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additional masters.



ment of

house and master's

the Company, to see that the tenants perform their cove- of his office, hold or exercise any office, . appointment or no other nants and engagements, and that the buildings are pro- employment whatsoever.

employ. perly repaired and kept insured, and annually to render 14. The Company may from time to time elect other Appointan account of receipts and payments to the Company with masters, assistants or lecturers, as they may see fit, and ment of vouchers for such payments, to attend on the audit of as the revenues of the charities will admit, and pay to the accounts, and to submit to the Company annually a every such master, assistant or lecturer, such salary or

report showing the state and condition of the property. stipend, or allot to him such proportion of the capitation Minute and 5. The Company shall, at the expense of the charities, fees, not by the scheme appropriated to the master, books.

provide a minute book, wherein shall be entered a minute the Company shall think fit, and such other masters
of their proceedings in relation to any of the charities at assistants and lecturers, shall hold their respective offices
every meeting ; they shall also, at the like expense, pro- during the pleasure of the Company.
vide account books, wherein shall be entered an account of 15. The school shall be open to the sons of all livery- To whom
all receipts and payments on behalf of any of the charities, men and freemen of the Stationers' Company not afflicted

school to be
and such accounts shall be kept separate and distinct from with any contagious disease or convicted of any crime,
the other accounts of the Company.

and not being under the age of seven years at the time of
Duties of 6. The Company shall from time to time let and demise admission, according to priority of application : Provided
Company as the houses and premises mentioned and particularized in that no applicant shall be admitted so as to increase the
to charity

the schedule hereto, at the best annual rent or rents that number of sons admitted of any liveryman or freeman to
can reasonably be obtained for the same, either from year the exclusion of the sons of any other liverymen or freeman
to year, or for any term or number of years not exceed- of whose sons there shall not be an equal number already
ing 21 years in possession, or not more than one year admitted ; and provided also that the Company shall at
in reversion, and without taking any fine or premium all times have power to regulate and determine the total
on the granting any such demise, except the surrender of number of boys to be admitted ; and also that if and
any existing term not having more than three years to run; whilst there shall not be sufficient applicants hy sons of
and on the granting of any lease the lessee shall execute liverymen or freemen to fill the school, the Company
a counterpart thereof. All leases shall contain covenants may admit and continue other boys to and in the same.
either on the part of the lessors or lessee for insurance of 16. All scholars, except such scholars (if any) as the Capitation
the houses and buildings comprised therein, and also Company may on the ground of poverty specially exempt
covenants on the part of the lessee for the due payment of from so doing, shall pay such sum not exceeding 6s, per
the rent and the repair of the houses and buildings, a quarter, as the Company shall from time to time deter-
proviso for re-entry for non-payment of the rent or on mine, and such sum may vary according to the ages of
non-performance of the covenants, and all other usual and the boys, provided that all boys of the same age or class
proper covenants applicable to the property which shall of ages be classed alike, and such sum shall be paid
be the
subject of the lease.

quarterly in advance to the master, who shall account for
Property to 7. The property of the charities shall be applied in the same to the Company.
be applied

17. The quarterly sums received for capitation fees Apportion. founding and maintaining a school for the sons of the in founding and mainliverymen and freemen of the Company, in or as near as shall be applied as follows: (that is to say) one half

Capitation taining a

practicable to the City of London, where such liverymen thereof shall be paid to the master, and the remaining Fees. school. and freemen principally reside.

half may, together with any surplus income of the New school 8. The Company shall, under the direction and with the charities, be applied by the Company in stipends to addi

sanction of the Court of Chancery, provide a new school tional masters, assistants or lecturers, or in augmentaresidence house and a playground, and a residence for the master, tion of the salaries of the masters, in prizes for the to be built. in such manner, according to such plans and specifications, scholars as hereinafter mentioned, and in payment of the

and on such site, as shall be approved by the said court, examiner's fee, and to such other purposes for the general
and shall be at liberty to expend from the funds of the benefit of the school as the Company shall see fit.

charities for such purposes a sum not exceeding 6,5001. 18. The instruction to be afforded in the school shall Instruction Appoint

to be given 9. The Company shall in the first instance, and on every be in the principles of the Christian religion, reading, vacancy, appoint à competent person to be the master of writing, arithmetic, land surveying, book-keeping, geo- schoul. the school.

