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of that year.


The payment was therefore made by the Company for The disbursements on account of the Charity are made
the period duriig Mr. Gilbert's incumbency, and the in the nature of donations annually voted.
Company set apart 4661. 6s. 9d. 3 per cent. Consols, being

In 1862

£ $. d. a valuation of the stock which could be purchased by 2307.

Stokeham Huthwaite, a decayed master for 23 years arrears, and the principal sum of 2001. The


200 0 0 sum of 131. 19s. 8d. a year (the dividends) are brought to a

To Oliver J. J. Stocken

40 0 0 separate account, out of which 101. a year are paid to the

George Wyatt, do.

100 0 0 vicar of Cripplegate, and the balance is carried to the credit

Mary Prior, widow of do.

20 0 0 of the Company.


5 5 0 This application, which appears to be justified by

Brewers' Company

10 10 0 Mr. Kettle's opinion, seems to be inconsistent with the principle on which it was required that the Company shall

£375 15 0
invest the arrears. There could be no necessity for that
investment unless it be a fund dedicated to charity, and
whether the increased dividends thus arising belong or not There was at the end of the year 1863 a small balance
to the original object of the endowment, it must I appre- of 71. 13s. 5d. due to the Company after the disbursements
hend, if properly invested, be considered as liable to some
charitable application to be settled by scheme.

The Whitecross Street Estate.

Samuel Whitbread, by indenture of the 26th March

1794, gave to the Company three freehold houses in Richard Rochdale, by will of the 1st July 1657, gave to

Whitecross Street, upon trust to paythe Governors of Christ's, Bridewell, and St. Thomas'

£ S. d. Hospitals, three messuages in Wood Street, upon trust to

To the general uses of the Company - 10 10 0 pay (amongst other things) to the poor of the Company,

To the clerk

5 5 0 31. a year, before Christmas Day.

To the beadle

2 2 0
The Company receive 31. a year from the Governors of
Christ's Hospital.

and then upon trust to invest the residue of the rents in
the funds, and after the decease of the said S. Whitbread

to pay the dividends in January towards the support and

relief of poor freemen of the Company and their widows

(preferring such as should be blind, lame, or afflicted with By indenture of the 23rd June 1679, reciting the will of palsy, or very aged), in benefactions of not less than 51. 5s. Philip Jemitt of the 26th December 1676, whereby he to each. gave to the Company 2001. to purchase lands to pay out of he rents

The estate consists of the following particulars : To four poor freemen or their wives 61., and the residue

£ s. d.

1. A house and shop, No. 84, Upper for the use of the Company; and reciting that the Company were seised of certain messuages in Shoe Lane.

Whitecross Street, let to David Jones Т) said Company in consideration of the said 2001.

(assignee) on lease for 18% years, charged the above premises with the payment of 61. a

from Lady Day, 1855

60 0 0

2. A factory behind the last-mentioned year.

house, and the Cherry Tree,” (See Bellowe's Gift as to application.)

approached by a gateway from White

cross Street, let to Hayward Tyler WHITBREAD's CHARITY.

(assignee) for 21 years, from Christ

154 13 4

3. The The Great Barford Estate.

Cherry Tree”


Whitecross Street (adjoining No. 1, Samuel Whitbread, by indenture of the 26th March

and in front of No. 2) let to Samuel 1794, gave to the Company a messuage, garden, and

Charles Whitbread and Rd. Marappurtenances, with 270a. 1r. 9p. of land at Great Barford,

ineau on lease for 21 years from Beds, upon trust to pay

Christmas, 1852

42 0 0 d.

The sum of 9181. 3s. 11d. 31. per For the general uses of the Company 10 10 0

cent. Reduced Annuities, standing To the clerk

5 5 0

in the names of John Manning and then to invest the residue in the funds, and after his

Needham, Hedworth David Barclay decease, in January and July every year to pay the rents

Edward Charrington, and Robert and dividends towards maintaining one or two master

Hanbury, jun.

