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Angell, John Scott

Brayne, Henry Brayne, John

Burkitt, Edward

Burkitt, John

Baldwin, James George Bartlett, William Belcher, John

Butterworth, Alfred
Brown, John
Chapman, John Francis

6, Gloucester Buildings, Old

Kent Road. Nine Elms, Vauxhall. Southampton Cottage, Bat

tersea Fields. 29, Highbury Place, Isling

ton. 22, Dalby Terrace, City

Road. Albany Road, Camberwell. 57, High Street, Shadwell. Grove House, Doddington

Grove, Kennington. 11, Fairfield Place, Bow. Tottenham. Mincing Lane, Tower

Street. Liverpool Street. 23, Colvestone Terrace, Rid

ley Road, Kingsland. 4, Adam Street, Adelphi. 30, Doddington Grove, Ken

nington. 10, Grange Road, Ber.

mondsey. 7, James Street, South

ampton Street, Camber

well. 1, Grosvenor Terrace, Gros.

venor Park, Camberwell. Opposite Nunhead Ceme

tery, Peckham.

Carr, James Rowland Carr, Charles

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Chapman, Charles Chapman, John Dalby, Thomas

Daniel, John

Loat, John

54, Besborough Street,

Pimlico. Lush, Robert

Balmoral House, St. John's

Wooi. Lett, Frederic

36, Essex Street, Strand. Nesbitt, William

Upper Thames Street. Norris, Samuel Edward 3, Champion Place, Upper

Clapton. Nesbitt, Robert

Devonshire Road, Wands

worth Road. Nesbitt, Alexander

149, Upper Thames Street. Neale, John Francis

17, Chalcot Crescent, Re

gent's Park.
Newman, Robert Rutland
Newman, George Gunnell 5, New Bank Buildings.
Oakley, Thomas

31, St. Martin's Lane,

Charing Cross. Outridge, John Charles 8, Three Oak Lane, Horse

lydown, Southwark. Poole, John

Walworth Common. Powell, Thomas

Rye Lane, Peckham. Pillow, Thomas

14, St. James' Place, Ber

mondsey. Pillow, Thomas, jun.

14, The Grove, Lewisham. Quick, Henry Brannan 12, Chalcots Villas, Adelaide

Road, Haverstock Hill. Richardson, Thomas

Somerset Street, Aldgate. Raper, George Wayt

London Wall. Robins, John

67, Silva Road North, Bow. Robins, Christopher Terrey 19, Crown Row, Mile End

Road. Rawles, William

7, Jeffrey's Terrace, Kentish

Town. Robinson, Augustin

67, Eaton Square, Pimlico. Rolls, John

8, Stonefield Street, Liver

pool Road, Islington. Richards, John Andrew 40, Bermondsey Square. Smith, William Walter The Grange, Bermondsey. Stead, William

Central Hill, Upper Nor

wood. Smith, Henry Smith

80, New Bond Street. Stephens, Samuel

12, Pilgrim's Asylum, West

moreland Place, Camber

well. Smerdon, William

19, Middleton Road, Dals

ton. Sims, William

1, South Terrace, Kenning

ton Park, Taylor, James Uzielli, Clement


11, Highbury Place, Isling

ton. Wyatt, Robert Burkitt

Morden College, Black

heath. White, John

22, York Terrace, Regent's

Park. Williams, John

37, Ludgate Street. Wills, John Fisher

3, Windsor Cottages, Ha

verstock Hill. Ward, William Augustus 3, Belgrave Villas, Barring

Road, Brixton. West, Henry Wyndham 3, Tanfield Court, Temple. Wood, William

151, Minories.

