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a concerted trio, the burthen of which is probably Hamlet's splenetic exclamation, "Frailty, thy name is woman!" The fair "poacher upon nature's manor," who hides her face in her apron, and her partner in delinquency, under the special care of the constable, tremble before the dread tribunal with all the consciousness of guilt, and passively listen to the sage's harangue with a semblance of attention and humility that may be charitably construed into repentance and resolutions of amendment.

The Sixth Age.

"The sixth age shifts

Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon;
With spectacles on nose, and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well sav'd, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound."

The dominion of avarice and the approaching dotage incidental to this stage of mortality, hinted at by the poet, has been dexterously amplified for his purpose by the painter, who has taken as vehicles of expression a disabled soldier, with his wife and children, and contrasted them with the "lean and slipper'd pantaloon." The greyhaired veteran supported on a wooden leg, opening his vesture, and displaying farther honourable proofs of his sufferings in his country's cause, extends his hand with respectful confidence, as he solicits relief, less for himself, than for the sharers of his poverty, who patiently await the result of this appeal. Feeling neither sympathy for age, compassion for unmerited

privations, or respect for honourable scars, the decrepid and selfish sexagenarian repulses the application and turns his back on the petitioners; and at the same moment the sagacious watchdog, guided by the tone of his master's voice, gives to this rebuff all the support in his power.

The Seventh Age.

"Last scene of all,

That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion;

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans every thing."

The closing scene of man's brief history is now before us, and exhibits him, having survived all his faculties, in the extremity of decay and helplessness; and thus incapable of any enjoyment, of any participation in or even percep tion of what passes around him, nothing is wanting but the merciful stroke of death to remove him from the stage where he has played his part. Having outlived the companions of his youth, those connected with him as well by the ties of kindred as of amity, he is now consigned to the care of a hired nurse who is seen fast asleep, while a child, to whom has been allotted the incongruous task of amusing doting imbecility, has seated himself on the floor to build a house with cards. The accessories, the winged and headless figure, the armorial honours hanging on the last peg, the picture of folly enthroned, &c., are in strict keeping with the story, and sustain and strengthen the moral of the poet and the painter.



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As, as if.

Ascannt, askew, sideways.
Aspect, countenance.
Aspersion, sprinkling.

As point, completely armed.
Assay, test.

Ascapart, a giant.

Assinego, a male ass.

Astringer, a gentleman falconer.
Assurance, conveyance or deed.
Assured, allianced.

Ates, instigate from Até, the goddess of bloodshed.

Atomies, minute particles visible in

the sun's rays. Attasked, taken to task. Attended, waited for. Attent, attentive. Atone, to reconcile. Attest, attestation. Attorney, deputation.

Attorneyship, the discretional agency of another.

Attornied, supplied by substitution of embassies.

Audacious, spirited, animated.
Audrey, a corruption of Ethelrea.
Augurs, prognostications.
Aukward, adverse.

Aunts, strumpets.
Authentic, learned.
Awful, reverend.

Awless, failing to produce awe.

[blocks in formation]

Bate, to flutter as a hawk.

Batlet, an instrument with which washers used to beat clothes.

Batten, to grow fat.
Battle, army.
Bawcock, a jolly fellow.

Bay, the space between the main beams of a house.

Bay curtal, a bay docked horse.
Bay window, a bow-window.
Beadsmen, religious persons, main-
tained to pray for their benefactor.
Beak, the forecastle.

Bear a brain, perfectly resemble.
Beard, to defy.
Bearing, demeanour.

Bearing cloth, a mantle used at christ

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Blank, the white mark in a target. Blank and level, mark and aim (terms

of gunnery).

Blaze of youth, the spring of early life. Blear, to deceive.

Biench, to start off, to fly off.

Blent, blended.

Blind-worms, the cæcilia, or slow.


Blood-boltered, daubed with blood. Blown, puffed up, swollen.

Blows, swells.

Bloody, sanguine.

Blue caps, the Scotch.

Blunt, stupid, insensible.

Blurt, blurted, an expression of con


Board, to accost.

Bobb, to trick,

Bodged, boggled clumsy.

