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Statement of the Accounts of the Charity called Wyatt's HOSPITAL-continued.

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I certify that this and the foregoing statements are correct. By direction and authority of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters.



Clerk of the said Company. CLOCKMAKERS' COMPANY.




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TO THE CHARITY COMMISSIONERS FOR The Company hold in their corporate names the sum of ENGLAND AND WALES.

3,4831. 18s. 9d. 3 per cent. Consols, the whole of which

represents charitable bequests and foundations. The I have inquired into the condition and circumstances

dividend on this amounts together (free of income tax) to of the following Charities under the management of the

1041. 108. 4d., including the amount with which the ComClockmakers' Company of the City of London, and I have

pany has charged itself in respect of the above-mentioned stated in the Report under the head of each specific

Charities and Parkinson's and Frodsham's Charity. endowment the result of my investigation

The Company elect at their quarterly courts pensioners, Shelton's Gift

Page 95

who are either freemen of the City or widows of freemen, East's Gift


making up generally the number of 15 persons, 6 males Jones' Gift


and 9 females, to each of whom an allowance of 101. a Hutchinson's Gift


year is made, amounting in the whole to 1501. a year. Gibbons' Gift


There are at present two male vacancies. The male vacan. Darling's and Style's Gift


cies are in pressing cases filled by females, among whom Rowley's or Bowley's Gift


the far greater number of applicants are found. Sidey's Gift

95 Greeton's Gift


East's Gift. Aichison's Charity

96 Fenn's Charity

Edward East, by deed of settlement of the 20th June Parkinson's and Frødsham's Charity


1693, gave 1001. to the Company in trust to pay annually Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy's Pension 96 to five poor labouring workmen, freemen of the City, or Rawlings' Charity


their widows, 20s. each. Rowlands' Charity


The disposition of this Charity will be found in the Rustomjee Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy's

Report on Shelton's Charity.

97 Warre's Charity


Jones' Gift. The style of the Company is "The Master, Wardens, and “ Fellowship of the Art and Mystery of Clockmaking of Henry Jones, by deed of the 20th June 1693, gave 1001. “ the City of London.”

to the Company upon the same trust as in Edward East's It consists of a Master and three Wardens and 10 Assis

Charity. tants. It is a Livery Company, and is composed of about The disposition of this Charity will be found in the 75 liverymen and about 20 to 25 freemen not on the Report on Shelton's Charity. Livery.

Shelton's Gift.

Richard Hutchinson, in July 1736, gave icci, to the

Company upon condition of receiving 51. a year during the Sampson Shelton, by his will of the 14th January 1648, joint lives of himself and wife, and after their decease gave to the Company 501., the use to be year by year given said 51. should be given to the poor of the Company. to the honestest and neediest of the poor of said Company. The account of the disposition of this Endowment will

This sum appears by the Report of the Commissioners be found in the Report on Shelton's Charity.
of Inquiry (vol. 6, p. 215) to have been consolidated with
several other gifts, and to have produced at that time

631. 88. a year. The gifts included in the capital sum
producing this annual income are the following

Benjamin Gibbons, by his will of the 6th February 1769,

£ 8. d. gave 1101. Bank Stock to the poor of the Company not on Shelton 50

2 10 0

full pension. East . 100

5 0 0 The account of the distribution of this Fund will be Jones . 100

5 0 0 found in the Report on Shelton's Charity. Hutchinson . 100

5 0 0



Darling and Style
• 500

15 0 0 Sidey

Sir Robert Darling and Nathaniel Style, on the 6th No- 300 4201.stock 12 12 0

vember 1769, gave 1101. (afterwards invested in 731. Bank

Stock) to the Company, in trust to pay the interest thereof 57 18 2

to the poor of said Company for ever.