Curriers' Hall,
Clerk to the Curriers' Company

Denham, John

Daniel, Henry

Dodd, Charles Edward Garratt, John Chamber.

lain. Husband, Matthew Thomas

Hobson, John Thody

Harvey, John Sladden

Hepburn, Thomas Harris, Samuel

Hooper, Benjamin Hopkins, James Hepburn, John Gotch Jones, Richard Stevens Jones, Charles

1, Guildford Street, Wal

worth. Manor House, Frognal,

Hampstead. 4, Montrose Villas, Rich

mond Road, Dalston. 10, South Street, Grange

Road, Bermondsey. Clapham. 41, Mansell Street, Good

inan's Fields. Maiden Lane, Queen Street. 14, Woburn Place, Russell

Square. Clapham Rise. 30, Paulton Square, Chelsea. 189, 190, Bishopsgate Street

Without. 189, 190, Bishopsgate Street

Without. 189, 190, Bishopsgate Street

Without Redcross Street, Cripple

gate. Terrace Lodge, Hackney. Surrey Cottage, Priory

Grove, Larkball Lane,

South Lambeth, Norwood, near Southall.

Jones, Henry

Jones, Samuel Thomas

Kilburn, William

King, Peter
Kennaby, James Lewis

Lee, Stephen Henry


STATEMENT of the Accounts of the CHARITY called DAWE's Gift, in the City of LONDON, of which the

following persons are the Trustees, viz. :— The Curriers' Company. 1.-Gross INCOME arising or due from the ENDOWMENTS for the Year ending on the 31st day of

December 1880.

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STATEMENT of the Accounts of the CHARITY called Jackson's Pension, in the City of LONDON, of which the

following persons persons are the Trustees, viz. :— The Curriers' Company. 1.--Gross INCOME arising or due from the ENDOWMENTS for the Year ending on the 31st day of

December 1880.

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ENGLAND AND WALES. In pursuance of a minute of the Board of the 1st November 1864, I have inquired into the condition and circumstances of the under-mentioned charities under the management of the Cutlers' Company of the City of London, and I have stated in the Report under the head of each endowînent the result of my investigation.

Bucke's Gift.
Craythorne's Gift.

The style of the Company is “The Master, Wardens, “ and Commonalty of the Mystery of Cutlers of the City « of London.”

The court is composed of one Master and two Wardens, and 20 assistants. Besides the court, the liverymen not in the court are 81 in number. The number of freemen not on the livery admitted during the last 40 years is 31, but it is impossible to say how many of them are living.

Bucke's GIFT.

£ s. d. The devised property is No. 161, Fleet Street,

let to Messrs. Banner & Company, pro-
prietors of the “ Watchman newspaper,
on lease for 21 years

120 00 The six houses in Fleet Lane were, on the

7th April 1864, sold to the London,
Chatham, and Dover Railway Company
for the sum of 4,1311., which was paid to
the Cutlers' Company, and has been
invested by them in the purchase of
4,6021. 15s. 9d. New 3 per cent. Annui-
ties, in the names of four trustees, mem-
bers of the court, the Company under-
taking the payment of the charities

imposed by the will The Company has no property at Egham at present, nor any other estate derived from the will of this testator.

The Company pay to the vestry clerk of St. Sepulchre, the agent of the churchwardens for the poor of Fleet Lane, 21. a year, and 11. to the same receiver for repairs of the church.

To the churchwardens of Wilberton, Cambridgeshire, 21. a year. The Hospitals of Christ and St. Thomas, 11. each. To the Armourers and Braziers' Company, 13s. 4d.

The Company now pay 301. a year to a scholar of St. John's College when there is one on this foundation. There have been considerable periods when there has been no scholar on this foundation, and during such periods the 31. 6s. 8d. a year and the dividends on the sums from time to time were accumulated. These accounts amount together to 3581. 13s. 9d. 3 per cent. Reduced Bank Annuities standing in the name of Robert Burrd, William Squire Pryor, John Pryor, and William Anderson. The 301. is at present paid to Mr. Edward Beaumont, a scholar of St. John's College and son of the clerk of the Company, who was elected in 1863, succeeding a Mr. Gear who resigned at Christmas 1863. The elections have been by the master and churchwardens and court only, and not with the participation of the vicar of St. Sepulchre. The 301. is made up of the 31. 6s. 8d. charge, the dividends of the stock, and a grant of residue from the proper funds of the Company.

