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ensuing such notice, and all persons paying taxes during said time shall be entitled to a discount of five per centum upon the amount paid.

Sec. 24. If the taxes are not paid to the treasurer within When taxes the said term, he may then proceed to collect the same by lected by dis. distress and sale of the goods and chattels of the person char

ged, giving six days' notice of the time and place of such sale, by written notices set up in three public places in said

village. Notice of the

Sec. 25. In case no goods or chattels shall be found out sale of lots

of which to collect the taxes laid on any lot or lots, or other for taxes.

pieces of land, it shall be the duty of the treasurer to make out a general advertisement, stating that all lots or other pieces of land upon which the taxes have not been paid, will be sold by him, at a certain time and place to be therein mentioned, for the purpose of paying the taxes which may be assessed thereon, together with all costs and other liabilities which may accrue by advertisement and sale, agreeably to the provisions of this act. Said advertisement shall be published three weeks successively, in a newspaper published in said village, if there be one, and if not, then by posting up

such advertisement in three public places in said village. When lots Sec. 26. On the day and at the time and place mentionsold for taxes.

ed in the notice, the treasurer shall commence the sale of said lots and lands, and continue the same from day to day until so much thereof shall be sold as will pay the taxes, interest, and charges due, assessed, and charged thereon, agreeably to this act, and the treasurer shall give to the purchaser or purchasers of any such lots of land a certificate, describing the lots or lands purchased, stating the sum paid therefor, including fees, and (the) time when the purchaser will be entitled to a deed for the same, and if the person claiming the title to the lots or lands so sold and described in such certificate, shall not, within three years from the date thereof, pay to the treasurer for the use of the purchaser, his heirs or assigns, the sum mentioned in said certificate, together with the interest thereon, at the rate of twenty-five per centum per annum, from the date of such certificate, the treasurer shall, at

the expiration of said three years, execute to the purchaser, his heirs, or assigns, a conveyance of the lots and lands so sold, Deed when to which conveyance shall vest in the person or persons to whom be given. the same shall be given, an absolute estate in fee simple, and the said conveyance shall be prima facia evidence that the sale was regular according to the provisions of this act, and

any such conveyance to be executed by the treasurer, under his hand and (the) seal of the corporation, in the name, and on behalf of the village of Fond du Lac, and the execution thereof witnessed and acknowledged as by law in other cases provided, may be given in evidence, and recorded in the same manner, and with like effect, as a deed regularly acknowledged by the grantor, may be given in evidence. Sec. 27. In all cases before lands shall be conveyed as

Notice to be aforesaid, the treasurer shall advertise the same by correct published of description thereof, for three months, in some paper published the forfeiture in said village, or by written notices, as prescribed by section twenty-seven of this act, stating therein that all such lands or lots will be forfeited if the taxes and charges upon the same are not paid before the day mentioned.

Sec. 28. That all lots or lands which shall be advertised Fees for adfor sale, for the non payment of taxes, shall be subject to a

vertising charge of three cents for each lot or piece of land so advertised, for the first advertisement, and for each lot or piece of land which shall be sold as aforesaid, it shall be lawful for the treasurer to demand, and receive the following fees : For each certificate to be given to a purchaser, of any lot of land at such sale, twelve and a half cents. For certifying to amount nécessary to redeem any lot or piece of land, twelve Fees of treas. and a half cents; and one dollar for each conveyance executed in pursuance of this act. The said fees to be paid by the person receiving such instrument. The charge for adverti: sing the forfeiture of a piece of land shall be ten cents for each lot or parcel.

Sec. 29. That if any person who shall purchase any lot in pursuance of this act, shall påy any tax returned subse- Rates of inter. quent to such purchase, on such lot or piece of land, the per. est on taxes son who shall redeem such lot or piece of land, shall pay to

paid. the treasurer the amount of tax, with interest, at the rate of

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Publio act.

twenty-five per cent. per annum, for the benefit of such purchaser.

