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£ 8. d. 52 10 0

5 0

5 5 0

5 5 0

5 5 0

5 5 0

7 3 0

5 5 0

5 5 0

5 5 0

5 5 0

5 5 0

5 5 0

3 3 0

5 5 0

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5 5 0

Brought forward
To Treasurer of Middlesex

To Treasurer of Hospital for

To Treasurer of Royal Free

To Treasurer of Seaman's Hos.

pital (late “Dreadnought") -
To Treasurer of Hospital for

Hip Disease in Children
To Treasurer of London Hos-

To Treasurer of North-west

London Hospital
To Treasurer of Royal Infirmary

for Women and Children
To Treasurer of Charing Cross

To Treasurer of Queen

Charlotte's Lying-in Hospital
To Treasurer of Royal Hospital

for Incurables
To Treasurer of Evelina Hos.

pital for Sick Children
To Treasurer of Royal South

London Ophthalmic Hospital
To Treasurer of City Provident

To Treasurer of Finsbury Dis-

To Treasurer of City Dispensary
To Treasurer of Bloomsbury

To Treasurer of Royal General

To Treasurer of Farringdon

General Dispensary and

Lying-in Hospital
To Treasurer of Metropolitan

To Treasurer of Spitalfields

To Treasurer of Royal Maternity

To Treasurer of City of London

Truss Society -
To Treasurer of South London

Medical Aid Dispensary
To Treasurer of Islington Pro-

vident Dispensary
To Treasurer of Provident

Surgical Appliance Society
To Treasurer of Surrey Dis-

To Treasurer of Royal South

London Dispensary
To Treasurer of Camberwell

To Treasurer of Seaside Con.

valescent Hospital, Seaford
To Treasurer of Convalescent

Home for Poor Children,

St. Leonard's-on-Sea -
To Treasurer of British Home

for Incurables
To Treasurer of Asylum for

Idiots, Earlswood
To Treasurer of Metropolitan

Convalescent Institution,

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5 5 0

230 16 0

230 16 0 of Balance of Account and Receipts and Payments to date

THE TRUSTEES of WILLIAM KENDALL'S CHARITY in Account with the Parish of Bexley, Kent.

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own Use and Benefit.

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Benefit of the Poor of the said Company. Dr.


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1880. Sept. 29) By Balan Dec. 21 By Amount of Specific Annual

Bequest for the Poor of the

Ditto ditto to the Master and

Sept. 29 By Seven eighths of one fourth

Mr. J. Dummelow
Mrs. Barrow-

Breman -

25 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 05 0 8 12 7

0 5 0

Mr. J. C. Gilles
Miss Carlesy.
Mrs. Massé
Mrs. Walter
Miss Allt
The Master and Wardens


100 19 6

123 17 7

123 17 7 €3,233 6 8 consols

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tions were gathered. These sales of stock, and the
amount received by subscriptions left a
2,0601. 33. 9d. cash, belonging to the charity funds, in
the hands of the Company, part of which was laid ont
as follows :-

£ d.
516 5 ( in 5501. Madras 43 per cent. Railway

43 1 6 in 501.

Ditto. 517 10 0 in 5001. Delhi Railway stock 5 per

cent. 477 0) 0 in 5001. London, Chatham, and Dover

Railway stock 45 per cent. £1,553 16 6

The title of this Company is, " The Bailiffs, Wardeus, Assistants, and Commonalty of the Trade, Art, and Mystery of the Weavers of the City of London.”

The Company consists of two bailiffs, two wardens, and 21 assistants, who form the court of assistants. There are about 64 or 65 liverymen. A list of those who are voters for the city is appended.

There are also freemen, who are not liverymen; they have rather increased in number during the last two or three years, but before that they had been diminishing. THE WANSTEAD, formerly the Hoxton, ALMSHOUSES FOR

WOMEN. By an indenture of lease of the 19th April 1669, between Sir Thomas Bride and others, surviving trustees of the parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, of the one part and the Company of the other part, in consideration of a certain sum of money to be expended in building almshouses, the parties of the first part demised to the company, all that toft, piece, or parcel of ground near the highway leading from the church of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, unto Hogsdon, containing 112 feet from east to west, and from north t) south at the cast eni 51 feet, and at the west end 19 feet 8 inches. To hold for 200 years at 68. a year.

