The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1897

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Halaman 130 - To Authorize The Employment of Volunteers to Aid in Enforcing the Laws and Protecting Public Property...
Halaman 466 - There is a strong Union feeling with the majority of the people of this State, but the secessionists are much the most active and zealous party, which gives them more influence than they ought to have from their numbers.
Halaman 462 - that the Stockbridge tribe of Indians, and each and every one of them, shall be deemed to be and are hereby declared to be, citizens of the United States to all intents and purposes, and shall be entitled to all the rights, privileges, and immunities of such citizens, and shall in all respects be subject to the laws of the United States.
Halaman 33 - I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America ; that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies whomsoever ; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War.
Halaman 820 - With Sonora and Chihuahua we gain Southern California, and by a railroad to Guaymas render our State of Texas the great highway of nations.
Halaman 150 - General S. COOPER, Adjutant and Inspector-general, Richmond, Va. : GENERAL : — I have the honor to report, for the information of the Secretary of War, the operations of this army during the months of February, March, and April, ultimo. This report is made to cover the whole campaign, for the reason that the special reports of the various commanders, herewith...
Halaman 90 - Thus, by virtue of his office as military commander of the US forces now here, and to meet the fact that wherever within our boundaries our colors fly there the sovereign power of our country must at once be acknowledged and law and order at once prevail, the undersigned, as a military governor, assumes control of this Territory until such time as the President of the United States shall otherwise direct. Thus...
Halaman 91 - No man who does not pursue some lawful calling or have some legitimate means of support shall be permitted to remain in the Territory. Having no thought or motive in all this but the good of the people and aiming only to do right, the undersigned confidently hopes and expects in all he does to further these ends, to have the hearty co-operation of every good citizen and soldier in Arizona. All this is to go into effect from and after this date, and will continue in force, unless disapproved or modified...
Halaman 85 - Headquarters of the Column from California, dated Tucson, July 17th, 1862," contained the following paragraphs: "10. That every soldier may move forward with a light, free step, now that we approach the enemy, he will no longer be required to carry his knapsack. "11. This is the time when every soldier in this column looks forward with a confident hope that, he, too, will have the distinguished honor of striking a blow for the old Stars and Stripes...

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