The account of the distribution of this Charity will be The Commissioners of Inquiry state that none of these found in the Report on Shelton's Charity. sums were carried to a separate account, but that the Company had a greater amount of stock in the public

Rowley's or Bowley's Gift. funds than was sufficient to pay the income of these Charities, and they state that the whole annual income Devereux Rowley or Bowley, by his will of the 24th amounted to 631. 88. This may have arisen from the March 1773, gave 5001. 41. per cent. Annuities to the Com. Bank Stock producing more than the sum of 121. 168. 2d. pany upon trust to apply the dividends thereof in charit.y annually, at which the Company at present estimate its to so many poor decayed freemen and their widows as they produce. It is of course impossible to say, unless I could should deem worthy, to be distributed twice a year. ascertain the time of the purchase and the time of sale, The account of the distribution of this Charity will be what the actual dividends on the Bank Stock should be; found in the Report on Shelton's Charity. but as the discrepancy cannot in any case be considerable, and as the charity distribution of the Company exceeded

SIDEY's Gift. the amount of their obligation, I have not thought it

Benjamin Sidey, by his will of the 7th September 1795, necessary to pursue the inquiry further. These Charities and those of Aichison, Fenn, and Greeton

gave 3001. (afterwards invested in the purchase of 1201.

Reduced Annuities) to the Company to apply the interest to are included in one fund, as follows :

£ s. d.

their poor members. Shelton's and others (brought forward) 57 18 2

The account of this gift is included in the distribution Aitchison's

0 10 0

reported on under the head of Shelton's Charity. Fenn's

12 12 0 Greeton's

2 10 0


Charles Greeton or Gretton, by indenture of the 1st 73 10 2 September 1701, gave 501. to the Company for apprenticing



the sons of poor freemen, whose fathers were dead. The A further sum of 501. was added to the foregoing 1501. sum of 21. 108. a year has not been applied for apprentice- by Mr. Alderman Kennedy, from funds in his hands ship for the last 20

years. The Company, quarterly belonging to Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, entrusted to him advertise the offer of this sum for an apprenticeship fee for charitable distribution, the total 2001. being invested (putting two years into one, or 51.), but no applications are and forming a distinct pension known as the “Sir Jam. made for it, and the income is therefore added to the setjee Jeejeebhoy Pension.” The sum bas subsequently pension funds. (See Report on Shelton's Gift.)

been increased by a gift of the present baronet, Sir Jam.

setjee Jeejeebhoy, to 2501. These sums were invested by Archison's CHARITY.

order of the Court of Assistants in ten shares of the

Victoria Dock Company (guaranteed 51. per cent. for 21 At a court of the Company, held the 7th June 1819,

years), and the proceeds appropriated to the formation of it was reported that the executors of the late Richard

a pension to be entitled the Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy Pension. Aichison, à member of the Fellowship, had paid 101. to the

The Victoria Dock Company formed a junction with Company, which was directed to be invested in the Funds

another Company, and paid off all the shareholders disand the interest applied to the poor of the Company. The

senting from the arrangement in January 1865 with a Company charge themselves with 10s. annually in respect

premium of 71. 10s. per cent., and the sum received was of this gift. (See Report on Shelton's Charity.)

2681. 155. This sum of cash was reduced by the expenses

of reinvestment to 2621. 178. 1d., which, with 371. 28. 11d., Fenn's CHARITY.

money of the Company, was invested in the purchase of Samuel Fenn, as appeared from the minutes of the court

3001. Debenture Bonds of the Bombay, Baroda, and of the 5th May 1828, bequeathed to the Company 2001. Central India Railway Company. Of the dividends amountBank Stock upon trust to keep the same so invested in the ing to 151. a year, the sum of 131. 2s. 6d., the portion name of the Master and Wardens of said Company, and belonging to the charity, is annually given to a pensioner to pay and apply the dividends thereof, by four even (either a freeman or widow of a freeman). The present quarterly payments in each year, unto and equally between pensioner receiving the gift is a freeman. two poor men, members of said Company, and three poor women, widows of deceased members of said Company, as

