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TO THE CHARITY COMMISSIONERS FOR properties are considered to be taken under this devise, ENGLAND AND WALES.

producing about 6001. a year.

There is also a sum of 3,8401. 31. per cent. reduced In pursuance of a minute of the Board of the 1st November annuities, representing a portion of the land taken for the 1864, I have inquired into the condition and circumstances Hammersmith Bridge. of the following Charities, under the management of the

In 1831 an information was filed against the Company, Girdlers' Company of the City of London, and I have stated at the relation of George Smith, an inhabitant of St. in the Report under the head of each specific endowment Bride's, praying as follows :the result of my investigation.

That an account might be taken of all and singular the

messuages and hereditaments devised in trust to the Com

Page. pany, and which had been acquired by the said Company. Hunt's Gift


And that it might be cleclared chat all the rents, &c. of said Davison's GIFT

154 premises which had been possessed by said Company under FLYCKE'S GIFT


the deed of feoff'ment and will were applicable for the BEESTON'S GIFT

154 benefit of the poor of St. Bride's, and that it might be Palyn's ALMSHOUSES


referred to the master to take an account of all the rents, BRIGHT'S AND NICHOLL's Gifts

157 &c. of said premises received by the Company, and the apAndrew's Gift

157 plication thereof from such time as the court might direct. Nevitt's

157 And that an account might be taken of all the estates sold HERBERT's


by said defendants and of their application of the money PAYNTER's

159 arising from such sale and of all other moneys received by Welch's


the defendants on account of said charity, and that it MOUNTFORD's Girt


might be referred to the master to settle a scheme for the SIDNEY's Gift


application of the surplus rents, and all accumulations The title of the Company is

thereof. “ The Master and Wardens or Keepers of the Art or Mystery of Girdlers of London.”

The information was heard on the 1st August 1832, and The Company is composed of a Master, three wardens,

it was directed that the Company should, from the date of and twenty-four assistants, with livery and freemen.

the decree, pay 501. annually in satisfaction of their The livery men, including the court, are 71 in number ;

liability to provide bread and fuel for the poor of the parish the number of freemen it is difficult to state, but there are

of St. Bride's, under the deed of the 21st October 1579, many not on the livery.

and under the will of Henry Flycke, and that this yearly The freedom is obtained by apprenticeship, birth,

sum should be a charge on the premises at Hammersmith, purchase. The numbers have not of late materially varied.

and it was referred to the Master to approve of a scheme for the application of said 501., regard being had to the

said deed and will. By an order on further directions of HUNT'S GIFT.

the 7th May 1833, confirming a scheme which had been Andrew Hunt, by his will of the 21th January 1431,

approved by the Master by his report of the 30th April directed that two chambers near the entrance to the Com

1883, and directing the payment of the costs of the suit. pany's hall should be inhabited by two decayed persons of

The scheme thus settled was as follows:the livery, the eldest to have every week in money 7d. and

That the said annual sum of 501. which should be realso either of them a hood of the same livery.

ceived on the 29th September in every year should be exThe chambers, as stated by the Commissioners of Inquirypended in the purchase of bread and coals in the proporin their report (p. 258), were not restored after the fire, nor tions following, viz., the sum of 331. 16s. in the purchase any specitic payments representing this donation now of bread to be distributed every week after the 29th Sepmade.

tember to the amount of 13s. among 13 of the most poor of The Company however give their annual pensions of

said parish, and 161. 4s., the residue of said 501., be laid out 291. each, and one also of 101. out of their own funds, and in the purchase of coals, to be distributed in three equal therefore any endowment derived from Ilunt's gift would portions among the said 13 poor persons on the 1st be more than satisfied.

January, 1st February, and 1st March.

That the vicar and church wardens of said parish should

receive and have the management of said annual sum of Davison's GIFT.

