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waiving all accounts and all claim of the said charities in plied, and a sum of 3041. lls. 4d. cash was raised by a sale respect of past dividends of the same fund respectively. of part of the 5411. 18s. 2d. Consols, and the costs of the And it was ordered that the alınshouses in the City Road, visitors. There remains at the present time (December in the answer of said defendants, the Company, should be 1864) standing in the name of the Accountant-General thenceforth held in trust for the purposes of and as the 2451. 4s. 10d. Consols. almshouses under the said respective charities of Sir R. The two estates now consist of the following property:Tyrwhitt and H. West ; and it was ordered that the

1. The Dyers' Hall Wharf in Upper £ s. d. £ s. d. same be designated and identified as such by one or more Thames Street, let to W. Thompproper inscriptions thereof to be placed on a conspicuous

son & Co., on lease for 61 years, part of the same almhouses at the expense of the Company; from Christmas 1810

- 1,000 (0) and it was ordered that 10 poor persons should be thence

Insurance forth received into said almshouse; and it was ordered that said charities should be thenceforth consolidated, the

HOLBORN PROPERTY. said Company waiving all claim for the purchase moneys

DYERS' BUILDINGS. or the expenses of the building of said almshouses; and it

2. No.J. G. A. Dicey, 21 years, was ordered that said Company should continue to make

from Lady-day 1848

18 0 0 the same or the like payments and gifts to the objects of


111 6 said charities as theretofore had been made by them out of

3. Nos. 2, 3, 8. Fk. Barlow, 21 the income of said charity estates and funds; and that the

years, Christmas 1848

63 0 0 costs of all parties be taxed and paid; and it was ordered


5 8 0 that the Company should retain the amount to be so paid 1. Nos. 4, 5, 6, and 7. Fk. Barlow, by them out of said balances admitted to be in their hands,

31 years, Lady-day 1834 85 0 0 and if such balances should not be sufficient, then that the


7 4 0 deficiency be retained by the Company out of the surplus 5. No. 9. John Martin, 10 years, rents of said estates as should be from time to time received,

Christmas 1859

35 0 0 and after payment of all such costs it was ordered that the


1 16 0 surplus of the rents of said estates should be annually paid 6. No. 10. Thos. Jolinson, 21 into the bank with the privity of said Accountant-General

years, Christmas 1849

24 0 0 to the credit of the cause, and that the same when so paid


1 16 0 into the bank be laid out in the purchase of Bank Annuities

7. No. 11. Jas. H. Parsons, 11 in trust in the cause, and the dividends to accrue due to be

years, Michaelmas 1860

35 0 0 laid out in the purchase of Bank Annuities.


1 16 0 The costs of the suit were taxed and the charity fund 8. No. 12. Jno. Thos. Heath, 7 applied for payment according to the decree. Payments

years, Michaelmas 1864 28 0 0 were made into Court under the directions of the decree


17 6 which, with the accumulations, amounted in the year 1851

9. No. 19

Holborn. Sands to 5411. 18s. 2d. Bank 3 per cent. Annuities. On the 17th

and Outram, 21 years, MidFebruary 185] the Company presented their petition to the

summer 1850

90 0 0 Lord Chancellor, praying that they might be at liberty to


3 3 0 carry into effect an agreement therein mentioned for the sale of the almshouses in the City Road, and to receive the

£378 ( 0 24 2 0 purchase money, undertaking to apply the same in building almshouses at Balls Pond capable of affording accommodation to 16 almspeople on the same scale, and to appro

These almspeople are also entitled to 16 26ths £ s.

of the income of the 6531.3s. Id. stock annually priate and set apart a sufficient portion of the ground for

from Burch and Kinder's benefactions

12 1 2 inat purpose, and that if the purchase money should not be sufficient for the new building that the petitioners might

The charity portion of the rents under the decree is

£ s. d. apply the fund in Court and retain the deficiency, if any,

The out of the future produce of the charity estate.