graphy, drawing and designing, general English literaRemoval of 10. If the master shall not well and sufficiently perform ture and composition, sacred and profane history, and

the duties of his office to the satisfaction of the Company, such and so many other branches of education as shall
he shall be liable to be removed in the manner hereinafter from time to time be in the judgment of the Company
mentioned, (that is to say) on a requisition in writing, necessary to render the school of the most general use and
signed by three members of the court of the Company, benefit, and as the state of the revenues will admit, and
the clerk shall call a meeting of the said court by notice so as to give to the boys a sound, religious, moral and
in writing given or sent by post to each of the members liberal education.
thereof, seven clear days at the least before the holding of 19. Suitable prayers, taken from the liturgy of the Prayers and
such meeting, and in such notice it shall be stated that at Church of England, shall be read by the master every instruction.
the said meeting it is intended to propose the removal of morning and evening in the school, and religious instruc-
the master from his office; and if a resolution for such tion shall be given by tlie master, at such times as he
removal shall be carried, and if at any subsequent meeting

shall think best, by reading and explaining the Scriptures
of the said court held at an interval of one calendar month to all the boys, and also in the liturgy and catechism of
at least, and called with the like notice (and in which the Church of England. But any boys whose parents
notice shall be set forth the former resolution), such reso- or parent, or person or persons standing to them in loco
lution shall be confirmed, the master shall be considered parentis, shall, on conscientious grounds object thereto,
as removed on the day of such confirmation or from such shall not be obliged to attend such prayers or instruction.
other day as in such resolution may be specified, and such 20. Every boy attending the school shall at all times con- Boys to
resolution and the confirmation thereof as aforesaid shall form to the rules which may from time to time be made conform to

be entered and preserved upon the minutes of proceedings. for the government thereof, and shall be liable to expulsion Master to 11. The master shall occupy his residence in respect of by the Company upon any breach thereof or nonconformity reside in

his official character and duty, and not as tenant, and shall therewith, or upon immoral or indecent conduct, or insub-
house. be compelled, if removed from his office, to deliver up ordination or other sufficient cause. And in case of mis-

possession of such premises at such times, and to such conduct on the part of any boy, the master shall have
persons, as the Company may direct. But the costs of all power immediately to suspend hiin from attending the
repa of the said residence, and of all other parts of the school until the next meeting of the said court, when the
school buildings and premises, shall be paid by and out of cause of such suspension shall be submitted to such meet-
the general income of the charities. No master shall ing.
underlet or permit or suffer any other person or persons

21. Subject to the directions herein contained, and to Internal than himself and family and visitors, and any additional such general regulations as the Company shall prescribe, discipline master or assistant of the school, to use or cccupy any part

the discipline of the school, and the internal regulation

of school. of the premises appropriated to him as a residence.

and management thereof, the hours of attendance, and the Stipend of

12. The fixed stipend of the master shall be a sum not holidays to be allowed therein, shall be under the direction master, exceeding 2001. per annum, which shall be paid bim and control of the master of the school. But the school

quarterly, and any master appointed during an interval and the schoolhouse, master's residence and other premises,
between the quarterly days shall be entitled to be paid in and the scholars, and the conduct, discipline, regulation
proportion only up to the quarter-day next following his and management of the school, shall at all times be sub-
appointment. “And any master who shall die, resign, or be ject to the inspection or visitation of the said court, or of
removed between such quarter-days, shall only be entitled any Committee thereof, or of the master and wardens of
to a proportionate part of his salary or stipend up to the the Company
day of his death, resignation, or removal.

22. All printed books, papers, pens and other stationery Books and Master to

13. The master shall not, at any time during the tenure necessary for the use of the scholars shall be provided and stationery undertake

in the

ment of master.



to be pro

sions to be

28. All moneys belonging to the said charities, or any of The Capital them, and not properly applicable, and required for other account. purposes, shall be invested in the purchase of Bank 31. per cent. Annuities, and kept invested in the names of any four members of the Company, or of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds, to an account to be called “ The Capital Account.” The Company shall annually invest in like manner any surplus income that may remain in any year after payment of the several stipends, outgoings, and expenses hereinbefore mentioned. The dividends to accrue due on such fund shall be carried to the income account for the year, and, when and as often as such capital account fund shall amount to the sum of 3,0001. stock, proposals may be laid before the Court of Chancery for directions respecting it.