27 10 10 brewers, 1001. to be paid to one such master brewer, and 501. each to two, and if the residue of the rents and dividends

£284 4 2 should amount to 1501. a year, then to pay the same to one such master brewer, or 1001. to one and 501. to another. And if such residue should be 2001. a year, The disbursements on account of this Charity are by then to pay 2001. to one, or 1001. a-piece to two such donations made at a January court. The donations are master brewers.

commonly made to the same persons as long as they live, The estate consists of a farmhouse and £ s. d. if they need them. The Company call them gifts for the buildings on the lower, and a house on the

year to come, and not as pensions or arrears. upper farm, and 235a. 2r. 19p. of land situate in the parish of Great Barford, in the

In 1864 the sum of 2501. was voted in donations as county of Bedford. It is let to John Selis

follows : Ayres, as a yearly tenant, at a rent of 280 (0)

£ s. d. There are also the accumulations of rent,

Mr. George Allan, a blind liveryman and which at the last inquiry amounted to


60 0 0 2,1841. 7s. 1d. 3 per cent. Consols, and now

Mrs. Eliza Lee, widow of a freeman

30 0 0 consist of 4,2151. Os. 7d. like stock standing

Mrs. Mary Slater, widow of a freeman 50 0 0 in the names of Robert Hanbury, Arthur

Mrs. Amelia Elizabeth Smith, widow of a Keith Barclay, Richard Martineau, and Arthur


40 0 0 Pryor

126 90

Mrs. Elizabeth Lewin, widow of a

40 0 0
£406 90

Mrs. Ann Smith, widow of a freeman 30 0 0

mas, 1852

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Brought forward The sum of 4,2051. Ils. 10d. 31. per cent.

Reduced Annuities, standing in the names of Nicholas Charrington, Joseph Martineau, Arthur Keith Barclay, and Arthur Pryor

126 3 4

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Baker's GIFT. John Baker, by indenture of the 18th December 1813, reciting that he was desirous of endowing six almshouses, transferred 2,5001. Reduced Annuities, 3,0001. Consols, and 3,0001. Reduced Annuities to the Company, upon trust to sell a sufficient part of the said 2,5001. Reduced Annuities to purchase six small tenements in the parishes of Christchurch (Middlesex) Spitalfields, Shoreditch, Hoxton, Bethnal Green, or Whitechapel, or to build six such cottages, for the residence of six poor women, or female inhabitants of the said parish of Christchurch.

And the said J. Baker conveyed to the Company a messuage and land in Horton, Bucks, to apply the rents and the dividends of the several sums of stock as follows:--

To the general use of the Company 201.
To the clerk 101., and beadle 21.

121. and after the death of the said J. Baker, to apply the rents and dividends as an endowment for the said almshouses and their inmates.

The testator died in 1818, and the almshouses, which had not been erected at the date of the last inquiry, were built in 1825 upon a plot of ground in Oxford Street, at the back of the London Hospital, in the Mile End Road, 120 feet by 114 feet, and conveyed by feoffment of the governors of that hospital to Robert Barclay and others of the 7th September 1825 in consideration of 4521. In 1838 by a lease of the 6th June of that year, the same governors granted to the trustees for the same uses a piece of land fronting the almshouses, 110 feet by 114, for 73 years from Lady Day, 1838, at a peppercorn rent. There are rooms for eight inmates, each having a parlour and bedroom on the garden level, with a kitchen and offices to each on the basement floor.

The cost of the building was 2,9481. 18s. 7d., which, together with the site, furniture, &c., was raised by the sale of a part of the 31. per cent. Reduced Stock belonging to the Company at the last inquiry.

The productive estate of the Charity at present is as follows:

£ S. d. A farmhouse and out-buildings, and

30a. Or. 17p. land at Horton, in Bucks,
let to John Williams, on an agreement

for a lease, for 14 years from 1850, at 95 00 The sum of 6,8561. 45. 7d. 31. per cent.

Consols standing in the names of
Nicholas Charrington, Josh. Martineau,
Arthur Keith Barclay, and Arthur

205 13 8
And 1661. 175. 4d. like stock, in the
names of Chas. Buxton, Algernon
Perkins, Jas. Watney, jun., and Thos.
Geo. Barclay

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Some other payments have been made recently. A cornrent of 31. 14s. 4d. to the rector of Horton, 201. on account of the restoration of the church and schools of St. Phillip, Stepney, and 201. to the church and parsonage fund of the same parish.