The Company propose in future, rather than leave the scholarship vacant for a series of years, to fill it up by a person not within the expressed qualification.

Thomas Bucke, by his will of the 3rd December 1566, gave to the Company his messuage in Fleet Street, and six houses in Fleet Lane, and also a mesguage and two tene. ments at Egham, Surrey; and he directed the Company to pay out of the rents

8. d. To the master and scholars of St. John's

College, Cambridge, to find a scholar of
his name and kindred in the Isle of Ely,
and, in default, of some other scholar son
of a freeman of the Company, to be chosen
by the Master and Wardens and the vicar
of St. Sepulchre

3 6 8 To the poor of Fleet Street, and to the poor

dwellers in the alleys thereto adjoining to
be administered by the church wardens of
St. Sepulchre's

2 0 0 To the poor of Wilberton, Cambridge, to be

paid to the church wardens for the poor,
and especially those of his name or kin.

2 0 0 To Christ's Hospital

1 0 0 To St. Thomas' Hospital

1 0 0 Towards the repair of the church of St. Sepulchre

1 0 0 And the testator continued, “ I will that the Master and " Wardens and Commonalty of Cutlers for the time being " shall from time to time keep the premises sufficiently

repaired from time to time for ever.” And the will then devised the property over, in case of the neglect of the Company to perform the will, to the Master and Wardens of the Armourers of London, and if they should be like negligent, then over to Thomas Bucke, son of his brother John and his heirs ; and proceeds, “! will that the master “ and wardens of the Armourers’ Company shall have “ leave at all times to search and view the said tenements “ in Fleet Lane, and other his lands and tenements, to see “ whether they do lack any reparation or not”; and then he devised

£ S. d. To the Armourers' Company 10s. for their

poor and 3s. 4d. to the Master Warden to
make merry withal .

0 13 4 The form of devise appears to me very remarkable, as approaching so nearly to the creation of a trust of the entire property (as in Donkin's case of the Merchant Taylors' Company yet without coming within that rule as an entire dedication to charity.

CRAYTHORNE's Gift. John Craythorne, by his will of the 21st November 1568, gave the reversion of a house, called the Bell Savage, in the parish of St. Bride's, Fleet Street, to the Company, upon condition to pay.

£ s. d. To the poor of St. Bride's parish, for coals

to be distributed by the oversight of the
church wardens and six of the choicest

10 0 0 To a scholar at Oxford

3 6 8 To a scholar at Cambridge

3 6 8 with a gift over to Christ's Hospital in default. And he gave another house in Fleet Street to his wife for life, and the reversion to the Company to pay to the poor prisoners of Newgate, the King's Bench, the Marshalsea, and the Gate House at Westminster, 15s. each—31.--and 51. a year to the Wainscotting of the Cutlers' Hall, with a gift over in default to the heirs of Margaret, his wife.

The Company pay the 101. per annum to the churchwardens of St. Bride's.

There were always scholars found for the exhibitions, and therefore there was no investment. The notice on

the hall door brings generally sufficient applicants. If when Mr. Temple, of Guildhall, applied for payment of there were no applicants, it would be advertised.

The the 15s. due to the Queen's Bench Prison, alleging that exhibitions were increased, first, in 1800 to 61. 13s. 4d., in debtors were still confined there. The whole amount 1832 to 101., and in 1841 to 201, each. The Company having been paid, it was arranged that next year the payalso in 1860 added another exhibition of 201., called the ment shall be 30s, to the Queen's Bench for this and next New Cambridge Exhibition. The increase has been year, 15s. to Whitecross Street, and 15s. Tothill Fields, voluntarily made, as also the new creation. There has and that afterwards each of the three prisons shall receive been no fund set apart as an express endowment.

