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Alice Owen that the income of the said estates at Islington, with directions to state the balances in the hands of the
Clerkenwell, and Orsett, amounted then to 721. a year, said Company, and that they might be charged with

whereof two-fifths were directed to be applied in support interest thereon as should appear just. And that such Sic in Order. of the almshouses, and the remaining two-fifths in support further directions might be given as might be needful,

of the said school, and that the rents of the estates at and in particular the requisite provisions might be made Islington and Clerkenwell were more than sufficient for in respect of the said school and the income of the estates the said almshouses by such a sum 3.5 together with the thereof, and respecting such excess of expenditure in rents of the estate at Orsett would make a sum equal to respect of the said school as might be supplied by said two-fifths of the rents of all the said estates.

defendants out of the income of the said estates of said And the Master further found that the petitioners were

school, it not being sought unless the Court should see of opinion that the charitable intentions of the said Alice occasion to charge the defendants personally in that Owen would be carried into effect, as truly as circumstances

behalf. And that the defendants might be decreed to would admit, by applying such of the rents of the Islington answer what, upon such accounting, should be found due and Clerkenwell Estates as were not required for the from them. And the outstanding funds of the said Charity support of the said almshouses towards the support of in the hands of the said Company might be duly laid out. the said school and of the rents of the Orsett Estate. And And that it be referred to the Master to inquire into the that the petitioners proposed that so much of the rents circumstances affecting the leases granted by the Company arising from the said estates at Islington and Clerkenwell of the Ermitage lands, and whether it would be for the as together with the rents of the said Orsett Estate would benefit of the said Charity that any proceedings should amount to two-fifths of the rents applicable to both

be had against any and what persons for impeaching or Charities should be applied in support of the said school selling any of the said leases, and in particular a certain in aid of the said estate at Orsett. And the Master lease for 144 years made of part of the said Islington approved of the said proposal as a proper scheme for the estate in 1784 to certain members of the Society of Friends application of the rents of the said Charity.

either in the whole or in part or otherwise for defeating It was thereupon ordered that the said report should be

the said leases or the grounds of or forfeiture by reason confirmed, and that the Company should pay in support

of waste or otherwise or from obtaining from the parties of the said school and in aid of the rents of the before.

interested therein some compensation in respect of the mentioned charity estates at Orsett so much of the rents

increased rents accruing from such extended buildings for

the benefit of the said Charity. arising from this before-mentioned charity estates in Islington and Clerkenwell as together with the Orsett rent It appears in February 1825 that the Society of Friends would amount to two-fifths of the rents of all the said

presented a memorial for liberty to let the premises in such estates.

manner and make such alterations as might be most for the benefit of the Charity. And that the Company deter

mined to grant a license to underlet on condition of the The almshouse estate formerly consisting of what were

plan of the new buildings being approved by the Company. called the Ermitage Fields at Islington, is bounded on the

That a plan was accordingly submitted to the Company

by the Society of Friends, which, being objected to, was west by St. John Street Road, and includes both sides of Rawstorne Street on the south ; by Goswell Road on the

subsequently altered, and ultimately approved. And that

by a memorandum of the 26th March 1827, endorsed on west, forming almost an angle at the north, where it is

lease of 6th June 1786, a license was granted to the then bounded by a passage leading from the “ Old Red Lion” public house in St. John Street to Goswell Road. The

lessees to grant building leases for 70 years from 25th March property includes Owen Street (in which are the school

1827 according to a plan and specification approved by and almshouses), Owen’s Row, Owen's Court, Brewers'

the Company. And to take down the old buildings when Street North, Brewers' Street, Buxton Street, Rawstorne

other buildings of equal value should have been erected Place, Rawstorne Street, and the east side of St. John's

subject nevertheless to the rents and covenants in the

lease of 6th June 1786. That under this license the school Street, and the west side of Goswell Road which forms

erected on the land comprised in that lease was in 1829 the boundary. The property was let in various lots on building leases as stated in the Reports of the Commis

taken down by the Society of Quakers, and three streets

called Brewers' Street, Buxton Street, and Brewers' Street sioners of Inquiry (see page 298). The almshouses and