Sec. 30. This act shall be deemed a public act, and may be amended, altered or repealed by the legislature of the territory or state of Wisconsin, and shall take effect after having been adopted by a vote of two-thirds of the legal voters of said village of Fond du Lac, and for this purpose the said voters may assemble at the court house in said village on the day, and in the manner prescribed by the second section of this act, and having organized, according to the provisions of said section, shall first vote for or against this act, by casting a ballot, on which shall be written, or printed, " for corporation," or against corporation,” which ballot shall be kept open from the hour of eleven o'clock, A. M., to the hour of one o'clock, P. M., when the votes shall be openly canvassed and counted by the moderator and clerk, and if it shall appear that two-thirds of the legal votes there cast shall be “for corporation,” the same shall be entered with the proceedings of such meeting, to be certified to by the moderaior and clerk as before provided, after which the voters may forthwith proceed to choose all officers authorized by this act: Provided, howerer, if the votes shall be against such corporation, it shall be lawful for any ten legal voters of such village to notify a subsequent meeting at said court house, for the same purpose, and after having given two weeks' notice, in some paper published in said village, of the time and place of such meeting the said voters may again meet and proceed to organize under the provisions of this act, in the same manner as provided for herein, on the first Monday of March next.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Council. Approver, February 8, 1847.


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To incorporate the stockholders of the Green

County Seminary.

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Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin: Section 1. That there be established in the village of Seminary

where estab. Monroe, in the county of Green, a seminary of learning for lished. the instruction of persons of both sexes, in science and literature, by the name of the Green County Seminary; and William Rittenhouse, E. T. Gardner, William C. Fillebrown, John A. Bingham, J. W. Stewart, William C. Green, Hirain Brown, William Bowen, William Jones, R. D. Derrick, John Walworth, Alvinza Hayward, and Simon P. Condee, and such other persons as may associate with them, be, and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate by the name

Powers and and style of “The stockholders of the Green County Semi

style of cor. nary, by which name they and their successors shall be for- poration. ever known, and have perpetual succession, and shall have power to contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, in all courts of law and equity, in all actions, suits, causes, and complaints whatever; and they shall have a common seal; and they shall have power, under such corporate name, to acquire, purchase, receive, possess, hold, and enjoy, to themselves and their successors, property, real and personal, and the same to sell, convey, rent, or otherwise lawfully dispose of at pleasure.

Sec. 2. The stock of said company shall be divided into Stock trans: shares of twenty dollars each, which shares shall be deemed ferable. personal property, and shall be transferable on the books of said corporation in such manner as shall be directed by the trustees of the same.

Sec. 3. The corporate concerns of said serninary shall be


Trustees and managed by nine trustees, a majority of whom shall consti-
their election.

tute a quorum for the transaction of business. They shall
be elected at an annual meeting to be holden on the first
Monday of March, at twelve o'clock, noon, by the stockhold-
ers present at such meeting, and shall hold their offices for
the term of one year, and until their successors are elected.
The election of the trustees shall be by ballot, and each stock-
holder shall be entitled to one vote for every share by him
owned, to the number of five, and one vote for every five

shares he shall own above that number.
Annual Sec. 4. The annual meeting of said stockholders shall be

holden at the court house in Monroe, until said seminary
shall be erected ; and thereafter the said meetings shall be

held at said seminary. General

Sec, 5. The trustees of said seminary shall have power: powers of

1. To elect their president annually on the day of the annual meeting :

2. Upon any vacancy in the office of president or trustee, to fill such vacancies, by a vote of a majority of the trustees present at any regular meeting :

3, To make such assessment upon the stockholders of said seminary as shall be necessary to finish the necessary buildings after the same shall have been commenced, and for other necessary purposes; and to enforce the payment of such assessments by the sale of the stock of the delinquent stockholders, in such manner as the trustees may prescribe, at public auction, at any time after thirty days from the time of making such assessments, upon giving six days notice of such sale, by putting up a notice in writing on the court house door ; such assessments to be paid out of the proceeds of such sale :

4. To take and hold, by gift, devise, or grant, any property, real, personal, or mixed, and to sell, mortgage, let, or otherwise dispose of the same, in such manner as they shall deem most conducive to the interests of the said seminary: Provided, that the income of said seminary shall not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars in any one year :

5. To direct and prescribe the course of study and discipline to be observed in said seminary:

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