The Commissioners of Inquiry state that it is probable the Company subsequently acquired the fee simple of this estate, and that the rent had not been paid for a long period.

Twelve almshouses were built on this ground, and stood there at the time of the former inquiry. In 1857 the Company purchased three acres of ground at Wanstead, with a frontage on the road leading from Leytonstone to Woodford Bridge of 300 feet, and a depth of about 400 feet. The purchase money of the land was 7501. and the land which had been copyhold of the manor of Wanstead was enfranchised by Robert Graham, one of the members of the Court, who was the nominal purchaser. By an indenture of the 6th of August 1861, the said Robert Graham conveyed the laud to the bailiffs, wardens, assistants, and commonalty of the trade, art, and mystery of weavers to the use of the company, their successors, and assigns for ever.

The deed does not express that the same was conveyed in trust for charitable uses, nor is the deed enrolled in the Court of Chancery. I have mentioned to the clerk of the Company that the Company should declare the trust, and cause the deed to be enrolled.

A portion of the ground is let to Mr. Arber, of Leytonstone, a tenant from year to year at a rent of 51. per annum, which is divided between the two almshouse funds.

The purchase money of the land, and the cost of building the two sets of almshouses (these and the Porter's Fields Almshouses), amounted in the whole, including interest of money borrowed, expenses of printing, collecting subscriptions, &c. to the sum of 7,9501. This sum was raised by the sale of 4,1981. 48. 6d. 31. per cent. consols, which produced 4,0211. 10s. 6d. cash (see the report on the Men's Almsho:ises) which was made up to the sum of 9,9601. 98. 2d. by voluntary subscriptions, added to some small receipts for interest on the fund before it was actually expended. I append the printed appeal under which the subscrip

The documents relating to this stock are deposited in Glyn's Bank as belonging to the Weavers' Company and the interest is received by the bankers.

It will appear, therefore, that there remained in the hands of the Company a balance of 4931. 193. 9d. cash uninvested on the 3rd February 1864.

The alm houses thus erected at Wanstead consist of accommodation for the 12 almswomen, for whom this en lowment was created, and also for twelve men, six of whom were formerly in the Porter's Fields Alms. houses, the site of which had been tıken for further improvements.

The Company having thus removed the almswomen from the Hoxton Almshouses to Wanstead proceeded to convert the site of the almshouses in the Old Street Road into shops, which was done in 1860, at an expense of 5031. 55. which they paid out of their own funds.

The Compiny have opened an account with the Charity under the head of the Old Street Road Trust, charging 5l. per cent. on the entire loan, and not deducting any interest for the money paid off yearly by the rent. If the debt had been preperly reduced the loau would now be paid off and the increased rent belonging to the Charity.

By a lease of the 6th March 1860, the Company demised to Alexander Whillett all that parcel of ground in Old Street Road, in the parish of St. Leonard, Shore. ditch, with the three messuages and tenements standing and being thereon formerly used as almshouses, but to which shops had been added, for a term of 21 years from Lady Day 1860, at a rent of 1451. with the usual covenants for repair, with power to the Company to detertermine the lease on six months notice at Midsummer 1868. Under the circumstances stated that rent has never yet been brought into the Charity account.

The whole fund applicable to the maintenance of the almswomen therefrom stands as follows: £ s. d.

d. The 400 0 0 31. per sents. Reduced annui. ties (Agace's Gift)

12 00 The 400 0 0 31. per cent. consols (Baker's

The 400 0 0 51. per cent. consols (Mill's

The 2,109 0 031. per cent. consols (Thomas

Cook's Gift)
The 333 6 8 31. per cent. consols (Platt's


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97 0 0

£ 8. d.

men's widows. Under an order of the Board, dated the The Old Street Road Trust, the rent of

3rd October 1860, made upon the application of which should now be applied to this

William Ballance and John Vanner, two of the wardens charity

145 0 0 of the Company, the Company were advised that they There will also, I presume, be an appropria-.