North had been laid down and many houses built on the school which were built by the Foundress, and still existed

site of the said school. at the time of the last inquiry on a plot of ground fronting

The second information prayed that the said free school St. John Street oad, were subsequently pulled down and

of the foundation of Alice Owen might under the decree rebuilt in their present situation in Owen Street, and the

of the Court be extended upon the footing of the increased frontage in the street was then let for building.

amount of the yearly sum applicable to the same in In February 1833 two informations were filed by the furtherance of the said charitable trusts of the said Attorney-General at the relation of William Bromley Foundress in such manner under such circumstances as against the Company. One of them which was afterwards

shoulů to the Court appear needful. And that the estates amended, as amended prayed that the said hospital and

and property of the school might be ascertained unless the almshouses might be extended under the decree of the Court should be pleased to confirm the said appointment Court upon the footing of the greatly increased income of the said estates in extension of the charitable purposes

and appropriation by the defendants alleged to have been

made under the order of the Court of 3rd March 1830. of the Foundress for the support of additional


And that the Company might be decreed to come to such women having regard to the said original indentures.

accounts in respect of the rents, &c. of the estates belongAnd that the application of such increased income and the ing to the school, including the Orsett Estate, received by accumulated fund arising from the excess of income the Company, and of the application of the same, and in beyond expenditure for which the defendants were ac- particular the expenditure of the said Company on account countabie as aforesaid might be regulated and secured. of the said school for such time as the Court should think And in case the Court should be pleased to adopt the said

proper, and in case of need that having regard to the fact report of the Master, and the order of the 30th March 1830

of the accounts of the said school having been blended founded thereupon so far as same extended, then that

and kept together with the accounts of the said almshouses, such extension of the said hospital might be on the footing such accounts :night be so taken at the same time and thereof. And that it might be referred to the Master to together with the accounts of said almshouses. And that settle a scheme accordingly. And that such directions such directions might be given for ascertaining the amount might be made and directions given in that behalf as of such balances or the particular sums or amounts attrimight be needful. And that in case of need the estates butable and payable to the said two Charities respectively. of the said hospital and almshouses might be ascertained. And that it might be declared that the produce of the And that an account might be taken of the receipts and timber felled on the said charitable estates ought to be disbursements of the said Company upon the footing of invested as a capital fund yielding an income for the the said before-mentioned mixed and blended accounts so future benefit of the said schools. And that the Company kept by the said Company as aforesaid not disturbing said might pay the same sum, and that the same might be accounts of receipts and payments up to 1817. And that invested in such manner as might be deemed proper. it might be declared on reference thereto that the said And that all necessary directions might be given for the defendants were not entitled to take credit for and charge future application of the yearly sum belonging to the said against the said Charity said three before-mentioned sums school, and in particular of the before-mentioned estates of 2001., 1001., and 5001. And that the subsequent accounts when ascertained, and of the arrears of the same when of the Company might be in like manner taken to ascer- accounted for and paid by the said defendants. And that tain the accumulations from time to time arising from the master might settle a scheme of such increased income the surplus income and for which the defendants were for putting the said schools upon a proper footing. And accountable to the said Charity. And that it might be that such further order might be made for the better referred to the Master to take such accounts accordingly establishment of the said school.

£ $. d. S. d.

266 5 0

4 4 0

0 5 0

122 0 0

10 0 0

20 0 0

Brought forward The rental represents the 1541.,

the amount having been reduced owing to some portion of the land having been taken from the lessees on the

re-building of the almshouses. Lease to Samuel Norman for

17 years from 1853 of a garden at the back of the

present almshouses And also for the site of the

New River now closed over Crown and Woolpack” public

house, 75, St. John Street Road, on lease to J. Kemp for 61 years, from Midsumier, 18:27 76, St. John Street Road,