501., and the distribution of the bread and fuel to be purGeorge Davison, by his will of the 24th March 1541, chased therewith, and should also select and nominate gave to the Company certain lands in the parish of St. proper objects to receive the same so as to keep up the Catherive Coleman, to give amongst the poor of St. Bride's number of 13 of the most poor of the said parish, provided in wood and coals 30s, and to the three wardens of the that no person who had within six months received paroCompany 6d. cach, to the churchwardens 6d. each, and to chiul relies should be nominated as a proper object. the Company's beadle 4d.

That the vicar and church wardens of said parish should This property, which in 1695 was let at 81. a year, was

keep a book wherein should be entered an account of the sold, reserving a rent of 40s, from No. 106, Fenchurch Street,

receipts and application of said money, with the names and out of which the Company pay 30s. a year to the church

residences of the persons taking the benefit thereof, and wardens of the parish of St. Bride's. The residue is

should furnish a copy ihereof to said Company, if required, retained in the Company's funds.

in order that the same might be duly examined, and the

said book containing such accounts as aforesaid should FlyckE's GIFT.

always remain open to the inspection of said Company or

of the inhabitants of said parish. Henry Flycke and Agnes his wife, by deed of the 21st October 1579, enfeoffed certain persons of a messuage or The Company have since this decree paid the churchinn, and lands in Hammersmith and Chiswick, in trust to

wardens of the parish of St. Bride's the sum of 501. convey said premises to the Company for ever.

annually, leaving the administration of the Charity, accordAnd Henry Flycke, by his will of the 16th June 1583,

ing to the scheme, to the parish officers. gave to the Company the said premises of the yearly value of 51. 10s., to give every Sunday, yearly, 13 poor people of

BEESTON's Gift. St. Bride's one dozen of bread, and also 200 faggots.

The Company are in the possession of premises covered Cuthbert Beeston, by his will of the 5th July 1582, gave with a considerable number of houses on the south side of to the Company his capital messuage in St. Olave, SouthKing's Street, Hammersmith, let chiefly on lease to various wark, and seven messuages, on condition to pay 41. to the parties, and two plots of garden ground at Brook, which stewards of the Company towards the amendment of the



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quarter dinners, and he directed the residue of the premises same from fire, and any other necessary expenses, the to remain in stock, to be yearly freely lent to the poorest residue of the said dividends, if any, should be invested men of the Company.

by them in the purchase of bank 31. per cent. annuities An information was filed in the year 1830 against the upon the trusts aforesaid. Company at the relation of Joshua Gottreux, praying that That proper books of account and minute books should an account might be taken of all and singular the heredi. be kept and be open to the inspection of all the members taments devised to said Company, and that an account of the said Company with liberty to take extracts there. might be taken of the estates purchased by said Company from without fee or reward, and for keeping the said books out of the rents of said devised estates. And that it might and making the distribution and payments therein beforebe declared that all the rents of said hereditaments which mentioned there should be allowed the annual sum of 101. passed to said Company as well as of the estate so purchased as aforesaid were applicable to the purposes of said The costs of the suit were paid out of the fund in court. will, subject to the deduction by the said Company of 41. The building of the almshouses cost a sum of 2,5507., to the steward of said Company, and that it might be re- which was paid in the years 1833 and 1834, as the work ferred to the Master to take an account of the rents, &c. of proceeded, and these expenses, with the cost of the site, the several estates devised by the will, as well as those reduced the capital fund of the Charity to 9,1401., 31. per since purchased as aforesaid, and of application thereof, cent. consols, which stands in the name of the Accounand that, if necessary, one or more persons might be ap- tant-General of the Court of Chancery to the credit of the pointed to receive the rents thereof, and that an account might also be taken of all the estates sold by said defen

s. d. dants, and of their application of the money arising there- This produces per annum

274 4 0 from and from such sale, and of all moneys received on A small portion of the la. Or. 32p. land at account of land tax as well as of all other sums received by Peckham, which is not used for almshouses, said Company on account of said Charity, and that it is let at an annual rent of

4 0 0 might be referred to the Master to approve of a plan for the application of the surplus rent of said estate and

278 4 0 premises.