might properly apply the annual income of the prin. tion of a part of the interest received on

cipal funds of this and other charities, and the accumu. the Railway stock, purchased with the

lations of such income (which then amounted to 401. on 1,5531. 168. 61., the fund invested.

this Charity), towards the benefit or support of the The moiety of 1,0321 198. 6d. New 31. per

inmates of the almshouses recently erected by the cent. annuities applicable under the order

Company at Wanstead, so far as they should find it of the Board of the 3rd October 1860. In

impracticable, from the want of duly qualified candi. August 1864 there was transferred to the

dates, or from any other cause, apply or distribute account of these Women's Almshouses

such income in the specific manner directed by the 361. 17s. 3d.

founder. Dividends on such moiety

15 9 9

The capital and accumulations have been invested in

the purchase of 791. 178. 1d., New 31. per cent. stock, £269 9 9 part of a sum of 2,0781. 38., like stock, standing in the

corporate name of the Company. In August last the The 12 almshouses at Wanstead appropriated to

accumulated dividends of 61. 188.

2d. were divided equally women each contain a bed room and sitting room and

between the fund provided for the two sets of almspeople,

the women and men. small pantry, with an outer door opening on a covered corridor in the upper story ; (the men's apartments being all on the lower story). The women must be

KYMIER'S GIFT. widows of freemen or free themselves. I observe that

In an indenture of the 24th of November 1679, it is in the printed appeal for subscriptions there is the

recited that James Kymier had delivered to the Comfollowing clause :

pany 501., to bestow 2i. 88. yearly to the 12 poor people " The Spitalfields silk weavers, descendants of the in the almshouses in coals, and 12s. on St. Andrew's French Protestants who found an asylum here in the Day for a dinner for the poor people. “ 16th century, form the largest body of operatives Under the order of the Board of the 3rd October

engaged in the same work, inhabiting any one part 1860, the Company were authorised by the advice and “ of the metropolis. There livelihood dependent as it direction of the board. to apply the income of the is on the caprice of fashion, is always so precarious capital and accumulations (then 121.) in the manner and “ and variable as to defeat, in most instances, the pro- on the conditions mentioned under Satchwell's Gift. “ vidence of those who would by their industry lay up The capital and accumulations are invested in

something for old age ; and in periods of commercial 721. 18. 9d. New 3 per cents., part of a sum of depression the houses of these people have been the 2,0781. 38., like stock, standing in the corporate name

scenes of the most pitiable destitution, yet in the of the Company. The dividends, amounting to 21. 38. 3d. “ hardest times they have shown the greatest patience a year, were accumulated until August 1864, when " and regard for order and obedience to the laws of they amounted to 81. 58., which was divided equally “ their country, while as a body they have been charac- between the almshonse fund for the women, called the “ terized by their loyalty to the throne and constitu- Hoxton Almshouses, and the men's, or Porter's Field

tion. Some are emigrating, others thankfully accept Almshouses.

employment in the docks, still there are large numbers “ who are unable to find any means of support.”

BAKER'S GIFT. It may be that some of the persons admitted to the

Henry Baker, by his will of the 4th of February 1775, almshouses have been by trade weavers, and have lived in Spitalfields, but the very narrow extent of the area

gave 4001. Consols to the Company to pay the dividends of relief to the Spitalfield members of this Charity only

to 12 poor women in the almshouses.

The sum of 4001. 31. per cent. consols stands in the seem to me scarcely to justify the language in which their claims have been urged on the public.

corporate name of the Company, part of a sum of

3,2331. 6s. 8d. like stock, the dividends of which are The almswomen receive the following allowances :- carried to the account of the Women's (or Hoxton)

£ 8. d.

Almshouses, now at Wanstead. Per quarter 21. 128. 1 d., or 101. 8s. Ed. a year

125 2 0

AGACE's Gift. Coals and candles, say 451. for the 24

Obadiah Agace in 1782 transferred to the Company almshouses

22 10 0 Beadle, extras for almswomen as nurses,

4001. East India annuities, the dividends to be applied refreshments in sickness, for gardener's

to increase the quarterly pensions of the widows.

This stock was afterwards converted into 4001. 31. per expenses, &c.