Ebenezer Symes, 57years,

from Christmas, 1830 77 and 78, St. John Street

Road, to Thomas Matthews, 80 years, from Midsummer,

1810 79, Do. William Griffith,

79 years, from Lady Day,

1841 80, Do. William Griffith,

76 years, from Lady Day,

1845 81, Do. William Bolton,

76 years, from Lady Day,

1815 82, Do. William Griffith,

76 years, from Lady Day,

1815 83,

Do. William Griffith, 76 years, from Lady Day,

1815 84, St. John Street Road, to

William Griffith, 76 years,
Lady Day, 1815

Do. William Griffith, 76 years, from Lady Day,

1815 86,

Do. W. H. Bolton, 76 years, from Lady Day, 1845

r Let to 7

various Houses, Vos. 78 tenants to 92 (on leases), on leases in Goswell Road. not ex


7 0 0

6 (0)

10 0 0

7 0 0

7 0 0

Answers were put in by the Company to both of the informations.

In February 1834 the relator disclaimed the suits, and asserted that his name had been used without his authority. In June 1834 the case was brought before the AttorneyGeneral, who declined to interfere. The solicitors of the informant, Messrs. Harvey and Yates, in August 1834, entered into an arrangement with the solicitor for the Company to dismiss both informations on receiving their costs out of pocket amounting to 1101. The payment was maile, with the approbation of a committee of the Company, from the Charity property, being probably a much smaller sum than would have been required if the suits had proceeded.

Mr. S. Sharpe, in August 1833, wrote an opinion upon a case submitted to him as to that part of Lady Owen’s trust estate held by the Quakers :

“ I am of opinion, looking to all the circumstances, that the Company are bound to insist upon the forfeiture of the lease of 6th June 1786, which has been incurred by the houses which have been built under the license of the 26th March 1827, having been left in an unfinished state and allowed to fall into a state of dilapidation ; and I am of opinion that the Company are bound to insist upon the forfeiture to the full extent, leaving it to the Court of Chancery afterwards to authorise any compensation being made to the lessees under the Quakers, or those claiming under them, for the logs they may sustain by reason of such forfeiture."

Messrs. Martineau and Malton's bills of costs relative to the negotiation with the Society of Friends, amounting to 4151. 2s. 2d., were laid before the court of the Company in May 1835; also a statement of the sums paid to Messrs. Harvey and Yates, and for surveyor's charges, &c., by which it appeared that an expenditure of more than 6001. had been incurred by the Company as trustees of Lady Owen's Charities in these proceedings, and an offer having been made on the part of the Society of 2501., and an indemnity to the Company in 2,0001. Resolved, that Mr. Gurney be informed 301. will be accepted upon condition that the houses be repaired forth with and insured in conformity with the covenants, and that the expense of the bond to be prepared by Martineau and Malton be paid by the Society ; and on the 12th February 1836 the payment of the 3001. to the Company and of Messrs. Martineau and Malton's bill for the bond of indemnity was reported.

The estate of this Charity is at present as follows:The property comprised in the £ s. d.

d. 99 years' term granted to

Rawstorne from Christ-
mas, 1771 :-
Lots 1 and 2, Hermitage Fields 30 12 0
3, do.

9 15 0

.13 10 0

14 0 0 do.

12 0 0 7, do.

11 11 0 Part of Lot 8, do.

8 8 ()
Do. do.,

1 Part of 9, do.

13 15 0 117 15 0 The property comprised in the

lease for the samne terin to

John Eades :“ Clown” public - house 62,

St. John Street Road, for

58 years, Midsummer, 1812 21 0 0 63, St. John Street Road, for 58 years,

Christmas, 1812 12 () 64, do. do.

12 0 0 65, do. do.

120) 0 66, do.


12 0 0 67, Josiah Philpot, for 57 years, Christmas, 1813

12 © Lot 68, J. Walker

12 0 0
69, C. T., 55 years from
Christmas, 1815

5 ( 0)
70, do. do.

5 0 0
71, J. Philpot, 54) years,
Michaelmas, 1816

12 (0) 0
72, R. Cook, 53 years, from
Christmas, 1817 -

12 0 0
73, W. Cassan, 29) years,
Midsummer, 1841

10 10 0
74, H. Lamb, 12 years,
Christmas, 1828

8 0 0

118 10 0 Carried forward

£ 266 5 0

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6 () ()

£ 8.