29. The provisions of this scheme shall not be taken as Scheme not in any way superseding or interfering with the jurisdiction with the or power of the Charity Commissioners for England and jurisdiction Wales to remove, direct or authorise the removal of

any master, assistant or lecturer.

of Charities. 30. This scheme shall be printed and a copy given to scheme to

be printed. every person appointed to be master of the school, who shall, on accepting and before entering on the duties of his office, hy writing, signed by him at the foot of one of such printed copies, signify that he has read the same, and that he undertakes and agrees to conform to and comply with and be bound by such rules, so far as the same apply to the office accepted by him.

of the Coinmissioners



vided by found by and at the expense of the parents, relations, or parents.

friends of the scholars, but the Company shall be at liberty to dispense with this provision, in cases of necessity arising from the poverty of the parents or relations of any of the scholars, and provide the same at the expense of the

charities. Registers of 23. All applications for admission to the school shall be applications made in writing to the master, and he shall keep a register and admnis.

thereof in the order of date in which the same shall have kept. been received, and he shall always keep a register contain

ing the name, age, residence and description of each scholar, with the date of his admission to the school and of his leaving the same, and the names of the scholars shall in such last-mentioned register be placed alphabetically, and both of such registers shall at all times be open to the inspection of all members of the Company and of all persons authorised by them, and of the register of applications the master shall on the last day of every month transmit a copy

to the clerk of the Company. Annual 24. There shall be an annual examination of the boys at

the school, and the Company shall appoint annually some fit and proper person to conduct such examination, and shall be at liberty to pay such examiner a sum not exceeding three guineas for his fee, and such examination shall take place one week previous to the breaking up of the school for the Midsummer vacation, or at such other time as the Company shall appoint, and on the occasion of such examination the examiner shall report the result to the Company, who shall take such report into consideration with reference to the distribution of prizes.

25. The Company shall yearly after such examination distribute such and so many prizes as they may think fit among the meritorious scholars who shall distinguish themselves for learning and good conduct, and who in the judgment of the examiner shall be most deserving of the same; provided that no single prize shall exceed in value the sum of one pound, and that the whole amount expended in prizes in any one year shall not exceed the sum

of 31. Report on 26. A report in writing as to the state and progress of

the school, and the number of scholars therein, shall at the school.

Midsummer and Christmas, in every year, be sent by the

master to the Company. Reserved 27. The Company shall keep, or cause to be kept, the fund to be school premises, and all other buildings belonging to any lated for

the state of


£ s. d. A rentcharge under the will of William Norton

6 0 0 A rentcharge under the will of George Bishop

6 0 0 A rentcharge under the will of Christopher Meredith .

9 1 8

£ s. d. Twenty twenty-fourth parts of

the following properties, viz., Nos. 11 and 12, Wood Street, in the City of London, the entirety now let to Mr. Thomas Brocksopp at a

189 0 0 And No. 13, - Wood Street,

aforesaid, the entirety now let to Messieurs Morley and Co. at a gross rent of

112 10 0

gross rent of

301 10 0

And the remaining four twenty-fourth parts of

all which said premises are also vested in the said Company, partly for other chari

table purposes and partly for their own Of which twenty twenty-fourths are equal to

251 5 0 A sum of 7,7521. 19s. Consols, producing

", an income of


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of the charities insured against fire, and shall in each year repairs. set apart the sum of 201. as a repairing fund, and shall

apply so much thereof as may be necessary in the repairs
required for that year, and shall invest and keep invested
any surplus thereof in the names of any four members of the
Company, or of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds,
in the purchase of Bank 31. per cent. Annuities, and the
interest and dividends which may from time to time grow
due thereon shall in like manner be invested to form a
fund for repairs, to be called “The Repairing Fund”; and
as often as there shall be occasion the Company shall cause
to be sold a sufficient portion of the stock so to be pur-
chased, and apply the produce thereof towards defraying
the expense of any extraordinary repairs required on any
portion of the charity estates; but, as regards the premises
in Wood Street, not to a greater extent than 20 twenty-
fourth parts of the total amount of such expense : Pro-
vided always, that when such reserved fund shall amount
to the sum of 5001. so invested as aforesaid, and so long as
the same shall continue unreduced below that amount, the
Company shall be at liberty, if they think fit, to reduce the
said annual sum of 201., or wholly refrain from making
any addition to such reserved fund, and to apply the
dividends thereof to the general purposes of the said


232 11 9

504 18 5

And a sum of 3351. 13s. 3d. cash in the hands of the defendants on account of rents and profits received.



Account of the Receipts and Payments of the Stationers' Company in respect of the Rents

and Profits.