Bodkin, a small dagger.

Bolted, sifted.

Bolting-hutch, the receptacle in which

the meal is bolted.

Bombard, or bumbard, a barrel.

Bombast, the stufling of clothes.

Bona-robas, strumpets.

Bond, bounden duty.

Bony or bonny, handsome.

Book, paper of conditions.

Boot, profit,something over and above

Bore, demeaned.

Bore, the calibre of a gun.

Bores, stabs.

Bosky, woody.

Bosom, wish, heart's desire.

Bets, worms in a horse's stomach

Bourn, boundary, rivulet.

Bow, yoke.

Bolds, emboldens.

Boltered, bedaubed.

Borne in hand, deceived.

Bottled-spider, a large bloated spider.

Boulted, sifted.

Bowlins, or bowlines, tackle of a ship. Bollen, swollen.

Bordered, restrained.

Bower, a chamber.

Brace, armour for the arm.
Brach, a hound.

Brack, to salt.

Braid, crafty, deceitful.
Brain's-flow, tears.

Brake, an instrument of torture; also a thicket.

Brands, a part of the andirons on which the wood for the fire was supported. Brasier, a manufacturer of brass; also, a vessel in which charcoal is burned. Brave, to defy, also to make fine. Bravely, splendidly, gallantly. Bravery, finery.

Brawl, a kind of dance.

Braying, harsh, grating.

Break, to begin.

Break up, to carve.

Break with, to break the matter to,
Breast, voice.

Breath, speech, also exercise.

[ocr errors]

Breathing-courtesy, mere verbal compliment.

Breeched, foully sheathed, mired.
Breeching, liable to be flogged.

Breathed, inured by constant practice.
Breathe, to utter.

Breed-bate, an exciter of quarrels,
Bribe-buck, a buck sent as a bribe.
Bridal, the nuptial feast.

Bring, to attend or accompany.
Brize, the gad, or horse-fly.

Broach, to put on the spit, to transfix.
Brock, the badger.

Brogues, a kind of shoes.
Broken, communicated.

Broker, a match-maker, a procuress.
Brooched, adorned.

Brought, attended.

Brow of youth, the height of youth.
Brown-bill, a battle-axe.

Brownist, a follower of Brown,



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Charm your tongue, be silent.
Charmer, one who deals in magic.
Charneco, a sweet wine.

Chance, fortune.

Chary, cautious.

Chases, a term in tennis.
Chaudron, entrails.

Cheater, for escheatour, an officer in

the Exchequer.

Checks, probably for ethics.

Cheer, countenance.

Cherry-pit, a game with cherry-stones.

Cheveril, soft leather; also, conscience.

Chew, to ruminate, consider.

Chewet, a chattering bird.

Chide, to resound, to echo; also, to

scold, be clamourous.

Chiding, sound; noisy.
Child, a knight, a hero.
Child, a female infant.

Childing, unseasonably pregnant.
Chopine, a high shoe.

Chough, a bird of the daw species

Christom or chrisom, the white cloth

put on a new baptized child.

Chuck, chicken, a term of endearment. Chuff, rich, avaricious.

Chopping, jabbering.

Cicatrice, the scar of a wound.

Circummured, walled round.

Circumstance, conduct, detail, circum


Cite, incite.

Cital, recital.

Civil, grave, solemn.

Civil, human

Cittern, a musical instrument.

Clack dish, a beggar's dish.

Camour, a term in bell-ringing
Clap-in, fall to.

Clapped i'the clout, hit the white mark.
Clap, to join hands.
Claw, to flatter.
Clean, completely.

Clean kam, awry.

Clear, pure.

Clearest, purest.

Clepe, to call.

[blocks in formation]

Jast the water, to find out disorders by Cockle-hat, a pilgrim's hat.

inspecting the urine.

Cataian, a liar.

Catling, a small lutestring, made of


Cavalero-justice, a cant term.
Cavaleroes, gay fellows.

Caviare, too good for, or above the

comprehension of; so called from a delicacy made of the roe of stur

Codding, amorous.
Codpiece, a part of the dress.
Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie.
Cog, to cheat with dice, to lie.
Cognizance, badge or token.
Cogging, lying.