10 0 0

1,017 10 3

5, 6,

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The Orsett property which was originally designed for the school, is situated in the parish of Orsett about 5 miles from Tilbury Fort, consisting of 31a. 3r. 34p., together with two allotments. There is no building on the property. It is let to Richard Knight on lease for 14 years from Michaelmas, 1851, at a rent of 457. a year.

£ s. d. London rental

1,541 4 3 Essex

45 0 0

Carried forward

- L'1,586 4 3

£ S. d. 1,586 4 3

[blocks in formation]

Brought forward
The sum of 14,9801. 7s. 6d.

Reduced Annuities standing
in the corporate naine of the
Company which has arisen by
investments from the excess
of the income


80 0 0
36 0 0


449 8 2

Brought forward
Drawing materials
Mr. Masse, French master, about 10

boys learn the French language two

days in the week
Books and stationery
Rewards in money at the visitation,

being generally 5s., 3s. 6d., 2s. 6d.,
2s., Is. 6d., and ls., according to the

Other articles for the use of the school
Printing, &c., beadle, &c. (1862)
Repairs (1862)
In 1860 the sum of 4211. was expended

in an additional class-room, forms,

£2,035 12 5

14 0 0 12 0 0 17 10 0 4 10 0 3 0 0 60 0 1

[blocks in formation]

£648 2 0

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142 10 9 This being deducted from the

s. d. rental of

2,035 12 5

The disbursements are, therefore, for
the school

say 650 0 0
£1,893 18
Seven alınshouses

say 394 0 0

£1,044 0 0
There are at present 14 almswomen occupying 13 alms-
houses. Each almshouse has two rooms, and they are

The excess of income over the expenditure is therefore entered from 10 outer doors. They were built in 1841 at

about 7501. a year. an expense of about 3,5001., which was provided by a sale

The school faces the alms houses, the front is occupied of the stock then held on account of the Charity. The · by the master's house and the two schoolrooms and a almspeople are widows under the age of 50, who lived in class-room, affording accommodation for 120 boys at the the parish of St. Mary, Islington, or St. James', Clerk- back. There is no playground. It was built in 1810 at enwell, for seven years before the election. At the last an expense of 2,6561. Is. 6d. The money was provided by election there were 15 qualified candidates of the ages

sale of part of the stock thien held by the Company on varying from 57 to 74 for one vacancy. Each person

account of the Charity. admitted gave the name of two friends wito will provide a

The school is open to the sons of inhabitants of nurse and medical attendance and funeral expenses.

St. Mary's, Islington, and St. James, Clerkenwell, 100 from

the former and 20 from the latter. They must be at least
The almswomen receive each 7s. a £
week, which for 14 persons amounts

seven years of age and not above 11 years of age, and be

able to read and write. They pay nothing for entrance, to

254 16

education, books, or stationery. They deposit 1l. which is Gift of 10s. each at visitation

7 0 0

returned to them in case they give three months' notice of Do. 10s. 6d. each at Christmas 7 7 0

removal. The election is made by the court and Company Do. tea

3 0 0

at the school twice a year after the Midsummer and
Nurses (during sickness) about 30 0 0

Christmas holidays. The preference is generally given to
Cloth (for gowns) and making, every

the children of respectable parents. In the election on
two years. They remain to the

the 2nd January 1864, there were 44 candidates for seven
successors during the two years 12 10 0
Coals, 19 tons 12 cwt. in the year

vacancies from Islington, and 16 for four vacancies at
36 0 0

Clerkenwell. There are generally less vacancies and more
Salary of the custos. The office is

candidates for Clerkenwell.
held by the master of the school 10 0 0

The school is stated to be very highly appreciated in the

2 18 6

neighbourhood, and admission is much sought after. Rates and taxes

10 0 0

The boys are required to leave the school at 14 years of
Water rate for the school and alms-

age. There is an annual examination on the first Friday

5 5 0

in June, when the court are summoned to attend, and as Repairs

15 0 0

many members as think proper take part in the exami

nation. The examination is carried on by the masters in £393 16 6

their presence, on a series of subjects previously suggested

on a printed paper. I annex a copy of the paper used for
The School.