11. each, making the aggregate amount of 31. As to the gifts to the prisons,

This shows the present administration of the prison On the 17th October 1864 the Company resolved that, gifts. as two of the payments amounting to 15s. each are no In addition to the smail charities under the endowments, Jonger payable, the Queen's Prison being abolished, and the Company give away upwards of 500. a year in pensions Newgate Street and Whitecross Street Prisons as to to their members, together with various occasional gifts prisoners being amalgamated, the payments be in future for general and public purposes. made in two sums of 30s. each to Whitecross Street and

All which I submit to the Board. Tothill Fields.

(Signed) Tho. HARE. In January 1865 there is the following memorandum :- 4 July 1865. The above payments were accordingly made to this time,



BUCKE'S Will, dated 3rd December 1556, and directed to be paid yearly by the Worshipful Company of Cutlers.

s. d.

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Ax ACCOUNT of the BEQUESTS under the Will of

Mr. John CRAYTHORNE, dated 21st November 1563,
and directed to be paid yearly by the Worshipful

Company of Cutlers.
For a scholarship at Oxford (held by Mr. H.

3 6 8
For a scholarship at Cambridge (held by Mr. W.

3 6 8 Parish of St. Bride's

10 0 0 Poor debtors, Newgate .

0 15 0 King's Bench

0 15 0 Marshalsea

( 15 0 Gate House

( 15 0 NOTE.— The last four items are now paid to Mr. John Watney, of Mercers' Hall, under a scheme approved by the Charity Commissioners.


W. C. BEAUMONT, Cutlers' Hall,

Clerk. 6th May 1881,

Poor of Fleet Lane
Poor of Wilburton
Christ's Hospital
St. Thomas' Hospital
Repairs of St. Sepulchre Church
Armourers' and Braziers' Company
Scholarship at St. John's Cambridge (held by

Mr. D. W. Samways

2 0 0
2 0 0
1 (). 0
1 0 0
1 0
0 13 4

3 6 8

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The title of this Company is “ The Wardens and Com- “Sir Robert Tyrwhitt's Charity,” and that the sum when monalty of the Mystery of Dyers, London.”

so paid into the bank should be from time to time laid out The Court of the Company consists of two wardens and in the purchase of Bank 3 per cent. Annuities in the name 30 assistants; there are about 80 liverynien, and freemen and with the privity of said Accountant-General in trust in who are not liverymen. They are diminishing in number. the cause; and he was to declare the trust thereof accord

ingly, subject to the further order of the Court; and that Tyrwhitt's, WEST'S, AND BANNISTER's Charities. the said Company should continue to pay the three rentElizabeth Bannister, before the Fire of London, charged

charges of 51. each in their said answer mentioned out of

their said three fourths of said estate and premises. an estate in Allhallows the Less with the payment of three

And as to Henry West's Charity, it was ordered that the rentcharges

estate in the answer cf said Company, and therein denomi£

nated “The Dyers’ Buildings, Holborn Estate," and which To the poor of the Company


consisted of 12 messuages in Dyers' Buildings, Holborn, To the poor of Allhallows the Less


numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and one To the poor of Christ Church, Newgate 5

messuage adjoining Dyer's Buildings situate No. 19 in Henry West, on the 11th May, 4th Edw. VI., granted to Holborn, with the appurtenances, be divided between said the Company an estate in St. Andrew's, Holborn, upon Company and the said H. West's Charity in the

proportrust, to convert part of the premises into eight almshouses tions following: and allow 2s. 2d. quarterly to the poor and 6s. 6d. at The one undivided moiety or half part thereof be held Christmas, and 3s. 4d. a year to the Chamberlain of London upon the trusts and for the purposes of said last-mentioned to view the premises.