Coigne of vantage, convenient corner.
Coignes, corners.
Coil, bustle, stir.

Cold, naked

Collection, consequence, or collary.
Collied, black, smutted.
Colt, to trick.

Co-mart, a joint bargain.
Come of, to pay.

Come of will, to succeed.
Co-meddled, mingled.
Combinate, betrothed.
Comfort, to aid,
Comforting, abetting.
Comma, connection.
Commission, authority.
Commend, commit.
Committed, lain with.
Commodity, self-interest.
Commonty, a comedy.
Compact, made up of.
Companies, companions.
Compare, comparison.

Comparative, a dealer in comparisons

Compassed, round.

Compassed cape, a round cape.

Compassed window, a bow-window. Compassionate, plaintive.

Compose, to come to a composition. Composture, composition.

Composition, bargain; also, consis


Competitors, confederates. Complements, accomplishments. Complexion, humour.

Comply, to compliment

Comptible, submissive.

Conceit, imagination, wit, idea. Conceited, ingenious,

Concent, connected harmony.

Conclusions, experiments.

Concupy, concupiscence.
Condolement, sorrow.
Conduct, conductor,
Coney-catched, tricked.
Coney-catcher, a cheat.
Confession, profession.
Confineless, boundless.
Confound, to destroy.
Conject, conjecture.

Consent, will, conspiracy.
Consider, reward.
Consigned, sealed.

Consist, stand.

Consort, company.

Conspectuity, sight.

Constancy, consistency.

Constantly, certainly.

Contemptible, contemptuous.

Continuate, uninterrupted.

Continue, to spend.

Continent, containing.

Contraction, marriage-contract.

Contrarious, different.

Contrary, to contradict.

Contrive, to spend, to wear out.

Control, confute.

Convents, agrees, is convenient. Convented, summoned.

Conversion, change of condition.

[blocks in formation]

Cope, encounter, covering.
Copped, rising to a top or head.
Copy, theme.

Coragio, courage, be of good cheer.

Corinth, a brothel.

Corinthian, a wencher.

Corky, dry, withered.

Corollary, surplus.

Corporal, corporeal.

Corrigible. corrected

[ocr errors]

Costard-monger, a dealer in costers or


Cote, to overtake.

Coted, quoted, regarded,

Cotsale, Cotswood in Gloucst.

Couch, to lie with.

Count, to reckon upon.

Countenance. favour; also, false ap

pearance, hypocrisy.

Counter, a hunting term.

Counter-caster, one who reckons wiht counters.

Counter-check, a term in chess.

Counterfeit, a portrait.

Counterpoints, counterpanes,

Country, count, earl.

Couplement, a couple.

Courses, the mainsail and foresai
Court-enpboard. sideboard.
Court coufect, a spurious neb

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Demerits, merits.
Demurely, solemnly.
Denay, denial.
Denayed, denied.
Denier, a coin.

Denude, to strip, divest.
Deny, to refuse.
Depart, to part.
Departing, separation.
Depend, to be in service.
Deprive, to disinherit.
Deracinate, to root up.
Derogate, degraded.

Descant, to harangue upon; also, a
term in music.
Deserved, deserving.
Design, to mark out.
Despatched, bereft.
Detected, suspected.
Dich, do it.

Dickon, Richard.

Die, gaming.

Diet, to compel to fast.

Diffused, wild, irregular.

Digress, to deviate from what is right.

Digression, transgression.

Dildos, the burthen of a song.

Dint, impression.

Disable, to undervalue.

Disappointed, unprepared.

Discandy, to dissolve.
Disclose, to hatch.

Discontentents, malcontents.
Discourse, reason.

Disease, uneasiness, discontent.
Diseases, sayings.

Disgrace, hardship, injury.

Dishabited, dislodged.

Dislike, displease.

Dislima, to unpaint, obliterate.
Disme, tenth, or tithe.

Disnatured, wanting natural affection.
Dispark, to destroy a park or inclo-

[blocks in formation]

Divert, to turn aside.
Division, a term in music.
Doff, to put off.