On the Thames Street rental, one fourth - 250 (0)
On the Holborn rental, one half

189 0 petition was referred to the Master. The Master, by his

On Burch and Kinder's benefactions, report, dated the 1st August 1851, found that the Company


12 1 2 were seised in fee simple of a piece of freehold land at Balls Pond, Kingsland, whereon the Company had erected

£451 1 2 almshouses capable of affording accommodation of two rooms to each of the 10 inhabitants thereof, and such almshouses had been erected by said Company for the

THE OUTGOINGS ON THE Estate. reception of poor members of said Company. And he The pensions of 5l. per quarter to 16 pen- S. d. found that said last-mentioned piece of ground was amply sioners, 801.

320 0 0 sufficient for the erection of almshouses capable of afford. Additional gifts of 11. 10s. Od. per quarter, or ing accommodation to all the almspersons inhabiting said 61. a year to liverymen and liverymen's alnishouses in the City Road upon the same scale as that widows; and provided for the Balls Pond Almshouses. And he found Ditto to freemen and freemen's widows, 21. a that by an agreement of the 6th December 1850 between year, or 10s. per quarter. the said Company and John Howell and Frederick Salmon, These latter gifts are made from the the said Company agreed to sell to Howell and Salmon alí voluntary bounty of the Company and that piece of ground in the City Road, containing from

are not charged to the charity account. east to west 73 feet, and in depth from north to south 120 Refreshments to pensioners on attending to feet 6 inches, together with the almshouses built thereon. receive pensions

1 1 6 And it was further agreed that the Company should apply The gate-keeper at the almshouses £ s. d. to the Court to obtain an order of the Court authorising at Balls Pond

2 2 0 them to sell said premises to Howell and Salmon for Insurance for the almshouses

7 13 0 1,7501., and on payment thereof the Company would

Gas rate

4 4 0 execute a conveyance thereof to said Flowell and Salmon. Parochial rates for the parish of And the Master found that 1,7501. was a large and full Islington

4 0 0 price for said almshouses ; and he found that said Company

Water rates

8 0 0 had prepared plars of works necessary for erecting the Coals, two tons for each pensioner - 70 00 alınshouses at Balls Pond for accommodating 16 persons. Dr. Fowler, a medical attendant 50 0 0 And he was of opinion that 1,7291. was a reasonable sum Conveyance of the almspeople on to be paid for the same. And the said Master was of attending to receive their pen. opinion that it wou'd be fit and proper that the said agree- sions

8 0 0 ment for the sale of the City Road Almshouses should be Sweeping chimneys and sundries 2 0 0 carried into effect; and that it would be fit and proper and Gardener

12 0 0 for the benefit of said charities that any further sum to be Repairs, say

28 1 0 required to defray the expense of building said almshouses, and also to defray the expense of preparing said plans and

196 0 0 superintending the erection of said alovshouses, and the

16/26ths, say

120 00 costs incident to sail agreement, should be raised by sale Nurses to sick almspeople, an allowance of of a sufficient part of the 5411, 18s. 2d. Bank 31. per cent. 2s. 6d. a week is made for a nurse, say

10 0 0 Annuities standing in the naine of the Accountant-General in trust for the cause.

451 16 The purchase money was accordingly receiver and ap

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buildings, and law and other charges, were 2,3411. 2s. Ild. I do not find that any fund was invested, and the officers of the Company believe that the whole was laid out in the expenses of opposing the Bill, and obtaining the clause in the Act, and the other charges.

The only endowment of these almshouses is that which is derived from the gift of the charge on the Leightonstone Estate by John Peck and the gifts of Burch and Kinder.

There are 10 almspeople, men and women, in Lee and Peck's Almshouses who receive 5l, a quarter, and extra allowances, making their pensions the same as those of Tyrwhitt's and West's almsfolk. This exceeds very far the amount of the endowment. The additional subscription of the Company beyond the endowment has never of late been le:ss than from 2001. to 3001. per annum.

Lee's Gift.

