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TO THE CHARITY COMMISSIONERS FOR eight or more almshouses with two rooms in each house,

to be called White's Almshouses, for the gratuitous uso

and occupation in the first place of so many of the blind, In pursuance of a minute of the board of the 1st

helpless, or decayed liverymen of the said Company of November 1864, I have inquired into the conditions

55 years of age, who should seek the benefit of the said of the under-mentioned Charities, under the manage- charity, to be chosen by the said master, wardens, and ment of the Tin Plate Workers' Company of the City of

court of assistants of the Company for the time being; London, and I have stated in the Report, under the head

and if there should be no liverymen of the said Comof each endowment, the result of my investigation.

pany entitled to or seeking the benefit of the said Miers' Gift.

charity, then secondly for the freemen of the said Com. White's Gift. The style of the Company is, " The Master, Wardens,

pany of the age aforesaid, who should come under the

above denomination of blind, helpless, or decayed, and " and Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company in case there shonld be no freemen of the said Company, of the Tin Plate Workers alias Wire Workers.”

then for any poor and decayed men of the trade of a tin The Court consists of a master, two wardens, and

plate worker of the like age, to be chosen as before when complete, twenty-eight assistants; at present there

mentioned ; nevertheless he thereby declared that if are only eleven assistants.

there should be any worthy person an object of this The liverymen of the Company are about thirty. The number of freemen does not exceed fifty.

charity under the age aforesaid, it should be in the

discretion of the said master, wardens, and assistants, MIERS' GIFT.

to admit him to the benefit thereof, and he thereby John Miers, by his will of the 30th April 1779, gave

declared that in case any one of the said three classes to the Company 1501. to be laid out in Government

of persons before-mentioned, should at the time of his Stock, and the dividends to be divided amongst the

election be married, his wife should be at liberty to live poor of the Company at the February Court yearly.

with him, and in case she should survive her husband, This is now represented by a sum of 2451. 31. per cent.

she should not be turned out of the said almshouses, consols, standing in the corporate name of the Company.

but should be entitled, so long as she remained a widow, The divirlends amount to 71. 7s. a year, which is given

to dwell therein, and he declared that the persons so to in sums of half a guinea each to fourteen poor persons,

be elected as aforesaid, must be of strictly sober, moral, who are either freemen, or widows of freemen of the

and religious principles, and constant attendants at Company

some place of public worship, and in all things obedient

to the wishes and desires of the said master, wardens, JOHN WHITE'S CHARITY.

and court of assistants, who should have power of disJohn White, a member of the Company, by his will missal for misconduct, and that such charity should be dated the 22nd January 1853, proved in the Prerogative managed and governed by such rules as the master, Court with two codicils the 24th April 1853, gave 1,0001. wardens, and court should from time to time make. 31. per cent. consols to Sarah Dale for her life, and And the testator declared that he had made the gift in after her decease he gave the same sum to the Company the hope that some other person would endow the npon trust as soon as conveniently might be after his decease, and when a proper site could be obtained for The fund has been paid into court under the Trustee that purpose, with the proceeds of the said sum of 1,0001. Act, the tenant for life being still alive. to erect and build in such part of England as they might

All which I submit to the board. think fit, being near to some principal market town, 4th July 1865.

Tuo. HARE.


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STATEMENT of the Accounts of the Charity called MIER'S GIFT, in the City of London, of which the

following Persons are the Trustees, viz. ;


For the Year ending on the 31st Day of December 1880.

1.--Gross INCOME arising or due from the ENDOWMENTS for the Year ending on the 31st day of December 1880.

From Personal Estate.

Description of Stock in the Public Funds.


Yearly Income.

Names and Descriptions of Persons in whose

Names invested.

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Consols under the will of Jobn Miers

in 1780.

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Norton. There does not appear to be any charitable trust affecting the residue, but the Company of their own bounty carry it to the Almshouse fund.

Sir Thomas RowE's and VERNON'S CHARITIES. Three freemen of the Company receive 41. a year each from the Merchant Taylors' Company. They generally hold the annuity for their lives, and on the occasion of any vacancy, the court of assistants of the Company elect two freemen, of whom the Merchant Taylors' Company select one.


ENGLAND AND WALES. In pursuance of a minute of the board of the 1st November 1864, I have inquired into the conditions and circumstances of the following charities, under the management of the Tylers' and Bricklayers' Company of the City of London, and I have stated in the Report, under the head of each endowment, the result of my investigation.

Fowler's Charity.
Rowe and Vernon's Charity.

The Almshouses. The style of the Company is “ The Master, Wardens, ** and Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Tylers " and Bricklayers."