this purpose at their last examination.
The master, Mr. John Hoare, was ap- £ $. d.
pointed in 1833. He was trained at

Lovejoy's Gift.
the National Society Central School,
at Westminster

200 0 0

Elizabeth Lovejoy, by will of the 25th March 1694,
Allowance for luncheon at the visitation 2 2 0

bequeated to Lady Owen's Free School and Almshouses
Sundries, utensils, &c. for the use of

2001., to be paid to the Company to be disposed of by them
the premises

9 0 ()
in the purchase of lands to be applied

Mr. William Sheppherd Hoare, assis-
tant master; he is the son of the

To the schoolmaster, on the anniversary

of her death
150 0 0

1 0 0
Mr. T. J. Hill, drawing master (of the

For a dinner

2 0 0 120 boys, 16 are taught drawing, and

And the residue for the poor women in the almshouses. are selected by the drawing master

The sum of 1801. which was received in respect of this according to his opinion of their

benefaction is held by the Company. They pay to the comparative talent for the art)

50 0 0 senior 10 of the 14 almspeople 3s. per quarter on this

endowment, and Il. annually to the schoolmaster, making Carried forward

£411 2 0 together 71. a year."

£ s.


27th Jan, 1871.


By an order of the Board of Charity Commissioners of By an order of the said Board of this date, the 27th June this date, the Company were authorised to grant to the Company were authorised to erect, at a cost

not more Trustees of the Finsbury Dispensary, for the term of 80 than 5,8001. to be provided out of money or funds in years, at an ultimate annual rent of 201., a lease of a piece their hands belonging to the Charity, a block of public of land situate in Brewers' Street North, Clerkenwell, lodging houses on the south side of Rawstorne Street, containing 3,350 square feet.


The Free GRAMMAR School of Richard PLATT AT ALDENHAM.
On this Charity I beg to refer to my Report of the In the year 1862 the Company applied to the Commis-
9th July 1858.

sioners for their sanction to the erection of a lower school



Her Majesty, by Order in Council of this date, declared 8. Any money arising from the sale of timber, or from Timber and 14th August Her approbation of the following scheme of the management any mines or minerals, belonging to the Foundation, shall minerals. of the Charities :

be treated as capital, and invested in any such securities as

may from time to time be authorised by any Act of
Approved by Her Majesty in Council, 14th August 1878.

Parliament or by the High Court of Justice for the invest-

ment of trust funds, except in any special cases in which
No. 64.

the Governors may be authorised by the Charity Con

missioners to apply such money or any part thereof as WELL.

income. Endowment-Dame Alice OwEx's CHARITIES.

9. All capital sums which, under the provisions of this Raising Scheme, may be required to be raised shall be raised by money.

the Governors by sale or inortgage of the real or personal CHARITY COMMISSION.

property of this Foundation, or by both those means, or
In the Matter of the Foundation known as DAME otherwise, on such terms, and subject to such conditions

Alice Owen's Charities in the parishes of as may be sanctioned or prescribed by the Charity
ISLINGTON and CLERKENWELL, in the county of

Commissioners in each case.
MIDDLESEX, established by a deed dated on or 10. The Governors shall reserve the yearly sum of 4501. The Alms-
about the 22nd of November 1609, and by the will out of the clear annual income of this Foundation, as and people.
and the orders and rules of the said ALICE Owen, for the share or proportion of such income applicable for
dated respectively on or about the 10th of June and the benefit of the Almspeople under the Foundation.
the 20th of September 1613; and

Subject to the provisions of any further Scheme which may
In the Matter of the Endowed Schools Acts, 1869, be established by the Charity Commissioners or other
1873, and 1874.

competent authority, for the regulation of this branch of
the Foundation, the Almspeople shall be 14 widows appointed
in the same manner, and subject (except so far as other-

wise hereby provided) to the same regulations as heretofore,

but in lieu of residence, and the allowances hitherto MENTIONED FOUNDATION,

customary the Almspeople shall receive out of the said

yearly sum of 4501. the payment of 12s. a week each. The GENERAL ADMINISTRATION OF FOUNDATION. present Alispeople shall become entitled to such payment Governing 1. The above-mentioned Charities and their endowments, from the time of their respectively vacating the Almshouses, Body. herein-after referred to as this Foundation, shall henceforth

and in the meantime shall each have the weekly allowance be administered in accordance with the provisions and

and right of residence and other rights hitherto customary :
directions herzin-after contained by the Corporation of the