In some years the expenses in repairs and other disbursements exceeded the income. In December 1855 the balance due to this charity in the accounts of several years was 1781. 2s. ld. This balance has gone on gradually increasing, and up to the 2nd December 1864 the charity is in the accounts found indebted to the Company in the amount of 6091. 3s. 75d. The Company are acting under the decree of the Court, which directs them to continue the payments theretofore made to the almspeople, and they consider chemselves entitled to have the fund recouped out of the improved income of the charity and the fund in Court.

The 16 almshouses at Balls Pond appropriated to these endowments have two rooms each, four houses being entered from one out-door. They form the two wings of a quadrangle, of which the other almshouses (Lee and Peck's) form the centre. Every four sets of apartments has the use of a joint kitchen or washhouse, and there is a coal store to each, and a watercloset to each pair of rooms.

The almshouses are occupied by five liveryinen, six liverymen's widuws, and five freemen's widows.

None are under 50, but there is no prescribed rule as to age. There is nothing to exclude a married couple, and the whole of the liverymen in the almshouses are married men having wives living.

The widows are subject to re-election on the death of the husband; but, as a rule, are not removed.

The three rentcharges of 51. created by Elizabeth Banrister continue to be paid to the Company. The 51. for the poor of the Company is distributed annually before Christmas, with other moneys out of the funds of the Company to poor members of the charity and their widows. The whole gifts of the Company amount to about 8001. a year.

The 51. is paid to the churchwardens of Allhallows-theLess, and the other 51. tu the church wardens of the parish of Christchurch.

The Company were the mortgagors for a sum of 4001., of which Mr. Lee was the mortgagee, and by a deed and will he gave two sums of 101. per annum as rentcharges, one of which should be for the benefit of six poor persons, members of the Company, or their widows ; 6s. to each of them at Lady Day, Midsuinmer, and Michaelmas, and 12s. to each of them at Christmas, and 15s. to the wardens and clerk to be spent by them when the poor are paid at Christmas, and 5s. for the beadle.

The Company, by a deed dated the 15th June 1719, have charged their Paul's Wharf estate with this rentcharge.

The 6s. and the 12s. respectively are paid according to the trusts to poor members of the Company, generally the almspeople.

The same Wm. Lee, by his will of the 17th September 1720, gave the other 101. a year to the trustees of Parmiter's Charity School, Bethnal Green, which sum is paid to the treasurer of that school.


John Wynn, about the year 1652, gave to the Company

1001. upon trust to pay to five poor journeymen dyers, or The Balls PoxD, FORMERLY THE SPITALFIELDS or

their widows, 5s. a quarter. This sum is represented by BETHNAL GREEN, OR LEE OR Peck's AlMSHOUSES.

1111. 17s. 6d. 3 per cent. Consols, which was purchased by

the Company about 10 years ago. It stands in the names William Lee, by his will of the 17th September 1720, ofgave to John Ham 3001. in trust for building six alm shouses

Thomas Ben. Sowerby; for six poor persons.

Samuel Briggs ; By indenture of the 13th December 1733, reciting that

Samuel Pegg; and by a lease of the 21st December 1721, Elizabeth Carter, in Phillip James Chabot. consideration that said John Ham should erect upon the The dividends amount to 31. 7s. a year, and are divided land therein mentioned six almshouses for six poor dyers, by the resolution of the court amongst five persons elected had demised to him a piece of ground in St. John Street, by the court of assistants each quarter, to receive 5s. Bethnal Green, for 600 years, and further reciting that said each. The persons are not necessarily continued for sucJohn Ham had built thereon six almshouses, and that said cessive quarters. The Company make up the difference lease was taken in trust for the Company, the said John out of their own funds as a specific performance of the Ham assigned to said Company said piece of ground and trust. six almshouses for residue of the said term of 600 years. The lease was assigned by John Ham to the Dyers Company

STORK Or Srock's Charity. John Peck, by indentures of the 13th and 14th November 1739, after reciting that he had built four almshouses for