At the close of 1863 a balance of cash of 1141. 15s. 5d. was due to the Charity, which will be invested and added to the accumulations.

I append a form of the petition for admission. The notice of vacancies is given on the church doors of Christ. church, which also states where the forms of petition can be obtained. All which I submit to the Board. (Signed) Thos. Hare,

Inspector of Charities. 27th January 1865.

5 0 1

Carried forward

305 13 9




Proposed ExAMINATION of 118 Boys at the ANNUAL

BREWERS, appointed for Friday the 5th of June 1863.

Sixth Class.- 14 Boys.


Head Master. – Rev. HERBERT WILLIAMS, M.A., Algebra.--To Quadratic Equations.

St. John's College, Cambridge. Reading.

Under Master.-Albert CRUMP, Esq. Grammar.Parsing, &c.

French Master.-M. MASSE, Head French Master at History.-Greece.—The Persian War.

Dulwich College. Geography.-General Modern.

Drawing Master.-H. Ashby, Esq. Natural Physiology. — External Senses. Sight and

The object of the school is to furnish a liberal and useful Hearing.

education for the sons of respectable persons who are Fifth Class.-17 Boys.

engaged in professional, commercial, and trading pursuits

in and near London. The course of education accordingly Arithmetic.-Decimals, Duodecimals, &c.

includes: - Instruction in the truths and duties of Algebra.-To Algebraic Fractions.

Christianity, the Latin, Greek, English, French, and GerReading.

man languages, Mathematics, the Physical Sciences, History.-— Rome. From the banishment of Tarquin to Writing, Book-keeping, Geography, History, and Drawing. the Latin War. .

The duties of each day commence and end with prayer Geography.-Russia, Physical and Political Geography of. and reading the Holy Scriptures, from which none of the

scholars are allowed to absent themselves. Fourth ('LASS.-21 Boys.

No boy may be absent from school on any pretence Arithmetic.--Fractions, &c.

whatever, without special leave from the head master,

except in case of sickness, which must be certified, if Reading.

required, by some medical practitioner. History.—England. The Plantagenets.

A general examination of the whole school, conducted Geography. England, Physical and Political Geo

by gentlemen appointed by the court of the Brewers' graphy of.

Company, takes place at their annual visitation at Mid-
Third Class.--24 Boys.

summer, when prizes are distributed for proficiency and

good conduct. Arithmetic.-Practice, &c.

The hours of attendance are-On Monday, Tuesday, Reading.–

Thursday, and Friday, from nine till half-past twoman Spelling.-General.

interval of half-an-hour being allowed at one o'clock.

The hours of attendance are -Geography.America, Physical Geography of.

On Wednesdays and

Saturdays, from nine till one.
Second Class.—24 Boys.

The vacations are seven weeks from the end of July to
Arithmetic.--Reduction, &c.

the middle of September, a fortnight at Easter, and three

weeks at Christmas. Reading.-

The number of scholars is limited to sixty. Twenty of Geography.--Asia, Physical Geography of.

this number are educated free, viz. :-Spelling. To difficult words of Three Syllables.

14 belonging to the parish of Allhallows, Barking, and

6 First CLASS.—18 Boys.

St. John, Wapping.

the remaining forty are admitted, without reference to the Arithmetic.-Compound Multiplication of Money. parish in which they reside, on payment of 1l. per quarter Reading..

in advance. Geography.England, Physical Geography of.

A uniform charge of 58. per quarter for stationery is Spelling.Church Catechism. — Spelling.–To difficult made to each boy, whether on the foundation or otherwise. words of Two Syllables.

Books and drawing materials are charged at the usual

prices. There are no extras of any kind whatever. FRENCH EXAMINATION.

A deposit of 31. must be made with the clerk of the

Company, on account of each boy educated in the school,
First Class.-12 Boys.

which will be returned on his leaving.