12 0 0 Gardener's allowanco

cent. Reduced annuities, which stands in the corporate

6 0 0 The medical attendant, including medi

name of the Company, the dividends of which are

carried to the account of the Women's, or Hoxton cine

10 10 0 Charwomen

Almshouses, now at Wanstead.

2 0 0 Insuring Almshouses

2 5 0

Mills' Gift. · Water rate

2 18 6 Repairs, average

5 0 0 Samuel Mills in 1805 transferred to the Company

4001., 31. per cents. of 1802. £188 5 6 The sum of 4001. consols stands in the corporate

name of the Company, part of a sum of 3,2331, C8. 8d., The beadle's house forms part of the building. The

like stock, the dividends whereof are carried to the salary of the beadle, who resides on the spot and super

account of the Hoxton Almshouses, now at Wanstead. ntends the establishment, is 45l. per annum, which the Company pay out of their own funds.

Cook's GIFT. On the 22nd August 1864, the Company, in order to balance the disbursements and income of the Women's

Thomas Cook, by his will of the 28th March 1810, Almshouses, carried from the General Charitable Fund

gave to the Company 2,1001. consols, the dividends to 361. 168. 2d.

be applied weekly for the relief of the 12 almspeople.

The sum of 2,1001. consols stands in the corporate This transfer made up an expenditure of 1791. 13s. 10d. on these almshouses in that year.

name of the Company, part of a sum of 3,2331. 68. 8d.

like stock, the dividends of which are carried to the It should be remarked that the almspeople, in addition account of the Hoxton Almshouses, now at Wanstead. to what they receive from the Weavers' Company receive also from the Leathersellers’ Company 481. a year, or 41. each (see Coverly's Charity, in my report on

Platt's CHARITY. the latter Company).

Thomas Platt, by his will of the 21st February 1826, SATCHWELL'S GIFT.

gave to the Company 3331. 68. 8d. 31. per cent. consols,

the dividends whereof to be divided amongst the widows William Satchwell, by will of the 12th April 1675, in the Wanstead Almshouses. The stock stands in the gave 301. to the Company, the interest whereof to buy corporate name of the Company, Hoxton (New Waneight pairs of shoes and stockings for eight poor free. stead) Almhouses account. (See the report thereon.)

men. Taking the establishment to be full, the distri. bution would be as follows: Stipend of a quarter 41. 10s. each, or 181. £ s. d. a year for 12 almsmen

216 0 0 Coals and candles

22 10 0 Extra nurses, &c.

12 0 0 Gardener and labourer

6 0 0 Charwoman

2 0 0 Insurance

2 5 0 Water rate

2 18 6 Repairs average

5 0 0

£268 13 6

ALUSHOUSES for Men, formerly in PORTER's FIELDS, and

now at WANSTEAD. Nicholas Garrett, by his will of the 16th July 1725, gave to the Company 1,0001. East India stock on trust to lay out part in purchasing ground and building six almshouses for six decayed members of the Company, and the remainder as an endowment for the support and maintenance of the same.

A part of this fund was employed in purchasing land called the Porter's Field, in St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, and in building six almshouses, and the residue which now, with the increase from accumulations, amounts to 1,2501. East India stock, produces a dividend of 1311. 58. a year.

In the year 1851 the site of these almshouses was purchased by Her Majesty's Commissioners of Public Works and Buildings, and in December of that year the Company received the sum of 2,4001. as the purchase money. This was laid out in the sum of 2,4241. 4s. 10d. 31. per cent. consols, which were afterwards sold out, and applied in the building of the almshouses at Wanstead, forming part of the 4,0211. 68. 10d. cash, mentioned in my report on that subject relating to the Women's Almshouses. The residue of the said sum of cash was produced by the sale of two sums of stock:

8. d. 1,0001. consols, which produced

971 8 6 and 7741. do. do.

741 0 0

There is also distributed among the almsmen annually on St. James' Day 36s., under Hall's Charity.

The number of almsmen having been, as above stated, only six until recently, there has been an accumulation of fund, and the balance in favour of the Charity was in August 1864 6721. 17s. 7d. cash.