Richard Stork or Stock, by his will proved August 1665, four widows on a piece of ground of the Company, con

gave 1201. to the Company, with a proviso that they should veyed to the Company 16a. 2r. Op. of land at Leighton. pay to six poor dyers or their widows 5s. quarterly to each. stone, Essex, in trust, to pay 161. a year amongst the said The Company about 10 years ago invested a sum of 1201. four widows. It appears that at the time of the gift the cash in 1331. 15s. 6d. 3 per cent. Consols in the names of land was let at 201. a year on a 21 years' lease, and it was

Thos. Ben. Sowerby ; conveyed on trust that the Company should for ever Sannuel Briggs; receive the rents thereof, and whether the houses were let Samuel Pegg; and or unlet should pay the annual sum of 161. free from all Nathaniel Pegg. taxes by quarterly payments on the usual days that the The dividends are paid in sums of 5s. each to six poor wardens and assistants distributed their charity to the poor persons elected every quarter by the court of assistants of the Company amongst such four poor widows as should The almashouse poor are generally, or almost always, chosen. from time to time be elected to inhabit in certain rooms or

The difference between the dividends and the payment almshouses built by the said John Peck upon land then

the Company supply. belonging to the Company at Bethnal Green. The Company by the indenture of release covenanted to pay the 161. and to keep the almshouses in repair.

BURCH AND Kıxder's CHARITY, In 1840 the almshouses in Bethnal Green were taken by the Eastern Counties Railway under the powers of their Robert Burch, by will of the 12th June 1789, gave to Act at the price of 4,2001., including all charges and tem- the Company on the death of certain annuitants the porary maintenance of the poor, under a special clause of remainder of the time to come in 601. a year in the 28 the Eastern Counties Act. The Company with this paid years' annuities for the poor in the New Road and Spitalfor the purchase of land at Balls Pond, Islington, fields Almshouses. And William Kinder, by will of the 4121. 10s. 8d., and they spent 1,6111. 2s. 4d. in the erection 30th December 1799, gave to the Company 401. a year in of 10 houses in 20 rooms, with kitchens or washhouses the 28 years' short annuities for the poor in the Company's and necessary offices. The expenses, including the land, almshonses.

This was part of the subject of the suit mentioned in report on Tyrwhitt's and West's Charities. The fund is


represented by 6531. 3s. 9d. New 3 per cent. Annuities, the dividends of which are divided into two portions,

of the Dyers’ Company or their widows, with a preference for those persons who, being otherwise qualified as aforesaid, shall have become reduced by misfortune from better circumstances.

* The almshouses of Tyrwhitt and West, and the Balls Pond or Lee and Peck's almshouses, and the subsidiary endowments of Robert Burch and William Kinder have, under the authority of an order of the Board, dated 10th December 1880, been made the subject of a scheme for their joint regulation and management; by which order also the land and hereditaments mentioned in the First Schedule thereto were vested in “the Official Trustee of Charity Lands" and his successors in trust for the said charities. The trust estate belonging to these charities is now (1882) as follows:


1. The almshouses and other buildings erected on a piece of land, containing three roods or thereabouts, situate at Balls Pond, in the parish of St. Mary, Islington, in the county of Middlesex.

from alms. house.


not to be

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1. One-fourth share or part of certain buildings and premises in Upper Thames Street, No. 95, in the parish of Allhallows-the-Less, in the city of London, with the wharf and ground adjoining, known as Dyers' Hall Wharf Estate," on which the Monument Bonded Warehouse, and other buildings are erected, now in the tenure of George Haywood and George Harris Haywood, and their undertenants, by virtue of leases from the above-mentioned Company

2. A moiety or half share of certain messuages and premises in the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, in the city of London, known as Nos. 1 to 12, Dyers' Buildings, and No. 19, Holborn, now in the tenure of John King Farlow, under leases from the above-mentioned Company.

3. The sum of 6781. 19s. 1d. Consolidated 31. per cent. Annuities, standing n the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds.

4. The sum of 1,6241. 9s. 8d. Neiv 31. per cent. Annuities, standing in the name of the said (Official Trustees of Charitable Funds.