A quarter's notice, in writing, must be given to the
Translation. Prose. Extracts from the works of
Mallet du Pan, Chateaubriand, Rousseau, B. de

head master prior to the removal of any scholar, whether

on the foundation or otherwise. St. Pierre, Cuvier, Michaud, Fénelon, Barthélemy, Pupils are admitted between the ages of eight and J. de Maistre, &c,

sixteen by the Court from time to time as vacancies occur. Poetry.—Corneille, Boileau, Racine, Béranger, Mil

A report of each boy's proficiency and conduct is sent levoye, Berquin, J. B. Rousseau, &c.

to his parents, and also to the court of the Brewers' Grammar.- Parsing.–Construction, Compositon. Company every half year. A report book is also in use, ECOND Class.--19 Boys.

by means of which a boy's friends are acquainted with the

manner in which he has acquitted himself at school from Translation.—Extracts from the Works of Montesquieu, day to day.

Barthélemy, St. Lambert, La Harpe, Mallet du Pan, The school-rooms are lofty, and thoroughly warmed and and Guizot.

ventilated. Grammar.–Verbs.— Regular and Irregular.

Attached to the school there is a library of instructive

and entertaining books for home reading, to which all the Third Class.-29 Boys.

pupils have access.

Applications for admission to be made to C. R. Vines,

Esq., clerk to the Brewers' Company, St. Helen's Place, Grammar. - Article, Adjective, Noun, Auxiliary and

Bishopsgate Street, from whom, or from the Rev. the Head
Regular Verbs.

Master, 9, Trinity Square, E.C., further particulars may
be obtained.

November 1861.

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Translation. } Exercises in the Grammar and Extracts


Brewers' Hall, London,




Received of Mr.

the sum of three pounds, upon the conditions within mentioned.

£3 : 0 : 0

Tower Hill, Grammar School,

186 I hereby certify that Mr.

gave to me the written notice within required, and, having discharged the school account, is now entitled to the return of the deposit of three pounds.

Head Master.

Christ Church, Spitalfields, Middlesex,

Brewers' Hall, London.

Rules and ReguLATIONS. The object of the school is to furnish a liberal and useful education for the sons of respectable persons who are engaged in professional, commercial, and trading pursuits; the general plan of instruction, accordingly, includes instruction in the truths and duties of the Christian Religion, the Greek, Latin, English, French, and German languages, Mathematics, the Physical Sciences, Writing, Book-keeping, Geography, History, and Drawing.

The general age for admission is from eight to sixteen years.

The duties of each day commence and end with prayers and the reading of the Holy Scriptures, from which none of the scholars are allowed to absent themselves. The hours of attendance are :On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from

9 to 23. On Wednesday and Saturday, from 9 to 1. Scholars who are irregular in their attendance, or in. attentive to their studies, will be detained after the school. hours under the charge of a master; and in each case the time of detention will be noted in the daily report book.

No boy is to be absent from school on any pretence whatsoever, without special leave from the head master, excepting in case of sickness, which inust be certified to the head master by some medical practitioner, if required.

The scholars must be cleanly in person and apparel, to the satisfaction of the head master, failing which he is authorised to send them home to their parents.

Registers are kept of the attendance, progress in learning, and conduct of the several scholars, from which half-yearly reports are transmitted to their parents or guardians, and to the court of assistants of the Brewers' Company.

Flagrant misconduct on the part of any scholar, or cutting or otherwise defacing the desks or forms, will subject him to suspension or expulsion from the school.

A general examination of the whole school, conducted by gentlemen appointed for that purpose by the court, shall take place at the annual visitation previously to the summer vacation, after which there will be a distribution of prizes for proficiency and good conduct.

The vacations consist of seven weeks in Summer, three weeks at Christmas, and two weeks at Easter. The scholars are expected to attend the school till the vacations commence, and to return punctually when they close.

One quarter's notice in writing must be given to the head master by parents or guardians intending to remove their children from the school.