The houses in Tooley Street were taken for the approaches to the new London Bridge and are represented by the funds

The almshouses consist of seven houses in a row, each appearing in the Master's Report.

containing a sitting-room, and kitchen, and two bed-rooms By the Master's Report of the 19th June 1833 it appeared that the sum of 10,6081. was by an Order of the They are occupied by freemen members of the Company, Court of Exchequer laid out in the purchase of 11,3911. whether single or married, or widows of freemen. At pre2s. 10d. consols, and the 9001. in the purchase of 1,4931. sent there are two freemen, and two freewomen, and three 13s, 2d. like stock in the name of the Accountant-General

widows. of the Court of Chancery.

d. £ $. d. By an Order of the Court of Chancery of the 2nd July The scheme allows to the clerk 10 () 0 1833, confirming the Master's Report, à contract by the And the steward

1 0 Company for the purchase from Thomas Warlters of

11 0 0 la. Or. 32p. of freehold land at Peckham, Surrey, for The disbursements in respect of the Charity 3601. was approved, and a scheme for the future regula

are seven pensioners of 301. each

210 0 0 tion of the Charity was established as follows :

Water rates

5 5 0 That the Company should within six calendar months Insurance

5 0 0 after the said land should be conveyed to them cause to be Advertising

1 0 0 erected thereon seven almshouses conformable to a plan Repairs, painting, &c.

35 0 0 and specification to be sanctioned by the Master, fit for habitation at a cost of 2,6001.

£270 5 0 That the Company should pay to the almspeople annually 301. each by quarterly payments. That the There would on an average of years be a very small dividends of the Charity funds, after paying thereout surplus, if any,

The balance in hand at the end of the yearly to the steward of said Company 41., and to the year 1863 was 1751. 6s. 6d. clerk' and beadle 4s. a piece each in pursuance of the will, should be solely confined to the maintenance of the said

* Palyn's ALMSHOUSES. almshouses, and the poor people inhabiting the same and otherwise as therein mentioned.

George Palyn, by his will of the 4th March 1609, gave That for ascertaining the proper objects to inhabit the to the Company 9001., with 2601. part thereof to erect an said almshouses, the said Company should within one

almshouse near London for the perpetual relief and sustencalendar month after the said almshouses should be erected

tation of six poor inen, and to endow the same with lands; and fit to be inhabited (and on vacancies) cause a public

the almshouse to contain six decent rooms, wherein six notice to be inserted twice in two London daily papers,

aged blind or impotent men might dwell, and that the and to be put upon the door of the Company's hall

Company should with 6101., residue of said 9001., purchase or other most conspicuous place or places in or about the same, appointing a certain lay and time at the said hall

Palyn's CHARITY. not less than 14 days from the publication of such notice to receive applications from and on behalf of poor persons, By an Order of the Board of Charity Commissioners being aged or infirm members of the said Company or for England and Wales dated the 20th May 1870, made widow's of deceased members desirous of inhabiting the upon the application of the Girdlers’ Company, the followsaid almshouses. And the said Company were therefore ing scheme was established for the management and to elect such as should appear to them or a majority of regulation of the Charity :-them to be the most necessitous and deserving objects of charity; such objects of the said Charity to be entitled to

SCHEME for the management and regulation of the aboveoccupy the said almshouses and receive the said pension

mentioned Charity. of 301. per annum, during his or her natural life, unless

Trustees. removed therefrom by the said Company on account of misconduct, or any other cause sufficient in their judgment 1. The Master and Wardens or Keepers of the Art or to justify such removal.

Mystery of Girdlers, London, usually called “The Girdlers' That the said Company should receive the income of the Company,” shall continue to be the trustees of the Charity, said Charity funds and apply the same in the support, and shall manage and administer the same and its endowrelief, and maintenance of the said alınspeople, and in the ments in conformity with the provisions of this scheme. necessary repairs of the said almshouses, and otherwise as in the scheme mentioned.