3. The almshouse building at Balls Pond, in the parish Almshouse of St. Mary, Islington, belonging respectively to the charities building to of Robert Tyrwhitt and Henry West, and to the charities almspeople of William Lee and John Peck, with the premises hereto- on both

foundations. fore occupied therewith, shall be appropriated and used for the residence of the almspeople of the same charities respectively, who shall be appointed from time to time by the trustees, in conformity with the provisions of this scheme.

4. No almsperson shall be absent from the almshouse for Absence a period exceeding 24 hours without the consent in writing of the trustees or of their clerk, but in special cases such consent may for any sufficient reason be given retrospectively after the absence has occurred.

5. No almsperson shall be permitted to let or part with Rooms in the possession of the room or rooms allotted to him or her,

almshouse or to suffer any stranger to occupy the same or any part let. thereof, except with the special permission of the trustees, to be signified under the hand of their clerk.

6. The trustees may, if they shall so think fit, when and Medical if the income and resources of the charities shall suffice for officer, &c. the purpose, appoint a medical officer to attend upon the almspeople, and to supply them with medicines and such medical appliances as may be necessary, at a yearly salary not exceeding 251., such salary to include the cost of such medicines and appliances; the trustees may also, subject to the like conditions, appoint a suitable person to be nurse, to attend upon the almspeople in case of illness or infirmity, at a salary not exceeding 401. per annum. And in order to provide a residence for the nurse so appointed, the trustees may suspend from time to time the appointment of one almsperson and may appropriate the vacant residence for the use of the nurse.

7. All applications for appointment as an almsperson Applicashall be made to the trustees or their clerk, in writing, tions for according to forms to be prescribed by the trustees.

appoint8. No appointment of an almsperson shall be made by Notice of the trustees until a sufficient notice of the vacancy to be appoint

specifying the qualifications required from candi, dates, shall have been affixed to or near the principal outer door or entrance gate of the almshouse building, for the period of fifteen days at the least, and shall have been published by advertisement in some newspaper, or otherwise, so as to give due publicity to the intended appointment.


filled up,


CHARITIES OF LEE AND PECK. 1. A rentcharge or yearly sum of 101. charged upon and issuing out of an estate in Upper Thames Street, known as Paul's Wharf Estate,” in the city of London, formerly dwellings, offices, and distillery, and now a wharf and warehouse, occupied by the London and Lisbon Cork Wood Company, Limited, being No. 28 on the south side of Upper Thames Street, and a warehouse, No. 222 on the north side of Upper Thames Street, occupied by John Hunt. Out of the above rentcharge 15s. per annum is applicable for the benefit of the wardens and clerk of the above-mentioned Cornpany, and 5s. per annum is applicable for the benefit of the beadle of the said Company.

2. A sum of 5331. 12s. 60. New 31. per cent. Annuities standing in the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds, representing the redemption of the yearly sum of 167., formerly issuing out of an estate at Leytonstone.

9. The trustees shall provide and keep a book in which Register. shall be entered the names, ages, and descriptions of all persons appointed as almspeople, together with the dates of their respective appointments, and the date and occasion of any vacancy, and they shall also keep a register of all applications for appointment.

CHARITIES OF BURCH AND Kinder. A sum of 6531. 3s. 9d. New 31. per cent. Annuities, standing in the name of the said Official Trustees of Charitable Funds.

The Scheme established by the foregoing Order is as follows:

]. The charities, with their endowments, shall continue to be managed and administered by the wardens and Court of Assistants of the Mistery of Dyers, in the City of London, as the trustees thereof, in accordance with the provisions of this scheme.

10. If any almsperson shall be guilty of insobriety, in- Removal of subordination, breach of rules, or immoral or unbecoming Almspeople. conduct, or shall receive parochial relief, or shall in the opinion of the trustees become disqualified from retaining his or her appointment, or if in any case it should appear that any almsperson has been appointed without having the required qualifications, the trustees, upon proof thereof to their satisfaction, may remove such almsperson and take possession of the tenement or room occupied by him or her, and may proceed to appoint another almsperson in his or her place; or in case of any such misconduct the trustees may, if they so think fit, suspend the payment of the stipend to the almsperson, either wholly or in part, during such time as they shall think fit.