Provided that after six months from the date of this Scheme
Master, Wardens, and Court of Assistants of the Mystery

the Governors may make such arrangements as the
or Art of Brewers of the city of London and their successors

Charity Commissioners think proper for housing or lodging as the Governing Body of this Foundation, herein-after

elsewhere any present Almsperson who has not then called the Governors, and shall be managed by them or by

agreed to vacate her Almshouse. Any unapplied surplus or their officers acting under their orders, according to the

residue of the said yearly sum of 4501. may be applied by ordinary rules and practice of the said Corporation, but as a the Governors as they may think most fitting and expedient Foundation separate from all other charities and endowments

for the benefit of the Almspeople. or property under their management or belonging to them,

11. When a Scheme has been established under the

Subsidy to and subject to the provisions of this Scheme, and to the

Endowed Schools Acts for the regulation of Hickson's Tower Hill general law applicable to the management of property by

Gram:nar School, in the parish of All Hallows, Barking,
Trustees of Charitable Foundations.

the Governors may with the sanction of the Charity Religious 2. Religious opinions, or attendance or non-attendance

Commissioners pay to the Governing Body of such lastopinions. at any particular form of religious worship, shall not in any

mentioned School for the purposes thereof, such a yearly way affect the qualification of any person for being a

sum, to be provided out of the income of this Foundation, Governor under this Scheme.

or such capital sum or sums to be raised and provided Conduct of 3. The Governors shall make such arrangements as they

out of the principal endowment thereof, as may be think fit for the custody of the muniments, title deeds, and

directed or authorised by such last-mentioned Scheme. other documents belonging to this Foundation, for deposit 12. The Governors shall, at any such time as may be Establishof money, for drawing cheques, and for the appointment of fixed for the purpose by the Charity Commissioners, ment of a Clerk and of officers for the conduct of the business of pay, by way of donation or endowment to the Governing Exhibitions this Foundation.

Body of the North London Collegiate and Camden London 4. A separate book and separate books of account shall Schools for Girls, constituted under a Scheme of the Collegiate be provided for this Foundation by the Governors, and Endowed Schools Commissioners approved by Her Majesty Girls. kept in some convenient and secure place of deposit to be in Council on the 13th May 1875, or to the Official Trustees provided or appointed by them for the purpose.

of Charitable Funds in trust for such Governing Body, Minutes. 5. Minutes of all proceedings of the Governors shall be the copital sum of 2,0001., to be applied, with the sanction entered in the minute book and duly signed.

of the Charity Commissioners, in addition to certain other Accounts.

6. The accounts of this Foundation shall be stated for capital sums now applicable to the same purpose, in or
each year, and shall be signed by the Master or one of the towards the crection, furnishing, and equipping of school
Wardens of the before-named Corporation, acting as buildings for the said North London Collegiate and
Governors, within two calendar months after the day to Camden School for Girls. And sich donation or endow-
which they are made up. As soon as practicable after the ment of the sum of 2,0001. when paid, shall be deemed to
accounts are so signed they shall be audited in comformity have been received by the said Governing Body of the
with regulations to be made or approved from time to time North London Collegiate and Camden Schools for Girls
by the Charity Commissioners.