Clerk. That seven poor persons at least being freemen of the

2. The trustees may pay to their clerk out of the annual said Company, or widows of deceased freemen, and proper income of the Charity an annual salary not exceeding 251. objects of the said Charity to be appointed as aforesaid, as a remuneration for his services in connexion with the should be kept up, and continued in the said almshouses

administration of the Charity, which shall include attendwith a discretional power to the said trustees to increase ance at the meetings of the trustees, and keeping the actheir stipend in case the said Charity funds should be

counts of the Charity and the minute book of the trustees, found sufficient for that purpose.

and the register of the almspeople and other recipients, That after payment of any sum or sums of money in the and receiving the rents and income, and making the necessary repairs of the said almshouses and insuring the

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lands and hereditaments of the yearly value of 401. towards the maintenance of said six aged blind and impotent men, freemen of London, to each 61. 13s. 4d. yearly.

The Company received the gift, and obtained the letters patent which are dated the 21st April 1612. They purchased a piece of ground in St. Giles, Cripplegate (since

(Continuation of Note.)

Almspeople not to absent themselves. several payments thereout and carrying on all necessary

10. No almsperson shall be absent from the almshouse correspondence under the control and superintendence of

for a period exceeding 24 hours without the consent of two the trustees, and the performance of such other duties as

or more members of the said Court of Assistants, but in shall from time to time be required from him by the

special cases such consent may, for any sufficient reason, trustees.

be given retrospectively after the absence has occurred. Application of Income.

Removal of Almspeople. 3. The clear yearly income of the Charity which shall remain after the payment thereout of all necessary and proper

11. If any almsperson shall be guilty of insobriety, inoutgoings and expenses of management shall be expended subordination, breach of rules, or immoral or unbecoming and applied by the said trustees in accordance with the conduct, or shall become disqualified from retaining his or provisions of this scheme.

her appointment, or if in any case it should appear that First. In the maintenance and support of the alıns- any almsperson has been appointed without having the houses and their ivmates as herein-after mentioned;

required qualifications, the trustees, upon proof thereof to Second.--In payment of the yearly pensions herein-alter their satisfaction, may remove such almsperson and take mentioned ; and

possession of the almshouse occupied by him or her, and Third. For the other charitable objects and purposes

may proceed to appoint another almsperson in his or her herein-after also mentioned.

place, or in any such case (except that of disqualification) the trustees may, if they so think fit, suspend the payment

of the stipend to the almsperson either wholly or in part AS TO THE ALMSHOUSES,

during such time as they shall think fit and expedient. Insurance, &c. of Almshouses.

Almspeople not to underlet. 4. The truslees shall cause the almshouses belonging to

12. No almsperson shall let or part with the possession the Charity to be kept insured for a sufficient suin in some

of the house allotted to him or her, or suffer any stranger established public office for effecting insurances against fire, and to be maintained and kept in repair, and all rates

to occupy the same or any part thereof except with the and taxes chargeable thereon to be paid out of the income

special permission of the trustees and during the con

tinuance of such permission. of the Charity Number of Almspeople.

Trustees may prescribe Regulations. 5. There shall be, as heretofore, six alınspeople, who 13. The trustees may from time to time prescribe such shall be appointed by the trustees, and who respectively reasonable regulations as they may consider expedient for shall have the use and occupation rent free of the alms- the government of the almshouses and the inmates thereof, house belonging to the Charity, to which they shall be provided that no such regulation be at variance or incon. respectively appointed, subject to such reasonable re- sistent with any of the provisions of this scheme. gulations as the trustees may from to time prescribe.

Qualification of Almspeople.

