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IV. An Ordinance, reducing into one the several Ordinances,

for regulating the appointment of a Weigh Master, and

for other purposes. October 2, 1827.


V. An Ordinance, reducing into one, the several Ordinances,

for regulating Weights and Measures, and providing for

the sale of certain Articles by Weight. Oct. 13, 1827. 51

VI. An Ordinance, regulating Wagons, Drays and Carts, Hack-

ney Coaches, and other Carriages for Hire, within the

City of Richmond. December 5, 1827.


VII. An Ordinance, for keeping in repair the Fountains in the

Main Street of the City of Richmond, and for other

purposes. November 16, 1827.


VIII. An Ordinance, for the Appointment of an Inspector and

Guager of Spirits and other Liquids, and for defining

his duties. November 21, 1827.


IX. An Ordinance, fixing the Salary of the Commonwealth's

Attorney, for the City of Richmond. February 5, 1828 63

X. An Ordinance, for the Government of the Powder Magazine

in this City, and for other purposes. February 12, 1828.


XI. An Ordinance, prescribing the Duties, and Regulating the

Appointment of an Assessor and of a Collector for the

City of Richmond. February 16, 1828.


XII. An Ordinance, for regulating the Appointment and Duties

of the Surveyor of the City of Richmond. February

20, 1828.


XIII. An Ordinance, concerning Theatres, and Public Shows

and Exhibitions within the City of Richmond. Febru-

ary 26, 1828.


XIV. An Ordinance, reducing into one, the several Ordinances,

regulating the Appointment, Duties and Salary of the

Chamberlain for the City of Richmond, Treasurer and

Secretary of the Sinking Fund, and Clerk of the Com-

mon Hall. May 16, 1328.


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CONTENTS-Ordinances of the City.




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CHAPTER' 1.:. An Act, for establishing the Town of Richmond, in the county of Henrico; and allowing Fairs to be kept therein.

[May, 1742. Ch. 20. 5 Stat. Lar. 191.] 1. FORASMUCH as it hath been represented to this Assembly, that the honourable William Byrd, Esquire, hath lately laid out a parcel of his lands, at the falls of James river, in the county of Henrico, in lots and streets, for a town, by the name of Richmond, and made sale of most of the said lots, to divers persons, who have since settled and built thereon, and that the said William Byrd intends speedily to lay out other part of his adjacent lands, into lots, and streets, to be added to and made part of the said town; and is willing that part of his lands, situate between the said town and Shoccoe's creek, and the river, shall remain and be, as and for a common, for the use of

lies habitants of the said town, for ever. And also, that the said to the invery convenient for trade and navigation, being at the uppermost landing upon the river, where the public warehouses are built: But, because the same was not laid out and erected into a town, by act of Assembly, the freeholders and inhabitants-thereof will not be entitled to the like privileges enjoyed by the freeholders and inhabitants of other towns in this colony:

2. Be it enacted, by the Lieutenant Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That the said piece or parcel of land, lately belonging, or now belonging, to the said William Byrd, Esq. lying and being at the falls of James river, on the north side of the said river, in the county of Henrico aforesaid, be and is hereby constituted, appointed, erected, and established, a town, in the manner it is already laid out, or shall be laid out, by the said William Byrd, in lots, and streets, to be called by and retain the name of Richmond: And that the freeholders of the said town, shall, forever hereafter, enjoy the same rights and privileges, which the freeholders of other towns erected by act of Assembly, in this colony, have and enjoy. And that the said William Byrd, and his heirs, stand seized in fee-simple, of the lands lying and being between the present southern bounds of the said town, and the river, bounded to the eastward by a line, to be run a strait course, from the present extreme bounds of the said town to

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strike the river; and on the westward, by a line, to be run from the end of the present westward street, beyond the lot numbered [1] a straight course, to strike Shoccoe's creek, thence down the said creek to the River, and then by the river; to remain and be, as and for a common,

for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of the said town, for ever.

3. And whereas allowing fairs to be kept in the said town of Richmond, will be very commodious to the inhabitants of that part of this colony, further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, For the future, tivo-fairs shall and niay be annually kept and held, in the said town of Richmond, on the second Thursday in May, and the second Thui»day in November in every year; each to continue for the space of two days, for the sale and vending of all manner of cattle, victuals, provisions, goods, wares and merchandises whatsoever: On which fair days, and on two days next before, and two days next after each of the said fairs, all persons coming to, being at, or going from the same, together with their cattle, goods, wares, and merchandises, shall be exempt and privileged from all arrests, attachments, and executions, whatsoever, except for capital offences, breaches of the peace, or for any controversies, suits, and quarrels, that may arise and happen, during the said time; in which cases process may be immediately issued, and proceedings thereupon had, in the same manner as if this act had never been made: Any thing herein before contained, or any law, custom, or usage, to the contrary thereof, in any wise, notwithstanding.

4. Provided always, That nothing herein contained, shall be construed, deemed, or taken, to derogate from, alter, or infringe the roial power and prerogative, of his majesty, his heirs, or successors, of granting to any person or persons, body corporate or politick, the privilege of holding fairs or markets, in such manner, as he or they, by his or their roial letters patent, or by his or their instructions to the governor, or commander in chief, of this dominion, for the time being, shall think fit.

5. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That this aet, as to so much thereof as relates to the holding fairs in the said town of Richmond, shall continue and be in force four years, from the passing thereof, and from thence to the end of the next session of Assembly; and no longer.

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An Act, to prevent the building and repairing wooden chim.

nies, in the town of Richmond.

[Sept. 1744, Ch. 34, 5 Stat. Lar. 274.] 1. FORASMUCH as it hath been represented to this Assembly, by the inhabitants of the town of Richmond, in the county of Henrico; that they are often in great and imminent danger of having their housAs and effects burnt and consumed, by reason of many wooden chimnies in the said town:

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