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Ordinance. It shall be the duty of the Keeper of the Burying Ground, to take care of and keep in a proper state and condition the Burying Ground aforesaid; to inter all dead bodies of free white persons, and no others, brought there for interment; to keep a Register in such form as the Committee aforesaid may require, of all interments made, in which shall be given the name, age, and sex of each, also the calling or profession if it can be ascertained, and the disease of which each may have died; which Register shall be reported once in every three months, or oftener if required, to the Common Hall: and to do and perform every other duty as Keeper aforesaid, which the said Committee may require; and to account for and pay over quarter yearly, all money to the Chamberlain, which may come to his or her hands by virtue of his or her office. For the services aforesaid, the Keeper shall receive the following fees and allowances. There shall be paid to him or her quarter yearly out of the City Funds, fifteen dollars: and in addition thereto, the Keeper shall and may charge the following fees and no more; for digging a grave and intering one over the age of eighteen years, two dollars; for one between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years, one dollar and seventy-five cents; for one between the ages of ten and fourteen years, one dollar and fifty-cents; for all of ten years and under, one dollar and twenty-five cents. Every grave sunk in the said Burying Ground, shall be at least six feet deep. And the said Sexton shall and may charge and demand the like fees for interments by him made, and no more.

4. Be it further Ordained, by the authority aforesaid, That it shall be lawful for any free white person, who may wish to acquire á title to any part of the Burying Ground on Shoeke Hill, to obtain the same on the following conditions and stipulations: Sueh person shall make with the Keeper of the Burying Ground, a location of the section, half or quarter section, which he or she may select, and pay to him or her the purchase money and obtain his or her certificate of the location and of the payment made therefor, to be presented to the Chamberlain: Upon presenting such certificate of location to the Chamberlain, the Chamberlain shall issue and deliver to the person making the location and payment, a certificate in the following words and figures to wit: This is to certify, that

is entitled to Section No. , or quarter Section No.

and in Section No. , (as the case may be,) in Range No.

in the Burying Ground on Shockæ Hill; according to the Plan thereof &!erveyed by Richard Young, and deposited in the Chamberlain's



Office for the City of Richmond. Given under my hand as the Chamberlain of the said City of Richmond, this day of ; which certificate shall give to the holder thereof a fee simple title to the Land therein described, for the use of the purchaser as a burying place for himself or herself, or any member of his free white family, or any of his or her descendants or friends. For each section, the person locating the same shall pay forty dollars; for each half section, twenty dollars; and for each quarter section, ten dollars: Provided, That not more than one hundred sections of the whole ground now inclosed, shall be sold under this Ordinance: And provided also, That nothing in this Ordinance contained, shall be so construed, as to prevent the Hall from regulating the interments in the said Burying Ground, as may seem to it proper from time to time: And provided also, That no person

shall be authorised in his or her own right, or on his or her own account, to take up more than a section nor less than a quarter section. Provided, however, If any section, half section or quarter section, shall remain without any interment for the space of twenty years, and if the purchaser should be dead or removed and no relative of the purchaser is known by the Committee or Keeper to reside in Richmond, that it shall then be the duty of the Committee to give notice thereof in some public newspaper published in the City: and if no relative of the purchaser appears in thirty days, that then the said section, half section or quarter section, as the case may be, shall revert to the City.

5. And be it further Ordained by the same authority, That there shall be no inclosure erected in the said Burying Ground of greater height than four feet. And no person shall be intered in the public burying part thereof, other than a citizen of the City of Richmond; a member of the family of some citizen of the City of Richinond; or connexion of some citizen of the City of Richmond; or some person who may have died within the City of Richmond, but by permission obtained from the Committee of the Burying Ground, and paying in addition to the fee allowed to the Keeper, the sum of three dollars to the Chamberlain for the use of the City.

6. And be it further Ordained, That the Committee of the Burying Ground, be and they are hereby authorised, from time to time, to contract for the improvement of the grounds and the repairs of its inclosure, and to draw on the Chamberlain for the amount of such contract or contracts, to be paid for out of the sales of land made under this Ordinance.

7. And be it further Ordained by the authority aforesaid, That no one who shall have been convicted of, or charged with and not tried, or held in confinement upon a charge for any Felony or Misdemeanor, and against any of which offences the Laws of the Land denounce an infamous punishment, shall be intered in either of the public burying places aforesaid, unless the Wardens or the Burying Ground Committee, or a majority thereof consent thereto: but such person may be buried in the Lands of the City adjacent to the said Burying Ground on Shockoe Hill.