14. A yearly sum of not more than 1501. may be applied 6. Poor freemen of the City of London of good character,

by the said trustees, out of the income of the Charity, subject who, from age, blindness, ill health, accident, or infirmity,

to such reasonable regulations as they shall from time shall be unable to maintain themselves by their own

to time prescribe, in the payment of pensions of not less exertions, shall be eligible for appointment as almspeople

than 10l, or more than 301. per annum each to deserving with a preference for those persons who being otherwise

poor persons residing in London or its vicinity, and having qualified as aforesaid shall have become reduced from

in all other particulars, except that of being freemen of the better circumstances. In case of the death of any almsman

City of London, the same qualifications as are herein-before leaving a widow the trustees may, if they so think fit, allow

prescribed for the said almspeople. such widow during her widowhood to have the occupation

16. No almsperson or pensioner shall be appointed by of the alınshouse, and to receive the stipend enjoyed by her

the trustees (except in the case of a widow placed in the deceased husband, subject, nevertheless, in all respects to

vacancy caused by the death of her husband) until a notice the provisions of this scheme so far as the same shall be

specifying the qualification required from candidates shall

have been advertised twice at least in one or more public applicable.

newspaper or newspapers, and in the case of the appointStipends of Almspeople.

ment of an almsperson affixed to or near the principal

outer door or entrance gate of the almshouses for the period 7. Each almsperson shall be paid out of the income of

of 15 days at least. the Charity a stipend at the rate of not less than 71. 10s. Od., or more than 101. per quarter, as shall be fixed and

Application of Residue. determined from time to time by the trustees, and the

16. The residue of the said income which shall remain trustees in lieu of paying the whole amount of such stipend to the inmates in money may from time to time expend

after the several payments and objects aforesaid shall have any suitable proportions thereof in providing such inmates

been duly appointed for the satisfaction, shall be applied of

the said trustees in such manner and in such proportions or any of them respectively with fuel, clothing, or other necessaries or comforts as the trustees in their discretion

as they may from time to time think fit for or towards the shall think fit.

benefit or support of any convalescent or other hospital or

hospitals or other institution or institutions for the relief Appointment of Almspeople.

of poor persons residing in London or its vicinity, and

suffering from disease, accident, or infirmity, or of any 8. Every vacancy in the almshouses shall be filled up by school or schools established for the education of the the trustees by the appointment of some July qualified middle or lower classes in the same locality. The particular person, which appointment shall be made within the period institutions or schools to be selected for the purpose aforeof three calendar months from the occurrence of such said, and the nature, extent, and amount of the contribution vacancy at some meeting of the Court of Assistants of the

or grant to be given to each shall be fixed and determined said Company, every member of which shall have been duly from time to time by the said trustees, or the majority of summoned to attend.

them assembled at a meeting ; and the said trustees may, if

they so think fit, upon making any such contribution or Applications for Admission.

grant reserve to themselves in respect thereof, so far as may 9. Applications for admission to the almshouse shall be be consistent with the regulations of the institution or made to the trustees, or to their clerk, either personally or school so benefited, the right of nominating for admission in writing, and every applicant must be pre with thereto deserving poor, or necessitons freemen or inhabitants sufficient testimonials and other evidence of his or her of the said City of London or its vicinity. qualification for the appointment.

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St. Luke's!, as the site of the almshouses for this endowment, two houses in Abchurch Lane, and two houses in Sherborne Lane. The property consists of the following particulars :

£ $. d, No. i2, Abchurch Lane, let to James F.

Groom, held by his assigns on lease for 21 years from Michaelmas 1846 .

100 0 0 Nos. 15 and 17, Sherborne Lane, let to Ed.

ward Stebbing on lease for 21 years from Ladyday, 1846

95 0 0 Additional rent for improvements

18 ( 0) No. 16, Sherborne Lane, let to William Pilling

on lease for 9, 16, or 21 years from Ladyday, 1858

120 (0 No. 1, James Place, St. Lukes, let to Richard

Stiff on lease for 80 years from Midsummer, 1852

10 0 0 No. 2, James Place, let to Richard Stiff for same term

10 0 0 No. 3

10 0 0 No. 4

10 0 0 No. 5

10 0 0 Nos. 25 and 26, Richmond Street, let to Richard Stiffe for same term

6 0 0 Nos. 27 and 28

6 0 0 Nos. 29 and 30

6 0 0 Yard in the rear

12 0 0

or for the same, and may be appropriated to such other purposes in lieu thereof as the same shall be properly applicable." The deed was duly enrolled.

