Pennsylvania Archives, Volume 2

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J. Severns & Company, 1853

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Halaman 302 - ... to the knowledge and obedience of the only true God and Saviour of mankind, and the Christian faith, which in our royal intention, and the adventurers' free profession, is the principal end of this plantation.
Halaman 35 - Keller his heirs and assigns. To the only proper use and behoof of the said David H. Keller his heirs and Assigns Forever And the said William H.
Halaman 242 - Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, Esquires, true and absolute proprietaries and governors in chief of the Province of Pennsylvania and Counties of New Castle, Kent and Sussex upon Delaware.
Halaman 107 - Judges of the Court from whence such Appeal shall be so made to you Our Captain General, or to the Commander in chief for the time being, and to our said Council as aforesaid, shall not be admitted to vote...
Halaman 107 - Judgement given by them in the Causes wherein such Appeals shall be made; provided nevertheless that, in all such Appeals, the Sum or Value appealed for, do exceed the Sum of three hundred pounds Sterling, and that Security be first duly given by the Appellant to answer such Charges as shall be awarded, in Case the first Sentence be affirmed...
Halaman 749 - It was then adjudged necessary to send some persons to reconnoitre the town, and to get the best intelligence they could concerning the situation and position of the enemy. Whereupon an officer with one of the pilots and two soldiers, were sent off for that purpose. The day following, we met them on their return, and they informed us that the roads were entirely clear of the enemy, and that they had the greatest reason to believe they were not discovered...
Halaman 510 - ... to violate a fundamental in our constitution and be a direct breach of our charter of privileges, but would also in effect be to commence persecution against all that part of the inhabitants of the province. And for them by any law to compel others to bear arms and exempt themselves would be inconsistent and partial.
Halaman 754 - God is pleased to give, especially at a time when the attempts of our enemies have been so prevalent and successful. I am sure there was the greatest inclination to do more, had it been in our power, as the officers and most of the soldiers, throughout the whole action, exerted themselves with as much activity and resolution as could possibly be expected. Our prisoners inform us the Indians have for some time past talked of fortifying at the Kittanning and other towns. That the number of French at...
Halaman 719 - Britain, our lieutenants of our several counties, governors of our forts and garrisons, and all other officers and soldiers under them, by sea and land, to do and execute all acts of hostility, in the prosecution of this war against the said King of Spain, his vassals and subjects, and to oppose their attempts.
Halaman 745 - Thomas Penn, and Richard Penn, Esquires, True and absolute Proprietaries, and Governors in Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of Newcastle, Kent, and Sussex, on Delaware.

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