8. And be it further Ordained, by the authority aforesaid, That any free person who shall wilfully deface or injure, or cause any de facement or injury to be done, to any of the inclosures erected around or within, either of the burying places aforesaid; or to any tree, shrub, vine, tombstone, or other stone or slab which may be erected or placed by any one within the said burying places, according to the regulations thereof, shall for each and every offence be liable to a fine of six dollars, to be recovered for the use of the Corporation by Warrant before any Justice of the Peace for the same: And if such offender be a Slave, shall receive on his or her back, any number of lashes not exceeding thirty-nine, at the discretion of the Magistrate before whom the trial and conviction may be had.

9. All Ordinances and parts of Ordinances coming within the purview of this Ordinance, shall be and the same are hereby repealed: Provided however, That nothing herein contained, shall impair or diminish any right or interest heretofore vested or granted, by virtue of any Resolution or Ordinance of the Hall.

10. This Ordinance shall commence and be in force, from and after the passing thereof.


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An Ordinance, concerning Fires, and Fire Companies.*

[Passed July 14, 1828.] 1. BE it Ordained by the President and Common Council of the City of Richmond in Common Hall assembled, and it is hereby Ordained by the authority of the same, That within twenty days after the passage of this Ordinance, the respective Fire and Hydraulion Companies in this City, shall, at a meeting of each Company, to be called by the Captain or Commander thereof for this purpose, and annually thereafter in the month of July, nominate by ballot, one individual to act as Principal Engineer, and six persons, two from each Ward, to act as Fire Wardens. Any Captain or Commander of a Fire or Hydraulion Company, who shall fail to call a meeting for the purposes aforesaid, within the period aforesaid, or shall within ten days after such meeting, fail to notify the President of the Common Hall of the nomination made by his Company, shall

*AN ACT, Concerning the Fire Companies within this Commonwealth.

[Passed January 18, 1828.) Whereas, it is represented to the General Assembly, that in many of the towns of this Commonwealth, Companies have been formed for the purpose of extinguishing fire on buildings, and that the individuals composing such Companies, voluntarily perform very laborious duties, and encounter expenses and privations, with the laudable motive of protecting the property of their fellow citizens; and whereas, it appears expedient to the General Assembly, that such associations should be duly fostered and encouraged:

1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That whenever any number of citizens, not less than twenty, nor more than forty, in a City, Borough or Town, in this Commonwealth, shall have organized themselves into a Company, for the purpose of extinguishing fire on buildings, and shall have procured, or been furnished with, a good and sufficient Engine, and other necessary implements for the extinguishment of fire, the individuals composing such Company, so furnished and provided as aforesaid, shall be, and are hereby exempted from all fines for non-attendance at the several musters of the Militia prescribed by law. But nothing herein contained shall be so construed, as to exempt the said persons from being annually enrolled as heretofore, in the Militia of this Commonwealth, or from the performance of military duty, whensoever the regiment to which they may belong, or any part thereof, shall be called into actual service.

was, this

day of

Fire or

forfeit and pay the sum of five dollars, to be recovered by warrant with costs, before any Magistrate of the Corporation. The notice to the President of the Common Hall, shall be in the following form: “1,

do hereby certify, that

nominated by ballot, by the Hydraulion Company, as a fit and proper person to fill the office of Principal Engineer; and that


of Jefferson Ward,


of Madison Ward, and and

of Monroe Ward, were nominated as fit and proper persons to be Fire Wardens for the City of Richmond.

Captain or Commander of Fire, or Hydraulion Company."

2. Be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Commanding Officer of every such Fire Company, once in every year, to present to the Regimental Court or Courts of Enquiry, of the Regiment or Regiments of Militia, in which the members of his said Company may be enrolled, a correct report of the names of all the said members, and of the periods at which they shall have severally joined his said Company, and also of the condition of the Engine, Hose, and other instruments connected therewith, and entrusted to his charge; which report shall be received as sufficient evidence to exonerate the persons, whose names may appear thereon, from the payment of any fine assessed against them for non-attendance at any muster which shall have taken place subsequently to the time of their having become members of such Company. And every such Commanding Officer, for failing to return the annual report hereby directed, shall be fined by the said Regimental Court or Courts of Enquiry, not less than three, nor more than ten dollars.

3. Be it further enated, That whenever such Company, in the opinion of a majority of the Fire Wardens, or Fire Department, of any City, Borough or Town, to which the said Company shall belong, or if there be no Fire Wardens, or Fire Department, in the opinion of the Regimental Court of Enquiry, of the Regiment, in which the said Company or the greater part thereof shall be enrolled, shall have failed for three months successively, to consist of twenty effective members, or shall have neglected or been unable, for the like period of time, to keep the Engine, Hose, and other instruments entrusted to them, in good and serviceable condition, it shall be the duty of the said Regimental Court of Enquiry to dissolve the said Company, and the members thereof shall be forthwith subject to the performance of Militia duty, as fully, and to the same extent, as if this act had not been passed.

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