The new almshouses were built in or about the year 1852, and the cost was defrayed partly by the appropriation of the sum of 5001. stock, mentioned by the Commismissioners of Inquiry (p. 261) as having been accumulated, and partly by subsequent savings of this Charity, and partly by a loan from the Company, which has been since repaid from the Charity. The disbursements on account of the Charity are

£ d. Six pensioners at 301.

180 0 0 Repairs, painting, &c.

30 0 0 Insurance

7 0 0 Water rate

4 4 0 Advertising, conveyance of almspeople to the annual dinner, &c.

4 0 0

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225 4 0

£413 () ()

There is, in addition to the foregoing productive pro. perty, the site of the old almshouse in St. Luke's parish, which may be let on tender.

The almshouses in St. Luke's parish were in 1850 in a bad state of repair, and the Company had contemplated rebuilding them, when an offer was made by Mr. Walkins, a member of the Company, of a piece of land in Montpelier Road, Rye Lane, Peckham, of about 81 feet frontage and 83 back. This was conveyed to the Company on the 28th May 1850, upon trust" that they do and shall so soon

as may be convenient to them after the expiration of “ 12 months from the date by and out of such funds as " they may have applicable to such purpose or otherwise as

they may be advised, erect, and build, and furnish fit for “ habitation an hospital or alınshouse consisting of six

separate rooins or dwellings for and to be bestowed upon “ six poor men for ever in such and the like manner as “ the now existing hospital or almshouses has been hereto. fore established, appropriated, and used, but in lieu and " instead of such existing hospital or almshouses, and

so that such existing hospital or almshouse with its appurtenances may hereafter be discontinued to be used as

The repayınent of the sums borrowed for improvement of the almshouses, and also some expenditure on the Charity property in Sherborne Lane after a fire, nad up to the last year exhausted the income; but these sums being discharged, there is now a considerable surplus, of which the Company will at a proper time consider the application. At the end of 1863 there was a balance in cash of 2581. 58. 8d. to the credit of the Charity.

The alinshouses are inhabited by freemen of the Company, selected by the Court. The Company advertise when the vacancies occur, and have always found applicants.

Bright'S AND Nicholl's Gifts. William Bright, by his will of the 5th January 1577, gave to the Company 501. to be employed in loans of 101. gratis, to poor young men ; and John Nicholls, by his will of the 5th May 1583, gave to the Company 501. for similar loans.

The Company have no knowledge of these funds. It has not been the subject of inquiry in any suit.

ANDREW's GIFT. By an entry in the minute book of the Company of the 24th August 1631, it appears that Richard Andrews, on being excused from serving the three Wardens' places, gave 1001., to be laid out by the Company in the purchase of land, and the yearly profits distributed to poor brothers of said Company; and in August 1637, the said R. Andrews gave 801. more to be added to the said 1001.

The money was laid out in the purchase of land in Hackney Marsh, and is now let as follows :

£ s. d.
Four acres of land in Hackney Marsh,

in the parish of St. John, Hackney,
on lease for 7 years from Ladyday,
1859, to John Lowe

26 0 0

(Continuation of Note.)

Copies of Schemes may be taken. 17. A copy of the scheme shall be kept with the books of account and other documents belonging to the Charity, and every person interested in the Charity shall be at liberty to take copies of the scheme or any part thereof, upon making application for that purpose to the trustees at such reasonable times and subject to such reasonable conditions as may be fixed and prescribed by them.

