U.S. Income and Output: A Supplement to the Survey of Current Business

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U.S. Department of commerce, Office of Business Economics, 1958 - 241 halaman
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This seminal book by one of our leading thinkers on race issues will forever change our views on race and ethnicity, culture, and the explosive policy issues that revolve around them, not only in contemporary America but in societies around the world and down through history. Race and Culture brings together more than a decade of research, encompassing dozens of ethnic groups in scores of countries around the world, to challenge most of the fundamental assumptions underlying the whole spectrum of "social science" beliefs and government policies dealing with racial and ethnic minorities. Its thesis is that differences in productive skills and cultural values are the key to understanding the advancement - or regression - of particular groups, particular countries, and whole civilizations. Thomas Sowell concludes that cultural capital has far more impact than politics, prejudice, or genetics on the social and economic fates of minorities, nations, and civilizations. The spread of these skills across the planet, whether through migration or conquest, has shaped much of the history of the world and transformed its landscape. Attempts to achieve through multiculturalism, affirmative action, or other policies what can only be achieved by the development of cultural capital are illusions and distractions only likely to make matters worse.

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Halaman 55 - family," as used in this report, refers to a group of two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption and residing together; all such persons are considered as members of the same family.
Halaman 43 - These can be derived only in rough fashion because separate indexes applicable to the various income brackets are not available. It is, therefore, necessary to use the same index throughout the income range even though all brackets may not have been affected by the price rise in the same way. Moreover, available price indexes which refer to consumer expenditures for goods and services must be applied to income totals that include income taxes and saving as well as outlays for consumption.
Halaman 39 - Contract construction Manufacturing Wholesale and retail trade Finance, insurance, and real estate Transportation Communications and public utilities Services...
Halaman 214 - Furniture and fixtures Paper and allied products Printing, publishing and allied industries Chemicals and allied products Products of petroleum and coal Rubber products Leather and leather products Stone, clay, and glass products...
Halaman 97 - System are issued by the Business and Defense Services Administration of the Department of Commerce.
Halaman 153 - Consists of billiard parlors; bowling alleys; dancing, riding, shooting, skating, and swimming places: amusement devices and parks; golf courses; sightseeing buses and guides; private flying operations; casino gambling; and other commercial participant amusements.
Halaman 46 - The Relation of Census Income Distribution Statistics to Other Income Data," in an "Appraisal of the 1950 Census Income Data. Studies In Income and Wealth,
Halaman 153 - Photo developing and printing, photographic studios, collectors' net acquisitions of stamps and coins, hunting dog purchase and training, sports guide service, veterinary service, purchase of pets, camp fees, nonvending coin machine receipts minus payoff, and other commercial amusements.
Halaman 211 - Full-time equivalent employment measures man-years of full-time employment of wage and salary earners and its equivalent in work performed by part-time workers. Full-time employment is defined simply in terms of the number of hours which is customary at a particular time and place.
Halaman 134 - This series is net only of imputed interest received, and of cash interest received by firms engaged in lending as a principal activity; cash interest received by other proprietors is considered to be received in the proprietor's personal capacity 'Includes all mutual financial institutions; producers...

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