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Property tax

1 2 3

663 6 6 Carried 20/24ths to School Account

552 15 5

52 7 9

681 3 5

681 3 5

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The title of this Company is “ The Master, Wardens, the churchwardens or other parochial officers authorised " and Commonalty of the Mystery of Tallow Chandlers to receive it. “ of the City of London." The Company consists of a master, deputy master,

Curzon's GIFT. and four wardens, and a court of assistants, including Thomas Curzon gave 801. (in the report of the Com. altogether 21 persons. The members of the Court are missioners of Inquiry stated to be 1001.) to the Company, chosen from the liverymen. The liverymen are about on condition to pay to the churchwardens of St. Botolph, 130. The return from the list of votes is about 100. Bishopsgate, 41. yearly. The 801. is not in any distinct The numbers have not materially varied for several state of investment. The Company hold sums of stock years past. The number of freemen are not greatly in larger in amount in their corporate names. They pay excess of the livery.

annually 4l. a year to the parish officer of the St. Botolph

Without, Bishopsgate.
John Stewart, by his will of the 31st of December

HUMPHRIES' GIFT. 1481, gave to the Company a messuage in Cornhill, Ralph Humphries gave 1001. to the Company on and four messuages within Bishopsgate, to provide condition to pay to certain poor persons of the Company 25 quarters of charcoal between All Saints and 41. yearly. The 1001. is not retained in any separate Christmas, 15 quarters for the poor of St. Botolph state of investment, but the 41. is yearly added to the Bishopsgate, and 10 quarters for the poor of St. fand distributed by the Company amongst their poor. Ethelburga parish.

This sum and Kempster's 208. form part of a far larger The Company do not themselves provide or distribute sum given in pensions, as the annual voluntary bounty the charcoal or coal, but they pay annually to the of the Company to liverymen, freemen, and widows of churchwardens of St. Botolph within Bishopsgate the liverymen and freemen. sum of 121., and to the church wardens of St. Ethelburga the sum of 81. These payments liave been made for

MRS. IBELL'S GIFT. about 30 years past, probably commencing soon after

Susan Ibell gave by will to the church wardens of the former inquiry, when the Commissioners adverted

St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, and St. Alban, Wood Street, to the then inadequacy of the sum given. The Company 1001. to provide yearly five chaldron of coal for the poor pays also as a charge under this will a sum of 78. to

of St. Botolph, and three chaldron and four sacks for St. Bartholomew Hospital.

those of St. Alban, which 1001. the Company received The Bishopsgate property is still in the possession of

and undertoo to perform the above-mentioned conthe Company. The Cornhill property seems to have ditions. The 1001. is not in any distinct state of investbeen alienated long ago.

ment. The Company pay 51. yearly to the church

wardens of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate parish, and 31. 6s. 8d. LITTLEBAKER'S GIFT.

yearly to the churchwardens of St. Alban's, Wood Street, Stephen Littlebaker, by his will of the 24th February for the use of the poor of these parishes. 1503, gave to the Company two tenements in St.

Monk's CHARITY. Margaret's parish, Surrey, on condition to distribute on the 20th February, yearly, amongst the poor people of

By indenture of the 10th April 1828 (enrolled in St. Margaret's aforesaid 24 quarters of charcoal.

Chancery, 28th April 1828) between Roger Monk, late The houses in Bankside on which this gift was Master of the Company, of the first part, the Master, charged are still the property of the Company, who pay Wardens, and Commonalty of the said Company of annually 191. 48. to the vestry clerk of St. Saviours, second part, and the said Master and Wardens of third Southwark, in which the parish of St. Margaret is now part, reciting that the said R. Monk, being desirous included.

of testifying his regard for said Society, had transferred The present payment was probably increased soon 1,0001. consols into his own name and the two senior after the last inquiry, for the present amount has been wardens upon the trusts after mentioned. It was de. paid for more than 30 years past.

clared that they should stand possessed of same, and the

dividends therefrom in trust for said R. Monk for life, KEMPSTER's Gift.

and after his decease upon trust to transfer said 1,0001.

to the Company, upon trust thenceforth to pay the Mathew Kempsler by his will of the 31st August,

dividends amongst such one or two poor liverymen of 1624, gave to the Company four messuages in the parish

said Company, not less than 50 years of age, to be of St. John Walbrook to pay,

called “Mr. Monk's Pensioners,' as said Company To the poor of St. Botolph, Aldersgate . 208.

should nominate. To the poor of the Company


And the said R. Monk by his will of the 10th April The property in Dowgate Hill on which this rent.

1828, gave his residuary estate to the said Company, charge was imposed consisted of three houses which

subject to the life interest of his wife, subject to the were sold by the Company in 1855, and the Company

payment by them and their successors, of the annuities received the purchase money. The charges, however,

following: continue to be paid by the Company, the first 208. to the

1. 201. per annum to the two senior deputy oyster churchwardens of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, and the other

meters of the City of London, towards the expense of an 208. is added to the fund administered in general

annual dinner of the deputy oyster meters for the time pensions to the poor of the Company.