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Scheme to be printed. 18. The trustees may cause this scheme to be printed at he expense of the Charity, and copies may be sold at such casonable prices as the trustees may put upon


Questions to be referred to Commissioners. 19. The several acts herein-before directed or authorised to be done, and the several powers herein-before declared to be exerciseabic by " the trustees,” shall and may at all times be scverally dore, performed, or exercised by the Court of Assistants for the time being of the said Company as heretofore, and if any doubts or question shall arise amongst the trustees or any of them as to the construction or proper application of any of the provisions of the scheme or the management of the Charity, application shall be made by them to the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales for their opinion and advice, which when given shall be conclusive. Sealed by Order of the Board this 20th day of May 1870. l.s.) (Signed) Henry M. VANE,


At the end of 1833 there was a balance of 331. 3s. 5d, to the credit of the Charity.

Nevitt's CHARITY. Thomas Nevitt, by his will of the 28th June 1633, bequeathed to the Company 24 acres of marsh land in the parishes of Suave and Orleston, Kent, for the remainder of a term of 1,000 years, and he gave 1101. to the said Company to purchase land to be conveyed to the Company, the rents of all said lands to be disposed of as follows :

£ . d.
To the vicar of Burwash, Sussex, for
two sermons

1 0 0
To the poor of said parish in bread 1 11 8
To the poor of St. Benet, Paul's
Wharf, in bread

2 10 0
To the clerk of said parish for keep

ing clean his wife's monument 0 2 0 To the minister of St. Ann's, Blackfriars, for 2 sermons

1 0 0

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To the poor of the parish in bread
To the minister of St. Leonard, Shore-

ditcli To 40 poor persons of said parish To the minister of Wapping New

Church for a sermon To 40 poor persons of Wapping To the minister of Chiddington, Kent,

for a sermon To 20 poor of said parish To the minister of Ruabon, Denbigh,

for a sermon To 20 poor of said parish To the Free School of said parish To the minister of Ringley, Lanca

shire, in augmentation of salary To the clerk of Girdlers' Company To the beadle of Girdlers' Company To the Master and Wardens

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And the testator directed that as the yearly profits of the land and messuage to be purchased as aforesaid would exceed the yearly sums to be paid, that the remainder should remain in the hands of the Company till it should amount to 1501., with which the Company should purchase land of the yearly value of 101., and distribute same as follows:

£ s. d.
To the parishes of Burwash, St. Benet,

Paul's Wharf, Ruabon, St. Ann,
Blackfriars, and St. Leonard,
Shoreditch, 17. 6s. 8d. each

6 13 4
To the poor of Wapping

1 0 0 To the minister of Ringley

1 6 8 To the minister of Wapping

0 6 8 To the poor of the Company

0 13 4

to one or more poor young freeman or freemen of the Company, who should be in business for two years upon good security, without such freeman or freemen to whom the loan or loans should be made paying or doing anything for the same (excepting only the reasonable expenses). And at the expiration of such two years to renew the same loan or loans, or to call in the money and lend out the same again in like manner, and so from time to time and as often as the Company should find necessary or deem expedient.

2nd. That an annual sum of 51. should be allowed by the Company to the clerk of the Company for receiving the rents of said marsh land and making the several annual specific payments above mentioned and keeping the books and accounts of the Charity.

3rd. That a book should be kept by the Company entitled "Nevitt's Charity,” wherein should be entered the receipt of the said balance of 2561. 5s. 10d., or whatever the same should be, and of the future rents and profits to be received for and in respect of the said marsh land, together with all the payments, and all other matters to be made and done in pursuance of the said will and of the scheme, and which book should be open at all seasonable times to the inspection of the members of the Company.

4th. That for the purpose of making available the said loan or loans to the best advantage, a notice should be put upon the door of the said Company's hall or other most conspicuous place in or about the same as often as there should be occasion, appointing a certain day at the said hall not less than 14 days from the tiine of putting up every such notice to receive applications on behalf of one or more poor freeman or freemen of the said Company in business desirous of taking the benefit of the said loan or loans.

5th. That the said Master and Wardens and Court of Assistants shall receive all such applications, and determine thereon and nominate such one or more of the applicants being a poor freeman or freemen in business as should appear to them, or a majority of them, to be the most proper to take the benefit of the said loan or loans.