The Company consists of a master and two wardens, and a court of assistants. There are about fifty liverymen besides the court, and there are a few freemen not on the livery.

FOWLER'S CHARITY. Thomas Fowler by will of the 29th November 1670, gave to the company one-third of certain messuages in St. Catherine's Alley near the Tower of London to pay thereout 40s. a year to the Almshouse at Chipping Norton towards the maintenance of poor widows there, and 40s. for apprenticing poor boys of Chipping Norton. The property was sold under the Act of Parliament for building the St. Katherine Docks, and is represented by 7991. 128. 31. per cent. Consols standing in the

of the Accountant-General of the Court of Chancery to an account intituled in the matter of the St. Katherine Dock Company and the Tylers' and Bricklayers' Company. This produces 231. 198. 90. a year, less income-tax. The sum of 41. annually is paid by the company to the Church wardens of Chipping

THE ALMSHOUSES. In or about the year 1837 a plot of land at Balls Pond, in the parish of Islington, Middlesex, purchased out of the funds of the Company was conveyed absolutely to the Company by its corporate name without any declaration of trust, and upon this ground twelve almshouses and a lodge containing two tenements have been built at the expense of the Company. They are occupied by liverymen, freemen and their widows. One is stated to be vacant at this time. A eum of 3,7501. new 3 per cent. Stock has also been set a part by the Company for the maintenance of the almshouses. The present trustees are Henry Lee, Wm. Isaac Vale, W’m. Lee and James Christmas (deceased). The income amounting to 1121. 108. a year is applied in paying 21. 10s. per quarter to each of 14 inmates=1401.

The inmates also receive yearly a ton of coals each ; the whole expenditure including repairs to the almshouses is made up out of the funds of the Company including the interest of the purchase money of Fowler's Charity estate which is carried to this account.

All which I submit to the Board.




BRICKLAYERS' COMPANY, in the Parish of Saint Mary, Islington, in the County of Middlesex, of which the following persons are the Trustees; viz.

For the Two Years ending on the 29th day of September 1881.

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1.-GROSS INCOME arising or due from the ENDOWMENTS for the Year ending on the

From Real Estate.

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Sept. 30th, 1880 and


41 17 0

82 2 5

Balance (if any) in favour of the Charity at the commencement of

the account
Further receipts; viz.,-

Balance in the hands of the Treasurer
Three and a half years' dividend on 7991. 12s., Consols, to the

5th July 1881, the Treasurer having omitted to receive it
Two years' dividend on 3,7501., New 31. per Cent. Annuities, to

6th October 1880
Donation from the Court
Donations from H. J. Tamer and Augustus Bird, Esqres.
Two years' ground rents to Lady Day 1881 of Nos. 30, 32, 34,

36, 38, 40, 42, and 44, King Henry's Walk, less tax
Mrs. Lugg's pension, drawn in error (contra)

Gift from John Green, a friend of the Master (R. Fisher, Esq.)
Balance due to the Treasurer

218 16 4 95 1 2 20 0 0

78 3 4
3 0 0
30 10 9

1881, Sept. 29

574 11 0

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The Worshipful the Upholders' Company as Trustees of Peter Jackson's Charity in

Account with the said Charity.

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TO THE CHARITY COMMISSIONERS FOR was directed also to be applied for the same purpose, ENGLAND AND WALES.

and section 22 enacts that the account should be enIn pursuance of a Minute of the Board of the 1st of titled “The Poor's Account,” and kept distinct from November 1864, I have inquired into the condition and the Company's account. circumstances of the following Charities, under the

In 1845 an Act was passed intituled “ An Act to management of the Watermen and Lightermen’s Com.

" enable the master and wardens to invest the said pany of the River Thames, and I have stated in the “ Poors' Fund in the purchase of land or on mortgage,” Report, under the head of each endowment, the result

and under the provisions of which certain sums were of my investigation.

advanced on mortgage (all of which have since been

repaid), and the increased amount of interest obtained The Pocrs' Fund. Lucas's Charity.

on such mortgages was added to the permanent fund. The Asylum at Penge.

Under the various provisions of this Act a sum of Westminster Chest Society.

43,5901. 58. 4d. 31. per cent. Consols (December, 1864,)

now stands in the books of the Bank of England in the The style of this Company is “ The Master, Wardens, corporate name of the Company, which includes, how. " and Commonalty of the Company of Watermen and ever, a legacy of 5211. 108. 3d. Consols, the produce of Lightermen of the River Thames.