Sumber and

2. The full number of almspeople upon the foundation qualifica- of Tyrwhitt's and West's Charities shall be sixteen, and the toonde almis- full number of almspeople upon the foundation of Lee's people.

and Peck's Charities shall be ten. The almspeople shall be poor persons of good character, who shall not during the period of three years next preceding their appointment have received parochial relief, and who from age, ill health, accident, or infirmity shall be unable to maintain themselves by their own exertions, and also, in the case of the foundations of Lee and Peck, shall be freemen or liverymen

11. The trustees may from time to time prescribe such Regula. reasonable regulations as they may consider expedient for the government of the almshouse and the inmates and officers thereof, provided that no such regulation be at variance or inconsistent with any of the provisions of this Scheme.

12. The trustees shall, out of the clear yearly income of Application Tyrwhitt’s and West's Charities, pay to each of the alms- of income of


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21. A copy of this scheme shall be kept with the books Copies of of account and other documents belonging to the charities, scheme. and every person interested in the charities shall be at liberty to take copies of the scheme, or any part thereof, upon making application for that purpose to the trustees or their clerk, at such reasonable times and subject to such reasonable conditions as may be fixed and prescribed by them.

Attendance in sickness, and coal.

16. The trustees may, out of the same income, if suffi. cient for the purpose, expend such sum as they shall think fit in respect of any extraordinary attendance which may be necessary in case of illness, on any of the almspeople upon the foundation of the Charities of Lee and Peck, and also in respect of an annual supply of coal of an amount not exceeding two tons to each of those almspeople.

17. The trustees shall also, out of the same income, if sufficient for the purpose, pay the remaining ten twentysixth parts of the cost of maintaining the entire almshouse

22. If any doubt or question shall arise amongst the Constructrustees, or any of them, as to the construction or proper tion of application of any of the provisions of this scheme, or the

scheme. management of the charities, application shall be made to the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales for their opinion and advice, which when given shall be con clusive on the persons affected thereby.

Payment of balance of cost of maintenance of

41. a year

TREVILLIAN'S CHARITY. Henry Trevillian, by his will of the 24th September 1636, gave to the Company 1001. on trust to give 40s. a piece to two poor prisoners for debt in the Poultry Compter of a certain class as therein mentioned, every second year, on Good Friday; and on the other year


for eight gowns for four poor men and four poor women of St. Martin Vintry parish, and 11. 6s. 8d. for shirts and smocks for four poor men and four poor women of Allhallows the Less. This sum has not been invested. The Company have not paid anything for the release of poor debtors since 1855, and they have a balance in hand on that account of 271. 18s. lld.

The Company pay annually to the churchwardens of St. Martin Vintry 41., to the churchwardens of Allhallows the Less 11. 6s. 80. a year.*

his livery; and in case of being none of that description a fit object, then for one poor widow, being a member of the Protestant Church, whose husband was a liveryman and took up his livery at least five years before his decease ; and in case there should not be any such liveryman or widow, then the same dividends and annual proceeds to be divided equally between three poor liverymen of the Company or their widows, always giving the preference to poor liverymen who shall be inhabitants of the Company's almshouses, and being also members of the Protestant Church of England on the first Wednesday in May accordingly.

The second donation of the same donor was made in May 1848, but a deed was not executed until 5th May 1851, when by the same deed the same trusts were declared of the dividends of the stock, as in the foregoing case, except that the distribution was to be made on the first Wednesday in October instead of May.

The two sums are invested in one sum of 2001. 31. per cent. Reduced Annuities in the names of James Elyard, William Greenway, deceased, Thomas Ben Sowerby, and James Pegg.

The dividends of both sums are distributed one in May and the other in October according to the trust. There is no balance in hand.