6th. That the Company should be at liberty to let or demise the said marsh land with the appurtenances by the year at a rack rent, or for 21 years in possession, at the most improved yearly rent that could be obtained for the same, without taking any fine or foregift, and subject to such covenants and upon such terms and conditions as should appear to them, or a majority of them, to be most expedient, and,

7th. That in case of failure of any of the objects of the said Charity, the annual sums which might thereby fall in should accumulate in the hands of the Company, and be applied in aid of the loan or loans so to be made as aforesaid.

The land, which consists of 24 acres in Romney Marsh, Kent, is now let to Mr. Hague, on lease for fourteen years, at a rent of 602., being an increase on the previous rent of 451.

The former rent afforded sufficient to pay the entire gifts directed by both clauses of the will, that relating to the original lands, and the land to be bought with the surplus. The payments are made as follows, being less income tax :-

£ $. d. The Company therefore now pay to the minis

ter of the parish of Burwash, for the use of the parish according to the trust

3 15 5 The vestry clerk of St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf - 3 14 2 Ditto parish clerk

0 2 0 The churchwardens of St. Ann's, Blackfriars 3 14 3 The churchwardens of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch

2 14 10 The church warden of St. John's, Wapping 2 14 10 The minister of Chudleigh, Kent

1 8 il The receiver of the parish of Ruabon, Denbighshire

4 13 6 The incumbent of Ringley, Lancashire

2 5 2 The poor of the Company, distributed in casual relief with the poor box fund

0 13 4 The officers of the Company

4 15 0

And he also directed that the remainder of the rent of the 24 acres of marsh land, and of the land and messuage of the yearly value of 61. or 81. so to be bought as aforesaid, should remain in the hands of the Company for three years and lent out to poor young inen.

The Commissioners of Inquiry reported that the Company had no knowledge of any receipt or investment of the i101., and reported the endowment as consisting of nothing but the land in Romney Marsh. Ar information was filed against the Company at the relation of Joshua Gottreaux, praying that it might be declared that all the rents of said marsh land devised to the Company were applicable to the charitable purposes expressed in said will, and that the surplus rents above the payments which had been made throughout by the Company ought to be applied towards the charitable purposes directed by said will, to be answered by the rents of said hereditaments to be purchased with the 1501., and that the defendants might be decreed to account for such surplus, and that it might be referred to the Master to approve of a proper seheme for the application of the past and future surplus of said rents, regard being bad to said will.

The court at the hearing declared that the surplus rents and accumulations thereof, then in the Company's hands, after payment of the costs, and also the future surplus of the rents, were to be applied to the charitable purposes provided for by testator with refererence to the additional property directed to be purchased in and by the said will with the accumulations of rents, and it was ordered that it be referred to the Master to state of what the Charity lands consisted, and to approve of a proper scheme for the appli. cation of the past and future surplus of the rents, having regard to the said will.

The decree on further directions was made on the 12th July 1833, whereby it was ordered to establish a scheme for the administration of the Charity as follows :

That the balance of 2561, 5s. 10d., together with the yearly rent of said marsh land, should be applied to the purposes and in manner after mentioned :

Ist. That the said balance of 2561, 5s. 10d. should be applied in trust in the first place to pay the arrears for 20 years then last past of the two annual gifts or specific sums of 2s. to the clerk of the parish of St. Benet, Paul's Wharf, amounting to 21., and of 208. to the minister of Ringley, amounting to 201., and in the next place that the residue thereof, together with the future surplus after payment of the several yearly specific sums in said will mentioned, amounting to the yearly sum of 311. 8s. 8d., should remain in the hands of the Company, but to be lent out by them

£30 11 5

There have not been any loans made, but the fund is applicable to that purpose when proper application shall be made.

The balance at the end of 1863 was 1711. 8s. 3d.

HERBERT's Gift. The Company are the owners of property at Cowcross in Smithfield, and they pay annually the churchwardens of

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