CARPENTER'S BENEFACTION. Benjamin Carpenter, by his will of the 29th April 1731, gave 3001. to the Company as an additional endowment for the almshouses ; 121. a year to be expended in coals. The legacy was invested in Bank stock, and became, by accumulation of bonuses, 4001. Bank stock, which now produces about 401. a year. It is carried to the almshouses account, and its accumations with the other funds form part of the balanco standing to the credit of the Charity.

1,712 8 6


8. d.

I have been furnished by the clerk of the Company with an account showing how this stock arose which is as follows:-

£ d. £ In May

1835 412 17 6 cash bought

450 0 O consols. In January 1837

88 2 6

100 0 0
In August 1842 451 17 6

500 0 0
In January 1848 262 2 6

300 0 0
In April

1850 300 0 0 bought

313 6 4
In April 1854. on change of

the old stock to consols,
and on payment of 251. 6s.

110 14 2

MORTON'S CHARITY. By an indenture of the 28th of July 1664, between Rowland and John Morton of the one part, and certain trustees of the other part, they conveyed to the said trustees all their freehold messuages, called Hatchett's and Gillett's, in Great Burstead, Essex, in trust to pay 131. a year to Richard Morton for life, to be by him distributed among poor persons of the Company, and the residue of the rents should be received by the Company for their poor; and that on the death of said Richard Morton the Company was to receive all the said rents for the poor of said Company. The pro. perty consists of a house and about six acres of land situated at Billericay, and is now let to Abraham Burgess (or his widow) on a lease for 14 years from Lady-day, 1860, at a rent of 421., the tenant paying also 31. 48. for land tax and insurance. The income is carried to the General Charitable Fund.

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1,774 0 6

Hosea's CHARITY. Alexander Hosea, by will of the 19th March 1683-4, gave to the Company towards the relief of the poor of the Company his houses in Holborn with the Swan Tavern. This property is comprised in the lease granted under the authority of the Board's order of the 15th day of December 1863, to Mr. John Johnson, at a rent of 1501. per annum, for a term of 42 years from Christmas 1863. It comprises the house No. 1, Holboru Bars, and the ground at the back called Baker's Court. The rent is carried to the General Charitable Fund.*

The 12 new alms houses at Wanstead for men form the ground floor portion of the building, and consist of two rooms and a small pantry for each person. The endowment consists of:

£ d. Garrett's Gift of 1,2501. E. T. C. stock 131 5 0 Carpenter's Gift of 4001. Bank stock, about

40 0 0 * An appropriation of part of the

interest on the railway stock (see

Women's Almshouses).
Also an appropriation of a moiety of

the 1,0321. 198. 6d. New 31. per cent.
annuities authorised to be thus
applied by the order of the Board
of 3rd October 1860. This was in

15 99


£186 14 9

Hall's CHARITY. John Hall, by indenture of the 11th April 1691, granted to trustees all that messuage in Nicholas Lane, London, to hold to the use of said John Hall for life, he paying 61. 68. yearly, as follows :

8. To six poor weavers, 6s. each

36 To the officers of the Company

10 To Bartholomew's Hospital

40 To the Wednesday lecturer at St. Clement's Eastcheap

30 To the Churcbwardens of same parish 10 And after the death of said John Hall, the Company to pay to his heirs and assigns 31. yearly, and that tho premises should remain subject thereto to the use of said Company on trust to pay the said 6l. 68. yearly, and apply the overplus of said rents for repairing said messuage. The property is demised to James Barlow, ironmonger, for 31 years from March 1835, at a rent of

The number of almsmen, which up to 1862 was in that year increased to eight, from July 1863 to nine, in October 1864 to 11. One of the pensioners of 21. has been admitted to the almshouses, but without the almshouse stipend.

The twelve Men's Almshcuses are with that exception full. The men (except one) must be freemen of the Company. One of the men being a weaver may be admitted without being free. They may be married

* Hosea's CHARITY. The house in question has since been purchase by the Metropolitan Board of Works at the price of 7,0001., and is now represented by the sum of 6,5801. 11s. 5d. New 31. per cent. annuities, standing in the name of the

Paymaster General and producing annual dividends amounting to 1931. 6s. 2d. which are applied, with other moneys, for the purposes of the General Charitable Fund of the Company,

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