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GOLDSMITH's CHARITY. Samuel Goldsmith, by will of the 4th February 1647, gave 1201. to the Company to dispose thereof perpetually to four young men of the Company 301, a piece, they paying 30s. each and giving good security; and he directed 51. 4s. of the profit to be weekly bread to the poor of Little Allhallows.

d. To the clerk of the Company

10 0 To the parish clerk

4 0 To the sexton

2 0 This sum is not invested, nor has it ever been the habit to advance it on loans, as was contemplated by the will. The Company pay to the church wardens of Allhallows the Less 51. 10s. annually, and also 10s. to the clerk of the Company.

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Thomas Chambers on the 13th March 1821 gave to the Company 5001. Navy 5 per cents., and the interest thereof applied for the benefit of five poor liverymen or their widows, and in case there were not five such liverymen, then to poor freemen, such distribution to be on the first Wednesday in December. The sum of 5251. 31. per cent. Consolidated Annuities stands in the names of James Elyard and William Greenway, deceased, and Thomas Ben Sowerby and Samuel Pegg.

The dividends amount to 151. 155. a year, and are given away to five poor members of the Company, liverymen or liverymen’s widows, in sums of 31. 3s. each. They are elected annually by the Court of Assistants on the day of distribution.

On the 30th July 1850 the same donor transferred 3001. 31. per cent. Consols to trustees to the intent that the sanie might be kept as a separate fund, to be called the third charitable donation of Mr. George Maguire, and the dividends, interest, and annual proceeds thereof to be divided and applied on the first Wednesday in December annually at the distribution of the court of assistants equally between and for the benefit of two poor liverymen who should at the time of the distribution have been liverymen for the space of five years and one poor widow whose husband should have been a liveryman of the Company for five years at the least, such two poor liverymen and widow being members of the Protestant Church of England; and in case of there not being such poor liverymen and widow of a liveryman, then a proportionate part of the said interest should be paid to so many of such donees as aforesaid as there might be, and the residue, as in case of no such donee, to accumulate and be distributed in manner aforesaid on the first Wednesday in September in the succeeding year.

By a letter written to the clerk of the Company on the Ist September 1852, the donor explained his meaning by directing that the accumulations should be added to the next year's gift and not to increase the number of recipients.

The donor by his will gave 2001. cash, which was received by the Company in 1859, and this, after paying legacy duty, stands with the last-mentioned 3001., and now forms 4911, 14s. 8d. 31. per cent. Consols in the names of William Pegg, Thomas Ben Sowerby, James Pegg, and Henry Winstanley (deceased).

Recipients are not always found for the whole of the dividends. On the last distribution in September there were only two persons found deserving, and a balance of 71. 12s. 2d. is now in hand. All which I submit to the Board.

Tho. HARE. 12th January 1866.

MAGUIRE's CHARITIES. George Maguire on the 5th December 1845 transferred into the names of three trustees 1001. 31. per cent. Reduced Annuities, and by a deed of the 5th May 1851 declared that the same was given to the intent that the interest, dividends, and annual produce thereof night for ever thereafter be assigned at the discretion of the said court of assistants for the time being for the benefit of one poor liveryman of the Company, being a member of the Protestant Church of England and having taken up his livery before the date when the member of the court of assistants for the time being who was last elected had taken up

* CHARITY OF HENRY TREVILLIAN. By an order of the Board, 30th January 1877, the sum of 541., representing the accumulated income in respect of the portion of this charity applicable for the relief of poor prisoners for debt, was invested in the purchase of 561. 2s. Consols in the name of “the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds,” and the fixed annual payment for this purpose was commuted by a further order of the Board, dated

4th January 1878, by the transfer of the sum of 751. Consols to the official trustees.

The income of the stock held by the official trustees is applied in accordance with the provisions of the scheme of the Court of Chancery, dated 8th December 1876, for the administration of the prison charities.

(See footnote as to charities for poor prisoners formerly administered by thc Leathersellers’ Company.!


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