 58


State Funds.

In addition to the above receipts and disbursements, there have been received during the same period the fund of Internal Improvement, and the Literary and Agricultural funds, and disbursements have been made according to law. The aggregate of these funds is as follows. Internal Improvement Fund .

$71,912 19 Literary Fund

77,560 00 Agricultural Fund

251 62 The whole amount of the Funds of the State, in Cash, Bank Stock, and Bonds, is

1,047,485 33 Deduct State Debt

325,326 72

Total of State Funds

$722,158 63

Literary and Agricultural Funds. The Literary Fund was formed by an act of the Legislature for the establishment of Common Schools, and for that purpose alone. The Constitution of this State provides, “that a School or Schools shall be established by the Legislature;" but though this instrument was formed in the year 1776, nothing was done to carry this injunction into effect until the act passed in 1825. The fund, which arises from Bank dividends, &c. amounts already to above 70,000 dollars, but no step has yet been taken for carrying the act into effect, by establishing schools. It is provided, that whenever the fund has sufficiently accumulated, the proceeds thereof shall be divided among the several counties, in proportion to the free population of each, to be managed as the Legislature may direct. No plan has yet been suggested for commencing this work.

An act to promote Agriculture and Family Domestic Manufactures within this State, passed in 1822. The Legislature appropriated $5000 a year for two years for the promotion of the objects in question; the money to be distributed among the several counties in proportion to their federal numbers. Wherever an Agricultural Society was formed in any one county, or in any two adjoining counties, and the members thereof annually raised by subscription any sum of money, the president and treasurer, on making affidavit of the fact, was to receive from the treasurer of the State a sum equal in amount to the sum subscribed, receiving in no case, however, a larger amount than such counties are entitled to from their federal number of inhabitants.

The several presidents of the Agricultural Societies (or delegates appointed for the purpose) were to form a Board of Agriculture for the State, to convene at the Capitol in Raleigh, on the first Monday after the annual meeting of the Legislature, when they were to choose their officers &c., and publish annually, at the expense of the State, 1500 copies of a volume containing Essays on Agricultural Subjects, the Report of the Geologist of the State, &c., to be distributed by the Agricultural Societies to the people of the State.

The Treasurer of the State is directed to pay annually, on the warrant of the governor, to said Board of Agriculture $1000 for the purpose of purchasing valuable Seeds, Models of Agricultural Implements, &c. for the use of the several Societies.

In 1823, so much of the above act as establishes a Board of Agriculture was confirmed, but the expenses of the Board are restricted to the publication of their Agricultural volume, including the expense of taking and publishing a Geological and Mineralogical Survey of the various regions of the State.

Part of the proceeds of this fund is appropriated in aid of the Literary Fund.

Banks. There are three Banks in the State ; viz. the State Bank of North Carolina (consisting of a principal Bank and six Branches), the Bank of Newbern, and the Bank of Cape Fear. The Bank of Newbern has offices of Discount and Deposit in Raleigh, Halifax, and Milton ; the Bank of Cape Fear has offices of Discount at Fayetteville, Salem, Charlotte, and Hillsborough. The capital of the State Bank is $1,600,000. The capitals of the other two Banks are $800,000 each.

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Officers and their Salaries.
Executive. The Governor continues in office two years;
salary $3000.

Superior Court.—There are eight judges of the Superior Court, and each presides in a Circuit, making eight Circuits in the whole.

1. Northern Circuit, William H. Crawford, Salary $2100
2. Southern
Thaddeus G. Holt,

3. Eastern
William Law,

2100 4. Western Augustin S. Clayton,

2100 5. Oakmulgee Thomas W. Cobb,

2100 6. Flint Christopher B. Strong,

2100 7. Middle William W. Holt,

2100 8. Chatahooche" Walter T. Colquitt,

2100 Inferior Court.There is one in each county, each composed of five Justices elected by the people. They have no salaries, and possess the powers of Courts of Probate.

LEGISLATURE. Senators and Representatives are paid each $4 a day. The President of the Senate and Speaker of the House, $6.

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Receipts and Expenditures,
For the Year ending on the 31st of October, 1823.

General Tax of 1820

$ 31 12 1823

13 74 1825

2,007 07 1826

41,484 10 1827

3,513 00 Cash returned into the Treasury

12,241 58 Sale of Lots in and adjoining the Town of Columbus 26,198 20 Sale of McIntosh Reserves in Butts County

2,619 75 Sale of Lots in Macon

751 23 Fees received by State House Officers

28 37 Rent of Lots fraudulently drawn

65 00 Rent of Fractions, Reserves &c. under the Act of 1826 Rent of Indian Reserves

226 00 Fees on Copy Grants

89 11 Fees on Grants for Land drawn for 1820

3,440 00 1821

2,876 00 1827

22,194 00

692 593

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