RAWLINGS' CHARITY. the Master and Wardens should think proper. The sum, after payment of legacy duty, amounted to 1801. Bank Charles Rawlings of Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, in April Stock. This remained in this state of investment, and the 1861 gave 1001. to be invested in the New India 5 per dividends were carried to the Charity Account until April Cent. Loan, the interest thereof to be given annually in 1843, and by a resolution of the Court of Assistants of the one sum to some object connected with the Company as 3rd of that month it was determined, to avoid complexity, the Court should deem worthy to receive it. A wish was to consolidate all the previous investments in one sum afterwards expressed by the donor, in a letter of the total, by transferring so much of the Company's 31. per 10th January 1862 to the clerk of the Company, that it cent. Reduced Annuities to their present capital in the 31. should be given to a deserving freeman or widow of a per cent. Consolidated Annuities as would produce the freeman not receiving the Company's pension, and upon same annual amount as that derived from the other several that wish the Company has acted.

The interest or dividends allowed thenceforward Tbe 51. a year is not given generally to the same person on respect of this 1801. Bank Stock has been 121. 12s. per in successive years, but always to persons not on the penannum. The Company however has ever since continued sion list. In December 1863 it was communicated to the a proprietor of Bank Stock, and of course in equity would Company that the same donor had bequeathed to the be chargeable for the benefit of Fenn's Charity with the Company a legacy of 1001. free of duty to the Company. actual dividends on the 1801. of such stock, which, taking The Court directed it to be invested in the Indian 5 per it at 101. per cent., would be 181. The sum is in fact Cent, Stock, and that the interest arising thereupon be exceeded by the amount of the actual benevolences of the carried annually to the Casual Relief Fund. This fund is Company. (See Shelton's Charity.)

maintained by a poor's box kept by the Company, and by

the occasional arrears of other Charities. It is given in PARKINSON'S AND FRODSHAM's CHARITY.

sums of ll. or 108., &c., often to unsuccessful candidates

for the pensions or other objects. At a court held on the 2nd September 1850 it appeared The 2001. is invested with other funds of the Company, that William James Frodsham bequeathed to the Company in the said Indian 5 per Cent. Loan. 1,0001., free of legacy duty, to be invested in Consols, to the intent that the dividends should be for ever applied in

RowLands' CHARITY. aiding and assisting decayed workmen, freemen of said Company, or their widows as the Master and Wardens William Rowlands of Clerkenwell, Middlesex, in July should think fit. And he declared that the said Master 1864 gave to the Company 1,0001. on a bond, numbered and Wardens should be the sole judges as to the extent and 1708, of the Imperial Ottoman Loan of 1862, bearing meaning of the expression “decayed workmen ;' and out interest at 61. per cent. to the intent that said Company of respect to the memory of his late partner, William might apply the interest thereof upon and for the trusts Parkinson, he directed that the said bequest should be for mentioned below. ever known and distinguished by the name of “Parkinson's The trust was declared by a deed poll of 3rd April 1865, and Frodsham's Charity.” The Company invested the under the hands of Wm. Rowlands and the Master, War1,0001. in July 1851 in 1,0331. 1]s. 10d. 31. per cent. Consols, dens, and Fellowship of the said Company. The following producing 311. 08. 2d. annually. The income is divided scheme of administration is set out in this deed :between two pensioners, either freemen or widows of free- 1. The Company shall yearly, on the 27th August, pay men, being !5l. 108. each. The pensions are both full at out of the interest accruing on the said bond to each present, one male and one female pensioner.

pensioner (male or female) in the Clock and Watchmakers'

Asylum at Colney Hatch 20s., but if any pensioner be a SIR JAMSETJEE JEEJEEB HOY's PENSION.

freeman of the said Company or the widow of a freeman, The foundation of this Charity appears from the following

then the amount payable to him or her in lieu of 20s. shall

be 30s., and if any pensioner be a liveryman or a widow of letter from Cursetjee Jamsetjee, Esq., extracted from the

a liveryman, the amount payable to him or her shall minutes of a court held the 8th October 1855.

