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Nicholas Murray Butler, LL.D., President. Frederick J. E. Woodbridge, LL.D., Professor of Philosophy and Dean. Munroe Smith, LL.D., Professor of European Legal History. Edwin R. A. Seligman, LL.D., Professor of Political Economy. John Bassett Moore, LL.D., Professor of International Law and Diplomacy. Franklin A. Giddings, LL.D., Professor of Sociology and the History of Civilization. Henry R. Seager, Ph.D., Professor of Political Economy. Henry L Moore, Ph. D., Professor of Political Economy. William R. Shepherd, Ph.D., Professor of History. James T. Shotwell, Ph.D., Professor of History. Vladimir G. Simkhovitch, Ph.D., Professor of Economic History. Henry Johnson, A. M., Professor of History in Teachers College. Samuel McCune Lindsay, LL.D., Professor of Social Legislation. Carlton J. H. Hayes, LL.D , Professor of History. Alvan A. Tenney, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology. Robert L. Schuyler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History. Robert E. Chaddock, Ph.D., Professor of Statistics. David S. Muzzey, Ph.D., Professor of History. Thomas Reed Powell, Ph.D., Professor of Constitutional Law. William Walker Rockwell, Ph D., Associate Professor of Church History in Union Theological Seminary. Howard Lee McBain, Ph.D., Professor of Municipal Science and Adminis. tration. Charles D. Hazen, Litt. D., Professor of History. Roswell Cheney McCrea, Ph.D., Professor of Economics. Henry Parker Willis, Ph.D., Professor of Banking. Thomas I. Parkinson, Ph.D., Professor of Legislation. Dixon Ryan Fox, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History. Frederick John Foakes Jackson, D.D., Professor of Christian Institutions in Union Theological Seminary. William F. Ogburn, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology. Austin P. Evans, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History. Lindsay Rogers, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Government and Secretary of the Faculty. Wesley Clair Mitchell, Ph.D., Professor of Economics. Joseph P. Chamberlain, Ph.D., Professor of Public Law. Evarts B. Greene, Ph.D., Professor of History, William Linn Westermann, Ph.D., Professor of History. Hessel E. Yntema, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Roman Law and Comparative Jurisprudence,

SCHEME OF INSTRUCTION Courses are oftered under the following departments: (1) History, (2) Public Law and Comparative Jurisprudence, (3) Economics, (4) Social Science.

GENERAL COURSES General courses involve on the part of the student work outside of the classroom; but no such course involves extensive investigation to be presented in essay or other form.

RESEARCH COURSES Research courses vary widely in method and content; but every such course involves on the part of the student extensive work outside the classroom

The degrees of A.M. and Ph.D. are given to students who fulfill the requirements pre. scribed. (For particulars, see Columbia University Bulletins of Information, Faculty of Political Science.) Any person not a candidate for a degree may attend any of the courses at any time by payment of a proportional fee. Ten or more Cutting fellowships of $1000 each or more, four University fellowships of $750 each, two or three Gilder fellowships of $650-$800 each, the Schiff fellowship of $600, the Curtis fellowship of $600, the Garth fellowship of $650 and a number of University scholarships of $240 each are awarded to applicants who give evidence of special fitness to pursue advanced studies. Several prizes of from $50 to $250 are awarded. The library contains over 700,000 volumes and students have access to other great collections in the city.



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