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on the

on the

day of day of


To the Master, WARDENS, and Court of AssisTANTS

The humble petition of
That your petitioner, who is

years of

age, is the widow of

who was a and died at

day of That she was born at in the county of

and was married to the That her husband was

a householder and ratepayer of the parish of Christ Church, Middlesex, in which she first came to reside, on the

day of

and that for the last has occupied

in the said parish as under. That she has never received parochial relief, and now resides at

That she is possession of an income of about a year, derived from

That her family consists of daughters, of whom sons are married, and daughters are married, and that she is assisted by

That she is a person of good name, and of honest, sober life and conversation, as appears by the accompanying testimonials.

She therefore prays to be elected to the vacant almshouse at Mile End, founded by John Baker, Esq., deceased, this being her

time of petitioning.

years she

sons, and

The Worshipful Company of Brewers of the City of London having this day elected my son as a

boy to their school, No. 9, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, I do hereby certify that I have read the above rules, with a copy of which I have also been furnished, and that I agree to conform to, and comply with, and be bound by such rules, so far as the same apply to myself, and that I will endeavour to enforce the performance of them so far as they relate to my son.

It is also agreed that I shall forth with deposit with the clerk of the Brewers' Company the sum of three pounds, to be returned to me upon my removing my son from the school after the expiration of one quarter's notice, in writing, previously given by me to the master of the school, of such my intention, and also contingent upon my having discharged all school bills due to the said master, otherwise the said sum of three pounds to be absolutely forfeited to the said Company. Dated this

day of

186 .

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8. d.

£ 8. d.

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8. d. || 1881.
620 5 0
28 7 2

£ 8. d. 190 7 0

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450 00 11 6 0

7 0 0

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24 0 0

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31 10 0 2 2 0


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350 00

80 0 0

1881. TO RENTS

Rent received
Dividend one year on 15,0001. Con.

sols 3 per cent.
Less income tax -

License and registration fees
Fines account
Poor's box account
Search and quarterage
Proportion of income of Irish


Alderman Platt's Trust
Mr. S. Whitbread's Trust-

Great Barford estate
Whitecross Street estate

Mr. John Baker's Trust
„ SUNDRY TRUSTS-The balances of

which become the property of the
Company, viz. :-
Bishopsgate Street estate
Mr. Roger Bellowes' Trust
Shoe Lanu estate
Mr. John Potter's Trust
Mr. Robert Hunt's Trust.
Mr. John Newman's Trust
Mrs. Susan Clark's Trust
Mr. John Neiman's Trust

Messrs. York and Rochdale's Trust
Interest from bankers

10 10 0 10 10 0 20 00

[blocks in formation]
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Balance of Mrs. ANN POTTER'S
Mr. KNAPP's Gift to clerk
Owen's almswomen and master of

school „ Mr. CHARRINGTON'S GIFT to Alden.

ham almspeople Subscription to Cripplegate schools – Donation to Aldenham Governing

Donations to decayed master brewers
and daughters of master brewers,
viz. :-

John N. Frost
Emma L'Evesque
Jane L'Evesque
Elizabeth Fleming
Sophia Knowles

Jane Wells -
School Board for London, Brewers'
Company's scholarships, 3rd pay.
Rev. A. Leeman's retiring pension
Court and committee fees
Pension to late clerk
Donation to do. on retirement
Proportion of salary and gifts to late
clerk to 31st December 1880
Salary, assistant clerk
Solicitor's charges, re Beer Tax Bill
Surveyor's charges
Auditors' fee
Beadle's salary

cleaning windows
Disbursements per clerk
Rates and taxes, hall
Coals, hall

Gas , Insurance, hall . Printing, gtationery, stamps, &c. Rates and taxes, 18 and 19, Addle

Insurance do.
Expenses of livery, visitations, and
other dinrers and luncheons

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850 0 0 450 0 0

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3,733 6 8

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3,733 6 3

6,049 2 0 December 31. „ Balance brought down, being

excess of income over expendi-
ture -

329 1 6

8. d. 1881. December 31. By amount invested in Government 13,793 8 5

Stock at this date, January 1st,
15,0001. Consols Three per Cent.,

costing 13.7931. 8s. 5d.
Balance at this date, subject to
repayment of debt due to
Company from Alderman
Hickson's Trust -

6,378 3 5 20,171 11 10

20,171 11 10

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