Ons verdrag met Amerika: Tractaat van vriendschap en commercie tusschen haar hoog mogende, de Statengeneraal der Vereenigde Nederlanden, en de Vereenigde Staten van America, d. 8 October 1782

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M. Nijhoff, 1863 - 154 halaman

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Halaman 45 - Property of any of the Inhabitants of any of them from any Prince or State with which the said United States shall be at War. Nor shall any...
Halaman 33 - ... enjoy all the rights, liberties, privileges, immunities and exemptions in trade navigation and commerce...
Halaman 37 - ... article, stating expressly that their effects are not of the number of those which are prohibited as contraband. And not having any contraband goods for an enemy's port, they may freely and without hindrance, pursue their voyage towards the port of an enemy. Nevertheless, it...
Halaman 41 - All ships and merchandise, of what nature soever, which shall be rescued out of the hands of any pirates or robbers on the high seas, shall be brought into some port of either state, and shall be delivered to the custody of the officers of that port in order to be restored entire to the true proprietor as soon as due and sufficient proof shall be made concerning the property thereof.
Halaman 37 - Merchants, masters, and owners of ships, mariners, men of all kinds, ships and vessels, and all merchandises and goods in general, and effects of one of the confederates, or of the subjects thereof, shall not be seized, or detained in any of the countries, lands, islands, cities, places, ports, shores...
Halaman 41 - And that more effectual care may be taken for the security of the subjects and inhabitants of both parties, that they suffer no injury by the men of war or privateers of the other...
Halaman 43 - ... transport their effects and goods, in all freedom and without any hindrance, and without being able to proceed, during the said term of nine months, to any arrest of their effects, much less of their persons; on the contrary, there shall be given them, for their vessells and their effects, which they would carry away, passports and safe conducts for the nearest ports of their respective countries, and for the time necessary for the voyage.

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