be 40s. SIR,

Bombay, 26th May 1855. 2. The clerk of the said Company sha!l keep the By desire of iny good father, and on behalf of him and accounts of the said trust fund, and shall be entitled to myself, I have the honour to enclose a bill on L ndon receive yearly out of the income 5l., and the beadle shall for 1501.

pay the several amounts to be paid to the pensioners in the This remittance we beg you will be good enough to said asylum, and shall take receipts for the same, and shall consider as a contribution from us to the Charitable Fund be entitled to receive yearly out of the income of said trust of the Clockmakers' Company, to be applied in such fund 428., out of which he shall defray all travelling and manner as may be deemed most expedient to carry out the other incidental expenses connected with the performance object in view.

of such his duties. I would take this opportunity of again conveying to you 3. The secretary of the said asylum shall yearly, on or the expression of our high appreciation of the honour previously to the last day of June, send to the clerk of the lately conferred upon us by our arlmission as members of said Company a list of the pensioners in the said asylum, this ancient corporation, in the prosperity of which we shall distinguishing such of them as shall be freemen or liveryalways take the liveliest interest.

men, and for his trouble in so doing shall be entitled to I have the honour, &c.

receive yearly out of the income of said trust fund 208. S. E. Atkins, Esq., CURSETJEE JAMSETJEE, 4. The balance (if any) of the income of the said trust Clerk to the Clockmakers' Company.

fund, after answering the several payments aforesaid, and

follows :

any other payments or expenses which may fall thereon as trusts applicable to the trust fund, whereof trusts are hereinafter provided, shall be applicable as follows (that is hereby declared, ought to be modified, and approving of a to say) if at any time the said Company shall be possessed proposed deed for modifying the same as being consistent of almshouses, they shall annually on the yearly day herein- in spirit with the terms of this trust, or as nearly so as the before in that behalf mentioned pay to every pensioner in altered circumstances will admit, and directing that the such almshouses such a sum, whether 208., 30s., or 40s. proposed deed of modification be executed by the said according to the circumstances as under the direction herein- Company asfixing their common seal thereto (or any before in that behalf contained would have been payable resolution or resolutions to that effect, whatever may be the to them respectively had they respectively been pensioners precise terms or frame thereof) then such proposed deed of in the said Clock and Watchmakers' Asylum, but if such modification shall be executed by and under the common balance shall be inadequate to answer such payment to all seal of the said Company accordingly. And the trusts the pensioners in such almshouses of the said Company, previously applicable to the said trust premises shall then the right of selection of the recipients thereof shall be thenceforth be modified according to the purport and tenor with the said Company, and shall be exerciseable according of such deed of modification, and so as to give effect to the discretion of the Company. And until the Company thereto. But no such alteration shall be made in the shall be possessed of almshouses, or whensoever they shall lifetime of the said William Rowlands without his consent not be possessed of almshouses, such balance as aforesaid in writing thereto being previously given. of the said income or any part thereof (and also in the event The bond happened to be one of those which were of the said Company being possessed of almshouses, any drawn for payment at par in October 1865, and the Comulterior balance of the said income not required for answer- pany received 1,0001. cash. The Company with this sum ing the payments herein before in that behalf directed or purchased 1,3001. like bonds, also bearing interest at 61. per any part thereof) may be applied to the extent of 101. per cent., and a balance 211. left after providing the purchase annum, or, should the Company so think fit, to any money was carried to the interest account of the fund. greater extent that the amount thereof will admit, by and The interest received in 1865 was distributed as in the discretion of-the said Company, in or towards the pensions or donations made to the poor applicants of the To 15 inmates of the Clock and £ $. d. said Company, or in or towards any of its charitable Watchmakers' Asylum at Colney objects. And imless and until otherwise directed by reso.

Hatch, Middlesex, in sums of 11., lution of the Company, the aforesaid sum of 101. per 11. 10s., and 21.