for the special oloject of founding and maintaining in Publication 7. The Governors shall in each year cause an abstract perpetuity four free places tenable, by way of Exhibitions in of accounts. of the accounts of this Foundation for the preceding year the North London Collegiate School under the management

to be prepared in accordance with the forms appended to of the said Governing Body, by girls educated for not less
this Scheme, unless some other form is prescribed by the than two years immediately preceding the date of award
Charity Commissioners, in which case the form so prescribed at some School or Schools of this Foundation. The said
shall be followed. The Governors shall at the same time Exhibitions shall be called Alice Owen Exhibition, and
in each year and in the same manner cause a statement of shall be awarded by the Governors of this Foundation in
the progress of the Schools of this Foundation during the the same manner and upon the same conditions as
preceding year to be prepared. And they shall forth with Exhibitions may be awarded by them under the provisions
send copies of such abstracts and statement to the Charity of this Scheme. Every such Alice Owen Exhibition shall
Commissioners, and shall cause the same to be printed and confer the right of admission to and education in the said
published for general information. For all the purposes of North London Collegiate School free from the payment of
this Scheme the year shall be taken, so far as conveniently all entrance and tuition fees otherwise payable by the
may be, to commence from the date of the Scheme, unless holder; provided that the holders shall pass the ordinary
some other date shall be fixed by the Charity Commissioners entrance examination for admission to such School before
for the purpose.

being admitted, and after admission shall be subject in




School for

at Medburn, upon which an order was made by the Board,

dated 17th June 1862. The school was completed and


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and Camden

THE Schools.

ditional Schools,

Scheme to

all respects to the provisions of the Scheme and rules for the management of such School in force for the time

being. Loan in aid 13. The Governors shall also, at such time as may be of buildings fixed for the purpose by the Charity Commissioners, of North London advance by way of loan, by payment to the said Governing Collegiate Body of the North London Collegiate and Camden Schools Schools.

for Girls, or to the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds in trust for such Governing Body, the capital sur. of 6,0001., to be applied, with the sanction of the Charity Commissioners, in like manner, in or towards the erection, furnishing, and equipping of school buildings for the said North London Collegiate and Camden Schools for Girls; provided that the repayment of the said sum of 6,0001., together with interest at the rate of 41. per centum per annum by fifteen equal annual payments of 5391. 12s. Ild. each (it having been calculated that such fifteen payments will exactly cover both principal and interest), shall be secured by a deposit of the title deeds of the sites and buildings of the said North London Collegiate and Camden Schools with the Governors of this Foundation, accompanied by a memorandum of the intended security, conferring upon the Governors a prior claim upon the net income of the North London Collegiate and Camden Schools, such deposit and memorandum to be made subject to such reasonable restrictions upon the exercise of the powers vested in the Governors by virtue or in consequence of such deposit and memorandum as may be required or sanctioned

be the Charity Commissioners. Ladies'

14. The Governors may from time to time appoint a Committee. Ladies' Committee, consisting of not more than six ladies,

for their assistance in superintending the internal management of the Girls' Schools to be established and managed under this Scheme, and they may refer to such Committee for investigation and determination any matters or questions relating to the conduct of such Girls' Schools or the teachers or scholars thereof, which in their judgment may be dealt with and decided more conveniently and properly by such Committee. Every member of such Committee shall be appointed for the term of three years, but may be re-appointed.

15. The Governors shall take all requisite measures for be brought bringing the provisions of this Scheme into active tion as soon operation as soon as practicable, and they shall have as practi- power to make all suitable and proper arrangements for Saving of 16. Any payment, cr exemption from payment, or other benefit under this Foundation to which any

scholar admitted to the present School previously to the first day of January 1876, was on that day legally entitled, and which but for this Scheme would have been continued for his benefit, shall be continued as heretofore.

17. Mr. John Hoare, the Master of the present School Retirement

of this Foundation, shall retire and be discharged from the and Pension. office of Master upon a day to be fixed by the Governors,

with the sanction of the Charity Commissioners, as soon as conveniently may be after the date of this Scheme, and from the date of his retirement he shall be entitled to a yearly pension or allowance of 2601. payable out of the income of this Foundation.

18. Mr. William Sheppard Hoare, the Assistant Master

of the present School of this Foundation, unless he shall pension.

be appointed to and take the office of Head Master of the first Boys' School to be established under this Scheme, shall be entitled from the date of his ceasing to act as Assistant Master or Master of the said present School under the provisions herein-after contained, to a yearly pension or allowance of 2001., payable out of the income of this Foundation. And if he shall be appointed to and take the office of Head Master of the first Boys' School to be established under this Scheme, he shall be entitled to a like yearly pension or allowance from the date of his ceasing' to hold that office, unless he shall dismissed therefrom for urgent cause under the power to that intent

herein-after contained. Temporary 19. So far as conveniently may be the present School of present

of this Foundation shall be carried on as heretofore until

such time as may, with the approval of the Charity rangements Commissioners, be fixed by the Governors. The Governors


that purpose.

interests of scholars.