5001. given by Alderman Lucas, and including also the The Company is composed of a master, four wardens, sum of 2,7601. 188. 1d. like stock belonging to the Westand a court of twenty-one assistants. There is no minster Chest Society, for which this Company is trustee livery. The freedom is acquired by actual servitude only, leaving 40,3071. 178. 7d., the produce of these under the Consolidated Act, 22 & 23 Vict. c. 133.) corporate rights, (dividends, 1,2091. 48. 7d.). This fund (Local and Personal) intituled-“ An Act for the better has been increasing from the year 1758, when the first

regulation of Watermen, Barge Owners, and others, account appears, and when 3241. 78. 6d. South Sea “ connected with the navigation of the River Thames, Annuities, and 911. 58. 31. 108. per cents., and 1801. 158. “ between Teddington Lock and Lower Hope Point,” and 1851. 108. in the 31. per cents. had been invested. a copy of which Act I append.

There are also receipts for Sunday Ferries. Of these It is difficult to state the number of freemen, but they since 1827, annual leases are granted of the ferries are stated to be about 5,000, and about 2,000 apprentices across the Thames, which are about 25 in number, and under indentures. None but freemen of the city can a list of which I append, and also an account of the follow their occupation on the river between Teddington receipts for the last seven years. The ferries are adverLock and Lower Hope Point, about 5 miles below tised and let by written tender, and only let to freemen Gravesend.

of the Company. On other days the freemen are at

liberty to work unobstructed by these Acts. The Poors' FUND.

8. d. The total rental for the 1863

year By the Statute of 11 & 12 William 3rd, cap. 21.,

421 11 10 entitled " An Act for the better explanation and better

Dividends of stock

1,209 47 “ execution of former Acts made touching Watermen,

The Company are empowered to hold “Wherrymen, &c.” It was enacted that it should be Courts to hear complaints, and to en. lawful for the rulers of the Watermen and Lightermen's

force fines and penalties. The amount Company to appoint any number of watermen to work they received for the last four years from ou every Lordsday between Vauxhall and Limehouse,

this source averaged

58 0 0 at such common stairs or places of plying as to the said

The contents of the Poorg' box, which rulers should seem most convenient, carrying pas.

consists of small gifts for those who are sengers across the said river, such persons so appointed

made free, about

5 00 paying over every Monday such sums as they should so receive to said rulers who were to allow to such water

£1,693 16 5 men for their days labor so much as they should agree for, and the overplus should from time to time be The distribution of this fund is by way of pensions to applied to the use of the poor, aged, decayed and poor members of the Company and widows of members, maimed watermen and lightermen of said company and varying in amount from 21. to 51. The distribution is their widows.

under the section 110 of the Byelaws. And it was also enacted that all the forfeitures and The resolutions of the Court have regulated ihe age penalties in the former Acts should be paid unto the of the pensioners, and direct that they shall be, if rulers for the use of the poor, aged, decayed, and widows not less than 55, und men 60 years of age, and maimed persons of the said company.

that they shall not be in receipt of more than 201. per On the erection of Westminster, Blackfriars, and annum from any permanent source. The pensioners Vauxhall Bridges, where ferries had previously existed, are selected by the Court as vacancies occur, and as the certain sums or stock were transferred under the trusts funds permit, upon the petition of the persons requiring of the various Acts of Parliament for building the same, relief. The cases are inquired into by the Court, who to the credit of the rulers of the company as trustees of relieve the cases which they conceive to be the most fit. the Poors' Funds as compensation for the loss of such Notices of all the petitioners who are applicants are ferries, the annual interest of which was by such Acts suspended in the office. There are generally 100 appli. directed to be applied to the same purposes and in such cants at least on the list. From 20 to 30 are elected manner as the money arising by the said ferries had

every year. They all enter at 21. a year, and aro been applied in pursuance and according to the di. gradually increased until they arrive at 51. The rections of the said Act, and on various occasions sums pensions are: of money had been transferred and invested by the said

50 at 51. per annum. rulers for the purpose of forming a permanent Poors'

100 at 41. Fund,

150 at 31. In June 1827, an Act was passed entitled “An Act

120 at 21. “ for the better regulation of the Watermen and The last class is that which varies according to the “ Lightermen of the River Thames between Yantlet

circumstances of the fund. Creek and Windsor," by which the Company was incorporated, and the above-mentioned Act and others The total sum thus distributed as pensions were repealed and fresh enactments made, by the 42nd in 1863 was

1,354 5 0 section of which Act the Sunday ferries between Chelsea The Company pay also the quarterage of and Bow Creek were re-established, the Company being all the pensioners

C4 6 0 empowered to let such ferries on lease, and to apply the The stamps on the leases

3 5 0 produce thereof in the same manner as provided by such first-mentioned Statute, and by section 88,

£1,421 16 0 portion of all penalties and forfeitures under the Act

8. d.

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