Dole, alms, distribution, lot.
Dolphin, the dauphin.
Don, to put on, to do on.
Done to death, killed.
Done, expended, consumed.

Done upon the gad, suddenly.
Dotant, dotard.

Double, full of duplicity.

Double vouchers, a law term.
Doubt, to fear.

Dout, to do out, extinguish.
Dowle, a feather.

Down-gyved, hanging down, like what contines the fetters round the ancles.

Draught, the jakes.

Draw, to withdraw.

Drawn, embowelled.

Drawn fox, ene which is trailed over

the ground, to deceive the hounds.

Drachmas, a Greek coin

Dressings, appearances of virtue.

Drive, to fly with impetuosity.

Drew, assembled.

Drollery, a puppet-shew.

Drugs, drudges.

Drumble, to act lazily.

Ducdame, (duc ad ine) bring him to

me, the burthen of a song.

Dudgeon, the handle of a dagger.
Due, to endue, to deck.

Dullard, a stupid person.

Dump, a mournful elegy.

Dup, to do up, to lift up.
Duil, gentle soothing.
Dumb, to make silent.
Duke, a leader.

Durance, some lasting kind of stuff.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Eftest, readiest.

Egypt, a gipsy.

Eid, old time; also, aged persons.
Element, initiation.

Elf, done by elves, or fairies.
Elvish marked, marked by elves.
Emballing, distinguished by the ball,
the emblem of royalty.

Embare, to expose.

Embarquements, impediments.
Embossed, inclosed, swollen, puffy.

Embowelled, exhausted.

Embraced, indulged in.

Empericutick, empirical.

Empery, sovereign power.

Emulous, envious, jealous.
Ergulation, envy.

Encave, to hide.

Endart, to dart forth.

Enfeoff, to invest with possession.
Engross, to fatten

Engaged, delivered as an hostage.

Engrossments, accumulation.

Enkindie, to stimulate.

Enmesh, to inclose, as in meshes.

Enmew, (in falconry) to force to lie in


[blocks in formation]

Envy, aversion, malice.
Enviously, angrily.

Ephesian, a cant term.

Erring, errant, wandering.

Escape, illegitimate child.
Escoted, paid.

Esil, or Eisel, a river.

Esperance, motto of the Percy family.

Espials, spies.

Essential, existent, real.

Estimate, price.

Estimation, conjecture.

Estridges, ostriches.

Eterne, eternal.

Even, to make even, or evident.

Even christian, fellow christian.
Evils, jakes.

Examined, doubted.

Excellent differences, distinguished excellencies.

Excrement, the beard.

Execute, to use or employ.

Executors, executioners.

Exercise, exhortation

Exhale, to breathe one's last.

Exhaust, to draw forth.

Exhibition, allowance.

Exigent, end, exigency.

Exorcisin, the raising of spirits.
Expect, expectation.
Expedience, expedition.
Expedient, expeditious.
Expediently, expeditiously.
Expostulate, to discuss.
Exsufficate, bubble-like.
Extend, to seize.

Extent, violence, seizure.
Extern, external.
Extremity, calamity.

Expiate, to end.

Exposture, exposure.

Express, to reveal.

Expulsed, expelled.

Extracting, distracting.

Extravagant, wandering.

Eyas musket, a young hawk.
Eyases, nestlings.

Eyliads, eyes.

Eyne, eyes.

Eyry, a nest of hawks.

Eysel, vinegar.


Face, to carry a foolish appearance.

Face royal, a privileged face.

Facinorous, wicked.

Fact, guilt.

Factious, active.

Faculty, exercise of power.

Fadge, to suit.

Fadings, a dance.

Faith, fidelity.

Paithfully, fervently.

Fain, fond.

Fair, for fairness.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Gaudy, a festival.

Gaunt, meagre.

Gawd, a bauble.
Gaze, attention.

Gear, things or matters,
Geck, a fool.
General, generality.
Generosity, high birth.
Generous, nobly born.
Gennets, Spanish horses.
Gentle, noble, high born.
Gentry, complaisance.
German, akin.