20. As soon as conveniently may be after the date of Boys, an:)

Girls' this Scheme the Governors shall proceed to establish :

Schools to (1.) A School for about 300 boys with facilities for be esta

future extension on the site of the present School and blished.

Almshouses of this Foundation ;
(2.) A School for about 300 girls, with like facilities on

a site in the same neighbourhood to be approved by
the Charity Commissioners.

The plans and estimates of the cost of the said Schools shall be approved in the first instance by the Charity Commissioners. And the Governors, subject in all respects to the sanction and approval of the said Commissioners, shall provide the amount of such cost out of the income of this Foundation or the accumulations thereof, or if necessary by raising a capital sum cut of the property of the Foundation in manner herein-before provided.

21. If any surplus income of this Foundation shall Future adremain after effectual provision shall have been made for the several payments herein-before directed to be made by the Governors, and for the establishment and conduct of the aforesaid Schools, in conformity with the requirements of this Scheme, the Governors with the sanction of the Charity Commissioners shall apply such surplus in or towards the establishment and maintenance of other or additional Schools for boys and girls in the parishes of Islington and Clerkenwell, or either of them, as may be needed for meeting the reasonable requirements of the said parishes for education not being merely elementary education. The sites, plans, and estimates of cost of each additional School shall be made in the same manner as for the first School buildings. And every additional School so established shall be conducted as nearly as may be in conformity with, and subject to the provisions containe 1 in this Scheme for the regulation and conduct of the Boys' School or Girls' School herein-before respectively mentioned.

22. When the buildings of the said Schools respectively Endowment or any of them are completed and made fit for the of Schools. admission of scholars, the Governors shall apply to the Charity Commissioners for a certificate, fixing and stating the annual sums proper to be set apart out of the income of the Foundation for the Endowment of the Schools or School so completed, both for the general purposes thereof, and for Scholarships and Exhibitions in connexion therewith. Such certificate may be varied in any respect from time to time by the Charity Commissioners on the application of the Governors.

23. All the Schools of the Foundation shall be Day Day Schools. Schools, but the Governors shall have power, with the sanction of the Charity Commissioners, to admit to all or any of the Schools boys and girls boarding in the houses of Masters or Mistresses of such School or Schools, or in such other houses as may from time to time be approved by the Governors.

24. From the date of this Scheme all jurisdiction of the Jurisdiction Ordinary relating to or arising from the licensing of of Ordinary

abolished. any Master in any School of this Foundation shall be abolished.

25. No person shall be disqualified from being a Master Holy in any School of this Foundation by reason only of his not Orders. being, or not intending to be, in Holy Orders.

26. Every future Ilead Master and Head Mistress of Appoiniany School of this Foundation shall be appointed by the ment of Governors at a meeting to be called for the purpose, as soon as conveniently may be after the occurrence of a and Head

Mistresses. vacancy, or after notice of an intended vacancy. In order to obtain the best candidates the Governors shall for a sufficient time before making any appointment give public notice of the vacancy, and invite applicants for the office by advertisements in newspapers and by such other methods as they may judge best calculated to secure the object.

27. The Governors may dismiss any Head Master or Dismissal Head Mistress without assigning cause, after six calendar without months' written notice, given in pursuance of a resolution,

assigning affirmed by an absolute majority of the whole number of Governors present at a meeting duly convened for the express purpose of considering the matter.

Present Master's

Present Assistant Master's



may, if they so think fit, direct that the said Mr. William
Sheppard Hoare, now the Assistant Master of the said
present School, shall (if willing to serve) act as Master
of the same School so long as it shall be so carried on.
They may also direct that he shall take and hold the office
of Head Master of the first Boys' School to be established
under this Scheme, and in that case he shall take the said
office without further appointment, subject in all respects

School ar

and pro

vision as to Master.


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