charity, and that the remaining moiety thereof be retained After the report of the Commissioners of Inquiry (Vol. as, and the Court declared the same to be, the sole property 6, p. 252), an information was filed against the Company, of the Company unaffected by all claims in respect of said Lord Mayor, and Chamberlain of London, as visitors, by last-mentioned charity; and it was ordered that said Comthe Attorney-General, at the relation of Jno. Bewley, a pany should have power to let said estate by public tender freeman of the Company, praying that the charities respec. or private contract if the Company should so think prudent; tively might be established and the trusts thereof declared and in case of any fine being taken for any such lease it according to the intention of the said founders thereof was ordered that one moiety thereof be from time to time respectively, and that an account might be taken of all paid into the bank, to be placed to the credit of the cause the estates and properties of or belonging to said charities to an account entitled " Henry West's Charity,” and it respectively, and of what the same consisted, and that an was ordered that the same when so paid into the bank be account might be taken of ail the sums of money received from time to time laid out, &c. in trust in the cause; and by the Company in respect of the rents, profits, and fines the said Accountant-General was to declare the trust thereof paid on renewal of leases, and the income of said estates accordingly, subject to the further order of the court; and of the said charities, and that an account might be taken it was ordered that as between said two several charities of the interest and dividends of 7501. Bank 41. per cent. and the said Company such several parts as aforesaid of Annuities, and that the trusts thereof might be declared, the said estates called respectively “The Dyers' Hall, and that what should appear to be due from the Company Upper Thames Street Estate” and “ The Dyers' Buildings, might be answered by them, and that the same might be Holborn Estate," should be for ever thereafter deemed as applied to the purposes of said charities respectively, and the properties to which said two before-mentioned charities that it might be referred to the Master to approve of a were entitled under the deed or will of said Sir R. Tyr. proper scheme for the application of the surplus rents and whitt and Henry West respectively. And the said Com. income of said charity estates then in the hands of the pany admitting a balance or sum of 811. 13s. 2d. to be in Company and of the future income, regard being had to their hands in respect of the rents of said estate of Tyrthe intention of the respective founders thereof, or as near whitt's Charity up to that time, it was ordered that the thereto as circumstances would admit, and that all proper same be applied as therein-after directed, the Ittorneydirections might be given for effecting the purposes afore- general thereby waiving all further account and all claim said.

of said charity in respect of past rents; and the said At the hearing of the cause on the 5th August 1833, the Company also admitting a balance of 121. 13s. 9d. to be Court ordered that the said plan be deposited with the in their hands in respect of the rents of said estate of Master of the Vacation, and that the entire properties West's Charity to that time, it was ordered that same be comprised in such plan should be thereafter divided applied as therein-after directed, the Attorney-General between said Company and Tyrwhitt's Charity in the thereby waiving all further account and all claim of said proportions following: One undivided fourth part thereof charity in respect of past rents. And it appearing that to be held by the said Company upon the trusts of the 3911. 18s. 3d. Bank 35 per cent. Reduced Annuities was said Charity, and the remaining three fourths thereof to that proportion of the 7501. like annuities in defendants' be held and retained as, and the Court declared the same answer mentioned which arose from the sale of the 601. to be, the sole property of the Company, freed from all per annum short annunities bequeathed by the will of claims in respect of said last-mentioned charity ; but it Robert Burch, and that 2611. 5s.6d. like annuities other was ordered that said Company and their successors should part of said 7501, was that proportion which arose from have power to let and lease said estate from time to time the sale of the 401. per annum short annuities bequeathed by public tender, by advertisements, or by private contract, by the will of William Kinder, it was ordered that said if said Company should think prudent; and in case of any 3911. 18s. 3d. and 2611. 5s. 6d. stock thenceforth held by fine or premium being taken for any such lease, it was said Company as the charity funds under the said wills of ordered that one fourth thereof be from time to time paid into said Robert Burch and William Kinder respectively in lieu the bank with the privity of the Accountant-General, to be and satisfaction of the 601. a year and 401. a year short placed to the credit of the cause to an account to be entitled annuities in such wills mentioned, the Attorney-General

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