Germins, seeds begun to sprout,
Gest, a stage or journey.
Gib, a cat.

Giglot, a wanton.

Gilder, a coin, value 2s.

Gilt, gold money.

Gimmal, a ring or engine.
Ging, a gang.
Gird, a sarcasm.
Glaire, a sword.
Gleek, to joke.
Glib, to geld.
Glooming, gloomy.
Gloze, to expound.
Glut, to swallow,

Gnarled, knotty.

God 'ield you, God yield you.

Gongarian, Hungarian.

Good-jer, the venereal disease.

Good-deed, indeed.

Good-den, good evening,

Gorbellied, corpuient.

Gospelled, puritanic.

Goss, furze.

[blocks in formation]

Guarded, ornamented.
Guerdon, a reward.
Gules, (in heraldry) red.
Gulf, the swallow, the hawk.
Guiled, treacherous.
Guinea-hen, a prostitute.
Gun-stones, cannon balls.
Garnet, a fish,

Gust, to taste.

Gyve, to shackle.
Gyves, shackles,


Hack, to become cheap.

Haggard, wild; also, wild throat
Hair, complexion, or character.
Hall! make room.

Happily, accidentally.
Happy, accomplished.
Hardiment, bravery.
Harlocks, wild mustard.

Harlot, a male cheat.
Harness, armour.
Harrows, subdues.
Harry, to harrass.
Having, possessions.
Haviour, behaviour.
Haught, haughty.
Haughty, elevated.

Halcyon, a bird.

Hallidon, doom at judgment day.

Handsaw, hernshaw, (a hawk)

Hangers, that which suspends the sword.

Harlotry, vulgar, filthy.
Hatch, to engrave.

Haunt, company.

Hay, a fencing term.
Heat, heated.

Hebenon, henbane.

Hefted, heaved, agitated.

Hell, a dungeon in a prison.
Helmed, steered through.
Hence, henceforward.

Henchman, a page of honour.
Hent, to seize.

Herb of grace, rue.
Hermits, beadsmen.
Hest, command.
Hight, called.
Hilding, a poltroon.
Hiren, a harlot.

His, often used for its.
Hoar, hoary, mouldy.

Hob nob, as it may happen
Hoist, hoisted.

Hold, to esteem.

Hold taking, bear handling.
Holla! a term of the manege.
Holy, faithful.

Hoodman-blind, blindman's buff.
Horologe, clock.

Hot-house, a bagnio.

Hox, to ham-string.
Huggermugger, secretly.

Hull, to float without guidance.

Humming, o'erwhelming.

Humorous, humid.

Hungry, unprolific.

Hunt-counter, worthless dog.

Hunts-up, a hunting tune.

Hurly, noise.

Hurtle. to dash against.

Hurtling, boisterous merriment. Husbandry, thriftiness.

Huswife, a jilt.

Hyen, hyæna.

[blocks in formation]

Imbare, to expose.

Immanity, barbarity.

Immediacy, close connexion.

Grained, furrowed, like the grain of Imp, progeny.

wood; also, died

Gramercy, great thanks


Grange, a lone farm-house.

Gratillity, gratuity.

Grats, pleases.

Gratulate, to be rejoiced in.

Grave, to entomb.

Grave-man, a man in his grave.

Graves or Greaves, leg-armour.

Greasily, grossly.

Greek, a bawd.

Greenly, unskilfully

Green-sleeves, an old song.

Grise or Grize, a step.

Grossly, palpably.

Groundlings, those who sat or stood on

the ground in the old theatres; the common people. Guard, to fringe.

Impair, unsuitable, unequal.

Impartial, partial.

Impawned, wagered.

Imperious, imperial.

Impetticos, to impetticoat, or impocket.

Importance, importunity.

Important, importunate.

Impose, injunction.

Impositions, commands.
Impossible, incredible.

Imp out, to suoply the deficiency
Impress, a device or motto.
Incapable, unintelligent.
Incarnadine, to dye red.
Incensed, incited.
Inclip, to embrace.
Include, to conclude,
Inclusive, enclosed.

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