2. 101. per annum to be paid to the two deputy senior CLARK'S GIFT.

oyster meters of the City of London for the time being, Mrs. Francis Clarke gave to the Company 2001. on for ever towards the expense of an annual dinner for condition that they should pay to the poor of Langham, the holesmen. Rutlandshire, 101. yearly. The sum of 2001. does 'not 3. 61. per annum to the treasurer for the time being appear to be in any distinct state of investment, but the of the Covent Garden Theatrical Fund for 'ever, for and Company pay the 101. in half-yearly sums of 51. each to towards the expense of a twelfthcake annually.

4. 201. per annum to the two senior gentlemen of the Of the dividends of the remaining 6,0001. amounting Honorable Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, for ever to 1801. a year, 1761. are applied in satisfaction of the towards the expense of a dinner annually in honour of above charge on the residuary estate. His Majesty's birthday.

The 1001. a year is paid annually to five pensioners, 5. 201. per annum to be paid to the two senior being liverymen or widows of liverymen in quarterly ushers of the Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard, sums of 51. each. In case of any lapse of a pension for ever, towards the expense of a dinner annually in during the year, the fractional payment during such honour of His Majesty's birthday.

lapse is divided amongst the others. 6. 1001. per annum to be distributed in annual pen- The other sums of 201., 101., 61., 201. and 201., are paid sions of 201. each to four poor liverymen of the Tallow by the Company on the receipts of the persons filling Chandlers' Company of London or their widows, to be the sereral offices described by the will, the Company called Monk's Pensioners, to be selected by the Court of raising no question as to the title of the recipients.* the Company The Company received in respect of the residuary

Henges' CHARITY. estate of the testator a sum more than sufficient to pay from its dividends the whole of the annual payments

William Killingworth Hedyes, by will of the 23rd thus created by the will. The widow took the life

June 1851, gave to the Company 5001. to be invested in estate, and died about two years after the husband,

consols in trust to pay out of the dividends to the who died in 1831, having by a codicil to his will given

headle 1l. ls. for keeping in repair his family vault at a life annuity of about 301. a year which fell in in 1851.

Norwood Cemetery, and the surplus to any distressed The executors who proved the will were William Wal.

liveryman of the Company above 60 years who had not ton and William Minnett, and these gentlemen trans

received parochial relief, those of the trade of Tallow ferred the residue to the Company, without taking the

Chandlers to be preferred. directions of any Coạrt on the subject. The Company

The sum of 5001. was paid, and after payment of gave the executors à general release in 1839. There legacy duty invested in 4951. consols which stood in the does not appear to have been any judicial inquiry for

names of Charles Good (deceased), James Child, Williain next-of-kin, or into the validity of any of the above

Clarke, and Horatio Nelson Fisher (deceased). gifts.

The dividends, amounting to 14l. 78. 3d. (1863), after The Company hold a sum of 7,0001. 31. per cent. re

paying the 1l. ls. to the beadle, is given on the testator's duced stock, the produce of a sufficient part of the

birthday in one sum to a distressed liveryman chosen estate of the testator, to produce 2101. per annum,

by the Master of the Company for the occasion, who standing in their Corporate name to a distinct account. reports to the Company at the next Conrt to whom it is The 1,0001. settled by the deed forms part of this

given. 7,0001. 31. per cent. reduced annuities and the dividends

All which I submit to the Board. amounting to 301. a year are given to one poor livery.

THO. HARE, man annually, who is elected a pensioner for life, or as

Inspector of Charities, long as he continues eligible.

21st February 1865. * ROGER MONK's CHARITY.

or employment has been or is that of labour, as in nnBy a scheme established by the order of the Board of loading, bringing to market or delivering fish in the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales dated City of London, or otherwise engaged in the fish trade the 2nd day of December 1881, it was ordered that the

in the said city; and the sums may be appropriated annual sums of 201. and 101. directed under the will of

from time to time by way of subscriptions to any provithe above-mentioned donor to be applied as aforesaid

dent or other associations for the benefit of such persons, shall henceforth be applied by the Tallow Chandlers'

or in promoting the better education or advancement Company as the trustees thereof for the benefit of ne.

in life of their children or otherwise for their aid ant cessitous and decayed persons whose chief occupation

benefit at the discretion of the said trustees.


Statement of Account for the year ending 31st December 1881.

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For the Talloy Chandlers’ Company, the Trustees, 2nd March 1882.

(Signed) W. W. TURNER, Master.

Statement of Account for the year ending 31st December 1881.

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For the Tallow Chandlers' Company, the Trustees, 2nd March 1882.

(Signed) W. W. TURNER, Master,

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