16 10 0 annum specially authorised to be applied as last aforesaid, To the secretary of the Clock and shall, with a view to its being so applied, he annually Watchmakers' Asylum

1 0 0 carried to the credit of the “ Casual Relief Fund” of the Income tax, deducted

1 7 6 said Company. And if and so far as not applied under Clerk of the Company

5 0 0 the trusts and powers aforesaid, the ultimate residue of Beadle of the Company

22 0 such income shall from time to time be invested in some The Casual Relief Fund

10 0 0 such mode as hereinafter authorised, and such investments shall be added to the original trust fund, and the income

35 19 6 shall be added to and blended with the income of the original trust fund, so that the aggregate or consolidated (See Report on Rawlings' Charity.) income may be applicable in all respects in manner herein There was a balance at the end of November 1865 of prescribed with regard to the income of the original trust 641. 58. 3d, not distributed. fund.

The Clock and Watchmakers' Asylum at Colney Hatch 5. The money secured by the said bond, if paid off, or

mentioned above is an institution wholly independent of if the said Company shall think fit to convert or realise the

this Company, and in no respect under its administration same, and also any surplus income not applied for any of

or control. the purposes hereinbefore expressed, may and shall from time to time be invested by or under the direction of the said Company in any stocks or funds or shares or bonds or RUSTOMJEE JAMSETJEE JEEJEEB HOY's Charity. debentures or other securities of the British Government, or the Government of India, or any Colonial or Foreign The sum of 2001. was, on the 31st August 1864, forGoverninent or State, or of any Railway or other public warded by the above donor through R. W. Crawford, Esq., Company in the United Kingdom or India on which a the member for the City, to the Company, expressed to be fixed or minimum dividend or interest shall be secured

a contribution to the funds of the Clockmakers' Company. or guaranteed by the same or any other Company, or by The Company invested the money in debenture bonds of the Government of India, with power for the said Com. the Bombay, Baroda, and Central Indian Railway Company to vary or transpose or direct the variation or trans

pany, bearing interest at 5 per cent., and by a resolution position of such investments into or for others of any of the 10th October 1864 directed the interest to be applied nature hereby authorised and with power (where the to the formation of a pension, to be entitled the “Rusoperation exists) of taking such investments either to tomjee Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy Pension," for the benefit of bearer or so that the same may be inscribed or registered, needy freemen of the Coinpany or their widows. and if any inscribed or registered investments shall be taken The 101. a year is paid to a pensioner of the qualified the said Company may and shall provide for the same being class. taken in the naines of trustees, to be from time to time nominated for the purpose by the said Company, and transferred if and when occasion shall require the right of nomi

WARRE'S CHARITY. nation of the trustees. And the authority to direct transfers of the trust fund being wholly left to the said Company and It was communicated to the Company, in July 1865, that (as well as all other powers hereby given to the said Company Wm. Henry Warre had bequeathed 1001. to the Company, as to the inode of exercise, whereof no special directions are which it was resolved should be invested in India 5 per hereby given) being exerciseable by resolution of the Com- cent. Stock, in addition to the Accumulating Fund, such pany passed at any court (ordinary or special). All fund consisting of the proper monies of the Company expenses of investments, transfers, appointments of new described by that title. This is a sum which appears to be trustees, and other incidental expenses shali be wholly entirely at the disposal of the Company, and may be adborne by the current income of the trust fund so as not to ministered by them in charity or not as they may think impair or diminish the capital thereof.

proper. 6. If the Company shall at any court (ordinary or special)

All which I submit to the Board. pass a resolution that from change of circumstances the 10th March 1868.

Thos. HARE.


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To dividend on the following bequest

under the will of the late W. J. Frodsham, Esq., for the relief of decayed workmen, being freemen of the Company, or their widows,

viz., Consols 1,0331. 11s. 10d. To balance in hand 1st January 1880 To cash from Rawling's Gift To cash from Rowland's Trust

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By William J. Lloyd
By Martha Hoskins
By Mary A. Bartingale (Rawling's

By C. M. Frodsham
By M. A. Bennett
By M. R. Bennett
By E. A. Bennett
By Lydia Pownall


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